Stock Market 2/2018

What’s happening to the stock market since last Friday? I have been so preoccupied with the Russia mess and actually while I was working on the e-book – I got a strong feeling to look into the stock market. I’ve been feeling something was going to happen and when I did a cursory look into it – the time frame for a major problem seemed to be fall of 2019. I started getting worried about it because I was doing personal readings about the markets for people and kept feeling something coming. But of course I was busy and put it off. So the feeling built and while I was writing I just freaked out and started rectifying the NYSE chart and dove in.


(Oops! Sorry this is the wrong chart above- I’ll update it later!)

As I was looking at the NYSE chart – I was a little surprised to realize that transiting Neptune was making an opposition to the natal Mars and the transiting Moon was about to light that puppy up. Transiting Jupiter was also opposing the Sun. And as you can see transiting Uranus was hitting the cusp of the 9th house right at the midpoint between the natal Moon and Saturn. All that and the fast moving South Node and Venus and Sun were starting to conjunct the natal Pluto. None of that seemed good. Traditionally, the big falls happen in the fall. So I was a little surprised to see so many activating aspects that looked negative. I was a bit worried because I really figured a big crash would happen in the fall of 2019 so I looked for reiteration in the US Constitution Signing Chart. In fact I spent the rest of the night looking at patterns in both the US CS chart and the NYSE chart. The 1929 chart seemed like it showed up more in the US CS chart then in the NYSE exchange chart. It was in both but the aspects were not very exact in the NYSE exchange chart which worried me a bit. As you can see above I have a different chart for the stock market then the rectified one I put up the other night. I found an alternative time online and it seems to time out a lot better. In this new chart Uranus was right on the cusp of the 8th/9th over the last couple of days and made more sense in the 1929 chart.

**I will insert the chart here later – Technical problem that wouldn’t let me insert it.

However, in 1929 we didn’t have have the same rules, regulations and stop gaps that were put into place later so even though the aspects were not as insane as they were in the 2008 chart – it clearly was enough for an innate volatile and unchecked market to plunge. In this chart Uranus is going through the 8th (other people’s money 8th and Uranus=volatility) Pluto was making an applying square to the Moon in the 8th and the lights were Mercury/Sun midpoint on the natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction which opposes the natal Saturn/Moon opposition. So basically there is a T-Square from Pluto in Cancer being triggered by those faster moving planets. And the general volatility of Uranus in the 8th and the time period where there were less controls over the market made it take a plunge. Neptune was also conjunct the cusp – just hitting the first house. That big shift over that 1st house on the angle was also a major contributor despite the fact that it was making a trine to Venus. Whenever a big planet hits that point something should happen. Otherwise that T-square (by the Pluto in Cancer transit) should have had a counterpoint when Pluto hits that same point in opposition like – oops, NOW!


So this is the rectified chart I did. In this one you can see Uranus hitting the Saturn in the 9th and Pluto is at 19 degrees. In this one Mars is right on the cusp of the 5th. The 5th rules gambling and we can see Venus/South Node/Sun/Mercury transiting the 7th making a roll over natal Pluto in Aquarius (7th house/legal issues) and most of those planets making an opposition to the natal Uranus in the 1st house. Neptune is also in the 8th starting to oppose the natal Mars and starting an inconjunction to natal Uranus in the 1st – lots of volatility. Transiting Saturn is also in the 5th making a trine to Venus causing constriction in gambling but it seems to suggest that once it moves past the 5th it could settle down. Now I’m going to go back to the alternate chart and see if it makes a big difference for this same period.


In this chart Uranus is on the 8/9th house cusp hitting that midpoint of natal Jupiter/Neptune. Now if this is the real chart it seems like the market will stay supressed longer as Uranus will stay on that point for awhile. Transiting Mercury is close to the cusp of the 6th. All the same planetary configurations still apply only the houses are slightly different. And this one seems a lot worse as transiting Pluto is going through the 5th of gambling and making the applying T-Square. So let’s look at the US CS chart and see if we can tell just how bad this really is right now in that chart.



