World Economic Collapse…

If nothing proves else proves that we live in 2 Americas the wealthiest one percent and everyone else then this should: How is it possible that we have double digit unemployment – the worst since the Great Depression, inflation, people continue to lose their homes, businesses, jobs and the majority of the middle class has slipped down from upper to middle, or middle to lower, yet Wall Street remains in a bubble of its own?

How is this possible?

The wealthiest one percent aren’t directly effected by the down turn. But they eventually will be. The market, which is in some sort of fantasy driven bubble, will eventually get hit when no one can buy things anymore. I don’t know about you guys, but I end up at Target a lot because I have a toddler. I’ve noticed everything I normally buy for her is at least a dollar more per item. That’s some serious inflation! And only about ten percent of the people are shopping there compared to just a year or two ago. I’m not an economist, but that doesn’t bode well for the economy.

Slobbadon wrote a post which I skimmed over, but according to an astrologer he’s been following the crash is due next winter. Frankly, I keep feeling the labor pains and then they disappear. I feel the Oh, No, energy and then it recedes and the economy seems to stay afloat through the sheer will of investors and a lot of lying which I’m sure will come out later.

But whenever the next crash comes, and it will come, we are still in trouble. There’s talk of unemployment being high for a very long time. Reason being is most jobs have been shipped overseas. What I don’t understand is why our government doesn’t make it financially impractical for this to happen. Whatever happened to regulating this with tariffs and import/export duties? If if cost company A more money to manufacture their flashlights in China due to taxation and an international wage law that required Company A to pay a universal minimum wage (based on Europe or the US standards) and on top of that they had to pay shipping and exporting and importing taxes, chances are pretty good they’d just take those jobs back to the US.

There have to be solutions. It’s not right that our corporations exploit people in other countries (in old timey Dickensian fashion) and it’s not right that laws don’t seem to apply to companies. People died here in the 30s trying to get rights for unions and fair wages only to have it be pissed away and thrown out with the bath water during the Reagan years. Thanks Reagan for setting us on the course of economic ruination of the middle-class, you know the trickle down economics where the lack of cash trickles down to the point of starvation and we become akin to a developing nation.

Sometimes I wonder if we can change our trajectory, the one I envisioned in the novel Americhrist (published on this site). It feels all too real, all too inevitable which is why Obama really needs to push back. He’s a wonderful man, but so was Carter, and if he’s not careful his presidency could go the way Carter’s did. It seems there is enough of a majority of mentally challenged people in our country who not only can’t relate to an erudite, intelligent, thoughtful, peaceful, diplomat, but who actually hate people like that. It seems there are Americans who just love the sound of a big fat bully bellowing. Sad.

Get involved.

Bug your congresspeople and Obama to put the public option back on the table and pass it!

Best wishes all you kind, intelligent and gracious people,


And seriously read the book Americhrist it will make the hair on your neck stand up. I wrote it in 2000, the first draft was finished shortly after Bush took office the first time around.

World Economic Collapse…

In Memory of Duane Jarvis & Our Broken Health Care System

On April 1st we learned a 51 year old friend, Duane Jarvis, died of colon cancer. I knew him for years before his girlfriend told me he had a terrible, painful case of scoliosis and had spent much of his life in bad health and in pain. Yet, he was a gentle and sweet spirit who relished life and took every opportunity to be and do what his heart dictated. About eighteen months ago he was diagnosed with colon cancer. We found this out because his ex-wife in an effort to help him sent out e-mails to all his friends to help him with his mounting medical bills.

Now this man was no slouch. He worked all his life as a professional musician. But of course being a musician is not like working at Starbucks, there are no 401k plans with health and dental added. Yet, he contributed to the lineage of art so many of us love. He was Lucinda Williams guitar player and co-wrote some songs with her, played with Frank Black, Dwight Yoakam, Dave Alvin, John Prine, Michelle Shocked and many more.  One could say he made his mark in the music world and on all who knew him. Yet because the life of an artist is feast or famine, up, down and a hustle, he did not have adequate health care. And I’m sure with his medical history even if he wanted to purchase it, it would have been out of his ability to pay for it.

His friends pitched in to help save his life. But he lost his battle at 1:30 in the morning at a hospice with an ocean view, with a smile on his face. He never complained about his pain, his disease or his troubles.

