Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

I was told in a dream that the commercial real estate market was going to crash soon. I don’t know exactly when but it felt pretty close. I was woken up before I could get more details than that. I worry this might be another huge burden on our economy and have bigger repercussions which is why I was told about it in the dream time. If I get anymore details in the dream time or someone wants to ask a question about it please post. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to answer everyone lately.

The other thing I woke up about a week ago feeling urged to repeat that the stock market is not safe for the ordinary investor for 2 years from the original big crash that happened. I know people are jumping back in and things seem to be back to normal but unless you are on the inside I would not invest right now. Or you risk loosing money as the market is still unstable, for the period I was given. So if you want to invest (and you’re like me, just a normal person – I guess that’s a matter of opinion, perhaps average investor is a better way to put that) wait until after the fall of this year. It’s not long. I really don’t know why this will make any difference but my guides have told me repeatedly that the roller coaster ride was 2 years long.

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Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

A dream and a recap…

I had the funniest dream last night that Michael Moore had a TV show in which super wealthy investors held a lottery to invest in a company that manufactured time machines. This investment was legal but unethical and bordered on insider information laws (or so the wealthy people thought.) They were all chomping at the bit to give him 100,000 dollars to invest in this company that was sure to be worth at least 10 times that in a matter of months when the company went public. A woman won the lottery and when she found out that it was all a hoax and the money she pledged was going to charity she fell into a hysterical fit of crying. She didn’t want to give money to charity as it turned out, even though she had billions of dollars and it was a write-off, she acted as if she had been a person on the verge of being kicked out of their apartment for non-payment for rent and miraculously told they would be given a new home, completely paid for, only to have it taken away. Michael Moore was like a 21st century Robin Hood with a punked twist. It was pretty funny.

But on a more serious note, I remember telling everyone 2 years ago that a health care bill would be passed and of course since then it really wasn’t looking good for my prediction. I had to keep reminding myself that the astrology pointed to this happening despite the dire chances of it actually happening. It got so bad I had trouble even watching the news and it made me nervous about predicting anything! Well, turns out I was right. I found some references from the fall of 2008 stating Obama would get a health care bill passed, but not all of the stuff I wrote about it. I specifically remember writing that health care reform would come in stages due to lobbying groups and complications but I didn’t have the patience to find that particular post. I did however find this from December 2, 2008:


Here’s the post from December 2, 2008 about the health care system:

In the spring of 2009 we’ll see the first in a series of bills aimed at health-care reform as transiting Uranus in Pisces goes through the first house and opposes the US cons. sign. chart’s Sun. The way we see this issue has been changing over the past seven or so years, our minds began changing then when Uranus opposed Mercury in the 7th. And then as bankruptcy laws changed and increases in health-care costs went up, Uranus opposed Venus in the 7th, again highlighting the financial need for laws to change how we deal with our health-care system, pointing out the lack of human kindness in it. And finally when it hits the Sun in spring of 09, the vitality of this issue, the soul of the problem will be tackled in a bill. This aspect will go back and forth for a while so it will be the first in a series of several major changes to the system we now have in place.

It probably won’t be until May of 2010 until these changes are really put into action. This will be when transiting Uranus in Pisces will be trining the US cons. sign’s Uranus in the 6th house of health and the health-care system. This overhaul will be immediate, and a bit of a shock to the system, but will be a great improvement especially for women and children, and those who don’t have steady employment, but work more piece meal.


And then this (as it seems to be playing out) very accurate interpretation of Barak Obama’s natal chart:

Just thought I’d freak out a little about the very slim and seemingly impossible made possible that astrology predicted 2 years before anyone could have known. Oddly, I was getting so angry about the whole issue because it seemed that the Tea Baggers ( I refuse their new name as Tea Bagger fits so much more) and Insurance Companies and the loads of American doctors who go into health care for the pay check rather than the art of healing appeared to be in control of the train rolling down hill and out of control. All I can say is thank GOD/GODDESS/GREAT SPIRIT/GREAT INTELLIGENCE/DIVINE HOLINESS whatever one wants to call it, this truly was a miracle! It’s not over yet. This is just the beginning in a series of moves toward bringing the Unites States back into Western civilization. It does give one hope that we can reverse the corruption and insurgent group that has been trying to decay democracy from the inside out since Nixon took the white house and Reagan sold our souls with his grandpa, fairy, acting, dust sprinkled in the eyes of all the up and coming yuppies who wanted so desperately to believe reality came in black and white. And the infamous overly used expression during the 80s to sell hyperdrive consumerism, “You (or, I, when convincing the self) deserve the best. You (or I) work really hard.” As if people who work 80s a week in Dickensian England or modern-day Bangladesh or China don’t work hard and don’t deserve the finest things life has to offer because of that. However now, we’ve moved past that excuse and we’re just like a crazed alcoholic in search of our next drink, we don’t even think twice about spending or work in relation to it.

Ah, well, nice to rant. Hope all of you are doing well. I’ll try to be more consistent.