This chart was done for today 2-5-2018 on the big drop but the planets are close enough and it should clarify what the heck is going on. Transiting Mercury is right on the ascendant with the South Node/Sun/Venus all together going through the first house and conjuncting the natal Saturn/Pluto that are there. Venus indeed hit that natal Saturn today. OK that’s a clear market correction. Uranus is in the 3rd inconjuncting the Sun in the 7th – 3rd-newspapers/media/communication and the 7th legal issues, partnerships and in Virgo work/service. It seems this is very much about the political stuff going on. The Moon triggered the natal Neptune and opposes the transiting Uranus in the 3rd. People are nervous – freaked out, afraid. Now we have this applying Uranus making a square to the natal Uranus and this aspect is creating the division we see in our country and the inside revolution taking place inside our government. Those we thought would serve us are serving their own agenda – at war with the press – leaking, push back. The ruler of the 8th house is Mercury in this chart and indeed there is seems to be a consistent Mercury trigger when the Stock Market falls. Here we see Mercury triggering the whole thing as it hits the first house. But Mercury is a fast moving planet but the funky underlying aspects are still there. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th – house of hidden enemies is making that applying T-Square from the other side (as it did in 1929) and Uranus is making an applying square to natal Uranus. This was what I was looking at when I identified 2019 as the time frame. I think this is a precursor to the much bigger market meltdown we’ll see as these aspects get closer. These bad aspects will be triggered throughout the next couple of years. So I will have to dig in more to find the next time frame for the next freak out.

OK I will do more updates on this. And try to upload the charts tomorrow. I tried to make a video today but had all kinds of technical problems. So I guess it’s just one of those days.

Blessings to all,



Everything Is Free – At What Price?

About 1993, just out of art school, I stared into the abyss of the Internet. I had worked in a form of computer animation as a “colorist.” At the time Disney was still trying to hide its use of computer animation as was everyone else in the industry. I guess it somehow took the magic out of movie magic. A friend of mine who, unlike me, continued on into website development. She wanted to develop a computer game for her portfolio and felt that it could be a good tool to let people know about my band.

Reluctantly I agreed. My day job was being a psychic at that time. I knew the tarot very well and the principle behind them which is simple: human intent + a symbolic language that takes into account every human experience (either spiritually or on a mundane level) + random chance = a divination system.

As long as she could make a program to randomly generate a set of at least three combinations the divination system I came up with could accurately answer at least a yes/ no question and also give some insight into a problem. I wrote out my interpretations of all the tarot cards. The focus was for the average person, so I stuck to the mundane interpretations of the cards.

She programmed the “game” with all the interpretations I wrote and put the description on how to use the oracle. It was very accurate. All the art was mine, she put it together. It didn’t do anything to help me but she landed an excellent job because of it which was fine by me. I hadn’t expected anything and was happy to help.

I bring up this story because she was very keen on the Internet and the new wave of economic promise she believed it would deliver. I however would go on and feel an uncomfortable chaos lurking in that computer abyss. I saw a dark side that no one seemed to notice. It felt like a Trojan Horse or a mass delusion. Stocks for anything internet started going through the roof. My friend started a business designing websites for corporations. Everybody was becoming “millionaires” and no one was watching as factories closed and people lost their jobs to Asia.

I however sat on the sidelines asking the un-askable question: how is this going to make people money? I don’t understand why everyone is getting rich. My friend neatly explained, “this is a new platform for businesses to sell their products.”

“So, it’s basically a giant mall? Or no, catalogue?”

She nodded but I could tell she wasn’t sure what other possibilities existed. No one was.

When The MP3 format came out I asked executives in the music business why they didn’t adopt it and just charge .99 a song. They calmly explained to me that, “People want the real thing. They want to hold something in their hands, look at pictured of the artist, read lyrics.” After I heard that excuse a dozen times and artists started making their own websites with pictures and lyrics, I pointed this out to them. They shrugged. They honestly believed it was all going to go away, as if convience and free where ridiculous fads. You see they lived in a bubble where they felt safe, protected, special – untouchable. Turned out this was the thing that brought them down just as it brings down every empire. And in the 1990s they were a big empire, making more money than they ever had before.

