Who will win in November 

All right, I haven’t publicly posted some of the calls for who would win what state. I’ve been keeping it to myself. I don’t want to conflate my desires with the truth. I admit that I love Bernie Sanders in a way I have never felt about a candidate before. I imagine this is how some people felt about Jack Kennedy. I have wished for someone brave enough to challenge the idiotic failed ideologies of the right. I wondered if I would ever see someone with the strength to stand up for the people, someone who shares my spiritual belief of compassion and kindness, love of humanity over corporate greed. I have to say I felt 2008 was the start of the shift, but I was under no illusion that Obama would be the progressive candidate I wanted. He seemed to actually think Reagan’s policies were good. He was a step forward. But he was and is a moderate. However he provided a bridge to what could be possible.

I cried at Obama’s inauguration. I was in a room full of people. We all did. We knew it was a turning point for the better, for greater equality, respect, dignity for all people – we hoped it was a sign that racism was dying and we were growing up as a nation. However as a psychic I forsaw domestic terrorism and a ripping apart, a clear divide widening in this nation to come. But I also saw hope.

In 2012 everyone was freaking out, asking me if it was the end of the world. I reassured them it wasn’t. It was the end of an era though. I and other psychics felt it. There was a shift. We entered a new era. After working with this shift now for the past 4 years I can tell you what the difference is. Pre-2012 we were in an era where we had less free will. We had some, but it was more limited and didn’t extend as far out, it didn’t have as much impact. There were more fated events in each person’s life that they couldn’t avoid. It was as if all of us were playing out a script that had been written thousands of years ago and generation after generation incarnated into these roles, and human evolution had a fated trajectory that we were all participating in. Since 2012 we are the masters of out fate from the smallest thing – to the collective. The future is not settled. There is a battle for a number of possible futures under way. While there is fate it is still forming like an asphalt truck driving through an open field and making a road on the fly. We are in a creation phase of a new era. What happens now will be the foundation of humanity for the next several thousand years. I think the Mayans were right the last era was the final one bound to this earth. I think we are on the precipice of a major paradigm shift but I’ll talk more about that some other time.

I can tell you all now… I was given a very clear vision of our collective future tonight. I saw Bernie Sanders taking the oath of office – beside him Elizabeth Warren.

I have renewed hope for humanity.
Peace be with you all!
Blessed be.