A Reader Writes…

S K Sharma writes in a comment:

I agree with you regarding the downfall of the stock markets worlwide after 15.12.08.
But I feel Pluto is not the only planet which will make the storms, because Saturn opposing Uranus is also a major event. Please correct me, if I am wrong,because I am at a learning stage only.
In Vedic Astrolgy (Nirayana system), Jupiter will enter Capricorn in the first week of Dec, 2008 , which is another factor for the market fall .In 2009, Uranus will be opposite Saturn, and square to Pluto.

Absolutely true, actually the window at the top of the blog is a snapshot of the Dow’s natal chart.

I’m also glad you brought up Vedic astrology which is very different from western/tropical astrology. I studied Vedic astrology for a while in an attempt to try to fortify my knowledge. It also interested me because Vedic astrology was geared toward predictive work where western/tropical astrology is often humanistic and less predictive.

After working with the Vedic system for a couple of years and researching, reading and using it, I ultimately found it to be so fundamentally different than western/tropical it just confused things for me. I think as an astrologer its important to find a system that works for you and stick with it.

You pointed out other aspects that are going on at the same time validating the conclusions that I have come to. After talking with hundreds of astrologers over the years, I’ve found this to be common. We all have our own ways of coming to conclusions, often focusing on different planets, but somehow we usually come up with similar conclusions. This is because there are patterns, and multiple roads to the same answers. The most important thing about astrology is following your intuition and letting the charts speak to you, after getting to know the basics.

Best luck and good wishes to you.

A Reader Writes…