Untouchable, in a bubble, “it could never happen here”; these are the hallmarks of a downfall.

“It could never happen here,” was a sentiment I heard a lot in high school when I debated kids about the evils of deregulation. The mess we are in now harkens back to the Reagan administration ie. the 1980s. It’s time to rectify the dismantling of the economic protections put into place during the depression.

The reason we have the “worst recovery in history” is because too much economic power is concentrated in so few corporations and too few people. One company that creates, not only gains a monopoly capable of reaming consumers, it also becomes the sole provider. So if that company, say a bank, loses your money by way of crappy investments – well, in that case the Feds have to bail them out so they don’t go under. All their clients are protected by federal insurance so if banks act irresponsibly (which they’ve done many times now – but the first site of this was the onset of the Great Depression) then you still go to the bank and get your cash out. If our ancestors hadn’t had that terrifying experience and then demanded the government do something to protect consumers there would be no FDIC. If it didn’t exist the 2008 “Great Recession” would have been another “Great Depression.”

But take too much concentrated power in a media companies? You get companies that can dictate their corporate culture to a mass audience. Do it long enough, say it enough times and people start to believe – especially young people. That’s why the Nazis reached out to the young – why every cult reaches out to young people. They are very impressionable. It may take them a lifetime or generations to untangle a lie if they ever do.

So back to my point about everything being free now. The 1990s business model appeared to be: America/Americans/Europeans poised to be innovators – developing new technologies for the internet age, and exporting culture – all things related to intellectual property – sort of like the head part of a body. The developing world would be the muscles and body – building and carrying out the production of these new products. Factories were moved to Asia – no one made a fuss, too many people were getting paper rich on bubbilicious tech stocks.

But inevitably reality set in. Not everyone is made to be a creator of intellectual property even if they were born on US soil and more importantly not everyone cares to create such content. Just like everyone isn’t a tightrope walker neither is everyone an inventor, writer, software engineer. This new economy appeared to favor the intellectual property side – if not that then what else? But as the digital age exploded, it became socially acceptable and easy to steal intellectual property. Providers in many cases went along with the theft because it seemed so uncool not to – for example when Radio Head put out a record and asked fans to, “just pay what you think it’s worth.” Record companies went the opposite direction trying to sue fans for downloads. Neither addressed the bigger issues at hand. If we are going to have an economy run on the engine of intellectual property then someone was going to have set guidelines to protect both producers of content and consumers, but no hero ever emerged, no answer ever came, only the small pittance of Apple doing the very first stage idea I had, ten years after the problem was completely out of control.

Now corporations have figured out how to use this to their advantage. Most producers of content don’t or can’t make a living at it. There is no central information stream to sell products through so instead they do what Hollywood has always done – exploit the narcissism of young people. They find kids who have millions of “likes” and give them garbage to wear in their utube videos. The kids feel they are special because they are getting special compensation – of course not enough to live on in most cases – but these kids have no idea how they are being exploited for the good of the corporate culture.

My generation was leery of advertising and resisted being marketed to. The “Millenials” think they are famous because they get lots of traffic on their utube channel and calls from product lines whose sole intention is to use them for cheap advertising. What those young adults don’t realize is “fame” is fleeting and spending your young adult life retweeting about some Hollywood film or talking about ingrown hairs online, not only doesn’t get you much “fame” it also doesn’t move you anywhere except into your parents basement when you are 40, assuming your parents are lucky enough to have a job or career or both in most cases.

So where do these young adults get the idea that corporations are their friends?

The last thirty years has seen the rise in a multinational corporateracy. Big business has figured out how to control the only super-power standing – money. It helps to own media corporations to spread ones message of a benevolent and loving corporate culture. Republicans are always on message telling the public to, “let the market sort itself out.” Whining about how CEOs don’t make enough money or how shareholders need to see bigger profits. How it’s unfair to make businesses pay their workers a living wage – heck, as it turns out their finding all sorts of ways to get free or very low cost labor like exploiting the psychology of young people or forcing interstate truckers into an impossible pay structure of mileage, ensuring they will be forced to break the law and if they get fined – well, they are personally liable for the $5000.00 fine. My brother did that job for a few months until he realized he was never going to make more than a couple hundred bucks a week for the eighty or more hours he was putting in, not to mention having to be on the road for weeks at a time sleeping in the cab of a truck. The only way he could make a living wage was to speed and drive more than was allowed by law. And if he got caught – he was alone with the fine.

