The Last Word on the Election

I had a ghostly visit ironically on All Souls Day – November 1st. I don’t usually have these sort of visits. And they had sort of died down – no pun intended there. I can tune into spirits when asked, but it was never my thing. And it wasn’t until about 6 months before I got pregnant that I started seeing ghosts just pop in without any reaching out on my part or being in a haunted house, etc.

It started at the Grove (of all places) a busy outdoor mall in Hollywood that my deceased father appeared next to me. I was sitting down waiting for my husband who was shopping inside (talk about role reversal) and just relaxing. All of a sudden I felt someone pull up the chair next to me. When I turned to see who it was – there was no one there, but I felt my father’s presence and he materialized. We had a nice conversation and he continued to follow me around for several years. He died when I was ten and I’d never been contacted by him before so it was really a major surprise to say the least. I asked why he was there (turns out he was there to deliver my kid from the other side and warn me that I might die but that’s another story).

So back to my main story; the ghosts were around for the year before my kid and a couple of years after. It had been a while since I had an unexpected visit. But to my surprise I was listening to NPR and all the back and forth about how tight the election was – how it might take weeks to get a count, etc. And I just was thinking to myself I didn’t believe it at all.

I got out of my car and saw my aunt. Actually an old conservative Republican in life but now a much happier, more relaxed spirit. She was laughing and told me that indeed I was going to turn out to be right. And the part of the statement I had heard that “Obama is going to win the election but it’s going to be a real nail bitter even though it shouldn’t be,” the part about “it shouldn’t be,” always confounded me a bit. Did they mean that Romney was such a lesser man, or it wasn’t in Romney’s fate or that shenanigans were going to make the race tighter than it actually was? I really couldn’t tell and since that statement I had been trying to decode it. I finally came to the understanding that it was all of the above and to this my Aunt affirmed as did her mother (my grandmother) whom I had never met in life. They were both giddy and excited about all of it and some other things that they were vague about that seemed to be related to me and my family, but anyway – just VOTE and remember you count. And WE the PEOPLE will win this time.

Our next goal will making sure it stays that way. I guarantee you Obama’s win will push the zealots on the right to even greater extremes and after exploiting all the racism – next will come the intense misogyny and attacks on women’s rights. However the women of this nation will not go quietly into the night. I am starting to believe that the discovery of Eris will be about this very thing – feminist revolutions due to the attempts of those in power who will continue to try to control and take women’s rights away. Problem will be for them – we won’t go quietly into the night and if anything this very issue could be the impetus for the next wave of revolutions – guerilla style. I will save all the visions I’ve been having about this subject for after the election.

ERIS is here and she isn’t going away.

For now we will enjoy our victory – those who want a level playing field and democracy for all.

But always remember how fragile our democracy has become and how easily corrupted. It has only been because of the work of some decent people in government that we don’t live in a theocratic plutocracy (BTW Romney would pretty much cement that path having been a BISHOP in his church and a solid Plutocrat.) It will be vitally important now more than ever that PEOPLE really be INFORMED and know history, educate themselves and stay active in politics or we will be conceding our nation to the corrupt and all that has been positive about our legacy will be seen through the dirty glasses of a very dark history.

Best to all and to all a great voting day!


The Last Word on the Election

Answering a Reader…

Sineade wrote:

Interesting post Denise and Tina. I’m especially interested in getting your opinion on if you think the internet enhances ones psychic ability or disables it? I feel that people are becoming increasingly psychic and intuitive and I wonder if we will ever reach a point, where everyone just becomes psychic and it becomes a normal ability.

Also on another side note. Do you recommend any books or practices to enhance ones intuition?

I do think people are becoming more psychic. Or at least more open to it. I believe this is due in part to new technologies, more people with access to capturing types of technology – such as video, audio and photo equipment. It has also become OK to share ones experience, people are not just written off as crazy and more people are acknowledging their own brushes with the supernatural as information gets out there about what to look for.