Not only was this poor man fighting a horrible, painful, aggressive form of cancer, he had to worry about the financial cost to him and the loved ones he knew he would leave behind. It has been proven that cancer is made worse by stress and chances are good that if he had good medical care to begin with his colon cancer never would have gotten so out of control, claiming his life at the early age of 51.

For all out there who still believe each one of us should think only of ourselves, and not come together as a nation and take care of each other through a universal healthcare system, I ask do you listen to music? Do you read books, enjoy art, read magazines, watch movies or enjoy any form of art as a release, a way to wind down to reflect on your life in a different way? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I’d like to burst your illusion that those in the arts, even the people you on the outside would deem successful, have the financial stability to pay for their healthcare. Yet we all enjoy the fruits of their work. Art attunes us with our soul, the universe, God, our spirit and each other. It aides compassion, encourages self-reflection and produces self-discovery. It is actually one of the only things we as Americans still make and export. Yet for more than 90% of professional artists of all kinds there is no safety net in this country (unlike other democratic, civilized places.)

Republicans will belly ache about personal responsibility, yet it costs more for us to foot the bill for radical treatment that could have been avoided due to prevention then footing the bill for radical treatment when someone cannot afford their care. And is it fair that after years of giving to the world these individuals and their families should be punished with outrageous bills because they don’t work for a corporation that gives them health insurance?

Our health care system is absurd. There is no reason corporations should pay for our health care and there is no reason people who are self-employed, whether in the arts or otherwise, should be punished with outrageous costs they often opt to avoid.

More than half of all Americans walk this tight rope every day, hoping and praying they don’t get sick because they can’t afford a trip to the doctor’s office let alone several hundred dollars a month to an insurance company who will then, often fight to make sure they pay as little as possible.

Our country has the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nations.

And our life expectancy is at #50 of all countries in the world, ranking well below all western European countries, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and Bosnia for God’s sake.

How could it possibly be that we are the wealthiest country in the world and yet we let ten percent of our population control about 70 percent of the wealth? How can anyone who is not in that top echelon actually abide this? Why is it that any rational human being who works and pays taxes is not absolutely outraged by this? And how is it that the Republicans have managed to sell us on the idea that our system is fine?

Oh, yeah, the amplified fear of communism (aka more aptly dictatorship) which is actually just faked for the benefit of those who don’t understand why there would literally have to be a civil war in our country for a dictatorship to occur although we did get just about as close as we could with the Bush administration with their tactic of not counting the votes. According to the Limbaugh’s of the world it appears going back to the tax code of 1993 which was a 36 percent tax for the wealthy 10 percent to a 3 percent increase at 39 percent is a communist plot and of course so is universal health care. Hmm, I wonder who benefits most from that position. Oh, yeah the rich like Limbaugh. So he’s basically arguing from an entirely selfish point of view but trying to sell it as some sort of great American ideal when it’s nothing but more money for his private planes, which by the way he has, I know someone who was picked up and taken to his mansion in Florida by one of them. (Yes, I do have all kinds of friends.)

As I pointed out in an earlier post, communism is not the same as democratic socialism. In communist countries where they took Marx & Lennon’s ideas and ran with them they all ultimately turned into dictatorships because there was no accountability written into their ideology. The notion that a group of people would take everyone’s stuff and then divide it up among all the people evenly is insane and of course was an open invitation for graft, power hungry dictators, and greedy buerocrats. This was beyond psychologically naive, it was ideologically irrational, unsound and irresponsible. No checks and balances, no elections, hell, with all of Marx’s good intentions of lifting up the poor, he may as well have slapped a “rape the people of this country here” sticker on whatever flag adopted those ideas.

As out of whack as the US has gotten with capitalism swallowing our Democracy through corporate lobbyists and special tax laws and loopholes for the wealthy who could pay their way into the halls of power, we still have the power to pull back the reigns on this out of control buggy. And as a people we obviously have started yelling, “whoa!” by ousting the Republicans who have for the past 30 years aligned themselves with corporations, big money and lobbyists in a much more extreme way than Democrats. 

