Disturbing aspects coming up for California 

I’ve been worried about the North Korea lobbing a missle at California for awhile, but in light of recent events with the advent of their new technology I decided to take both North Korea’s and California’s natal charts and look at them with the eye for potential negative transits. And man, it looks like something monumental is going to happen to California next spring – late April or May. 

North Korea and the state of California have a lot of energy between them as well as both having 16 degree Virgo Suns. I have a feeling Southern California is more in jeopardy. Los Angeles also has a Virgo sun and with some of the Neptune aspects it seemed likely that “Hollywood” could be the target. Of course I am not 100 percent sure and this aspect could manifest differently. But having had 3 dreams with nuclear explosions hitting Southern CA I am worried. 

Here’s the latest video. Blessing to all of you!



6 thoughts on “Disturbing aspects coming up for California 

  1. This is my first time commenting. I was drawn to your videos a couple of weeks ago. When I was watching this one today, I was reminded of a dream (actually nightmare) I had several years ago. It was of a large tsunami moving through Seattle. The force was so great it took down the space needle. Intense, horrible nightmare. One which I have thought about a lot lately. All of the thoughts of earthquake but its like the earthquake was man-made from an attack. I pray I am wrong.
    Another thing, I keep sensing ” sit in peace and be still” lately. I listen. It’s like the universe is telling us to brace for impact.
    I am so glad I listened to my gut and began watching your videos.

  2. Thomas says:

    I had this dream where a massive black widow came out of the mouth of a man with blond hair, and then walked over the head of this psychic woman, and then climbed onto me. During the dream I figured it was okay to let the massive black widow climb onto me because I trusted the psychic woman’s judgment.

    I have this feeling that minds are being poisoned right now so that they will join in the fight, just like so many minds were poisoned before WWI and WWII, to get everyone involved in the fighting and killing.

    Gauge the poison being fed to you, and how angry it makes you, and if it makes you feel like killing anyone, because if you get overly saturated with this poison, you might deliberately put yourself in the path of the fighting and killing, which will keep you in a cycle of violence in this reality.

  3. Paulette says:

    Hi, first-time commenting. I’m not psychic, but I’ve been feeling really tense and on-edge lately, especially about North Korea and terrorism.

    I just wanted to ask….are you sensing any impending terrorist attacks?

    I read ISIS and al-Qaeda (including bin Laden’s son) are encouraging more attacks, and I just can’t shake this feeling that we’re about to see an uptick in attacks in America and Europe. Are you sensing anything like that, or is it my imagination?

  4. Paulette says:

    I guess my first comment didn’t get through….anyway, I had a question. I’m not psychic, but I can’t shake this feeling of impending terrorist attacks in America and Europe. Do you sense anything like that happening? I’m hoping it’s just my nerves, not a real vibe I’m feeling.

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