If 2012 is going to be a marker of anything positive, it will be that we are more awakened. There is some very interesting moves technologically that are bringing us closer to opening ourselves up to understanding what is beyond our 5 senses. Some of them have to do with using a sense to trigger other senses, some are theoretical like string theory. All of the breakthroughs science is engaged in are actually prove out the vastness of our multiverse and supporting the notion of an animating force of which we are all a part.

I personally believe this is exactly what God is. It was always my supposition and actually I was literally kicked out of my high school English class – a Great Books style class, when the teacher asked the question, “Is there a God?” My answer to her was perhaps for those who believe there is the experience of God and for those who do not their isn’t. I was going to go on to say that it was my belief that the Universe or God is eternal, without beginning or end and we were all a part of it, some unaware, others conscious when she said, “Either you’re pregnant or you’re not.” My response to this was, “How can you apply physical rules to a supernatural being?” And that was it for me. I was literally told to speak to her after class and not allowed back. I don’t think she’d ever had a student give her an answer that was quantum before. This was many years before quantum theory was really mainstream and I hadn’t even heard of it, and I was a geek who read science magazines and astronomy textbooks, so…

Anyway back to my point, God is not just in the heavens, in a spiritual home/heaven we go back to, but also in all things – all things, like an artist who leaves His/Her mark (I believe God is genderless) on all things, on the very quarks and electrons that make everything possible and I also believe all sentient beings have eternal souls and it is that eternal soul which is a piece of God thrown out (at our choosing) so we may learn, grow and individuate in other words evolve.  At that point we know (but don’t really understand like a that a child) that with this choice will come suffering, despair, pain, love, joy, ecstasy and everything in the middle, yet when we make that decision it is just intellectual we haven’t experienced any of it yet, and that is why we decide to incarnate, to experience all of this – the darkness and light, good and evil so we may find who we are among all the many colors and shades of creation.

As far as getting in touch with your psychic ability there is something that I really want to caution anyone who is interested in exploring this realm about. It is actually a theme I’ve heard repeated now over and over in weird places which is why I bring it up because for me, much of this was dealt with many years ago and I sometimes forget how intense the awakening process is. I experienced it throughout my childhood and young adult life and still continue to do so however I have learned ways to control the worst of it. One quote I heard went something like this, “When one gets closer to God one gets closer to the Devil,” or something like that. What this means is when you open to the divine, within it lies both negative and positive energy. God is neither “good,” nor “evil” God is energy. I believe God at the core of connection, the Creator aspect of God is divine pure love, however in order for us to learn we needed a binary system. And their is a destroyer aspect, some call it the Devil – others yin and yang.

God or our universe was set up with oppositions, light and dark, good and evil, black and white. There are demonic forces without a doubt. I’ve had my run ins with them. They are very frightening. They do not respond to traditional religious spiritual paths, meaning they will not go away by asking for help from Jesus or getting a priest to bless one’s home. The only way to keep them at bay while one is opening to the light is to learn (very rigorously) psychic protection and the best there is, is the lesser pentagram ritual which I have written about on this website. You have to be in control and you must be the one to exorcise them, no one else can really do this for you. It is part of the path, the choosing, facing one’s fears, one’s demons and you must rise above them and cast them out. No other force can do this for you except you can keep them away with the lesser pentagram ritual. I can tell you that as soon as I learned it and performed the ritual in my mind every night before I went to sleep, I have never had another demonic encounter. Even spirits stay outside my home. I often go outside to talk to people who are trying to get a hold of me because the force of this protection is so intense that even benign spirits of people who have passed on can not enter if there is anything less than absolute purity which of course no human being possesses even on the other side.  One has to invite those spirits of ancestors in, sometimes they can come in to protect one, but mostly they don’t disturb the circle. I would first learn this protection before anything else and do the lesser pentagram (just search my site for the words and info, I also have a link to someone doing it on u-tube, you can probably find others who do it as well). And then start with meditation.