But Democrats have to start really pulling the reigns back before we leap off the mountain here. And let’s get real; they aren’t all that much better than Republicans. They take money from special interests, lobbyists and play all the same games. There is just a bigger percentage of people who identify with the working/middle class in the Democratic party but that’s been drifting away over the past 20 years as well. Which is why Obama was and is such a breath of fresh air. He actually seems like he has, can you believe it, IDEALS! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that in a politician.

In my humble opinion this form of out of control corporate capitalism is at odds with Democracy at this point in our history. There are laws that need to be put into place, such as, if you are an American company, your product should have to be made in America. As a private citizen if I wanted to go live in France I couldn’t because I’m not French. I’m American. So why is it that corporations started by Americans and incorporated here, can make their crap in China, and then put an office in Guam and avoid paying American taxes? If you ask me this behavior is anti-American and one of the big dark roots of the economic disaster America is finding itself in. All that talk about how unemployment wasn’t that bad during the Bush administration was B.S. Besides changing the rules on how unemployment statistics were reported to only reporting people on the unemployment rolls in the unemployed statistics and cutting unemployment benefits back to 6 months, I hardly think working part-time at Wal-Mart for the minimum wage while being taught how to get food stamps and welfare by the corporate douche bags at Wal-Mart qualifies as the kind of good manufacturing jobs we shipped overseas. You know, the ones where people actually got paid a living wage, one they could feed and clothe their families on.

Another point I’d like to make here is the big mistake of the 1970s when women entered the work force and ERA was not passed. What people didn’t get was paying women 70 cents to the dollar a man would make for the same job drove down wages to the point where now both parents have to work in order to support a family.

It’s the very same principle Lou Dobbs complains about with the Mexicans driving down wages and taking away jobs because they are willing to work for less. Well, guess who relaxed the boarder laws for this very reason? The Reagan administration. Yes, that’s right folks. Allowing illegal people to stream across the boarders was a way to modernize indentured servitude. Again the goal was to make the rich, richer without any consideration of the other 90% of Americans. I’m in no way blaming the Mexican people who have come here in search of a better life. Our country is a hodge-podge of people from all over the world who came here for the very same reason. As a matter of fact the way the Mexican people have been exploited and then demonized is very much akin to what happened to the Irish who came here as indentured servants. Their pay was a ticket on a ship to America and they spent years as slaves until working this off only to find there was tremendous animosity for them because they were poor, and often in desperate straights.

Enough of my blabbing. I just want to point out that history repeats itself. It mutates and grows new claws, but there are patterns. Unfortunately, these facts are not pointed out or even noted for people to consider. I hope to at least try to illuminate those who have been seeing things through the lens of FOX news. By the way I want to note here that numerologicaly FOX = 666 for those who are of the Christian faith.

Here’s how that works:

1    2  3  4   5  6   7  8  9

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I

J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R

S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

This is standard western numerology. As you can see FOX is spelled out under the number 6. Each letter has the value of 6.

I always wondered if Rupert Murdoch knew that and thought it was ironic or funny or if he saw himself as being in league with Mr. Satan. Or perhaps it’s all of the above. All I know is it’s dang ironic.

Best wishes and many blessings,


In Memory of Duane Jarvis & Our Broken Health Care System

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Hi Everyone:

