I don’t like to talk too much about some of the nutty side of being psychic. But I have felt compelled to talk about the UFO phenomena lately. As it turns out I had seen an orb – a silver completely spherical round object in August on the way to Target with my family. At first I thought it might be a weather balloon but it seemed really big to be a weather balloon and clearly wasn’t an airplane (we’re pretty close to an airport). As I watched it did a strange move and then dropped faster than anything I’ve seen and disappeared. While it isn’t the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me nor is it the first time I’ve seen what would be considered a UFO – it’s been a while and happened after my strange feelings about the phenomena. I did some research on the MUFON site and saw that there were twice as many UFO sightings in August as any other month – over a thousand. And a huge increase in 2008 and 2009, there was a slight dip in 2010 and now there seems to be another wave as 2011 is not over and is coming close to 2008-9 numbers.

Another odd thing was we were called by a relative who was in the middle of sighting a UFO the other night. This person was quite freaked out and my husband and I listened as it occurred. The description was of a sphere (it was night) a brilliant light from it and then it turned into two, three and finally a fourth. This person than saw a brilliant green light illuminating a nearby home, it dimmed, then got brighter and then turned orange and went out. Very odd. There was real fear in this person’s voice which is why they called us – they were alone with their partner and afraid something might happen to them. They are an older couple, not young kids and both very normal, reliable, intelligent, down to earth, regular people. (They aren’t related to me by blood – as you probably guessed by the listed description.)

OK, the next spiritual lesson is mediation on the owl. The owl is a messenger from the part of oneself that is at one with the Great Spirit and the conscious mind. It is one pathway to clairvoyance and clairaudience – so for those interested in deepening their psychic ability, study these birds. Ask for their guidance and try to get them to teach you their secrets in dreams. If you don’t find they come to you, that’s fine. There are many paths. I do think however that Owls are so pervasive right now and there is usually a reason for it – plus they are associated with learning, wisdom, Athena and although they can have scary implications in some cultures it is much like the expression: Don’t blame the messenger. It’s not them who have anything to do with negativity – they often come to warn of unseen turns in the road which can often feel negative.

The next post will deal with many of your questions. My power supply is broken so I can’t blog long enough to get in there right now and go for it but I’m going to the store tomorrow so I plan on making tomorrow night a chance to answer everyone who has written in.

Many blessings,



Answering Readers and Slashing Prices…

Questions and comments from readers and also some other stuff as you will see! First comes from Juno:


Hi Denise-

Just a suggestion — are there any L.A.-based papers that would run a regular column on info like this, concerning the Obama presidency and the new economy? Sending then a sample like this as a pitch would work; it would be great to reach a wider audience and to help others out there, and I think people are freaked out enough now that they are either going to shut down further or open up to new ways of looking at info.

Hi Juno,

Interestingly I’m talking to a much bigger local based website about doing this sort of political astrology for them instead of a regular old astrology column. You must be psychic!

And from Sparker:


Hi Denise,
The other night I saw four, what I believe, are UFO’s over the city of LS Vegas the other night. Apparently, there is a huge surge in these blatant sightings. Whatever they are they apparently want to be seen.
I have also seen a lot of chem trails over Las Vegas the last few days. I saw them a lot in the Fall when I was in Central PA. It’s amazing to me that these things in the sky are going completely unnoticed by people.
Do you have any insight into why these things are taking place? I suspect the chem trails have something to do with reflecting light in the hopes of preventing global warming.

Hi Sparker,

I’ve  been doing a lot of research about this topic because I’m writing a piece about it. There have been a lot, A LOT, of mass UFO sightings in the past few years. And interestingly there have been a lot of UFO incursions at major commercial airports. These crafts have been spotted by airport staff, pilots and mechanics.

There have been a record number of air disasters lately which reminded me of one readers’ questions about the specific airline Quantas nearly getting hit a few times last year. I have started wondering about all the ariel phenomena it’s getting a bit nutty. I saw some footage of an airplane almost being hit by a UFO but according to the videographer the object could not be seen with the naked eye, making me wonder if perhaps there is something weird going on with all the recent crashes, especially since there has been such an increase in UFO sightings.

You should report what you saw to the local chapter of MUFON so they can investigate. Your sighting information will help them figure out how big, where, what time, and what the span of the object was.

There is definitely something going on. I have several theories about why there seems to have been so much contact from alien beings since our recorded history and why it escalates at different points. It seems to rise during major historical turning points, before WWI, at the turn of the 19th century right before the invention of the aircraft, during and before WWII and then in 1950s during the height of the cold war scare and again during the 1980s onward.

I do think you are right about global warming being a key. I believe the escalation is because we are dangerously perched on extinction. You could be right about the chem trails being some sort of way to shift the warming trend but I don’t know just yet. Maybe now the UFO occupants not only don’t care if we notice them, but are too busy trying to gather what they can before things dramatically shift or perhaps some are also invested in helping us avoid this, sort of like us going into the arctic and trying to save the animals there. A part of me wonders if we aren’t some crazy science experiment where our world is some kind of zoo and we are being watched by a bunch of different types of beings to see what happens. Let’s hope not. That seems very cold and creepy. 

All I know is there have been way too many credible witnesses and far too much evidence to dismiss the phenomena. I wish more people in the conventional sciences would investigate these sightings. I think they do science a great disservice by being closed minded and arrogant. Whatever is actually happening is really not important, what is important is that so many people of seen things and if it is a mass delusion (which I truly don’t believe it is) than isn’t this worth a scientific study in and of itself?

And another offer to cut my rates down during this uncertain time.

There are a lot of people going through scary things, people who need a little perspective and I don’t want my services to be for just rich people. So the Yule Tide offer is back for those who need it and for those who are really in a desperate place, but have virtually no money, then I can work something out, perhaps answering a few questions via e-mail for a minimal amount of money. I have had a lot of people needing help and many of them don’t have the means to pay my fees which is understandable in this economy. 

For those of you who don’t remember the Yule Tide rates they were: 50 for 15/20 minutes and 100 for 30/35 minutes and 150 for 45/50 minutes and so forth. If money is tight go for the 15/20 and prioritize what you really need to know and we can focus on that. Then in a few months if another area of your life is in need of help, we can work on just that in another short reading.

And lastly I’m asking a favor from the army of psychics who read this blog. Please visualize the capture of Cori Desmond’s murderer. You don’t have to have an exact picture just imagine the words Cori Desmond’s killer and the words Imprisoned, Captured, Found, anything of that nature next to it, or on it, whatever. However you want to do it. But please help, this is a very good hearted family who is really suffering.

Many blessings to all of you good people,


Answering Readers and Slashing Prices…