Isis, not the Goddess, unfortunately

The night after the northern CA earthquake I awoke at 3:00 am from a dream I was in a huge earthquake. It was in Southern CA but when I awoke I figured I was just having the dream due to the earthquake the night before. Strangely my husband was out of town and when he came home he volunteered the same dream at the same time although he was 1500 miles away from me.

Strangely the first word that came to me was: Momito.

I have no idea why. I googled it and found it was a Japanese last name and an animal in a video game? Strange.

Then more information came. Here’s what I wrote down on my iPhone notepad while half-asleep:

Isis stoke with nukes through Eastern European connection someone Syria or Russia they go through Mexican boarder in semis used for trucking thought to be regular trucks at boarder targets are major US cities accessible from there Dallas Houston ? Los Angeles San Diego biggest hits on Los Angeles and Houston

Nuke shipped to panama or other Central American location and then driven up with legit goods.

That is literally taken and pasted from my notepad. Strangely the next day a guy from San Diego died fighting with ISIS.

To make things scarier I had a series of hyper-realistic dreams about a nuke going off in LA back in the 1990s. There were 3 dreams. Everything in these dreams came to pass. For years I was terrified there would be a nuclear attack on LA. I thought perhaps it was a metaphor. There didn’t seem to be any other way to take it…. To be continued in a few…

I’m back. So sorry. I have been trying to find time to post this since it happened.

How could a nuclear attack happen in the US in the late 1980s, very early 90s? Terrorism had yet to happen on our soil. The first Iraq war was years away. We had been in an era of unprecedented peace for nearly 20 years. People in my generation enlisted just to get help with college funding because they didn’t think war was possible. The Cold War was over. What could happen right?

Well a few years later part of this triad of dreams came true. There were riots in Los Angeles in the area identified in one of the dreams. Even foreign people being in my home at the time turned out to happen by strange happenstance. The name of the street I would be working on was mentioned. All about 5 years before  it happened. But the scariest part of the dream – luckily, never came to pass. And over time I just took it to be my mind’s exaggerated freak out over the riots.

Still the dream was so real. So real. I could feel the radiation coming over me in the dream. It was the most vivid and realistic dream I have ever had.

I had long since put it to rest. When we went back to war in Iraq an older friend of mine (and an old friend) said he had been thinking about that dream. It was post 9/11 and he just kept saying he felt like maybe this dream had not yet come to fruition. He was convinced. I wasn’t. I didn’t feel like Los Angeles was going to be hit by anything at that time. I never felt like Al Queda was interested in Los Angeles in any real way. All the psychic info I got about them was centered in major (real) cities, New York, Washington D.C. Maybe an attempt on Chicago that would fail. Nothing for LA until now.

I am genuinely worried – terrified for Los Angeles. Again the info I got was about those 4 targets. I pray this is averted. I am posting this with the hope that someone will read this and act on this and stop this from happening.



(when pasting the info from my iPhone into this post I couldn’t figure out what stoke was that I wrote down. I think it is meant to be the word strike.)


Isis, not the Goddess, unfortunately

6.1 in northern CA

I was talking to my sister who lives up there recently and she told me she and everyone in her family had a bad headache. She thought they had eaten some bad fish I told her it could be an earthquake warning.

I had written a long post about this when it was swallowed up. So I’ll be brief now. People and animals show very distinct pre-earthquake signs. I know this from experience. If you live in an earthquake prone area and you notice everyone around you having a headache (and of course yourself) go out and buy some bottled water and soup up your earthquake kit. Especially if you notice people driving very erratically, animals acting strangely and/or going missing. All of these are indicators of a potential big quake (anything over or at about a 6.0.)

Human beings are much more sensitive to energy than we allow ourselves to think about consciously.

Blessings to all,

6.1 in northern CA

Alien Abduction

The more research I’ve done into the subject the more it dovetails with the Shamanic experiences of old. I won’t go into much personal detail here but I have seen UFOs many times… Infer what you will from that. I don’t talk publicly about it because I’m already pretty far out on a limb being a “psychic” I don’t really need to freak people out anymore than I already do.

Needless to say here’s some interesting video footage I found that’s worth watching. It dovetailed with a lot of my experiences and interestingly had cross-over into the psychic phenomena as well. I really believe whatever this phenomena is, it’s been around forever and what we call aliens now have countless names in our history. This appears to be a modern shamanic path. Perhaps we are able to see the technology as such now that our own understanding of technology has grown. Or maybe our mind is distorting the experience to fit in with our current understanding of the universe. The messages are eerily similar to ancient mystery teachings.

It’s also interesting to note that “orbs” and ghosts are also part of this phenomena. Now that more information is coming out I have to say… YIKES. It’s all very familiar to me for whatever that’s worth. I suspect there are others out there who read this blog who may find this to be their reality as well.




Americhrist is now Trees for the Forest and…

If anyone wants to read the book 

Let me know. I am publishing it soon. I’m not sure if I should publish it through Amazon in smaller digestible parts or as one long novel. Either way I will make it available for a short period of time for anyone who is willing to post a review on Amazon. You can leave a post here if your interested or I will soon set up a special e-mail and post it as the day approaches.

Americhrist is now Trees for the Forest and…

Crash chart



You can see that the square that crashed the economy is back at an exact degree as Uranus and Pluto tighten their square to one another at an exact degree almost to the second on December 16, 2014.

I picked up my dream journal a few days ago and read it. There was an entry going back to January where I described a daytime vision: 1/17/2014 – I was driving to the grocery store a few days ago when I heard a voice tell me was going to crash again this time worse than before. I asked how, “how could this be. Everything seems stable.” It told me everything is a house of cards. Technology is going to be one of the things that burst – kind of like the 90s but in a more real and substantial way. I asked, “How is this possible?” The answer I heard was, some news – some public government related info was going to make people freak out about the markets and this panic was going to add to the propped up behemoth waiting to fall.

That is exactly what my journal states verbatim. I completely forgot I wrote this down in fact I forgot about it entirely until the spring when I heard my guide warn me again. This is exactly what happened when the 2008 stock market crash occurred only the voice was more insistent that I take money out of the market because we would loose all our retirement money – not that we have much which was the point. We would have nothing. I blew it off for awhile until It was so overwhelming I just knew I had to get out quick which is when I started this blog to warn other people about what was going to happen. I did this just 3 weeks before it happened. But I knew about it in this nebulous way the first time around for about a couple years before like steam building in a kettle when I was finally certain it was going to happen.

So the feeling is here – not yet to the full kettle but anyone who has all their retirement in the stock market and is not a billionaire should get out now. You have a little bit of time but here’s the thing this square has started getting tight and we are seeing some minor corrections but it will keep tightening and be at it’s closest in mid-December but the date will depend on other factors to light this thing up so there will likely be a series of cliffs before the free fall which will be anywhere from November until January of 2014 – 2015. There are a couple other points in 2015 when the two come together again to almost be exact but this is the closest.

This chart looks like it has more of an international trigger along with war potentially effecting big business – corporate structures, there is also the potential that this next crash will cause riots, uprisings and/or violence.

There is also the potential that this could be the chart of a very big war that inadvertently crashes world economies or causes serious financial ripples as the world economy is disrupted.

Let’s hope it is as minor as possible.

Start meditating now for clarity and put yourself and all good people of the world in a protective white light. Unfortunately the masses generally pay the price for the 1 per cents bad choices so… Send good energy to people of light and those you love – I am.

Blessings to all of you,


Crash chart