Questions, Anyone? The Economy?

Since for the first time in a long time I know we are in good hands, in terms of our president, and politics will be politics, I want to expand questions from all of you about things you are worried about. I was doing a lot of stock analysis which seems pointless right now, but if there are other things that will effect the whole, but you have a personal investment in, feel free to post a question about it.  Here’s an example of a question like that: Will the Toyota plant in Kentucky close this year? Or whatever you want. Even if it is more personal, as long as you feel others will get something out of the answer, please post. 

For me right now the economy is the major concern. But I feel we are going to have to ride it out for the next couple of years. I do feel that this spring another bill will be passed that will change things more dramatically for the better and the economy will start to show slow movement toward recovery.

But don’t get too excited, it’s going to take at least the next 2 years to really build momentum again. In the mean time we will all learn a tremendous amount and I hope that as a result we will learn the lessons our grandparents and great grandparents learned during the Depression. They not only learned how to save their pennies, but how to plan for the future and think long term. This ideology has fallen so out of style, ironically it was “conservatives” who weren’t thinking much about conserving for the future. But it could be that this down turn is the very thing that saves us in the end. We are in such a desperate ecological situation, perched on some very scary earth changes which we still have the power to turn around. Now that instant gratification qualifies as obscene, we may actually be able to save our planet while saving our economy. 

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you good people,


Questions, Anyone? The Economy?

Cori Desmond

It’s very interesting that so many people are picking things up about her and the case and seem to feel an intense need to help in this way. I have had postings about other missing people on occasion, but the response to Cori has been really amazing.

I want to thank all of you out there for trying to help and for being open to the possibility of touching her spirit. I’m trying not to read all of it or rather take it in, as I want to be clear in case my services are needed by her family.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and visualize her killer being caught. You would be surprised how much visualization can help.

Cori Desmond

Answering Readers and Slashing Prices…

Questions and comments from readers and also some other stuff as you will see! First comes from Juno:


Hi Denise-

Just a suggestion — are there any L.A.-based papers that would run a regular column on info like this, concerning the Obama presidency and the new economy? Sending then a sample like this as a pitch would work; it would be great to reach a wider audience and to help others out there, and I think people are freaked out enough now that they are either going to shut down further or open up to new ways of looking at info.

Hi Juno,

Interestingly I’m talking to a much bigger local based website about doing this sort of political astrology for them instead of a regular old astrology column. You must be psychic!

And from Sparker:


Hi Denise,
The other night I saw four, what I believe, are UFO’s over the city of LS Vegas the other night. Apparently, there is a huge surge in these blatant sightings. Whatever they are they apparently want to be seen.
I have also seen a lot of chem trails over Las Vegas the last few days. I saw them a lot in the Fall when I was in Central PA. It’s amazing to me that these things in the sky are going completely unnoticed by people.
Do you have any insight into why these things are taking place? I suspect the chem trails have something to do with reflecting light in the hopes of preventing global warming.

Hi Sparker,

I’ve  been doing a lot of research about this topic because I’m writing a piece about it. There have been a lot, A LOT, of mass UFO sightings in the past few years. And interestingly there have been a lot of UFO incursions at major commercial airports. These crafts have been spotted by airport staff, pilots and mechanics.

There have been a record number of air disasters lately which reminded me of one readers’ questions about the specific airline Quantas nearly getting hit a few times last year. I have started wondering about all the ariel phenomena it’s getting a bit nutty. I saw some footage of an airplane almost being hit by a UFO but according to the videographer the object could not be seen with the naked eye, making me wonder if perhaps there is something weird going on with all the recent crashes, especially since there has been such an increase in UFO sightings.

You should report what you saw to the local chapter of MUFON so they can investigate. Your sighting information will help them figure out how big, where, what time, and what the span of the object was.

There is definitely something going on. I have several theories about why there seems to have been so much contact from alien beings since our recorded history and why it escalates at different points. It seems to rise during major historical turning points, before WWI, at the turn of the 19th century right before the invention of the aircraft, during and before WWII and then in 1950s during the height of the cold war scare and again during the 1980s onward.

