Bernie and the Bird

Interesting that that little sparrow showed up at the podium when Bernie Sanders spoke in Portand, Oregon. The spiritual meaning of that bird is pretty remarkable. A sparrow is said to have watched over Jesus on the cross and symbolized triumph over suffering. It was also a symbol of the common people toppling the monarchy. Read more about it if you want here. Interesting that tomorrow is also Easter. I think this is a major sign and blessing from the Great Spirit.


People of California…

People living on the west coast please post here if you have or start noticing a spate of headaches. If you and those around you start having headaches, especially people who don’t normally get them. Please report if you notice strange erratic driving or if your pet suddenly seems entranced or goes missing. If you have the sight please report on this blog if you see lime green energy fields or even orbs. 

I think my earthquake prediction was early but I am getting worried that the time is getting closer. Since I no longer live there I can’t be certain so please report here if you notice any of these signs so that I can help figure this out and give people some warning.
Blessings and peace to all 



For all you fine Hillary supporters…

I happened upon the page on the coast to coast website hat encapsulates my prediction. I did predict Hillary would run in 2016 and win.

Here’s the copy. All I remembered was talking about global warming/climate change and George Noory getting annoyed at me. There was 3 psychics who gave predictions on that show. Below is the copy from their site in italics. I highlighted my section in bold.

This special program featured three psychics, each appearing in separate hours. Intuitive Coach Jerry Hoskey discussed his predictions for earthquakes and solar flares, as well as how our physical fitness is related to our energetic and psychic fitness. Psychic astrologer Denise Siegel shared her insights into the upcoming election, the economy, and civil unrest in America. Psychic medium Matt Fraser talked about how intuition is a key factor in unlocking your own psychic ability, and contacting departed loved ones.

“I think it’s likely that, within the next 24 months, we could possibly get a huge earthquake,” Hoskey warned during his 2nd hour appearance, suggesting that the tremor could range from “over 7” on the Richter scale and may even reach “10 plus.” He was specifically concerned about California or Seattle and that the quake could agitate smaller fault lines which are not currently considered dangerous. According to Hoskey, the earthquake may be the result of the increase in solar activity which is acting as a furnace on the Earth’s magma. On the connection between dieting and intuition, Hoskey contended that “diets inherently don’t work,” because humans, as animals, are hardwired to eat as much as possible.

Recalling her days as a professional astrologer, Siegel observed that, “people would often argue with me because I would be telling them things that hadn’t happened yet.” Later, she said, they’d contact her with positive feedback and had been converted from “skeptics into believers.” Regarding the 2012 presidential election, she predicted that Obama would defeat Romney and that there would be “a lot of unseating of the Republicans” in November. Siegel also lamented that she is having feelings that there will be civil unrest around the election, possibly in Pennsylvania, due to voter suppression. Additionally, she foresees Hilary Clinton not only running for president in 2016, but also winning the election that year.

A multigenerational psychic medium, Fraser shared his insights on intuition as well as the ‘other side,’ during his 4th hour appearance. “Intuition is the building block for your psychic ability,” he mused, noting that everyone uses it, whether they believe in it or not. To that end, Fraser advised that recognition of intuition is the first step in harnessing the ability. Beyond that, he suggested asking small questions as a way of calling upon intuition and to make note of the feeling which follows. While Fraser said that he does not usually receive world predictions from the ‘other side,’ he did reveal that he has recently been told that the upcoming winter will be particularly harsh for the East Coast.

Solar Storms

In the first hour, engineer and author Mat Stein discussed solar flares, EMPs, and the plausibility of the new TV show Revolution. Based on his research, “extreme geomagnetic storms” appear to hit the Earth every 75 to 90 years and that the planet is overdue for the next blast. “It could be anywhere from the end of the world as we know it,” he said, “to the end of human life and mammalian life on the planet.” On that note, he was deeply worried about the fate of the planet’s nuclear power plants, which are ill equiped for long term power outages. Stein decried the lack of preparation for a solar storm by the American government and power industry, which has the means to safeguard against such an event, but refuses to spend the money on the necessary technology.