This is our America.

A place where upward mobility means going from rich to super rich on the backs of the workers. And for those who supply 99% of the intellectual property it means a consistent trend of downward payments and no protection for content makers.

Companies like Spotify get money from subscribers. Those subscribers get an unlimited library of music for that price. What do the musicians and songwriters get? Not much. It takes millions of plays to get a couple hundred bucks and takes the incentive away to listen to the radio or buy that artists work. Eventually musical artists will be put out of business and only those people who can afford to do it will play relegating the art form to hobbyists.

Unless you can develop a popular app or get rich people to help you with your business, moving up is nearly impossible. Even the “go to professions” becoming a doctor or lawyer are no guarantee of financial anything. Most people with law degrees can’t get jobs as lawyers and doctors in many places make barely enough to pay their student loans back.

So what’s my point?

Simple. Imagine our economy as a giant game of poker. One guy wins every hand until there’s nothing left to play the game. This is the reality of our economy. Corporatism doesn’t work, not only for the obvious reasons but for economic reasons. We have given China tremendous power by developing and exploiting them – so now they feel I powered to take on our ally the Phillipiens.

We are creating an obororus. Only that snake is us eating our own tail. The market we have is in a feedback loop. Anyone investing in it is diving into a snake pit full of lies, deception and gaming the system. The stock market may look good right now but it is being held together with hope and a glue gun. I am genuinely afraid that the stagnation we have in government, the lack of effort to create a real context for this new economy will plunge us into an entirely new form of depression and a host of other unholy things.

Peace and love,


Everything Is Free – At What Price?


The open cabal against Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain has happened. Huh, remember when they said they’d go after the US next? Does anyone think this trumped-up BS about the DEBT CEILING have anything to do with their ultimate goal to take down the value of our dollar? Seems like this might be what is happening right now.

Let me say that Obama seems to be a lovely man. This is his problem. It’s like putting a beautiful fluffy mouse in a pit of snakes. No matter what Obama does or says he will encounter resistance. He may have kept the economy stable against the will of the sick wealthy one percenters (I’m quite sure there are good people who are in the wealthy one percent and sure they are not anywhere near this plan to exclusively control the resources of the planet). By the way I think that’s just going to be what I call the cabal of those I believe are probably one percent of the One Percenters. Those who are actually involved in what I believe to be a desire to control the world for their personal benefit. I think these people over years of ever building power and corruption, coupled with the chaotic pace of technology and the bulge in population along with the results of all that amounts to a culture without conscience, have stepped forward to put in place another dynastic imperial world power – this one uses multinational corporations, world banks, pay offs and lobbyists and new scape goats, but it’s the same basic plan as the Nazi’s or any number of world domination plots like the Church during the middle-ages among countless others.

History is repeating itself, but this time the snakes are just hiding in different holes. This is how history always repeats itself, generations go by and forget the lessons of the past and the psychopaths find new ways to exploit the masses while feeding them a diet of soma (in this case technology and personal financial dramas) to keep their eyes off the big picture.

Sorry to be so negative but this is why I stopped blogging. I can’t help but feel it. And it’s not good.

Blessings to the good,

Don’t invest in the stock market. Don’t give them your power. According to the book “Snakes in Suits,” 45% of all major North American corporations had reported fraud among the highest levels in their organizations – that was in 2005 three years before the stock market crash. I suggest this book. It is excellent. I have to admit I knew nothing of corporate culture until I started reading this a a week ago.

