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I know this is completely off topic but do you get any feelings on the Amanda Knox trail? I just feel that she didn’t kill her roommate and the Italian government railroaded her. They didn’t even have evidence of DNA? Curious to what everyone thinks…

Amanda Knox is guilty of one thing — naiveté.  She should have left Italy when she had the chance. She believed she could get a fair trial, that was a witch trial. The prosecutor was known for being seriously insane, basically accusing people of things like devil worship, etc. It’s a good story that the people and the press became attached to, a great hollywood style script that is absurd as one of those bad horror films. I do not feel she was guilty of having anything to do with her room mates murder. She may have been guilty of being a naive college girl who was experimenting with love, sexuality and the belief that truth always prevails (which is actually very rarely the case in the heat of a frenzied moment like the one she was caught up in.) But none of this has anything to do with her murdering her room-mate. The whole thing feels more than absurd. I believe it was trumped up by the psycho prosecutor to make an international name for himself.

On a side note I’ve been to Italy and had stuff stolen along with the entire group of people I was with. The people in charge literally  had to bribe the police to take a report (which we had to have to get the insurance money.) The police carry automatic weapons on their backs… let’s just say it’s different from here. Perhaps Amanda didn’t take that into account when everyone told her to flee the country. I think she thought she would get a fair trial and stay with her boyfriend in a country she more than likely had fond memories of other than the horror of what happened to her room mate.

All that being said the people are amazing, the food the best in the world and the police I met were very helpful and kind. It’s just the government has some issues… naked young ladies anyone?

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There’s an interesting comment listed down below detailing the case against Amanda Knox. There is compelling evidence to suggest she did it. It’s hard to read all things involved and often why if I’m not personally involved, I don’t comment on public cases unless I have gotten a strong hit. In this case I have gotten mixed messages from the beginning and it’s possible that I could have picked up on the ruling rather than the truth of whether she did it or not. In which case she most likely will not be convicted even if she did do it. I do think she was naive about her situation and got a strong sense of her disconnection from the whole thing, perhaps this is because she’s a sociopath? I can’t say that I have a direct line here. I’d need a piece of clothing or something to get through all the projections of other people getting in the way of my ability to read her.

And to address one of the other people who posted about what most psychics were saying in regards to this case, most garden variety psychics go with with whatever theory the police have. Most psychics also thought that Jon Benette Ramsey was murdered by her parents and that the economy was just fine, too. I’ve worked with thousands of “psychics” and frankly the people who read this blog are more in touch with the divine and are more psychic than those who boast of being psychic. There are only a handful of professional psychics who are truly psychic and among those who are famous there are some excellent ones and some scammers, too. Claiming psychic ability really means nothing. A lot of crazy people think they are Jesus, call themselves psychic, and whatever, but the proof is in a person’s record. No psychic is always correct, but if they are right most of the time that’s proof enough that they are tapped into something.

Amanda Knox