So as you can see this was way back in 2012


Who will win in November 

All right, I haven’t publicly posted some of the calls for who would win what state. I’ve been keeping it to myself. I don’t want to conflate my desires with the truth. I admit that I love Bernie Sanders in a way I have never felt about a candidate before. I imagine this is how some people felt about Jack Kennedy. I have wished for someone brave enough to challenge the idiotic failed ideologies of the right. I wondered if I would ever see someone with the strength to stand up for the people, someone who shares my spiritual belief of compassion and kindness, love of humanity over corporate greed. I have to say I felt 2008 was the start of the shift, but I was under no illusion that Obama would be the progressive candidate I wanted. He seemed to actually think Reagan’s policies were good. He was a step forward. But he was and is a moderate. However he provided a bridge to what could be possible.

I cried at Obama’s inauguration. I was in a room full of people. We all did. We knew it was a turning point for the better, for greater equality, respect, dignity for all people – we hoped it was a sign that racism was dying and we were growing up as a nation. However as a psychic I forsaw domestic terrorism and a ripping apart, a clear divide widening in this nation to come. But I also saw hope.

In 2012 everyone was freaking out, asking me if it was the end of the world. I reassured them it wasn’t. It was the end of an era though. I and other psychics felt it. There was a shift. We entered a new era. After working with this shift now for the past 4 years I can tell you what the difference is. Pre-2012 we were in an era where we had less free will. We had some, but it was more limited and didn’t extend as far out, it didn’t have as much impact. There were more fated events in each person’s life that they couldn’t avoid. It was as if all of us were playing out a script that had been written thousands of years ago and generation after generation incarnated into these roles, and human evolution had a fated trajectory that we were all participating in. Since 2012 we are the masters of out fate from the smallest thing – to the collective. The future is not settled. There is a battle for a number of possible futures under way. While there is fate it is still forming like an asphalt truck driving through an open field and making a road on the fly. We are in a creation phase of a new era. What happens now will be the foundation of humanity for the next several thousand years. I think the Mayans were right the last era was the final one bound to this earth. I think we are on the precipice of a major paradigm shift but I’ll talk more about that some other time.

I can tell you all now… I was given a very clear vision of our collective future tonight. I saw Bernie Sanders taking the oath of office – beside him Elizabeth Warren.

I have renewed hope for humanity.
Peace be with you all!
Blessed be.


Uranus cycle – 84 years – resonance with the 1930s

A caveat about Uranus. It has a cycle of 84 years so we are in resonance with events of the early 30s, to be exact 1932. What happened during this period? The rise of authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictators. Let’s not forget that these authoritarians didn’t come to power through military coops – these scary authoritarians such as Hitler and Mussolini were elected officials. However on the otherwise of Uranus – here in America we had FDR.

We are currently witnessing these two energies replay themselves in the corporatist, authoritarian alpha male Donald Trump – leading one side of this schism. And the hopeful, we can come make it better side of the messages of Bernie Sanders and to a lesser degree Hillary Clinton. The New Deal that FDR offered up is being echoed in Sanders. Hillary has plainly told us, everything is basically OK – not much to see here let’s move the dot up the number line.  

But everything is not fine. We are in a power vacuum. People are scared, lost, overworked, humiliated, being poisoned by their water and the rest of their environment. The strong man (or woman) is a comfort to the masses in times like these – post depression, war rumbling, uncertain future.  

We want someone to take care of us.  

So did the Germans and the Italians. Let’s not repeat their mistake. Let’s repeat our glorious history when we picked compassion and coming together as a country, let’s go the way of empathy and togetherness – I beg this country to lean left – as hard left as we can.  

It is our only hope. 


  Why Uranus could be more important than Pluto in this coming election…

The rise of polarization between red and blue teams. The red team tearing itself apart with the Trump handgranade thrown into the mix and the blues torn between the glory of past power (Pluto – keep in mind Hillary is also a Scorpio, Pluto is her ruler) and the invocation of a people’s revolution through Bernie. It’s been a very fluid and difficult race to figure out as the old staple of power represented by Pluto has waned in the collective consciousness. It was very easy to tell who would win past elections for just looking at the Pluto aspects on Election Day. But interestingly to note that shortly before the rise of Barrack Obama in 2006 Pluto was downgraded to a planetoid. At first I wasn’t sure how much if any this would effect astrology but it seems to have profoundly effected our collective consciousness. 