Here’s the link to the book for anyone interested:

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work




Unfortunately, I was looking at the charts and writing down my impressions a word doc and it disappeared so I have to start all over again. Generally, August should be a good month for Gold, the Sun is its strongest in Leo and the Sun rules Gold along with Pluto. Luckily the same reader sent me the charts I used for my original analysis of the Gold market. I’m using the Gold futures chart and Spdr Gold Trust, so if your interested in investing there maybe some general cross over into all gold markets, but bear in mind I’m specifically dealing with these 2 charts and my information will be directly related to them. Of course because it is a commodity the charts should reflect general, overall trends but weirdness can happen so there you go. I’m reprinting the charts here for reference:
So I’ll start with SGT, it looks like it will continue to go up and get more intense toward the middle of the month as Pluto retrogrades into 2 degrees Capricorn making a trine to natal Uranus in Pisces. I would think this could be some sort of news that makes people feel the need to invest in something tangible and real like gold.  Pluto is going through SGTs first house for a long, long time. I see Pluto as a co-ruler of Gold as it is the domain of plutocrats and with Pluto going through SGT’s first house there will be a change in the way they do business. My only caveat with SGT is the power they will project could mask underlying problems but for the purposes of ups and downs, it will be trending up in the market place until we get to the late February of 2013 when there maybe some questions of legal trouble or ethics that rear and then calm for a while, things will calm by mid-late summer of 2013 but the trouble will not be truly over, it will just be the first sign of something amiss. By December of 2013 into 2014 the next level of trouble will rear up, this could cause concerns about SGT and whether it will be able to sustain the potential losses and perhaps even legal action or trouble. By the end of January 2014 the problem will start to find resolution, ultimately  the issue will come to full resolution in 2020.

OK, let’s look at Gold Futures, Pluto is transiting through GFs 3rd house making a waxing conjunction to the sun on the 4th house cusp. In my opinion this indicates people’s perception of the value of Gold is driving the price upward. As Pluto retrogrades closer to a positive aspect (sextile) GF will continue to climb slowly upward until a slow down in mid-September of 2010 (but still going up) and then as the aspect grows farther away in late November the slowdown should really start to grind to stasis and finally in late January the positive aspect will be weak until it has no real effect at the same time Pluto will begin its square of GF’s natal Pluto in the 1st house and GF’s rising in Libra at 8 degrees. This will probably bring about changes in the way business is conducted in this industry as it may turn out again there will be legal trouble, ethics issues and lead to new legislation and change which will impact how the market goes forward. Once these issues are settled it will take a while for GF to recover from the mess as Pluto will first conjunct the natal Sun, again causing a transformation in identity and the way business is done and then as Pluto moves into the 4th house and conjuncts natal Mercury and opposes natal Saturn in the 10th, skepticism about the new regulations and cleaned up mess will hold back GFs climb, lowering prices.

The first of these difficult aspects happen in late February of 2012 when Pluto hits GFs natal Sun and makes GF restructure with heavy pressure until the mid-late February 2012 and goes on until late May 2012. Another round starts up in Mid-December 2012 until Mid January 2013 this builds as Pluto get closer and closer to the natal Saturn opposition and conjunction with Mercury at the beginning of March 2015.  The issue will seem to go out of public purview and even seem like it’s not going to be that big of a deal by December of 2013, people may even think the issue settled, or the worst as being over, but it won’t be, another round will be coming. Having transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mercury and opposing natal Saturn in the 10th starting in March of 2015 will hold prices back, there will be bad public opinion, bad press and a dampening of investment in GF.

Hope that helps and that’s it for me for now with the stock market. I really don’t like doing predictions about it since I know nothing about it and I would not personally invest in it. I feel it is a rigged game and not for people outside the ring of those in the know. I also feel we are in a weird irrational bubble right now that is not properly reflecting reality and due to this the market is impossible to predict with anything remotely rational, this is not surprising with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. But it will be a very long time before the playing field is truly level and fair. For those of you who do understand and are in the know, go for it. I hope the stars can help, for the rest of us mere mortals far from the shadow of Wall Street best to stick with things we know.

Many blessings,



On Capatilism What Happened and…

We ordered a video of his and watched it. I was disappointed that this very bright economist and professor could not get past the 30 year mantra of “no regulations.” His final argument against them was that there was no sense putting in regulations because corporations would just lobby against them and eventually get them removed. To me this is more than an absurd argument it is so irrational and idiotic that it is irrational. Regulations are just laws, laws that are put in place to keep the market place equal.

