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From Wyntyr:

Wyntyr // 

Hi Denise,
I hope you are doing well and I continue to enjoy your blog. I don’t know why but I am picking up some really ‘negative’ (and I hate to use that term) vibes from the Clinton’s. I don’t know if I am picking up Bill’s resistance on releasing financial records or if they are trying to play their hand a little too hard behind the scenes but something feels ‘off’. I definately feel that Hillary is capable but there is an undercurrent somewhere with she or her husband that doesn’t feel right. 

Have a great week Denise!

Hi Wyntyr, I think you’re right, and I feel it’s coming from Bill. I think he’s a bit of a rooster and an alpha dog. I don’t think he likes the idea of his woman being someone else’s even if it is just politically. This is why initially my feeling was Hillary would not be in Obama’s cabinet, but I feel something switched in her on the campaign trail, and feel she is a very good person who will see this as an opportunity to help where she could really do some good.

Also it would cause problems for Bill’s foundation, and he seems pretty self-centered, so I doubt he’d want to put that on hold to help his wife’s career (that much). But you never know! I think she wants the job. And he TOTALLY OWES HER! And she’ll remind him of that! She probably already has numerous times. He deserves a bit of her wrath.

I have the feeling that taking the position of Secretary of State would put her in a better position to become President next time around, because it will add diversity to her political resume. I’m sure she knows this.

I do have the feeling Bill is pressuring her to turn the job down, and I sense a bit of confusion on what to do. Hillary if your out there, take the job! It will be great for you! And you will do far more good in this position then being one of a hundred senators.


Hi Denise!

I love your blog and have become addicted to it (in a good way, of course) …. what will happen to Joe Lieberman? I feel he can’t be trusted and the Democrats should throw him back to the Republicans, since that seems to be his comfort zone.

Also, as a Floridian, I’m interested in the political futures of current Governor Charlie Crist, and former Governor Jeb Bush. I’ve had enough of the Bushies and their ilk, but I somehow don’t think either of these guys is going away anytime soon.

Peace and blessings to you!


Hi Norah,

The first part of your question has been answered in recent news, Senator Lieberman is caucusing with the Democrats. In my opinion he is a slimy traitor to his own party, and then kisses the butt of whoever is in power. He really betrayed Obama, after Obama saved his butt in the past, but perhaps this is a lesson in turning the other cheek, which proves Obama is more of a Christian then any President we’ve had in a long time. He doesn’t just pay lip service to the religion. He really seems to live by the testaments and walk the walk, unlike so many others.

It’s ironic people would think him a Muslim when he actually seems more devoutly and truly religiously Christian then any politician in recent memory but oh, well. At this point I think most of us know that the way the word Christian is bandied about and more often has to do with being in a club then actually following the words of Christ, or you wouldn’t have hate mongers, domestic terrorists (people who bomb womens’ clinics, murdering doctors, women and babies) and racist freaks calling themselves Christian.

The religion itself is actually quite beautiful if one lives by the message of Christ rather then falling back on the old testament when convenient to play the hate card. Not to say there aren’t people out there who really do live by Christ’s teachings. I’ve met many and they are amazing people.

OK now onto Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. Since I don’t have a time of birth on either of these guys I ran solar charts. Their rising will be different because of this, and of course, because the moon moves so fast, the degree of their moon will more than likely be different unless they happened to be born at noon. But I can get some basic info on the inner workings of their soul, and personality based on just their solar charts. So here goes:


OK Charlie, the first thing I got when I looked at a picture of him (I’d never seen him before, I live in LA where are news consists of who won “Dancing with the Stars” and telling everyone its raining outside when its raining outside, actually stopping programming to burst in with updates about drizzle, very annoying.) My first impression was he had heart problems. He may not know this yet, but he has a gray palour to his aura that I’ve seen in people with serious health issues, and if he hasn’t had an incident yet, he’d better go to a doctor as he will soon have a problem (within the next couple of years.) 

