Radiation in California and Across the US

While experts keep telling us that all radiation that crosses into CA (and then according to the leaked UN chart across the Southwest before it disappeared – this map was based on wind flow in Japan last Tuesday so who knows what the real deal will turn out to be) will be negligible, I find it very odd that they give no numbers or parameters. We have been getting mixed information and once a few sources reported radiation at the Sacramento Airport and some private companies released information to the public anonymously, no one gave hard data or numbers.

Here’s the thing I went out Thursday (before anything was even admitted) and  my lungs hurt. On Friday my lungs hurt in far less time and my nose ran profusely. Once I went inside I was fine. Other people (especially friends’ children) have complained about feeling sick, other people have claimed they felt as if they’ve sat in the sun all day. There was a memo supposedly “false” leaked from LA fire department with their official logo on it, claiming that there was acid rain coming today and for people to stay inside. My intuition is that this was a good samaritan fire fighter who wanted the public to be warned. I believe that there is something in the air and today is the LA Marathon. I have a feeling we will see negative health effects for those who have been out in this rain all day running a marathon.

I dreamt last night that an excuse was given for the increase in radiation by our government that there was an unusually high release of radiation from the sun that happened to hit at this time. So eventually we will find out the truth and there will be an attempt to sweep it under the rug. As one nuclear scientist made the point (one I’ve wondered about) this is an unprecidented accident in that there is more than one reactor causing problems simultaneously.

I find it interesting that we have seen all coverage of the nuclear situation go away almost as soon as the American public started becoming increasingly anti-nuclear energy. Now we’re in another war and that’s all the news seems to have the ability to cover. Granted this is a big story but we are left hanging about the people of Japan, the truth and scope of the disaster there and how it will effect our planet.

One physist said on CNN everyone alive had a “Piece of Chernobyl in them,” and that we will all “have a piece of Japan” in us from this situation. How much, what it means – these are the questions. Also what is happening to the poor people in Japan? What health effects have they had to deal with? What are the levels of radiation there? What are the levels in Tokyo?

Strangely even the little bit of info we found on the internet on Friday was buried. I found this comment on CBS Los Angeles’s site by someone which echoed my own concern that the rain, while it will help clear out some radiation, isn’t good to be in while that’s happening:

al moran: David Lochbaum, nuclear safety chief at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said a fire would spew “a whole gamut of nasty materials.” In addition to cesium, he cited krypton, strontium and ruthenium.


So again trust your intuition. If anyone finds or knows of a real source of information with hard numbers here and in Japan please let us know!

Blessings to all,


Radiation in California and Across the US