Mancow Walking the Talk…

I just wanted to say I really appreciate anyone who is willing to walk their talk. Mancow a drive time radio DJ on Chicago’s WLS radio station took up the mantel of Sean Hannity’s promise to be water boarded for charity. 

After 6 seconds he called it off and admitted it was indeed torture.

I just want to congratulate him on his courage for both going through the experience and also for being honest about his experience.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for anyone who speaks the truth from their experience, whatever it might be. In this case it took a lot of courage, and bravery to try out a torture technique to see if indeed it was torture.

Kudos to Mancow. He mentioned having heart palpitations even days after the experience. I wish him well and feel very bad that he had such an awful experience. 

He said on Keith Olbermann’s show that the 6 seconds didn’t look like a big deal, but actually he’s wrong about that. It looks absolutely terrifying and like what it is, torture. He not only had his eyes covered but also water being forced up his nose and down his mouth simultaneously while lying back. This would give you not only the sensation that you were dying, but also you had absolutely no control if you were being forced to lay back like that.

It looked very scary.

So, again thank you to him for showing this benign sounding form of torture for what it is. It sounds less scary than the old fashioned Chinese water torture which was basically having water dripped on your forehead for an extended period of time. That sounds more annoying than torturous. I think there should be a new descriptor for “water boarding,” it should be called death simulation via water drowning or something horrifying like that.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Mancow Walking the Talk…


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Interesting the turn that the Obama administration has taken on the torture issue. I understand his reluctance to prosecute a good percentage of the CIA, those who carried out the Bush administration orders. It would not only be structurally difficult (if not impossible) but it could potentially put our country in a very dangerous situation, not just because of the animosity those who worked for the CIA would harbor against his administration and him, but it would create huge gaps of intelligence. It’s not easy to replace experts in Islamic terrorist groups, Middle-Eastern languages and culture. The loss of a large group of these experts through trials and potential incarceration would leave us vulnerable to another terrorist attack. 

It has always been my psychic impression that the Bush administration would be tried by the international community for war crimes. Logistically this makes the most sense as the treaties that were broken were international and any sitting president would have a nearly impossible time going after the administration that came before it due to politics, especially now when our country is hugely divided and Obama is the first African American to become president. The situation is a fireball for him. His best option is to declassify everything the Bush administration did and hand over everything to an international tribunal where there would be a feeling of neutrality as well as justice.

At first I was very disappointed in some of the statements he made about the issue of the Bush administration especially in light of the fact that they knowingly encouraged and ordered torture. I was angry, felt he didn’t have enough of the fighter in him which had been my fear early on when choosing between him and Hillary. I felt Hillary would have gone after the Bush administration with a vengeance. However the more I thought about it, the more I realized Obama released the information and was allowing it to float to the surface first and reality would make it impossible for him to get anything positive done for this country if he just went after the Bush administration on this issue when there are so many other things he needs to fix as well and he wouldn’t be able to attend or get anything important passed like health care reform or new packages to save our economy or education, you name it. His heart would be ripped out by the Republicans and eaten in some freaky Aztec ritual if he attempted to prosecute Bush or any of the cells (administration) that made up his collective brain. Or the Republicans would sic bipolar Glenn Beck on Obama with a .22 gage rifle. Obama has to be as careful/pragmatic as he is idealistic and this is a difficult if not impossible line to walk. But if anyone can do it, the fact that he’s a member of the Pluto in Virgo generation gives him a great chance.

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Answering Readers Questions…

I’m only going to answer one tonight because I’m under the weather. It comes from Mabochan:

What is your take on the likelihood of martial law, the use of the expanded powers of the presidency, the FEMA concentration camps, and so forth?

This is a good question and one I’ve thought about a lot since the Reagan administration when the laws were changed. I think we’ve already seen the effect of the widening of the executive branch’s power. Guantanamo, torture, ignoring the Genova Convention, invading a sovereign nation are all perfect example of what happens when are checks and balances are not equally weighted.

It’s ironic that the Republican party claims to be the party of patriots when they have actually done the most damage to our constitution, chiseling away at the separation of church and state, the right to privacy, eliminating checks and balances, awarding veterans less help then veterans of previous wars and allowing American companies to export jobs while giving them tax breaks to do it. It is also rather ironic that they want to make boat loads of money in our economy, but not pay their fair share of taxes. That to me is unpatriotic as well.

In terms of martial law, we’ve seen it. Here in Los Angeles when the riots happened. And if we continue to be ignorant about the real agenda of the right wing, we will see this country continue to slide toward fascism. I use that term in the way Musolini meant it. He said of fascism, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” It of course also has the added element of totalitarianism or dictatorship which our current president joked he’d like a whole lot better. I believe, honestly that there has been a coo going on over the past 20 years, slow and steady by this radical group of people who truly do want to take over our country and the world. I’ve been seeing that since I was a kid, (psychically I mean). We really have to be on guard because the people calling us (those who respect Democracy and want to make it better through discussion and healthy debate) treasonous, are actually the very people who are inacting treason. In psychology this is called projection. Problem is the way this coo has been evolving has been so behind the scenes until the 2000 and 2004 elections that many people didn’t see or believe it possible. Like the old saying, “never say never” once the collective consciousness feels invulnerable to treason, fascism, authoritarianism or as your question taps concentration camps, martial law, etc. we actually become open to the possibility, because we are no longer on guard against it.

If our country were to continue down the path its on (with George W) we would be nothing, but a banana republic with a third world economy. We are in a kind of war here, a war for the soul of our country. We have to win back our Democracy. Just as those right wing “Christians,” have co-opted Christianity as a shield to do whatever they want in the name of Christ, so have the right wing Republicans co-opted the word Democracy to sell us fascism. It’s a very scary time. And it is utterly important that all of us are engaged, informed and involved in the political process.

Best wishes and good luck.

Answering Readers Questions…