OK, I had to cut out for a while to figure out this series of very disturbing information. I don’t like giving or being the bearer of bad news however the state of the world leaves me no choice.

Several weeks, perhaps a month now or more I was sitting at my computer writing at night when I saw (out of the corner of my eye a white ghostly being) I looked up at it. It was female. Her face was up against the glass of my living room window. She was all in white, with long white hair and the face of a skeleton. Yes, I was freaked out. I’ve grown accustomed to bizarre things, God knows I have seen and experienced first hand lots of very frightening and bizarre things (which is why I tell people being psychic is as much of a burden and a trauma as it is a “gift”) but this, I had never seen before. The only thing I could liken it to was, being in New Orleans a few months before Katrina (we went there because I told my husband it was going to be swept away by a hurricane) and seeing people walking around the city with skulls for heads. And when I would look at them and expect to have the illusion go away –  it wouldn’t. That and the overwhelming feeling of water rushing through there had me terrified. So I don’t take the skull face lightly. It is definitely a harbinger of death and why it came in the form of a female and was plastered to my window had me worried about my own family, etc.

I asked the spirit what she was about, why she had come (of course I didn’t invite her in for tea or anything. Most spirits can not get into my house due to the extensive psychic protection I do on a regular basis). She told me a few things that came true – negative things but it didn’t feel like everything. So within a few nights I had a dream about Mexico. Long story short I knew when I woke that they were in deep trouble – a major political event was going to be occurring and we were going to feel its effect, it would spill over in various ways across the boarder and potentially open up the gates to a number of things which you could imagine, famine, Al Queda and very evil people who are now doing very bad things down there.  I told an acquaintance of mine (who was from Mexico) about my dream of a revolution brewing down there and she confirmed she had heard this from people there. Of course here in the US we are not informed about anything going on past Angelina Jolie’s boobs, especially in Los Angeles.

I am worried that a nuke of some kind (maybe a dirty bomb) could be smuggled across the southern boarder, through the network of people hooked up to very dark things. I don’t want to get to specific because that isn’t what’s important and I feel it could endanger more people. The main thing is our government and we the people can’t take our eyes off of what is going on down there and we have to realize we are going to be dragged into their conflict if we ignore it. Enough said.  A few nights ago I saw a piece on the local news about a cult where they worshipped a female figure with a skull head – Santa Muerta – she is what I saw. I had no knowledge of this cult or even her existence until the experience followed by the news story a few days later.

Here’s a link I found about her once I found out who she was and it made too much sense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Muerte

Sorry to deliver such scary news but I felt I was given it to pass it along as best I could. Pray for humanity, pray for our evolvement and pray for the earth. We need to get on the right path and save ourselves soon or things will get much worse in a few years.

Many blessings,