I do think you are right about global warming being a key. I believe the escalation is because we are dangerously perched on extinction. You could be right about the chem trails being some sort of way to shift the warming trend but I don’t know just yet. Maybe now the UFO occupants not only don’t care if we notice them, but are too busy trying to gather what they can before things dramatically shift or perhaps some are also invested in helping us avoid this, sort of like us going into the arctic and trying to save the animals there. A part of me wonders if we aren’t some crazy science experiment where our world is some kind of zoo and we are being watched by a bunch of different types of beings to see what happens. Let’s hope not. That seems very cold and creepy. 

All I know is there have been way too many credible witnesses and far too much evidence to dismiss the phenomena. I wish more people in the conventional sciences would investigate these sightings. I think they do science a great disservice by being closed minded and arrogant. Whatever is actually happening is really not important, what is important is that so many people of seen things and if it is a mass delusion (which I truly don’t believe it is) than isn’t this worth a scientific study in and of itself?

And another offer to cut my rates down during this uncertain time.

There are a lot of people going through scary things, people who need a little perspective and I don’t want my services to be for just rich people. So the Yule Tide offer is back for those who need it and for those who are really in a desperate place, but have virtually no money, then I can work something out, perhaps answering a few questions via e-mail for a minimal amount of money. I have had a lot of people needing help and many of them don’t have the means to pay my fees which is understandable in this economy. 

For those of you who don’t remember the Yule Tide rates they were: 50 for 15/20 minutes and 100 for 30/35 minutes and 150 for 45/50 minutes and so forth. If money is tight go for the 15/20 and prioritize what you really need to know and we can focus on that. Then in a few months if another area of your life is in need of help, we can work on just that in another short reading.

And lastly I’m asking a favor from the army of psychics who read this blog. Please visualize the capture of Cori Desmond’s murderer. You don’t have to have an exact picture just imagine the words Cori Desmond’s killer and the words Imprisoned, Captured, Found, anything of that nature next to it, or on it, whatever. However you want to do it. But please help, this is a very good hearted family who is really suffering.

Many blessings to all of you good people,


Answering Readers and Slashing Prices…

Obama’s Speech & Health Care Reform

Obama’s speech last night was amazing. I didn’t get to finish watching all of it but he really is the first president I’ve ever truly been proud of. He exemplifies the best that a leader can be. I’ve been doing some looking back and wanted to share some earlier posts that touch on things that Obama talked about last night.

Here’s a post from December 2, 2008 about the health care system:

In the spring of 2009 we’ll see the first in a series of bills aimed at health-care reform as transiting Uranus in Pisces goes through the first house and opposes the US cons. sign. chart’s Sun. The way we see this issue has been changing over the past seven or so years, our minds began changing then when Uranus opposed Mercury in the 7th. And then as bankruptcy laws changed and increases in health-care costs went up, Uranus opposed Venus in the 7th, again highlighting the financial need for laws to change how we deal with our health-care system, pointing out the lack of human kindness in it. And finally when it hits the Sun in spring of 09, the vitality of this issue, the soul of the problem will be tackled in a bill. This aspect will go back and forth for a while so it will be the first in a series of several major changes to the system we now have in place.

It probably won’t be until May of 2010 until these changes are really put into action. This will be when transiting Uranus in Pisces will be trining the US cons. sign’s Uranus in the 6th house of health and the health-care system. This overhaul will be immediate, and a bit of a shock to the system, but will be a great improvement especially for women and children, and those who don’t have steady employment, but work more piece meal.

And this pertinent post dated January 25, 2009 after doing the chart of the 2nd inauguration:

With Mercury ruling the chart due to the Virgo ascendant and it being Mercury retrograde, which is probably why this happened to begin with (if something legal occurs during Mercury retrograde it inevitably has to be redone or if one goes on a trip during Mercury retrograde it means you will return to that place again later so it’s not always a bad thing), but getting back to the point, Mercury is in Capricorn in the 5th. I’d say there will be a lot of criticism and judgement from the other side about how to deal with the stock market and the financial disaster we’re in.

Be prepared to hear a lot of dramatic exaggeration of how his plan will ruin everything if put into place (by the Republicans) with Mercury being in the 5th house.  There will be an unfair amount of expectation for Obama to be perfect, and his critics will be very nitpicking and harsh with Saturn in Virgo in the 1st house. Expect his greatest criticism to come from the fiscally privileged with Moon in Sagittarius. Those corporations who have shipped jobs over seas, taking them off American soil. This could be because of new laws Obama will try to put in place making it difficult, if not impossible, for companies to exploit developing nations in leu of paying a proper wage to the American worker and keeping jobs here.

