New Predictions

A couple of times I had tried to write posts, but things have been upside down and crazy the past few weeks.  In the last post I tried to complete I had technical difficulty and still it seems everything conspires to keep the revelations and visions secret. But I have decided that warnings must be issued, as my hope is that enough people will take heed and change the course of what is to come.

As I said a while back financial markets would spiral down in a roller coaster-like manner. But my warning right now is really about something much more disturbing and related to the other warning that we are living in the age of revolutions.

To those in power I beg you not to proceed violently against the non-violent protestors. There is a stew brewing, one in which the consequences will be deadly and lead to another revolution here on American soil. I can tell you as well that the people will be victorious and those in the 1% take heed to start doing the right thing and correct the wrongs and injustices or take a lesson from the French Revolution.

I don’t want to get into too much detail except to say that I have never really (logically) believed people here in the US would be desperate and hopeless enough to put their life on the lines as their forefathers had, but now I know this to be untrue.  And as the middle-class and all the progress that was made to equalize our society has gone backward we will see a new caste of warriors – some cracked by the wars overseas meant to protect the interest of the 1% – and some perfectly well only to come home to a nation without hope, jobs, freedom or really any of the things our warriors felt they were going to protect.

There is always hope that things can turn around but there are three things required for this to be so: 1) The political system must change to reflect the will and needs of the people. 2) The financial market must be radically renovated and regulated – no more theoretical math to squeeze money out of thin air. 3) Total and complete freedom for regular people to protest, and participate in the political system without any negative recourse or violence perpetrated against them.

At this point I see no way for any of the current line-up of Republicans to win the next election. Obama will be forced to take a more hard line approach to the violence happening toward protestors and the financial free fall will force him to take a stand against the wealthy 1%. The only chance of Obama not being re-elected comes from the possibility of a third party emerging out of the 99% movement (which will eventually happen but further in the future) and it is only this possibility that stands a shadow of a chance and this chance is microscopic at this point if possible at all. It would take something short of a miracle for this to occur.

The other set of disturbing revelations are about the earth itself. I was shown 7 places all over the globe that would have extreme geological activity starting with the second tip of Spain, the Lapland boarder region, an area that is between China/Russia and Mongolia, The boarder between the Dakotas, the northern most tip of Australia, the Poles (north and south). I wrote down what I was shown and in order but the paper mysteriously disappeared the next day never to be found. I was told the area near the second tip of Spain (near the Mediterranean sea, just a skip across to Morocco) would be a major earthquake, the area up in the Lapland/Scandinavian area would be a volcano (I thought but wasn’t sure), the area in China/Russia/Mongolia would be severe flooding, the Dakotas I think again are earthquake.

I was told that the increase in earthquakes will only keep increasing as the polar ice caps will break off and for a little while large pieces of the polar ice caps (glaciers) would make their way around the world and be seen in the ocean in strange unexpected places. Most importantly that the earth was sick and that what She was experiencing was akin to seizures, small ones that would lead up to a major world shaking like a horrible grand mal seizure felt around the world. The period of time given for this was starting in 2012 and would happen over a period from then for 5-7 years. After which a cycle of renewal would begin. Unfortunately, there would be horrible damage done and a lot of people exiting this world. However it isn’t the end of the world, just a change, simultaneously our political system will change dramatically and power will once again reside in the people. The meek will indeed inherit the earth again. Those who align themselves with the needy, weak and helpless will be pivotal and saved – this will not be like the 1960s. This will ultimately lead to a violent uprising if things continue as they are.

This is something I’ve known since I was 12 and spent 7 months alone, on my back in my sick bed (literally true). I had visions of this period. I had hoped this period would never happen. I had several dreams along the way and signs that we were traveling on this dark road but believed we would correct it. I have been given confirmation by a terrible dream recently that there is now very little chance of changing this future which in hindsight seemed inevitable.

I have struggled with informing people about this as I have seen all the signs and been given confirmation through various spiritual sources that this would be. I wasn’t sure if telling people would help or hurt. But I have no other alternative now except to hope those in power will heed this warning to restrain the police and take control of the violence against the innocent or this will go from a movement into a civil war and no one wants to see or live through the horrors of war on our soil.

Many blessings,

PS. I’m sorry I will go through individual requests soon. What has come upon me in the past couple of months has been large and oppressive and the tip of this iceberg has already turned so many people’s lives upside down – I have been trying to help put out fires among those in my sphere. A lot of people are depressed now which is why I was afraid to post this information but again the positive thing to take from all of this is the people will ultimately win as they have in the past. And the changes in the earth will eventually calm.

For those who are depressed try to realize you are here, now for a reason. You are meant to do your part to move the earth and people to a new consciousness and what was once a simple prescribed path will be replaced by one full of novelty and change in which your decisions will have impact on the whole of history if you so choose.

New Predictions


So it turns out I was right.

It’s just coming out now (on the BBC) that the Norwegian citizen/mass murder was linked to RIGHT-WING extremists not any Muslim group or al-Qaeda. Hmm, who funds the right-wing nut jobbers? Wealthy people. It’s a proven fact here in the US and I’m going to assume we don’t live in a vacuum.

Kind of crazy, huh.

Like I said. It’s not an accident. Absolute power corrupts absolutely – and if power=money then enough said.




The Tragedy in Norway

We heard on CNN Muslim groups were claiming responsibility for the double tragedies in Norway. However I would caution anyone who jumps to the conclusion that it was them.

I had a horrible chill when hearing the report. Norway is a very left, liberal, socialist country. They have stayed out of the EU and retained financial independence.

Hitler burned the German parliament building down and blamed it on the Jews. Perhaps the wealthy cabal of wealthy one percenters, have found a way to take over the world by exploiting the hostility between the Muslim world and the Western world by infiltrating and controlling the world economies via multinational corporations – banks and lobbying groups. However the Scandinavians have not been keen to play the game with them. I believe that this was not a Muslim group, but a paid individual, a patsy for the ubber rich to shake the Norwegians sense of safety.

The cabal can use sleight of hand hiding under cover of Al Queda or other extremists groups to attack the Labor party which is one of the most leftist socialist/power to the people organizations left on earth. Let’s remember it was the Priminister’s office, Supreme Court and a camp for kids interested in getting involved in the Labor party that were all hit.

I think it’s interesting how the media has jumped on the Muslim angle. I just heard my first pictures of the suspect confirmed. A Norwegian citizen wearing all black (in a uniform – it was a police uniform) confirmed. I think we are seeing something much more sinister at work here. It’s my belief  the man they have in custody did the deed but is a patsy for a much bigger and more evil group of people.

As I said in my last post – may karma be inacted as quickly as evil is unleashed. I will say this until I feel the darkness lifted. I pray that all of you join me in asking the Great Spirit to stop the psychopaths and snakes from getting any further.

Some of our last hopes have been dashed. I fear that it may take something much more unpleasant to stop the train we are on. The quicker we wake up and fight back in a peaceful way, the greater a chance we have to avoid something truly terrible here.

Many blessings to the good people of this world,


The Tragedy in Norway