Peace and many blessings,


A dream and a recap…

Coming to an end…

I’m sorry it’s been so long, the construction in my home is finally coming to a close.

I have felt though that there was a reason I wasn’t able to blog lately. I felt it was best to lay low and take a time of rest. I have some things brewing and received a new spirit guide in the last month which I have yet to completely figure out. I don’t know why he has appeared, but in this period of transition (in terms of spiritual guidance and my literal home and many other things) I have felt it necessary to pull back and figure out the new paradigm I’m going to be working with. I don’t want to go off half cocked. This new spirit guide has brought with him lots of poltergeist activity, phones jumping off the sofa on their own (my husband was witness to that) loud wrapping on the outside of our home at 4 in the morning and general stuff moving around on its own. It’s all gentle enough, but each person and/or spirit guide has a different way of communicating. I’m trying to make sure I don’t misunderstand him which has been why I’ve been reticent to make any predictions as of late. But so far my suspicions about the symbolic language and images he’s given me seem to be panning out the way I thought they would. In other words it won’t be long before I start blogging again, this time armed with a new perspective.

As I said I’m not sure why this spirit guide was recently sent. I suppose he has a perspective I need now that I didn’t before. Hope all out there are well.

Pray for all the kind, good people in need and send protection to the earth and all its creatures. We are all in transition right now. It has the potential to be good if we direct our energy that way.

Many blessings,


PS. To my clients if you want to finally schedule readings I can do so starting next week. E-mail me at happypeopleusa@aol.com or astrologyandpsychicpredictions@gmail.com. I check happypeopleusa@aol.com more frequently right now so it’s best to try that first.

Coming to an end…

Mars Retrograde…

Ones step forward three steps back. This is the third time we had to have the tile ripped out in our shower and replaced because it wasn’t draining. OK, this is the most annoying Mars retrograde I can ever remember. Everything feels as if it’s in limbo. So if you’re feeling this way, good news – it ends! Yeah, this week on the 11th. So things will move forward without drag again.

Also I’m hopeful (for all my clients) that construction will actually be done this week. So I’ll e-mail you all when it really is finished. This was supposed to take less than a week! Now it’s been about a month. Oh, well, I’m sorry for all of you out there who have pressing questions. For some reason however I’ve been feeling I’m not supposed to say anything right now. That the Universe has been putting obstacles in my way (in terms of doing readings and blogging predictions) for some greater purpose.

There have been some unusual phenomena around my home ( I feel sorry for my husband, he gets really freaked out by this stuff, just as my mother and brother did when I lived with them as a  kid.) Last night we were awoken at 4:18 AM by three knocks on the side of the house. Actually, it sounded like the knocks came from inside the room, they were very loud. I’ve been seeing the spirit of a Rabbi (from the early 1900s late 1800s) outside looking into my house and walking up to my door, each time he came it was a few days before a major earthquake. I know he’s trying to tell me something, but he seems to have trouble communicating. I suppose I have to invite him in to have a chat which I’m not really all that into doing. Instead I might just continue trying to talk to him while out and about. I have heavy protection around my home, even my relatives couldn’t get in until I gave them direct permission.

If anyone is having problems with unwanted visitors use the Lesser Pentagram Ritual and do it every  night. ( You can search Lesser Pentagram in the blog’s search function and there are detailed instructions with links to video on how to do it here on the blog.) It will create an impenetrable fortress. As a matter of fact I did it in our old home’s bedroom every night and it was the only part of the structure that wasn’t annihilated in the Northridge earthquake.

For now I have this feeling something very strange is going on, almost as if time has shifted. I wonder if other precognitive people have noticed that the time in which information is imparted and is manifested has been compressed. Now this could just be me, but I’ve noticed this trend happening over the past few years. In my case it could be a personality shift toward the present or the medicines I have to take for my neurological problems. So if anyone else has noticed this please let me know. I thought perhaps the blog made the problem worse, that in this time of turmoil people might be meant to find their own way and not look to anyone else to warn or worry them about the next impending problem.

Something I have always wondered was why? Why do spirits/angels/inter-dimensional beings/spirit guides or whoever they are, tell me what is going to happen, show me in great detail and or in strange mysterious code, what is to be, sometimes as far in the future as 5 to 10 years? Often it is a world event or about someone else – things I have no control over. So what am I supposed to do with that information? And then it hit me… I’m not supposed to do anything with that information. I’m just one of many lightning rods that ground the energy here on earth. I’m a radio, a lightening rod, a receiver and not meant to change the future. This was a relief as you can imagine! There are thousands perhaps millions of us, gateways that glue the etheric, astral and physical worlds together. Actually, anyone who has ever had a psychic knowing has been that glue and has felt that oneness with the everything. I’m sure everyone reading this blog has had at least one of these inspirational experiences (or  scary, depending on the situation.)

Anyway, for now I have to get back to dealing with all the backwards things that Mars retrograde has created.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Mars Retrograde…