In terms of his personality, he’s very out there, probably very charismatic if you were to meet him in real life. He seems pretty open on the surface, and clear, but with that Mars in Pisces as the centerpiece of a Yod between Neptune and Pluto, he’s really not. He’s very sneaky, secretive, passive aggressive, and manipulative. I’m sure though he’s well liked, and I’m not saying he’s a terrible guy, But with all that Leo bravado opposed by a cool Aquarian moon, and then this Yod, I’d say he’s more interested in power, attention and privelage then he is in serving the greater good.

His Aquarian moon may give him some humanitarian tendencies and he may even tell himself he’s doing things to make the world a better place, but really he has to fight the tendency to use his moon to rationaliize his own selfish desire for power, and his dirty fighting and belief that the “ends justify the means,” type of thinking, telling himself he’s doing bad things for a greater purpose when really he’s not, he’s doing it for himself, and using causes to hide behind.

Now I have to be honest, I know absolutely nothing about this guy, his policies, how he ran his election so you’ll have to tell me what his campaign, and administration have looked like so far. I didn’t know anything about him until you posted this question and didn’t look at anything but his birth info so I wouldn’t be tainted while reading him. I have no idea about his record, I am just going on his chart.

In terms of a future in politics, Uranus will be going into Aries in 2011 and start to make a trine to all his Leo planets giving him good luck and raising his public profile. So there is a very good chance he could win another election as governer as Uranus will go from trining his Sun to his natal Uranus, then Mercury, then finally Pluto much later. That perhaps will be when he tries or potentially has a real chance to go for the white house or a much higher position in government if he wants to. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this guy, I think its just the beginning for him. 

Now Jeb Bush:

My first instinct about Jeb Bush — he’s tired. I get the feeling he’s worn out by politics even though he’s got an incredible drive for power with that Pluto – Sun opposition in his chart. With that Moon in Capricorn opposite the Uranus in Cancer, he probably didn’t see his childhood as being all that idillyic and he’s pretty emotionally shut down. His chart does not show a lot of compassion for women and he probably has pretty hostile love relationships, were there is a lot of fighting. He likes a woman who is strong and fights him back. But he also resents it. He is much smarter then his brother with Sun conjunct Mercury trining his Saturn conjunct Neptune. He’s a very smart guy. I wonder if his personal life gets in the way of his political ambitions, not directly, but I feel he gets absorbed in his relationships and has trouble balancing things. Also this Pluto sun opposition inconjuncting his Moon makes me feel like its sort of the family business and he’s not entirely sold on it.

That being said Uranus will go over his Mars around 2011. In his case I’d have to see where this falls in his chart to tell how it will manifest. Sometimes this aspect can cause accidents especially injury to the head. But hopefully not, hopefully it will cause some sort of intellectual inspiration and a change of heart in his life for the better. I don’t get the feeling at this point though that he’s going to be all that involved in politics for awhile. Maybe ever again. I feel his energy waning in that direction. Maybe he’ll change his mind down the road but for now he’s walked off this path.


The S&P is currently at around 870 , at its lowest point of the coming severe recession depression, will it reach 600? or perhaps even 400?

I will ask the tarot: 

Will the S&P reach 600 in the next few months: Maybe. It looks like that depends on what gets decided over the next few months with the auto makers. If they go under the S&P will go down.

Now I’ll ask if it will get down to 400 in the next few months: A bizarre answer as all the cards are positive, but the answer is also a yes. Perhaps it will bottom out first and turn around pretty quickly. It seems there will be a horror show, a major down turn and then suddenly good news out of the blue which will cause new opportunity and a sense of victory. I have no idea what this could be.

I’m getting the feeling that the market will be extremely volatile, but there will be some measures taken by the new administration in the face of this very frightening time coming up, that will reinstate confidence in the market and turn it around, but it doesn’t look permanent at first. It seems that the market will plunge and then rally, in a similar way as the Dow, but will ultimately go through a major transformation and there will be new laws put in place that will end up first freaking out the S&P, these laws will help us avoid future calamity, but will scare investors. It may take a couple of years or more for this market to again really stabilize and heal.

