War is here… now

Here’s my answer to a reader about Donald Trump and all that he represents:

Besides Donald Trump being a dangerous horrible idiot he’s also a narcissistic egomaniac. I think he really believes he could win the presidency because he’s a dangerously delusion person. Of course he would completely ruin this country if he were elected into office because he is about as diplomatic as a live grenade. Do I think he could win? Well all I have to say is Arnold Schwarzenegger. People seem to be in love with celebrity – we have replaced the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses with morons, narcissists and idiots. Perhaps we need the old religion which had more examples and pathways to the Great Spirit. Perhaps we yearn for connection through those who mirror us. Unfortunately if this is true we are in a very sad state.

We are currently in a class war – one that dates back to the blowing open of the gates – the Watergate era, followed by the first truly corporate president Ronald Reagan. I’m not sure Reagan knew the damage he was doing. I like to believe that he was hoodwinked by the right to be the spokesman of their (internal in terms of doing it inside the government) coo without really knowing he was. His son, whom I greatly respect, is primarily the reason I believe Ronald senior was most likely a descent man used (as so many middle and lower-income people are being used now) by the wealthy to advance a truly amoral agenda.

I always scoffed at the notion of “trickle down economics” firstly because I grew up in a very affluent neighborhood (that we didn’t belong in – we lived in a townhouse on social security checks and life insurance my father had bought years before his passing when I was 10). I knew the hearts and minds of the very wealthy in ways very few are privileged to know. I knew their children who espoused their values without the crust of age and experience to keep their real feelings and philosophies covered. I heard some of the most unimaginably amoral, immoral and hideous things said as common truths – social Darwinism was a given in the most extreme sense of that statement. There was no empathy for the underprivileged, only a social club that went into the ghetto to teach illiterate children as a sort of bait and switch to their true value system which was the belief that the wealthy are better – they deserve more, they are supreme and the poor are lazy, stupid and deserve what they get even if that means suffering and death. Hideous but absolutely true – many probably won’t believe me. In fact I know people won’t believe me because I’ve been telling people, friends, descent human beings this since I was entrenched in this bizarre world where people went to church on Sunday and then sucked the earth dry of every resource in order to hoard it for themselves. Yes, it is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than a wealthy man into heaven. I saw this first hand.

The first stage of the war against the poor and middle class was to dismantle the unions. Sure some were bloated, some were corrupt but lest we forget what life was like before they existed – just pick up a book by Dickens and you’ll see clearly the way the rich like it. The civil war – a rich man’s war to keep their slaves, using the poor southerners via their racism and pride as a tool against their interest (living) to fight a war that only the wealthy truly had a stake in and only the wealthy benefited from – this is a perfect example of the way many of the wealthiest one percent would like to see our country go – if they could have slaves again, they’d do it in a heartbeat, hence the dismantling of the minimum wage, next it will be age restrictions for working if they get momentum on the wage issue.

There are two kinds of rich – old money or the idle rich as I like to call them, who do nothing but live off the achievement of some great, great, great, great, grandparent who actually contributed something to the world during their time and then invested the family money for generations to inherit. These idle rich hate the “Nuevo riche” the people who newly acquire money – meaning the people who actually earned the money they became wealthy from, the Bill Gates and the Steve Jobs of this world. You know the people who actually really produce jobs for regular folks, not the people who live off the fat left over from their (once common low to middle-class) ancestors. Those “old money” people spend their days taking care of themselves and their money, buying influence, protecting their interests and making sure they can make more money in the market. It’s interesting that they are usually the very same people who accuse poor people of being lazy when truly they have no purpose on this planet and are more akin to tics than human beings. They live off all of us who actually work and keep their world moving forward. The biggest way they contribute to the economy is through buying things, fancy furniture, fine art, clothing, etc.

Now here’s the thing. The 1960s was a very scary time for them, coming off the heels of the most financial growth of anytime during American history. The middle class grew to enormous proportions, the rich got richer as did everyone. You’d think that the wealthy would look upon the economy booming and love it because it means more money in their coffers. But with more money, more education came and people started asking questions. Why do we have to fight the communists in Vietnam? Isn’t that a sovereign nation with the right to decide its own fate? Riots took place, the left became extremely radicalized and the wealthy started to become the target of the growing understanding that a capitalist culture is antithetical to democracy as it stood. Money buys influence and effects legislation. The tying together of corporate interests with the government is fascism and as we all know corporate interests are generally not in line with what’s good for the average person, such as toxic dumping, air pollution, and endless problems associated with industry. Not to mention the corporate bottom line is biggest when they have low overhead, cheap labor and don’t have to pay taxes. Break up the unions, you break up people’s collective bargaining power, work on the congress – lobby for tax breaks for corporations and pay less taxes you get the idea.

All of this has been going on – this war began after FDR put in place regulations to control monopolies (the original source of the world financial crisis that plunged us into the Great Depression as well as Europe, especially Germany). It was those regulations or laws, which were based on the same sort of laws we as ordinary citizens would have to follow (in principle) that kept capitalism on a relatively even playing field. The breakdown of which over the past 30 years we are now seeing the results of.