One must clear the mind and have control of the mind to tell what is one’s own thought from what one is receiving from elsewhere. It’s a rigorous process of keeping notes often of dreams, patterns, and finding ones own spiritual metaphorical language. It’s worth it. However it is a life long process, many lifetimes long, one that we all will eventually engage in if we are to awaken. I’m just warning you that as you open yourself up, you open yourself up to everything; love, pain, suffering, healing, anger, the dying earth’s energy. It’s not always easy to deal with. I believe this is why I have always had many health problems as this energy overwhelms me at times.

Any type of clearing the mind sort of meditation is the first step. Then find what things you are attracted to. Have you always been fascinated by Buddhism? Or by a statue of Hanuman you saw in a museum? Or perhaps Diana or Jesus, Mohammad, whatever your calling. These are the deepest recesses of your past life work and it’s best to work with the system or pathway you have already been on for many lifetimes. Just find the place in that system that best fits you. Or perhaps you are like me and all those religions call to you in different ways. Well, you can take what you need from them and navigate as best you can through many paths. I think though starting out, it is best to have one path you dedicate yourself to entirely and learn that before opening to other things. I’m not saying one should ever dismiss anything, just commit to one thing so you can find your center and go from there.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


Answering a Reader…

Answering Readers, and More About Eris…

  Hi Denise, 

I just saw in the news that there was an earthquake in S Carolina, early this morning. I had a thought about the orange garage light experience you had last night. Sometimes when I get signs they are literal. Do you think its somewhere called Orange? Orange county Florida, California, or Orange the city in different areas??? And, Do you think there is anything to worry about with the Soviets doing naval excercises in the waters off of Venezuela? Thanks for keeping up the blog!

Hi Hope and A Plan,

I had wondered about this, it was definitely something one would see in a ghost movie. I remembered as I was falling to sleep having had a dream the night before about an attempted terrorist type of attack, the weapons were mostly machine guns and I think there was an armored car involved. In the dream I was a spy uncovering the scheme. it was a foreign european country. it was night time and I didn’t think that much about it. That was all I remembered of it. It was so odd, that I kind of forgot about it. It’s not often I’m a spy exchanging gun fire in a dream. But I wondered as I was falling asleep the night of the crazy garage light, if perhaps I had blown off a warning dream the night before, and the light was trying to draw my attention to my unconscious.

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older (and because of all the migraine and seizure medicine I take now) that I often forget my dreams, and most of my psychic stuff happens while I’m awake, often physical/poltergeist type of manifestations mixed with intense emotional feelings attached to words that circle around in my head for days until I can’t ignore them anymore. Maybe the spirits really have to hit me over the head because I’m either jaded or the medicine I take makes remembering my dreams difficult. Anyway, I thought it was interesting to read the post by you which I have coming up after Better Days Ahead’s comment, about the terrorist attack in France. I’m not surprised by the attempt because as i said there are a bunch of European countries that have Pluto hitting something important in their national chart right now. But France actually doesn’t have anything all that nasty compared to most, so its not surprising the attempt was stopped. In my dream there was gun fire exchanged. And I’m not sure if it was France or Germany or England, it was just a very typical European city. There are parts of all European cities that look the way the dream did. Hopefully this will be it for attempted terrorist attacks for the time being, but I don’t know. I am a little worried that there maybe a bigger broader wider international type of plan coming, something that will involve multiple attacks in many European cities at the same time, and here as well because of this critical degree in cardinal signs seen in so many important and national charts. I really need to study the charts again, but I’ve been so busy as we all have with the holiday and trying to keep away one of my intense migraine’s under control for the past week.


  If there’s gonna be a big sell off, it might be lead by a failure to make a loan to the auto industry. Clearly Bush and his folks are against this.