I have to go my baby is crying. So I will answer the next set of questions and hopefully more tomorrow.

Best wishes to all of you,


Answering Readers’ Questions…

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Hi Everyone, as promised here are the rest of the questions I didn’t get to. Those who posted on Saturday and Sunday and don’t see their questions here will find answers tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Hello, Denise–

Thank you so much for your public service! I had an observation and a couple of questions for you.

According to this site, McCain was born at 6:25 PM in Colon, Panama, which would change his rising sign and shift his houses:

Not that it matters much now, but does this change your reading of him?

Next, I’ve been feeling that because of the mass layoffs that are pending, Obama will be forced to implement single-payer healthcare even though he doesn’t advocate it now. What do you think?

Finally, do you think Bush and Cheney orchestrated the 9/11 attacks as some groups suggest? If so, will this come to light any time soon?

Thanks again,


Hi Tina,

First I asked the question to the tarot: Will Obama be forced to implement single payer healthcare?

The tarot answered: Yes.

It looks like money is the main reason. There won’t be enough of it to go around with so many companies going under. And he will be forced to rethink the healthcare situation. But it looks like it will draw on other strengths and cover people who are unemployed as well. So it may actually be better then what he originally proposed.  It looks like the role of private companies won’t be as great in this new plan. They will not be able to take the burden on. (I have to admit I didn’t know what you were referencing until after I did the reading and interpretation, I then googled the term.)

And thanks so much for the updated McCain information! Actually this chart is better in many ways. His Aquarius moon explains his “maverick” status and eleviates some of the bad aspects the other chart had made to the economy. This being said, I have seen the “wrong” chart be more accurate about a particular situation then a person’s natal, this is akin to horary astrology in how it works. There was some reason the universe put this out there, and this off chart actually fit McCain during this very negative campaign much more than his real natal chart, which he now seems to be manifesting again. That being said, his chart still has many bad aspects to the Dow, and would have made the economic crisis much worse than Obama’s.

Also its interesting to note that I have seen people with a preponderance of planets in the 7th (a stellium in astrological terms) house have either narcissistic tendencies or outright NPD. Both McCain and Palin have this chart configuration. The reason being is the 7th house is the public, partners and public enemies, it is what we project onto others and people with NPD (or those with NPD tendencies) are not introspective, but rather blame others for their mistakes because they can’t deal with their own imperfections.  I’ll go into an an analysis of the two of them in the next post as there is a question relating to it coming up.

Now on to answering the other question of whether 9/11 was orchestrated by Bush/Cheney. The answer in short is, no. But, I do believe they knew it was going to happen, and used it to their advantage in the same way FDR used Pearl Harbor to get us into WWII, something we as a country did not want to get into after WWI. Of course in FDR’s case we had a moral obligation to save Europe, and weren’t using a horrific event to start a “preemptive war,” or more appropriately to invade a sovereign nation, but rather to save democracy in Europe, and millions more from genocide.

The months leading up to 9/11 I had dreams of being in falling skyscrapers. The tower card, which if you’ve ever seen it literally looks like the images of those that were taken on 9/11, came up no matter who or what I did a reading for. On 9/10 I couldn’t sleep, had a terrible feeling something horrible was going to happen. I stayed up all night and by chance turned on the TV just as the first plane struck the world trade center. I called some family members and friends, told them the reporters were wrong it wasn’t an accident, then the next airplane struck.

I was on the phone with my mother when I told her it was Bin Laden and that both towers were going to fall. I don’t believe the conspiracy theories about explosives already being in those buildings, my father was an architectural engineer, and the fact that those towers were so massive, and the skeleton of those buildings was metal, it was just physics at that point that told me, they would fall. The intensity of the heat bent the frame  and the weight of the building did the rest making it collapse story by story. It’s logical. I know some disagree with me, but it really is logic and perhaps I had the advantage of having those falling skyscraper dreams to prepare me for it, so it wasn’t a surprise.

