At the end of November 2010 transiting Pluto will oppose China’s natal Uranus this in a person’s chart is the aspect that makes people do radical things, reckless things. When it’s a Uranus opposing Uranus (a more benign form of this aspect) it is commonly referred to as the mid-life crisis. In this case transiting Pluto will also make an applying grand cross in China’s chart. After the coming year of Saturn conjucting China’s Sun in the 10th, then Mercury, Neptune and the South Node, China will have felt very put upon, restricted, and will have reorganized the way they do business in the world community, changing their dynamics and potentially upsetting their growing economy. This economic slow down has already started for them, but will continue for the next couple of years. It could potentially cause serious joblessness and the end of partnerships with those outside their country. It could and probably will lead to unrest among their population as the opposition will eventually sit on the south node in the 10th and oppose the North Node in the 4th and the part of fortune in the 4th. Again this indicates agitation, perhaps even a military coup coming from the people or some sort of outbreak of rebels willing to fight, perhaps even some sort of civil war on a small-scale.

So one Pluto gets the ball rolling from the first house and escalate slowly starting to reach a fevered pitch at the end of December 2011 and going on from there. This transformation which will potentially include getting involved in war, won’t be complete until the end of 2020. When the transit is complete China will be a radically different place. The good thing that will come out of this is they will have better working conditions and restructure how they do business with the outside world and among themselves. There will be laws put in place to regulate the work force and business which will be hard-won by the people there, much like the west went through at the turn of the last century.

OK next Russia and then the US…

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