Capitalism was at its most powerful, vibrant and healthy during the heaviest period of regulations our nation ever had, as a matter of fact all economists agree that regulations equal the playing field, spread wealth and actually promote unprecedented financial growth across all sectors. One can not argue with the fact that post WWII, post-Rosevelt (who put most of these regulations in place) the economy was booming. The average American family was able to survive on one income, and not just white-collar traditionally middle-class jobs, but blue-collar jobs. For example my father-in-law supported his wife and child comfortably working as a service station attendant until getting a better job with more mobility.

The problem was that the wealthy 1 percent who own pretty much everything didn’t really like sharing the wealth, even though they too benefited from a thriving economy. Their businesses made more money than ever before because more people could afford to buy things, there was more disposable income. However human nature (as usual) with its dark side seized the hearts of those who had been most special and where now having to pay 90% tax – that’s right, they paid 90% tax far more than socialist democracies of Europe do, even the most extreme like Sweden, Norway and Denmark – their highest tax bracket is 50%.  But when you make 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.00 that’s still a lot of cash, even with a take home of 10%, of course there were always ways around this tax bracket and I doubt any of the wealthiest Americans ever paid more than 50% tax. But back to my point, they couldn’t stand the uppity middle-class nipping at their heels and potentially turning their reigns around with their new money and their new sense of entitlement, after all that was their money and sense of entitlement.

OK, so here’s my metaphor to explain the idiocy of the argument the professor made about anti-regulation. His argument is akin to stating: Well, we should just stop making rape, murder, stealing, conning people and all criminal activities legal because sociopaths will still do those things anyway and they’ll always work against the law so the law will eventually just be useless – there will be prison overcrowding and it will be expensive for us to pay for as taxpayers. So everything should just be made legal and people should be allowed to do whatever they like irregardless of what harm comes to others due to the sociopaths actions since we can’t stop them.

Does this make sense? No.

And if one proposed it, one would be thought a lunatic. This truly is the essence of the professors argument.

Because corporations don’t want rules and will work to destroy them – we should not have any rules. His new paradigm for business is a ridiculous example of some Silicone Valley dudes who get together in a garage and start a software company where they are all equal. That’s seriously his answer to our economic meltdown. We should all be equal partners in our jobs and be able to come to work in shorts if we want with “a puppy or toddler in tow.” Here’s a little news flash for the professor – not everyone wants to be the boss. Not everyone should be the boss. Some people just want a job and don’t want to take the risk associated with starting a new business and some people are not capable of participating at this level. This is great for those who want to participate in this paradigm, but having been in a band I know how hard it is to get along with 2 other people let alone 100 people and come to consensus. There’s a reason humanity gravitates toward alpha personalities like George W. Bush (and it’s not for his intellectual prowess) it’s for his sureness, his sense of entitlement and his willingness to take the reigns of leadership, not everyone wants to be a leader. In fact I would say from my time on this planet most people don’t want to take that role, it’s the rare few who do.

Again the lack of psychological savvy in discerning a political or economic system is remarkable, have we learned nothing from this meltdown or the break down of the Soviet Union? Our system is the other side of the same coin as the old Soviet system. They had an elite group of people (bureaucrats) who doled out a standard allotment of money to the masses. People were seen almost as ants in a colony, which didn’t much allow for those who were ambitious to get ahead, but it did help those who couldn’t make it without help. In their case the system failed due to the greed and corruption of the few bureaucrats who skimmed the cream off the top and kept everyone else at subsistence level. The same could be said in a way of our system although it is from the opposite side of this ideology. Instead of all for one and one for all – communism. We are an all for one f***k you, get your own bootstraps to pull yourself up from, these are mine, society. But in truth no one gets anywhere alone – no man is an island, without proper education, a nurturing environment to grow up in and help, support and love from those around the individual, the individual can attain little (if you haven’t read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell by  now – do so!) Our system has promoted the delusion of the maverick, the rugged individualist who by their own pure genius and hard work rises to the top of society to strike it rich. To make matters worse we are lied to and told we are all equal in this ability!