With Uranus and Venus conjunct in Pisces in the 7th house squaring the Moon in the 4th and opposing Saturn in the 1st, the loss of jobs, money, and passing of new laws pertaining to work, health-care, public service and  the real estate market means richy rich isn’t going to be pleased. There will be some real reform coming from an idealistic compassionate bent with Uranus conjunct Venus in Pisces meaning the Obama administration won’t have the motto, “greed is good,” but rather a motto of, “lifting up your brother, lifts all humanity.” Usually, selfish, greedy people don’t really dig this, too much, and they will be ravenous dogs picking at every tiny little thing they can find to try and show some sort of hole in his ideals.But I don’t think they’ll get far.

The public is going to be overwhelmingly with Obama, all that Aquarius in the 6th house of the regular working person means he will appeal to their issues and needs. He will do a lot to help those people. Also this chart reflects the reform of the health care system coming in his first term of office.

My feeling is Obama will be like Reagan in that any dirt thrown his way will just blow back on those throwing it. He is definitely the man for this big job, and the hope he has inspired alone is worth so much after 8 years of utter storming despair under the Bush administration’s fear and spy tactics. It’s as if we just broke down the Berlin wall again. The last 8 years were as close as we’ve come so far to a Plutocracy.


Blessing to all of you,


Obama’s Speech & Health Care Reform

The Economy… predictions from around the blog

I pulled some predictions about the economy from past postings that may apply to what we are in right now. Here’s one from January 21, 2009:

Despite the financial sour pickle we are going to eat and the release of information (probably within the next day or so) that will make the market start to free fall some more, we will be a better, stronger, wiser, kinder people. Also with Saturn in the 5th, the stock market will have the squeeze put on it both in terms of new laws and regulations and also its numbers continuing to constrict rather then bloom.

I think we may see the end of capitalism as we have known it. But once new laws (which there will likely be many international as well) are put into place, there stock market will recover. And with Saturn being in Virgo, down the road the next set of stocks to get  hit will be health care related stuff as it seems Obama will restructure that as well. 

Another from December 2 2008:

Here’s the other thing, in the Declaration chart Pluto is about to shred it. I’m glad it’s not our real chart, (and if it is well, we’ll know it for sure soon) but rather our more unconscious one, or we’d be in even bigger trouble then we already are. But it’s still posed to do some major damage to our US Cons. Sign chart this will happen a little later though in March of 2009, and will again most likely hit speculators and the stock market.

Ironically, this Monday Pluto hit 0 degrees again as it had the last time we had the major drop in November, and that is directly on the US Const. Sign charts south node in the 5th — meaning, what we have reaped in the market we are going to be sowing, and it’s going to be powerful, and painful. I think the Dow’s big Pluto over the ascendant happening at the end of December into January will be more about the horrible corruption, lies and sociopathic behavior of CEOs that will come out making investors think twice about trusting their money to these people, many of whom are really criminals in business suits. This is the shore I think the Tsunami is headed in terms of the Dow.

From December 4, 2008:

OK, I don’t know if Citicorp has officially gone under yet, but they will or they will be absorbed by another company completely by February 09 when transiting Neptune in Aquarius makes an exact square form their first house to Neptune in Scorpio in their 10th. They have been seriously deluding themselves. Also Pluto is going through the company’s 12th house and making an applying square to their Saturn in the second. They’ve been keeping secrets, and if they do get absorbed by another company, whoever takes them on will be hit with a necessary and very brutal restructuring in order to save what’s left which would take place in March of 2010. This lapse in time will probably be because the company has been hiding a lot and it will take time to sort out all the mess.


I just wanted to do some re-capping of past predictions. It’s not easy to find stuff on this blog. There’s so much! Gee whiz I blab a lot. Anyway, remember the contest is still on, I’m also still looking for people to submit their opinions for the Readers/Writers page and I’m open to all questions (that of course pertain to the broader picture, not just personal ones). Hope you all are doing well and by now have gotten out of the market as it looks like we will see it continue to decline for a while. 