Hi Better Days Ahead,

It looked like the American auto industry would survive for the next couple of years and then go under. But there is so much anger about the last bail out which as I said in the posts back before it happened, wasn’t going to go through the first time around when it actually would have helped, but rather a watered down crappy version would pass and do really no good. People have a right to be angry. In my opinion the only reason the bail out happened was to show good faith to the rest of the world — basically to make it look like we were doing something, ANYTHING. But alas, the bail out was so flawed by the time it passed it really was an empty, extremely expensive gesture. Of course though the banking industry is the life blood of the global economy and if we poisoned it, then we were obliged to fix it or risk losing our place in the world economy. We would have been thrown out of the game for being cheaters, which of course, we were, so our government had to make a show of good faith to save face. But they really didn’t get much else accomplished for the money. The auto industry is a very different beast and it will fold our economy into a full swing Depression if it collapses, but we won’t be contaminating the world water supply like we did with the banking scheme. The Republicans don’t really care about saving Joe Normal’s job at GM, and as its turning out they didn’t really care about saving the world economy either, just fattening deals for their peeps. But that’s another story. I can’t say I have a lot of pity for the CEO’s of the American car makers, they’ve been morons. But I do feel for the people who have done their best, and worked hard at their jobs, and now face the potential loss of the life they’ve known.



Hi Denise,

I woke up with the feeling that everything was shaking and a lot of energy was swirling. I have been sensitive to geo activity. It doesnt need to be local. Of course, all of this might be personal to me… I wonder if this is particularly heightened since I have my Moon at 0 degrees of Capricorn at the nadir, or collective unconscious of my chart?? I just saw that a terrorist attack and asassination attempt were thwarted in France. There was a thwarted terrorist attempt of an Air France flight to LA a couple of years ago. Seems like this time of year is a vulnerable time for France… Take care of yourself…

Hi Hope And A Plan,

There have also been some earth quakes out this way the past few months. There was a pretty big one (5. something) about 4 months ago that we really felt, another out in the desert that was over 6 something, but in a very un-populated area, but it was felt here as well as in Arizona and Nevada. I felt it as a gentle rocking. Then of course some in the mid-west not too long ago. It has made me wonder, seems like there are an awful lot of them all over the place but then again, it seems earthquakes come in swarms and then calm for a while before the next swarm hits.

I would think you’d be very sensitive to both geo activity and the collective unconscious with your moon at 0 degrees Cap and Pluto going over it right now. Pluto does rule mass consciousness, transformation, and of course Capricorn is an earth sign. 


I hope you feel better!!! Many Angels to you!!!
As for the comment I made last night about Eris, after reading it today I am not so sure about how well I conveyed my thoughts. It didn’t come out the way I thought I was conveying it at the time. Hence, I am not a writer! I am also not sure if I was right about her. I had some very weird, and actually not very dreamy, dreams last night about a lot of people being homeless. Not sure if it was Eris visiting me in my sleep or if it the fact that writing that comment was the last thing I did before I went to bed last night. I thought I was being enlightening but, I am not so sure about it today.
But, anyway, FEEL BETTER!! : ) Many Angels to YOU!! 

Hi Sparker,

I’ve been doing more research on Eris. It seems that my hunch about the patriarchal version of her as slanted toward the negative is right. She is much like a trickster, Goddess of chaos and discord. She likes to confuse or as my friend would say she’s a sh*t stir, meaning she likes to get people to think, laugh and is seen (among those who see her as positive) to be a Goddess of creativity through chaos. She also likes to reveal the superficial and make people think. I found a site that extolls Her virtues and have posted some of it here for reference and a link to the site for anyone who wishes to find out more about this Goddess who will ultimately be absorbed into astrology once we figure her out. I’m working on it right now. Here are some excerpts from the site:

Today’s Eris, as is often said by Discordians, shows more of Her mellow aspects, at least to Her ‘co-conspirators’ who sometimes tend to err on the side of attributing to Her every sort of weirdness that intrudes into their lives. Eris is said to be responsible for generating bureaucracies among human societies to both keep the tyrants confused and to keep the intelligent perplexed. She is also here to tell us that, contrary to the religious, spiritual, and theological dogmas of the past centuries, We Are Free. Humankind is not inherently flawed, spiritually blocked, or sinful. Any flaws, blocks, or sins as may exist are entirely our own doing, and as such, they can be overcome, outgrown, or avoided if we decide so.

