Here is something weird I’d like to share with everyone. I had a reaction to one of my preventative migraine medicines I was put on Verapamil. It’s a calcium channel blocker and also used for heart patients. Anyway I knew it was causing a psychic barrier but what’s a girl to do? I have debilitating migraines so I took it.

Since I have been off of the medication the strangest thing started happening to me. Besides it sounding like people were walking around in my living room all night long (kind of normal) I was being told all this information and shown all this stuff by ghosts (I guess) before I’d fall asleep the last two days. So I decided last night to write the stuff down and google it to see if any of it made sense. Here’s one stream of information as it was written down in the dark in my journal: David Morgan, murder took place in a home near a staircase (older style home), there was another man present who helped, blackmail (although I heard this word and wasn’t sure if it was black male or blackmail), wealthy serial killer. I saw other things and wrote those down like a yacht, that he was from another country, English wasn’t his first language and there was some connection to powerful people, prostitution and other stuff.

So tonight I googled David Morgan murder and got this link:

It turns out there was a man arrested and arraigned on the day of my daughter’s birth (a year exactly from her birth date.) He was 71 when caught, and was linked to the murder of several other people besides the one he was on trial for.  I’m used to being accurate, but this was pretty nutty – to get the first and last name of the killer that he was wealthy and the blackmail thing along with other details all of which turned out to be exact, was sort of wiggy. The event and trial took place in Arizona. So it was completely off my radar. When I showed my husband the notes I had written down and the name etc, scrawled in the journal from last night and then showed him the article. He was like, “wow, that’s pretty wild.” That was that. I said don’t you think that’s pretty crazy? I mean to get the exact name and all those details? “I’m used to it,” he said in response. I never take these things for granted however. And no psychic is 100% accurate including me so it’s always a bit trippy when the details are so spot on and you get actual names especially both a first and last name. That is incredibly rare.

I was going to rail on about “Peasant insurance” originally until I had this happen. Peasant insurance is when you work for a company like Wells Fargo and they take out a million dollar life insurance policy on your life, then collect when you die, giving nothing to your family and of course they don’t pay for your funeral or medical costs. It’s just a way to make extra money off the death of employees. Pretty sick. I heard about it several years back on NPR but was under the misconception that it was rare. Unfortunately, it is not rare at all. My husband found a website that lists companies that do it and it’s crazy. Personally I was disgusted not just by the fact that companies would do this especially since it seems like a conflict of interest. They generally provide health insurance and control the level of stress in a person’s life by how much they make a person work and how much pressure they put on employees. Stress has been linked to every sort of disease, that’s a given but what if a company had toxic materials they exposed people to without their knowledge, they might have an idea that those people would be shorter lived than most. The diabolical applications are endless. Here’s a list of some of the companies. This is not public information as your corporation can take out insurance on you without your knowledge or consent. And what the hell is with the word “peasant” do these scumbags think they are better than everyone else because they have money? Really, it’s so disgusting on every level. Here’s the link:

Hope all is well with everyone. BTW if you live in CA get your earthquake kits together. I think you have some time but do it soon as I have a feeling we are in for a big one in the next few years. I’ll let everyone know as I feel it getting closer. This past month I’ve been getting worried about it. I’m usually pretty far ahead of those things so as my anxiety builds I’ll blog about it.

May the Great Spirit protect all the good souls from the negativity that has descended on our world. I hope those who have caused all the suffering directly feel the pain they have caused and are no longer insulated from it as they have been. A rectification is in serious order here.  The meek (kind) have to start inheriting the earth, as promised.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the Mayan Calendar stuff. I have some new info on it.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you kind people,



Answering Readers…

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. Marlene had a question about a case and I want to answer that but I don’t have time to look into it right now but will tomorrow.

I wanted to say that Cori Desmond’s killer has still not been found. And as I said to police and her family, I felt it was a stranger, a serial rapist/killer who was responsible. There have now been another 2 attempts to kidnap women from the area where Cori was taken. One of the victims I believe had a run in with Cori’s killer. From the composite police sketch the guy looked almost exactly how I pictured him. I feel her killer has a long criminal history. I am getting worried that the killer knows the system well enough to use it against the police. That’s all I’m going to say about this for  now. But again if you live in the area of Redondo/Hermosa Beach don’t take anything for granted. If you have a strange encounter with a stocky middle aged guy with blondish brown hair, report it. Even if it seems stupid to do so. Trust your instincts. I have a feeling this guy wanders a lot, perhaps he might live in his car or have been homeless off and on. He also has the ability to blend in, almost become invisible. He’s a serious predator and the police really need to start putting Cori’s case together with some other things they are working on, and they will find patterns. I have  the feeling they don’t want to think of this as a serial situation because it makes things a lot more complicated, will cost more, take more resources and put a lot of public pressure on them to catch the guy. 

Also anyone who was friends with Cori or knew Cori, you may have seen this guy around the bar she worked at or had some cursory exchange with him. Rack your brains. He’s not the kind of guy who any of you would be friends with and didn’t know Cori other than seeing her at work. I think the guy left the area for awhile but I feel he’s back near the beach and has been for awhile now. So keep an eye out.

Best wishes to all you good people out there,


P.S. I know Cori’s situation was different in terms of her death then most of this man’s victims. He probably started as a serial rapist. But I don’t think he had the chance to do that to Cori. This maybe one of the reasons the police are having trouble figuring out motive. I’d be happy to try and help them if they want to contact me.

It’s my feeling that the group of Hispanic guys in the white van are not related to the Cori Desmond case but the other dude is.

Answering Readers…

Cori Desmond

Recently a young woman from Redondo Beach was murdered here in Southern California, her body was found about 100 miles away in the mountains. That was a small miracle as she could have ended up being one of those people who just disappear, something I believe her murderer counted on.

Her name was Cori Desmond and her father’s appeal was heart wrenching. Having a daughter myself and knowing the intense grief and anger he must be feeling overwhelmed by. I did have some strong feelings when the first part of the story was reported and nothing was disclosed about the gender or situation. And then again when more information came out today about the case.

The second bit of information confirmed what I picked up about the situation from the first report. Again when the next bit of info came out I had a picture of the murderer and some feelings about where he was originally from, how he got her into his car and the cause of her death.

I don’t want to give out any details (I have reported those to the police) but since I’m just going off of stuff from TV, it may not be as accurate as I would be if I was more directly in contact with either the family or with the detectives. I do want to put it out there to her family and the police that I would be more than happy to help them in any way possible for free. I have a feeling they don’t have much of anything to go on but Cori’s spirit is strong and I feel she is very angry and wants very much for this man to be caught, not just for her own reasons. I can be e-mailed at:

Best wishes and many blessings,

Cori Desmond