A friend of mine called later that morning, and told me he felt it was Cheney/Bush who had done the deed and I told him, no, it was Bin Laden they’re just going to take advantage of it. I was sure they knew about it, actually I would go as far as saying they let it happen on purpose, but they did not directly do it. I just don’t have that feeling. Never did. I think the conspiracy here is that they had more than just a memo that Condy ignored, they allowed the atrocity to happen so they could use the fear and pain to bulldoze the constitution, expand the power of the executive branch and control of the government. They didn’t need to do the deed, there are enough people in the world who hate us for our policies in the middle-east. But they are guilty of not stopping it and guilty of using it to their advantage and just as guilty of those who did do it because they knew and did nothing to stop it.

I believe that if the Supreme Court hadn’t appointed Bush, and the recount would have happened, and Gore then would have won; 9/11 would have been stopped. I remember a speech Gore gave just before election day that had the weird, eerie feeling of being a premonition — he mentioned it was our country’s choice whether we would wake up to birds singing, and rainbows or to a stormy day, something to that effect at least. I took note of it, and boy was he ever right in his prediction.


Hi Denise: Thanks for answering my questions about Sarah Palin. Both Palin and McCain have said that they love and respect each other, is this really true or is their honeymoon over and they’re just putting on a show? Are the things that the McCain campaign aides are saying about her all true and she’s denying them because it’s embarassing to her? Also, about the dreams you’ve been having about Alaska, will the authorities or the CIA find out about this and will they be publicly exposed? Thanks

Hi Tckal,

I’m going to put up the new chart I have on McCain with Sarah Palin’s chart and let you look at how similar they are in many ways. Then do some analysis.

picture-4It’s no wonder Palin likes to kill things with that Sun, Mars, Saturn conjunction! Man that’s aggressive and insanely ambitious. But her chart is better suited to her previous career of being a sports caster. However, with that Venus in Aries in the 8th she loves her some power and is very egomanical, and being a sports caster doesn’t give the same satisfaction as bossing around her minions and asserting her warped belief system on the masses.

Now, actually McCain and Palin do have a lot of positive aspects between the two so I would bet they actually do really like each other personally, but with Palin’s Pluto on McCain’s Neptune he would have felt her to be too controlling and once they were partners, he doubted her loyalty to him, and had fears she would try to out manevuer him (and rightly so).

With her stellium in Aquarius and his in Virgo, both in late degrees inconjuncting one another, it would have been hard keeping them together as this indicates a parting of ways. I doubt they’ll be going out to coffee anytime soon, but there is a genuine fondness between them. However, their staffs, well that’s another story. Based on their charts the people that work for each of them would have found the opposite team grating, annoying and difficult.

Now onto the next part of the question. I’ve wondered that myself. I’ll ask the tarot.

The authorities are not currently aware or looking into AIP seriously at this point.

I asked the tarot if AIP was planning some sort of terrorism against the US. The answer was: Maybe.

But the scary thing, is that the tower card came up, right side up this time, Death reversed at the center. (There were a bunch of negative cards) let me just say that it looks like there is something in the works down the road, I feel it is bubbling, but at this point it may not come to pass. I will keep tabs on it. There are some people involved in this group that HATE the US and want to destroy it. That being said I don’t know how much they can do within that group or if it will ferment into anything just yet. It looks like the seeds are there, but they haven’t been sown just yet. 