In 1930 Pluto was discovered and so was the idea of weaponizing Einsteins E=MC2, culminating in the use of nuclear weapons against Japan and the build up of nuclear weapons. Granted North Korea is still trying to play that game but in general there has been a move away from nuclear weapons and technologies in lue of “clean” and “new” technologies – Uranian solutions coming forward. 

If one wants to understand the energy of a planet, astrologers look to history, and what was going on in the world when that planet was discovered, as I illustrated in the above paragraph about Pluto. Well, when Uranus was discovered revolutions rolled around the world like dominos. First the Americans, then the French and eventually the rest of Europe including the Russian revolution. Granted Uranus has a long cycle and the Russian revolution came later but the discovery of Uranus unleashed the psychic energy of change, upheaval, revolution and once it was done the world was remade.  

Then Pluto came along and it not only brought us nuclear weapons, it also correlated with the rise of dictatorships, mass genocide, the holocoast, power and death on a massive scale, psychopaths whose lust for death and power were coalesced as one super Plutonian mess. Uranus however is disruptive, and will push for change, technology and the uniting of humanity, radicalism, altruism, humanitarianism. As you can see by that list Uranus is polarizing. It pushes both sides to extremes, which creates clarity and action as a result.

This election year is shaping up to show the rising power of Uranus and the diminishing of the established power of Pluto. If we don’t take this tap on the collective shoulder as a hint, the next level of it will be harsher. So indulge your higher idealism and act on it now or it could get violent. Change is needed. The status quo is coming to an end. For those of us old enough to have lost faith in this – remember that 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of our lives is but a blink in the eyes of history and nothing stays the same forever. The winds of change (that so many felt the birth of as Uranus and Pluto United briefly in the 1960s) are here. A new century, the real dawning of the age of Aquarius – it’s ruler is said Uranus. This will be a long cycle of rapid technological growth and world unity with or without our permission, if we can embrace this with grace and a readiness for the shifting earth beneath our feet we will stand to come through this with more unity and less radicalism. But of course, this is a collective human matrix we live in and all we can really control here is our small piece of the grid.


Marco Rubio? Could he become the Republican nominee?

All the positive Pluto aspects from transiting Pluto to Rubio’s chart show that the powers that be will support him on Election Day but this is also true of Cruz (earlier post about this.) I still haven’t bothered looking at Kasich. I think the Republican establishment will block Trump’s nomination and give the party leadership to him. In a general election against Hillary it would be a tough fight between the two of them. I predict Trump will throw himself into the ring as an independent and if Bernie did the same, well it would be a Uranus against Pluto fight. If Bernie did that all bets are off on who would win. If it’s a contest between Rubio and Clinton – Rubio’s chances are slightly better than Clinton’s. If you throw Trump as a third party and he can keep the uraniun energy going – he could still win against both of them. Only Bernie could save us if this happened.


Pluto Return and It’s relationship with Now

Pluto has a 249 year return. Think about this, last time Pluto was in this placement a series of revolutions ignited the world and led to the Enlightenment. We are now about 10 years before the Boston T-Party period, when English oligarchs were being paid to keep the colony under British rule. Sound familiar? This time the oligarchs are corporations that own our political leaders. What we are seeing now is the beginning of a revolution. The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are two reactions to this undercurrent. The urge of some to follow Donald Trump is born out of the anger at the system. However it is sadly misplaced. Those who don’t understand the complicated underpinnings of this current oligarchy see the demise of our country as a problem created by government. It is actually a problem created by industry who now control government. Their slow and steady usurping of our political system has been in play since the Reagan years and culminated in the Citizen’s United verdict.

Those who are supporting Bernie are responding to this same undercurrent but understand that the problem is money in politics and a need to cut down corporate power. It’s interesting to note that Mussolini called Fascism-Corporatism – isn’t this the message of Donald Trump? I’ve heard he even tweeted Mussolini recently. Now is the time for real change. We can either do it peacefully or we can do it through war. I hope for Bernie to create a movement to take back our political system by engaging us in the process not in fighting and losing blood and treasure.