Eris also represents the active principle of standing up for oneself in the face of exclusion, betrayal, or injustice. In Discordianism, getting ‘even’ is considered a valuable experience in one’s ability to recognize a need for redress without having to rely on so-called authority or parent figures to tell them so. How a Discordian goes about gaining redress is left up to each person. The Myth of the Golden Apple (discussed below) is often cited as a prime example of doing so.

Here’s the post that I took those excerpts about Eris from:

Answering Readers, and More About Eris…

Astrology: How It Works; Really, you can do that in one post? Well, a little…

In answer to Shannon/Sparker’s question:


Hi Denise,
I have another off the wall question. I don’t know what time of day I was born. I would really like to understand astrology more and I feel I cannot really delve into it with out being able to personally relate to it. Is there a way to find out what time of day I was born? Can it be done clairvoyantly or by Tarot cards? It is something that has been really bothering me. I know I am going through a Saturn return right now and my life is flipping from one direction to the next without any notice. I think if I understood the astrological influences I might be able to handle things better.
Thanks for your time! I love reading your posts everyday. : )

Oh, and if you do feel drawn to answering my question and may be able to help in some way, just in case you need it, my dob is 3/31/80 and my name is Sharon

It’s time to explain some stuff about astrology. It’s an esoteric art/science a lot of people don’t really understand. I used to think it was completely bunk. I know, it’s kind of ironic. Especially, when I was a kid and an avid amateur astronomer (despite always knowing and having psychic experiences) the idea that somehow the stars alignment at a given time effecting us as individuals seemed ridiculous.

But after working as a psychic and meeting several very accurate astrologers, and learning more about the art (in my early 20s) I realized there was a lot to this ancient science/art. Now with quantum mechanics and quantum physics, and string theory – somehow my brain can reconcile the inconsistancies of left, and right, and have made peace with the fact that, dang! It works!

Firstly, the time of an event is crucial. My own birth time was wrong, and for years I walked around with a chart that didn’t completely make sense. Things never “timed out,” as we astrologers say. It described me very well in terms of my personality, and basic issues, but with the old chart my father never would have died when I was 10. I wouldn’t have moved to CA when I was 18 to go to art school, or gotten married at 21. So you see, those are some pretty big things that didn’t show up at the appointed time.

However, for all of you, who are like me, either born in Chicago (where they kept notoriously crappy birth time records at hospitals) or your state didn’t require a birth time for the certificate, or here in CA where I filled out my daughter’s form, and would have been wrong had it not been for my husband (because I had an emergency c-section, and was under anesthesia when she came out). Alas, there is a way out of the confusion. 

It’s called rectification!

One caveat. It takes a long time to do, and is difficult. It’s easier if you have a basic area of time to start with that an astrologer can plug in. Truthfully, it’s so difficult I don’t know any astrologer (at least who I’ve met) that would do it. But with the advent of good astrology programs it has gotten a million times easier, and I actually do it. I did it for myself, and finally I can look at my chart, and tell where stuff is going to hit me instead of just what’s coming my way, but without any real knowledge of what area of my life its going to wreak havoc on. 

Rectification requires giving an astrologer at least 3 major dates in your life such as: the date you married, had a parent die, or other loved one die, had a child, got divorced, moved to a new city, had a crazy great job promotion. Anything that you consider to be a major turning point in your life can be used. The astrologer plugs this information into your chart, and runs it through weighting the aspects, and the chances of how likely a particular time is to be your time of birth.