Back to money and such, could you run charts on Oil and Gold futures?

here are two ways to follow oil; they should have similar results :
NYMEX Crude Oil Futures started trading on 3/30/1983 on the New York Mercantile Exchange (also began on Chicago Board of Trade that day, but it no longer trades there), at either 9AM or 1030AM – prob 1030am. NYMEX symbol CL (not to be confused with the stock CL, trading on NYSE [ny stock exchange])

USO, United States Oil Fund, an exchange-traded fund, started trading 4/10/2006, NYSE, 930 AM

Similar two ways for gold, and they should look the same, too:
Commodities Exchange, Inc. (COMEX) Gold futures began trading at 1201AM on 12/31/1974, New York; COMEX and NYMEX merged in 1994 and the NYMEX symbol is GC

GLD, Spdr Gold Trust, an exchange-traded fund, began trading 11/18/2004 on the NYSE, 930AM.

I don’t know if this affects the chart, but any of these would have been “born” – created – before those dates, but the only thing that’s easily available is the day they began trading publicly.

Hi Javahaaa,

Thanks for the excellent and detailed information, it makes my job so much easier! The public trading date is the one that would matter in this case since we are looking at what its going to do in the public arena. I ran all the charts. Here are the oil charts with analysis to follow:


I really want to study these charts some more before I give an analysis, because the aspects are complicated there are both good and bad things going on and I want to make sure to give sound advice. I will look at this and the oil question, ponder it tonight, and write a detailed post regarding this. I don’t want to mislead anyone, so I think its important to be thorough here.

Here are the gold charts for those interested in evaluating it as well. Again I will post detailed analysis in the next day or so. I want to be sure I get it right.



Really enjoy your commentary, Denise! Do you see any recovery in the Dow or Nasdaq between now and when the tsunami begins late December? How much? Could you also run a chart for the S&P 500?

Hi Javahaa: Sorry to put this issue off, but there are multiple charts and its complicated. I don’t want to  potentially be responsible for someone making a bad decision in terms of their investments. I will again post more detailed analysis on the S&P 500 tomorrow. I think I should really just do a post all about issues regarding money tomorrow. It is a bit complicated when there is more than one chart for something. I have a lot more to weigh, and compare so I don’t want to give bad advice.

More questions to answer over the next day or so, along with those of you who posted today and tonight:


Swearing in ceremony is: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 1:00 PM at U.S Capitol in Washington, DC



Some random questions:

1) What do you think about Laura Bush?

2) Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove and many GOP’ers are praising Obama. Do you think this is genuine or they are just playing along?

3) Will India play a role in the Obama administration, especially with regards to Pakistan?


Best wishes to all of you and many blessings!


Answering Readers’ Questions…

A Question From A Reader… The Tarot Answers…

From Melissa:

I love your web-site! I would like to ask the question if the Clinton’s (especially Bill Clinton) will help Obama in this election. I know that he is slated to campaign for him quite a bit in October (after he finishes his Global initiative in Sept.) but will this effort pay off for Obama in any significant way? Thank you!

So I asked the tarot:

The answer a pretty resounding NO.

It looks like there are a lot of hard feelings. They won’t do anything consciously to hurt Obama and even though they will go on the trail for him, it won’t be with much fire or strength. However, it does look like Hillary will be more helpful and supportive than Bill. All in all, they won’t really change voters’ minds, unless they let go (especially Bill) of the bad feelings left in the wake of Hillary’s campaign. It seems (from the cards) that there is a certain amount of humiliation Bill (in particular) feels, he doesn’t feel the Obama camp gave him a generous way out of some of the harsh statements he made and because of this Bill has anxiety around a real full fledged endorsement.

A Question From A Reader… The Tarot Answers…

Palin/Biden debate…

A reader asks: is it possible that they both loose?

The answer to that is yes.

The will both win and lose which is why the answer is a draw. Depending on your perspective, but I get what your saying, neither will really come off all that great.

And I think your right. She will seem unqualified and he will appear to be a qualified bully. So again, yeah.

I hope for Biden’s sake he reigns it in and changes the potential outcome, because one can’t grow intelligence overnight, but one can be polite. For Biden this wouldn’t be an easy task as he has a tremendous amount of Scorpio in the 12th, and has just a generally nasty stinging impulse that gets out of his control easily.

Palin/Biden debate…