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Hi, it’s been a crazy busy week and I’m working on some very big posts for next week. So here’s just a little something for now. A comment to be commented on by Krish:


Submitted on 2008/12/08 at 4:26pm Krish

Pakistan has become a Rogue state. There is a parallel state there being run by ISI/Army. They have stoked the fire of Jihadi and it has been good money from them. Pakis are getting money from Arabs in the name of Jihad and getting from USA in the name of fighting it. But America is suffering from romantic nostalgia and does not want to act. I see deja vu all over again. American public want to pull out and this is going to create Taliban part 2.


Hi Krish,

i’m not sure if you mean pull out of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq. But your point is well taken. Pakistan is playing both sides of the fence, and is a dangerous rouge state. My intuition has been telling me for a while, that this is the area of the next big conflict for the US, the West in general and also India. I feel the most turmoil there in regards to potential war and terrorism. We’ve been being worried about iran and North Korea, but its Pakistan that could errupt like an oversized pimple at any moment. It’s coming to a head.


Best wishes and many blessings to all. I promise I will post more and with more in depth articles once I finish playing catch up. Please keep posting questions!


Answering Readers…

Answering A Reader’s Question… The Tarot Answers…

A reader asks:

cettlb |

Today at Palin and McCain’s events, they got the crowd so stimulated that they were calling Obama a terrorist and calling for someone to kill him. Will these things get voters upset to where they will vote for Obama?

So I asked the Tarot will the venom associated with the Palin/McCain campaign get people to vote for Obama?

The answer:


It will convince those who have been down trodden but were previously on the fence, the gentile undecided and young people, especially. There will be those who already have a fixed world view who will not care either way about the venomous and desperate attempts of the McCain/Palin ticket trying to scare up votes.

Those who are seriously committed to the Republican party (as if it were a sports team instead of an ideology) will continue to  cheer for the red team. But those types would need McCain to steal their pin number and spend all their money, take over their home and molest their daughter before they gave up on their Republican leadership. They are blindly loyal, and as I said won’t change their viewpoint unless some personal hardship was directly and undeniably associated with their candidate or the Republican party. 

Honestly people like this don’t make much sense to me. If there was a great Republican running for office and a bad Democrat, I’d vote Republican. It just turns out that for the past 35 or so years (since Nixon) the Republican party has attracted a lot of corrupt, manipulative, free market goes wild — raid the cookie jar of tax payer money types.

On a more logical note, it’s kind of insane that the McCain/Palin ticket is trying to play it this way since Palin’s husband is part of an Alaskan succession movement, and from what I remember of grammar school history succession is actually a form of treason, not to mention the very thing that started the civil war. Also the whole witch doctor guy praying over her who drove a woman out of town is a bit over the top. And McCain was one of the Keating 5! He tried to protect Keating during the last financial/ savings and loan debacle (also during another Bush administration let’s not forget Neil Bush who was also involved in this scam). Back then a bunch of people lost their life’s savings, mostly the elderly. Those corrupt S & L guys swindled people in a similar fashion to what we are currently experiencing, but not to the same degree. It seems mighty silly from a rational/logical point of view, to reach back, and try to make tenuous associations with the Weather Underground (a radical movement in the 60s active when Obama was literally a little kid) when McCain and Palin both have more than just associations and current ones at that to dodgey people and groups (one could argue a succession movement is a terrorist group or could become, for example the IRA which was a succession movement some Irish people wanted out of the umbrella of Great Britain or in McCain’s case picking on Obama for associations with Freddy Mac when he has a lead staff member who was one of their key lobbyists). This isn’t a good move. I think we’ll see enough fact checking and reality here, that this tactic will only dig them deeper into the hole their digging for themselves. It really makes them look desperate and as the old expression goes, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

I was wondering why no one had brought up John McCain being one of the Keating 5 (not like he just hung out with one of those guys while working on a non-profit one day, but actually was one of these dudes), but now I see the Obama campaign hip pocketed the scandal in case they needed it. If McCain hadn’t gone dirty, the Obama camp would have let this lay. This Keating 5 thing is a big, dirty, stink bomb McCain really doesn’t need exploding in his face right now. But what can anyone say? He set it off. McCain is being so erratic aka code “maverick,” — none to normal people as crazy, like in the olden days when they’d call crazy millionaires, eccentric so as not to hurt their rich feelings  — that I’m wondering if he’s listening to his strategists or he’s just winging it. His campaign is a real mess. As time marches on its only going to get worse for him.

But don’t take my word for it, make sure to talk, debate, motivate and vote!

And as I’ve stated numerous times in other posts we’ve only seen the beginning of the dark economic times ahead. The stock market really takes the beginning of an unprecedented set of hits starting in December so do yourself a favor, and really use your intuition, find the right time to get out before then!

Anyway, good luck to everyone and best wishes…

Answering A Reader’s Question… The Tarot Answers…