Other methods have been used by astrologers, and psychics like scrying, the use of a pendulum, channelling the birth time. But in most cases I would be suspicious. Not that the astrologer/psychic isn’t trying, but timing is very exact, and psychic ability is often foggy which is why psychics don’t win the lottery. Numbers, exact details and absolute clarity are not the calling cards of psychic ability, it is ruled by Neptune which also rules confusion, and imagination, alcoholism, schisters and the insane.

By its very nature psychic ability is imprecise. The most a great psychic could hope for is anything over 75% accuracy. This is remarkable for a psychic. Anyone who is more consistently accurate is a one in a million freak of nature.  Even those psychics who are very good will have varying degrees of accuracy for each person they read, connecting more to some then others. They do exist, one in a million sounds pretty small, but there are 300 million Americans and almost 7 billion people on the planet so there are some remarkably gifted psychics walking around.

The point I’m trying to make is, rectification should be done by at least a good astrologer. I tried to get astrologers to do it for me back in the day before computer programs were set up to help, and was very frustrated by the experience.

The other method that can work (at least it did for me) was about 4 months before I became pregnant with my daughter, my father started showing up. I know this sounds weird, even weirder for me because he not only died when I was 10, but for 30 years I had really no contact (spiritually) with him. Sometimes he’d show up in the background of a dream, just watching me, but that was about it. I had even wondered if it was because he’d already incarnated. I had given up ever making contact with him until death.

I wasn’t much of a medium until recently, I had been extremely accurate when channeling, but it wasn’t people I was channelling. For some reason I couldn’t really see dead people, could only talk to them through the spirit guide that I channeled, sort of like a liason.

Anyway, I was at the mall waiting for my husband to finish trying on some new shirts, siting at a table with two chairs, I was in one of them, when I felt a tall lanky man walk past me, pull out the chair next to mine, and sit down. I went to see who had sat next to me, but there was no one there.

All of a sudden I had a strong, vivid impression of my father. You know how over time the memory of someone you haven’t seen grows fuzzy? Well, it was bizarre because I could make out the specks in his eyes (in my mind’s eye) he was not only sharp, clear, but made up of colors your real eyeballs can’t see. The more I concentrated on him the clearer he became, and he started miming things to me, because at first I couldn’t hear him.

It had been 30 years since I’d heard his voice, but the more I tuned in I actually heard him speaking. Long story short he imparted some information, I heard my name called by a woman (I thought it was someone passing by, but no one was there) and then saw my Aunt Doris whom I did not know had passed over.

A couple of days later I found out my Aunt had died (not that day or anything but awhile before). It was very odd, sitting at a table at The Grove, in Los Angeles, talking to myself (luckily not too many people were around) and at the same time feeling so extremely moved. Ever since that day he has come around, and made his presence known, and he, after a year of going through almost every minute of the day in an effort to rectify my chart, gave me my birth time. I plugged it in, and it was amazing. The chart was totally accurate.

I had come close with my efforts based just in plugging in every two to five minutes of an hour, but had been off even then by a few minutes from what turned out to be my real chart.

So it is possible for a psychic to talk to a relative who knows. But that relative has to really know. My dad was at the hospital, and had looked at his watch when he got the news. He showed me the event. If the psychic talks to a relative who is just as clueless as the mom, or everyone else, the information is useless. Don’t forget people on the other side are still people. They are in a timeless space and have access to future and past events if they know how to do it, but not everyone on the other side has mastered how to make contact with loved ones here, how to skip forward or backwards. Just because they’re dead doesn’t make them omnipotent. It does give them access, but they aren’t always right, and some of them lie, just like people here do. 

Keep posting questions if you have them. 

Hope you are all having a good holiday season despite the economic tragedy we are suffering through.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Astrology: How It Works; Really, you can do that in one post? Well, a little…