Isis = Eris? Will it be the apple thrown to the world that sparks WWIII? I’m reposting this as you can see by the date of the chart it was from August 10, 2014…

20140810-172904-62944571.jpg You can see the question I asked the horary chart. I used the 11th house to represent ISIS and the 9th house to represent the world. The 11th house is ruled by Pluto (already a bad sign) and the 9th is ruled by Mercury. Although they are not making an aspect yet. It is traditional to use the fastest moving planet to answer the question. In this case it is Mercury which will go into Virgo and trine slow moving Pluto. Answering the question with an ultimate yes – down the road when the secondary progression happens. Give that one degree for one day and this conflict could escalate to world proportions as early as 6-8 weeks. The second thing we need to look at is the moon which will make a sextile to Pluto in roughly the same amount of time. It is currently making an opposition to Mercury which would support a no answer however it is slightly waning which invalidates it as an ultimate answer and shows that the world does not see this as anything global – not yet. But as these other things are brought to light in the next 6-8 weeks opinion will change and the breadth of this will be revealed. This could also be the thing that is reflected in the downturn/crash chart I posted the other day. The moon being a fast mover will make a quincunx at about the same time but in another month it will make a trine. So it seems to me there will be a ramping up and a holding back. Very likely the ramping up will be hidden from the public purview. It doesn’t seem likely now that this will be anything more than a contained middle-eastern war but it won’t stay that way. When I first laid eyes on the chart I got goosebumps. It gave me the creeps. Pluto in the first house says everything one needs to know about the destructive deathly bloodlust that typifies this group.

Isis = Eris? Will it be the apple thrown to the world that sparks WWIII? I’m reposting this as you can see by the date of the chart it was from August 10, 2014…

Gold, Commercial Real Estate, SAG & Horary Astrology

I plan on answering those questions I promised to answer tonight via horary astrology. I’ve had great success finding lost stuff, let’s see how it goes for more abstract questions. Please keep me posted on the situation when it comes to pass.

OK, the first question comes from Chris:



Denise, will you do a Tarot reading on the SAG strike/greed out here in Hollywood? I’m sick of the news wavering so badly. My gut tells me they are smarter than that knowing better not to put us out of work again but I just don’t know anymore.

I’d just like to know if they’re going to strike and if it’s going to put a lot of people out of work again.

There are so many questions I would love to ask you. Thank you so much for everything. Hope I don’t post comments too much… P

Hi Chris,

Post as many questions as you like! I’m happy to be able to have a dialogue with people. That’s what the site is really for. So don’t worry about it. I did a tarot reading to see if SAG was going to strike in the next 6 months it came up no for the next 3 months, and a potential yes once 3 months are up, so I guess that would be around spring. But to be extra thorough and to see what divination system is better at handling these sorts of questions I did a horary chart based on the time you posted the question. So here it is with an explanation.

picture-1This is a difficult one to answer according to the chart. It does seem to indicate that there won’t be an immediate strike, but one will eventually take place.  I would say when this chart progresses to the point of Mercury conjuncting Jupiter. So let me look at when that will be. OK, according to the horary chart the strike could be as early as the end of this month. I really hope that’s not the case. In all fairness to horary astrology universal questions are not supposed to be its strong suit so we’ll see. Unfortunately, both divination systems seem to say there will be a strike. The cards predict in  a few months, the horary chart at the end of February.

Next question comes from an anonymous person about the gold market.

This person wanted to know when the low point for gold would be in the next 3 months. Here’s the chart.

picture-3From the looks of this chart, it would seem there won’t be a low point, that buying low in the next few months won’t be possible. The window of opportunity has passed for now. And there was one other question this person wanted answered. Will gold keep rising until 6/21/2009? Here’s the chart:

picture-4The answer to that is basically, yes. It may not be straight up. There maybe days when it levels off and sort of plateaus, but it will continue to trend upwards until at least that date of June 21, 2009.

And the next question was from Sunbeyond:


Regarding the question asked before about commercial real estate: Will the company SPG be heading towards 20 dollars from its current price of 40s anytime soon?


Here’s the chart:

picture-5That would be a strong yes. I won’t bore you with why. But yes this company is going to trend from the 40s into the 20s.

I hope you all are having a great weekend and I will get to more questions over the next few days. 

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


Gold, Commercial Real Estate, SAG & Horary Astrology