Really, so a kid whose mom is a crack addict and has 10 other brothers and sisters each from a different father, all of whom are in jail and who lives in abject poverty, is sexually assaulted and has an inferior education where he’s passed ahead every year because the system doesn’t care about him and graduates or leaves at 16 from high school unable to read has the same chance to be head of a company like Microsoft as Bill Gates whose parents sent him to private school and who had the rare opportunity start programming in high school when most college students didn’t even have access? Yeah, right. It’s an absurdity to think we are all equal.

We are all equal in God’s eyes. We are all of equal value, but we are not all given equal opportunity, or equal gifts or guidance.

So Denise what do you propose we do about it?

I propose we deal with reality. Corporations are made up of human beings. Human beings are imperfect and have dark sides. In this competitive world the sociopath has a huge advantage – without a conscious one can do whatever one likes to get what one wants no matter the consequence. And so like those who would murder someone for a few bucks, those who would destroy the Gulf – make it a dead zone never to be restored in our lifetime to what it once was –  should not just pay for every hair brained scheme that Kevin Costner or whoever else dreams up and do whatever it takes to fix the situation financially, but environmentally – the executives in charge should be criminally charged and imprisoned for criminal neglect. Neglect that led to the deaths of nearly a dozen human beings and countless sea creatures. The laws or regulations for corporations should not just be strengthened to impenetrable force, but they should include jail time for infraction of these regulations and corporations should not be able to contribute to a single candidate or have any voice on capitol hill – lobbying should be made illegal. Period. NO EXCEPTIONS! The only voice in a Democracy that should count and was intended to count when our constitution was invented, was the voice of the people. It seems we are the only voice now that has no say.

And oh, yeah there should be laws governing the 4th estate (news outlets.) If a “news outlet” is primarily editorial, great then there should be a banner on that station flashing, “this is the expressed opinion, and our opinion only not necessarily imbued with any facts or actual reporting in the traditional sense. We do not use journalistic standards of checking sources and can not vouch for a thing we are purporting.” And if it’s on the radio, this should be said every 10 minutes in-between commercial breaks. People have the right to now the truth and they need to know if they are being manipulated and tricked. It’s unfortunate that many Americans can’t discern this for themselves, but if that is the case then we need to let them know that the rules have changed on them.

Many blessings… next post I’m working on is the market in relationship to Oil and Gold…


On Capatilism What Happened and…

It’s been a long time!

So sorry it’s been a long time. I’ve been swamped with work on every side. Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I’ve been worried about the stock market again. It’s not the same overwhelming feeling I had that started this blog off but I keep feeling the economy is in much worse shape than we are being told and it’s best to be very careful with any sort of investing right now. I’ll do some analysis when I have a chance but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up for the time being.

Best wishes,


It’s been a long time!


OK, I really want to do a detailed analysis of the markets. Perhaps the key lies in doing progressed charts for the Dow because although there are some very clear transit triggers, it should be Pluto who is the culprit. And if he is then the problems should (by transit) be triggered at the 0 and 4 degree marks and it seems a bit off. So I’ll figure that one out over the week.

As I said in a post last year about buying GM. I didn’t see the point as this company would go under within the next 2 years. I know they are restructuring in hopes of getting back on their wheels but they really need to do it big time or they won’t survive. If they do make serious and major sweeping changes down to their core ideology they could become a phoenix (hopefully better than the crappy Ford version put out in the 1980s, those cars were serious lemons.)

Again, the bookend crash I feel it coming. I hadn’t in a while. I still feel its a little ways off. But I’m starting to feel the grief. So if you don’t have money in the market, just wait awhile and certainly don’t get antsy and believe the hype trying to get you to put your money back in so it can be taken from you. Seriously, this beast is still on stilts eating its own intestines. Stay out of its way until it has major surgery.

And another incident of domestic terrorism with the murder of the doctor in his church on Sunday. Only sadly that one wasn’t stopped. I also feel we are in more danger from ourselves right now than from foreign terrorists. 

Sit tight and try to be frugal. Let’s bring back the barter system! 

May our world be bathed in pure white healing light. We are very stinky right now.

Many blessings and much love to all you kind hearted people,