Hope Hicks – a passage that didn’t make it into the book

Writing the Trump book was like taking a ride through a rabbit hole. I had written about Hope Hicks but since she’s no longer part of the administration I cut this out of the book and just went into Trump only. So I figured I’d release this here and other pieces that don’t make it into the next book which will look into Russia, North Korea and the players around Trump. So here’s what I wrote about Hicks:

Hope Hicks is a bit of a mystery – her relationship with the president, how she came to power and what her role is exactly. Other than steaming Trump’s pants, while he’s wearing them, and fielding media stories, putting spin on them so they are to the liking of 45, what is her relationship with Trump and how much does she know? The two themes I see with people surrounding Trump are heavy Uranian influence and Neptune, diffuse energy, porous boundaries and unusual thinking processes. They seem to fall into two categories – those who wish to break the system apart and are using Trump to do this, or those whose boundaries are easily penetrated, co-opted and one might say gullible. Hope Hicks fits into the later description. If I were a clinical psychologist (which I’m not) I would suspect this young woman of a personality disorder. Her Moon in Pisces, which makes one compassionate, sensitive and can indicate strong intuition can also mean gullibility, lack of boundaries and an overwhelming emotionality. In her case it squares her natal Jupiter in Gemini which indicates she is easily swayed by what other people tell her. Her Sun at 28 Libra tells us that she doesn’t like to argue, fight or be near any kind of discord. Perhaps this is why she feels the need to be a professional softener. It’s not surprising her career would have been in fashion related Libra which is highly aesthetic and her Pisces Moon would love glamour and photography. Her Uranus is tightly conjunct Saturn in Sag at 27/28 conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposing his Sun/Uranus conjunction. This is also a theme – Trump surrounds himself with people in this generation – clearly he loves the trigger of their Uranus on his Moon triggering his internal opposition. Because Hicks’ Uranus/Saturn fall on Trump’s Moon the strange twist in her career was activated when she met him. It’s built into her chart to have an unstable career Uranus conjunct Saturn. Why someone would want to tie their fate to Donald Trump is a mystery, but in Hicks’ case her opportunistic instincts and ability to shape shift into whatever best suits her desire for allusive career success (Neptune in Capricorn) was enough to seize the bizarre opportunity. While we can put this on her age, I certainly would not have taken the job at 28.

Hope’s natal Mercury in Libra trines her Jupiter in Gemini – she’s very bright, but the square to Neptune from her Mercury reiterates problems with boundaries and problems making decisions. Her thought process can be easily distorted – her ambition can cloud her ability to think or put her into situations that are difficult. The other difficult aspect is her Neptune is inconjunction her natal Jupiter in Gemini – this is an aspect of taking her off her natural course of subversion that could put her in difficult waters. Her natal Mars also opposes her natal Mercury, she has a temper and it comes out with her partners. She is strong willed and a fighter which likely takes her partners by surprise as she appears docile and malleable in so many other areas of her life. This configuration would likely cause relationship difficulties for her in partnerships. Her Mars sextile Jupiter would give her athletic ability, agility and her self determination would open doors for her. Her Venus in Virgo gives her a love of fashion and rules her Sun – again not a surprise she would be drawn to the fashion industry and likely should have stayed in it. It also squares her Uranus/Saturn – what she loves is at odds with the turn in her career. Taking advantage of unexpected twists in her career leads her off her path and what she is passionate about. Her Pluto in Scorpio inconjuncts Jupiter, what seemed like power turns out to be bad luck.

Here we see Hicks’ Uranus/Saturn conjunct Trump’s Moon/South Node and opposing his Sun/North Node. She is likely not part of his insurgence, but rather a support to it. She supports all of his Uranian feelings of rebellion, deflection, raging against the system, breaking apart structures and embrace of foreign cultures – namely Russia. Her Sun trines his, making him comfortable and unchanging. He feels at ease with her and supported. Her Mercury sits between his Neptune and Jupiter reiterating a lack of boundaries between them. He projects onto her and she feeds him the information he needs to keep him in his bubble. Her Pluto is inconjunct his Uranus  and squares his Pluto in Leo in the 12th indicating that saving herself will endanger his power and turn his fate. Her Mars trines his Pluto – the way she operates in the world feeds his sense of power. Her South Node and Venus in his first house make him feel like she is almost part of him – again showing the boundaries that are blurred. Her Venus sextiles his, there is an opportunity for a relationship here that is more than just work. Her Moon sits right in his 7th indicating a partnership and it inconjuncts his Neptune and her Mercury, loss and irreconcilable relationship. One has to wonder if they are involved in an affair which would certainly make sense with this chart between an older married man and a young woman who works for him. Her Jupiter in Gemini sits at the top of his chart close to his Mid-heaven – her words (Gemini) and ability to spin media coverage benefit his career. It makes sense that she would be his Director of Communications.