Best wishes and many blessings to you,


The Economy… predictions from around the blog

The Economic Stimulus Plan & Cori Desmond

First I want to say that I am so sorry for the loss of Cori. I feel very badly for all of her family and friends and want to let them know I have given the police all the information I received. I also talked to some of Cori’s friends which confirmed some of what I had told the police and had e-mail correspondence with her father whom I will be more than happy to help if he wants me to.  I’ve gotten a flood of e-mails from her friends. She was obviously a very powerful presence and touched many people’s lives. I’m sorry if you have e-mailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you. I haven’t had a lot of time recently. 

Now onto the Stimulus Package which upon further reflection and after seeing the Governor of Louisiana on Meet the Press tonight, brought to light one of the aspects in the Stimulus Package chart. That is the Uranus Saturn opposition which is the ideological tug between the conservative status quo way we have been dealing with the economy since Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” and “no new taxes,” mantra. Both of which were falacies even then as wealth never ended up trickling down and we went into a recession in the early 90s because of the overspending hole Reagan put us in, as it turned out Reagan did also raise taxes. He actually invented or re-applied new ones like the Capital Gains tax so when you sold your home that you had already paid taxes for every year, not to mention the income tax you had to pay before you bought the home, but you were then taxed on any profit you may have made on your home. The only way to avoid this was by buying a home of equal or greater value.

So all those people who were middle class wanting to scale down, use their equity to retire on, screw them! They had to pay this extra ridiculous double tax. Again, this was a slimy way to tax the middle class and allow the wealthy to weasel out of their fair share.

This broken ideology is the cornerstone of the Republican party. Yet until Bush “broke the world,” as Seth Meyers joked on Saturday Night Live a couple weeks back, they were getting away with the bait and switch, doing what they accused the Democrats of doing (which they actually weren’t) like creating huge deficit spending (remember that surplus at the end of the Clinton era, seems like a thousand years ago now), they were selling their party as fiscally conservative — read help the wealthy save their money so they can buy more yachts while the schizophrenic guy gets dumped onto the streets from a half-way house because, damn it, he should “pull himself up by his own bootstraps,” theory.

They went after unions under the guise of their outdated uselessness and once they were destroyed the jobs with health care benefits and 401Ks and all those extra perks began slipping away. Until they were finally shipped overseas. And interestingly the border from Mexico became very porous while Reagan was in office. One needs desperate people to work for nothing if your desire is to exploit them.

I always said they were trying to turn this country into a third world nation, a country of very rich and very poor, nothing in-between. But even I couldn’t entirely believe it. It seemed too disgusting, greedy, evil and vile to really be true. Surely, there was something I was missing, perhaps a different ideology about economics that I didn’t get. Not that old timey way of doing things like indentured servitude and slavery, and people working for nothing so that their bosses could live like kings. No. Who would want to walk down a street and see people starving, who could do that and feel nothing? Oh, yeah, I think we had that answer, the people who were in charge the last 8 years. And the people who supported them, often not knowing what they were really supporting, thinking they were for “family values” and gun rights and the right to life and even Christianity. When in reality these people were really for greed, selfishness, and whoever has the most stuff wins. Not very Christian, not very “family values,” to let your grand kids pay for your spending sprees and live in a contaminated world so you could make a few extra bucks off that oil well.

Now the new Republican face is supposedly Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and he’s saying he won’t take the Stimulus Package money to help the people of his state, most of whom live in poverty, many still are not settled due to Katrina, because of “ideological” discrepancies with the plan. Meaning he wants more, “read my lips, NO NEW TAXES,” for the rich and is willing to commit political Harri Kari to carry the broken down smoldering torch of Reaganomics. Is he kidding? What are these idiotic Republicans thinking? Really? Really? I mean REALLY?

We are about to plunge headlong into a world wide depression because of their ideology. America voted them out of power in every branch of the government and they actually have the gall to criticize this bill. Really? Seriously, they actually tried to get in the way of it. And this Bobby Jindal is going to turn down relief for the starving people of Louisiana because it’s going to make the deficit worse? That’s his supposed excuse. Where was he when we invaded Iraq with now hundreds of thousands of dead innocent Iraqi people, thousands of our soldiers and a trillion, bazillion majillion dollar deficit from what was a bungled mess and total violation of the Geneva convention. 