If I don’t get to post for the next couple of days that’s because I’m in a non-wireless zone, so hopefully I will be able to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, but if not:
Happy Thanksgiving!
OK, now more questions. This first one is very important because remember all the financial posts I had done and how if Barack Obama were to win our situation would actually get better, not immediately, but it still would be less dire even in the short term.
Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I can feel the panic in the air as I’m sure all of you can, but I also have a feeling with this aggressive restructuring of the market we are currently undertaking, the beast will be tamed to a large degree. I’m not saying there won’t be people losing their jobs, and several shaky years when people will feel unsure about their employment, their investments and what’s going on in the world financially, but I am feeling (and seeing) that this Pluto aspect (once Obama is officially in office) will actually be more about restructuring then about total devastation.
It’s as if we were in a big car barreling down a freeway at 150 MPH, headed toward a sink hole when the passenger yanked on the car steering wheel and the car lurched away from our certain death, totaling the car, but everyone lives, and has varying degrees of injury. 
So while that sounds kind of insane and scary, and it is. Our future is not nearly as bad as it would have been. We have in a way, saved ourselves from certain disaster. We will still have to pay for the sins of corporate greed, but I believe their days (at least for several generations to come) of being robber-barons is over. And the world as a whole (if we stay on this path) will find its way out of crisis.
So here’s the first question from Anonymous:
From Anonymous:
The big concerns expressed by some economists, is the perilous time before the inauguration which obviously coincides with your prediction. Evidently, in the 1930’s, the delay between the Hoover administration and FDR’s was disastrous. It appears that Obama’s administration has been getting the message and he is inserting himself into the Bush administrations’ management of the economy. Do you see a possibility of the tsunami being avoided if this trend continues? (Hope springs eternal)
Hello Anonymous,
I won’t go as far as saying the tsunami will be entirely avoided because there’s only so much Obama can do until he becomes president, but I do feel his inserting himself into the situation is absolutely a blessing to us, and will soften the blow a great deal. I feel this for a number of reasons:
1) He is reminding us (while we are panicked) that there is a competent leader who will carefully and cooly appoint the right people, and delve right into this on day one to fix the problem. This is kind of like cuddling your baby when he has an ouchy. This in itself I feel is helping to some degree to reassure us from total panic.
2) He is making good well measured decisions that are inclusive of all sides of the argument, further reassuring us that he is willing to listen to whatever idea is best no matter what side of the aisle or whether it be left, right or center. I think this is very important right now that the best idea win, politics aside.
3) We are in uncharted territory here with the economic crisis, and conventional wisdom isn’t going to work. Even the financial experts, deep in the pit of their hearts know this, and we can all smell their fear. This is exacerbating the market because they keep lying to the public when they are aware that they really can’t give advice right now, there is too much novelty, too much emotion and things are far too volatile to predict. But Obama’s measured, cool demeanor and show of strength really helps to calm this sector down. People respond to strong leadership which he is showing. 
I do feel that we’ll have a strange couple of years, and by the time its over we won’t recognize the way the market works anymore. It will be very different. It’s the end of capitalism as we once knew it.
It will no longer be a free for all anything goes as long as it can make money sort of ideology.
As I’ve said before in many posts, there will be new international banking, and trading laws that we will have to abide by, and the world will come together to make sure this never happens again. This means a lot of dirty underbelly will be exposed and rooted out, and a new way of doing business will be ushered in.
So it’s really hard for me to know how many companies will collapse under the weight of these new laws, and how many will be strengthened by it, but my gut feeling is it will be corruption darwinism, with the worst offenders dying off. That being said it will take awhile to discover all the nooks and crannies of these company’s books, and the market will be pretty nutty for awhile.
From Amber:
Denise, I found the information on t mobile and when they filed the merger with the security and exchange commission to become t mobile. I hope this is sufficient info. 
Here’s the chart:

Hi Amber,

I don’t see anything catastrophic here. It looks like they will be fine through this, they may actually expand into other communication services, the worst of it is they may have to lower their prices, or cut rates and try to go into encouraging usage in a more traditional home phone kind of way.


Hi Denise,

Can you give me some advise on a couple of mutual funds? I had originally thought that I would just hold them through this – but if it is going to get much worse, perhaps I should sell. I just don’t know how low they will go, or how long it will take for them to recover.

Hi Jean,

Can you give me the stock names and also if you have their first trading or incorporation date in case I don’t have it in my database. If you can’t find it don’t worry I’ll try to find it, but if you can find info on it, then I will be able to answer you much more quickly.


Hi Denise,

I am interested in the stocks for Boeing (BA) and Airbus (EADSY) – how this ecomonic crisis will effect them and should we hold out for the long-term?

Hi Cathy,

Here are 2 charts I found for Boeing:

picture-251There will be opportunity for them to be more profitable, but they have to make some major changes. It looks to me that this stock will be very volatile for the next couple of years, and go through some very major shifts, even perhaps changing what they are known for making and potentially getting more into experimental or innovation orientated/research driven work. That’s there best chance at staying valuable. Otherwise as Pluto makes opposition after opposition to Mars, Mercury (the chart ruler), Pluto and then the Sun, this company could go under, but that won’t be for awhile, not until about 2020. So you have some time here to decide when the best time to sell is.

I couldn’t find anything for Airbus. Do you have their incorporation date or the start date of when they began trading? If so please post it in a comment and I’ll run a chart for you.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you.

And of course have a great Thanksgiving!


Answering Readers’ Questions…