One thing to keep in mind is that Neptune has been going through Pisces and would have been conjunct her Moon when she took her position in the White House – there would have been a lot of emotional confusion at that time for her. Her naturally porous emotional boundaries would have been made far more extreme by this transit. I think it’s likely that there was an emotional attachment that was a big part of why she made the decision to shift her life so extremely.

Her Moon in Pisces trines his Mercury, her sensitivity makes him comfortable to talk to her even though (his perceived) passivity also annoys him = Hicks’ Moon in Pisces inconjunct Trump’s Pluto and Neptune forming a Yod to her. He will change her life drastically in ways she did not see coming.

So as time moves on Saturn will hit her Neptune in March of 2018 – forcing her to see the reality of the situation she is in. This could be a period when Mueller talks to her or things heat up and fear sets in about her career choice.

After Saturn hits her Neptune exactly in March transiting Uranus will be in direct opposition to her Sun. It will also be trine her Uranus/Saturn which suggests to me that if she changes her stance and cooperates with the investigation she will be spared the worst of the investigation. Built into their interactive charts Trump/Hicks is this shift that she could be the lightening rod for. Her Saturn conjunct his 4th house cusp means that when Uranus gets to that point there change is triggered. Uranus will hit this point back and forth over the next year for both Hicks and Trump – usually with aspects the first hit is a knock, the second a pound and the last an explosion. In 2019 Uranus will still be stationed at this point as Pluto moves closer to a square with her Sun. Saturn will also begin to conjunct transiting Pluto.

Since we don’t know exactly where these transits play out in the houses of her natal chart, due to an unknown time of birth, we can see that Pluto will be next to approaching Saturn – restriction of power. For Hicks Jupiter will be conjunct her Uranus/Saturn and a stellium in Pisces will be opposing her Venus in Virgo – transiting Uranus will start to get into an opposition to her natal Pluto and an inconjunction to her natal Mercury.  This seems to spell the end of her career in this position, leaving her head spinning and her life redirected in ways hard to rectify.

So I wrote the above part of this book in January and had to put this project aside for a bit. Some of what I have stated in the text above has already come to pass. The question now is whether Hicks will be indicted herself or whether she will choose to help out the investigation and save herself. So let’s look at the aspects and see if there is any possibility of prison ahead for her. Analyzing the chart for 2019 when I think the indictment for Trump is likely, we see that she has transiting Jupiter hitting her natal Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd house and Mars in Gemini hitting her natal Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th – these are protective aspects and suggest she will cooperate and find protection through that. Uranus stationed in the 7th opposing her rising shows a sudden turn in a partnership – she switches sides. Transiting Pluto/South Node/Saturn in the 3rd square (loose) her natal Sun in Libra (solar chart in the 1st) show an uncomfortable position where she is made to communicate secrets (Pluto) and decisions made while she was in a leadership role (Saturn) that do not reflect well on her choices and the people she was associated with – this same set of transiting bodies trine her natal Venus in Virgo in the 11th, which again reiterates protection through being of service for the greater good. So it looks to me like she will cooperate and it will be very uncomfortable for her, but she herself will likely escape prison although Neptune in Pisces will be opposite her Venus in Virgo (Venus rules her Sun and in her solar chart her chart) and this could land her in jail if she gets cold feet. It seems like she will make a deal that will be precarious, one wrong step and she could loose her freedom. I hope for her sake she remains 100% truthful and gives herself over completely to the benefit of the Mueller investigation – any resistance on her part could result in a revoking of the deal she makes and with that opposition – there is a chance she could blow it.