So back to the astrology of this. This idiotic commitment to a failed economic ideology that the Republicans are still in love with will end up pushing this stimulus package into a more and more radical stance. As things worsen, the reaction will have to be more extreme, more radical and dare I say it, more about spreading the wealth. I know these guys hate that idea. I mean only they deserve to be wealthy. But lets face it, if they are the only ones with money, then its kind of hard to have an economy.

The best metaphor I heard about what has happened is this: Imagine you are playing a poker game and one guy keeps winning and winning until he’s taken all the money from all the players. Well, the game’s over. That’s a major ideological hole in Trickle Down economics.

And what happens when the rich just get richer? They literally clog the economic colon of the country. They can’t possibly move around enough money to sustain everyone. When the wealth is spread around, and there are a lot of middle class people spending money, we actually have more jobs, more productivity, more to go around. This was the basic theory behind Clinton’s economic ideology  and it worked very well. Actually, incredibly well.

So if anyone implies spreading the wealth around is a bad thing tell them to go back in their time machine to the 1950s when McCarthy and the Red scare was happening, and leave the rest of us alone — those of us who live in the 21st century and know that some of the most productive and wealthiest nations in the world are actually social democracies, like Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Countries where they have the highest standard of living and where the people are statistically proven to be the most content of anywhere in the world. Lands where no one starves on the street, the mentally ill are treated, and you not only have free health care, but if you apply yourself academically you can get a free higher education.

Now those don’t sound like such bad ideas to me.  

A land where both parents get something like six months paid maternity/paternity leave. Where the kids are brought to work, and put in company daycare where the parents work. You know all those family values we like to talk about, but don’t actually like to do anything about.

It actually sounds surprisingly evolved and civilized. Hope we can drop that weird anti-pinko, left over cold war brainwashing that makes it impossible for us to see things clearly.

Best wishes and many blessings,


The Economic Stimulus Plan & Cori Desmond

Answering Readers…

The promised answers to the last set of unanswered questions…

Sally Herr

Dear Denise,

On February 17, 2009 Obama sign the stimulus package at 1:34 Mountain Time in Denver, Colorado as seen on CNN. Now, what do you perceive about the stimulus package? Thanks!

I got this information from the website, Note: one can only read entries if one provides their password and name.


And from Carl:


Dear Denise, Thanks so much for your efforts here! There’s so much panic out there now – do you see major US banks like Bank Of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) being nationalized by the government? Also, do you see a recovery of American International Group, Inc. (AIG)? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Peace and blessings, Carl

Since it turns out both of these questions are interlinked I’m going to post the chart of the stimulus package and then explain how and why.

picture-8 I couldn’t substantiate whether or not this chart is accurate but based on it. Just look at all those planets in Aquarius crammed into the eighth house of banking and investing. This will cause a couple of things to happen. One being incredible instability in the banking and financial industries, a lot of banks and investment companies will still to go out of business unless there is truly a revolution, one way being what Carl suggested. When I meditated on Carl’s question a few days ago I didn’t feel that there was any desire on the part of the Obama administration to nationalize the banking industry but this chart would suggest to me that it might actually be neccesary in order to restructure them along with many other elements of the financial industries. 

If this is indeed the correct chart then the changes will be radical and the model of a foreign system will be modified to fit ours (Sun conjunct Neptune in the 9th).  Conservatives are going to have serious opposition to this (Saturn opposite Uranus which rules all that stuff in the 8th and 9th houses) but if something radical isn’t done (and there will be elements of this that reflect systems in places like Denmark, Sweeden, Norway — not to worry though they have the highest standard of living and are among the wealthiest countries in the world so not a bad place to steal ideas from) there will be a huge collapse. Those are the choices here. And the Obama administration isn’t going to sit by and let that happen so although their original intentions may be to be more conservative as more information comes out and things progress they will be further and further pushed to make radical changes.

I’ll look into AIG for Carl later tonight.

Best wishes to all and many blessings to all the kind and good hearted people out there,


P.S. I will try to substantiate this chart and once I do, I will go into much more detail about what’s going to happen as a result of this bill.

Answering Readers…