Forget the history lesson above, here’s the point I want to make invention, intellectual leaps, progress and solutions don’t come from the rich, even jobs don’t, only a very small minority of jobs come directly from those newly rich people who actually are contributing members of society. Invention and intellectual leaps come from the middle-class, the class of people educated enough to want to reach upward and grab the golden ring not people sipping Manhattans while tanning themselves in Tahiti. The wealthiest one percent don’t have an incentive to solve anything, for them everything is solved, they are taken care of. Sure there are those rare individuals who want to contribute and who I salute like the young documentary film maker who exposed his world in “The One Percent,” an excellent entrance into the way people are indoctrinated into this bizarre entitled ideology and also a revelation on many other fronts.

If we lose the middle-class we become a third world country. And we also lose any chance we have of solving Global Warming, of advancing civilization or developing space travel. The rich will own us (as they wish to) and we will eventually be pushed into fighting or dying or both. They have successfully used racism/sexism/homophobia and fear to divide us. They have so confused the average person that he/she often votes against their own interest.

It is not a coincidence that the world is literally being flooded, deluged with tornadoes, earthquakes and soon hurricanes at unprecedented levels. It’s a wake up call: we must come together and fix what is broken.

I ask those who have the power and money to actually make a difference in this world these simple questions: What will it be worth when you have everything and there is nothing and no one left to lord it over or give it to? Are you that insecure you need to feel better than other people, is that what blinds you to the suffering and pain surrounding you? Do you love your family? If you answered yes to that, then what the hell are you doing to preserve this world for them?

Many blessings to the good and may the greedy find the world as wicked as they are,


War is here… now


Here’s a post from Buddha Dreamer:

Hullo Denise,
Some thoughts on your recent postings, and what is to come. As you know, I am psychic myself, and get stuff all the time. I have been thinking about the japanese reactor situation. At the moment, it is a crisis, but not a catastrophe, in the sense of millions being killed by nuclear fall-out. In spite of the sensationalism, the existing fallout elevels are going to give some people illness and cancers, but a minute proportion of the population, so far.
The reactors, and I get this psychicly, asre not going to blow. We are in for months of badly handled rescue work, but eventually Fukushima is going to be shut down, and the radiation contained. I think there will be a large “Dead zone” around the Reactor, equal to the present evacuation and fall out zones. Bad for the japanese, but it will be tamed, like Chernobyl was tamed. The rest of us will not be greatly effected.

I also get psychicly that I will live to a very great age, which sounds unlikely, given what is to come, but I get this repeatedly. Also, what kind of World I am in then. Horrible, but fascinating, like a science fiction film of the future. Even more technology, gadgets, etc etc, and permenent political, economic and social crisis. The Global crisis we are now in the first part of, will deepen, rapidly. The impact of peak energy supplies, (no more oil soon) and peak food, plus massive natural disasters, and the urge by the main great powers to seize everything for themselves, will make for a very nasty, blade-runner type society. (see the movie, to see what is coming!). The smaller countries will be integrated into a tight system of interaction/cooperation, and exploitation of their natural resources. Democracy will become a bare sham. Society will split in two, with the massive underclass, and a small elite. (The 400 familes, in Amerika.)
The underclass will rebel, in ways not forseen. The internet is only the beginning of this new world. Like I said: See the movie. Bladerunner. how did they get it sooo right?

I had the same feeling at first that the reactors were not going to blow. And I agree that it feels that the situation in Japan will remain relatively local. However I do feel we are going to see a lot of changes, perhaps even more surprises from the market and more revolutions to come as well as earth changes. We are in period of remarkable transformation. I think this is going to mean over the next 100 years that our population will not continue on the increase but rather on the decrease. Perhaps overpopulation is bringing out the worst in people. The trend toward social Darwinism, letting the poor fend for themselves while giving the richest 1 percent steal even more pie.

Right now I’m most upset with the fate of America and its pull in two directions – capitalism vs. democracy. The two are actually antithetical to one another when taken to their extreme as I will demonstrate. Democracy is a government for the people run by the people – no matter how rich or poor, big or small your state you have an equal voice in the government – your vote counts, your opinion matters and we as individuals self-govern based on our collective consensus.

Capitalism (unchecked and run amok , without regulation, which it is now) thrives entirely on where the money flows. Whoever shows the biggest profits wins, there is no social agenda here except over the years lobbyists and multinational corporations have taken over – I’d say it’s been a long transition but the cementing of the merger of  corporate interests/money/power/wall street and Washington happened during the Nixon administration. I think we had a slow and silent coup – where the wealthiest one percent started to take over Washington through bribes, lobbyists and bullying via economic interests. We now truly have a purely capitalist state that is closer to Fascism in its definition than anything Mussolini was able to achieve during his dark reign.

If we are a Christian nation as so many have made claims (which by the way we are and we’re not – depending on which forefather you are looking at – for example Thomas Payne was very anti-Christian and pro-science as was Thomas Jefferson) then it is not Christian (in any way) to take away medicare, social security or any social programs “entitlements” which by the way people are entitled to because they paid into them. You can’t have a social contract with the people stating it is going to help them out and once people are old and broken down take away the only thing that keeps them from being indigent in some cases. Or be “pro-life” and pro-death penalty and be against helping children who are born into poverty. The whole Tea Bagger thing is an obscenity of the highest order and I believe it will back fire in a violent way as they push people further and further into a corner. Let’s face it the Tea Baggers are just a group of ignorant people who have little to no understanding of the logic of what they are supporting, instead the Tea Bagger funders – the real leaders, not the goons out front are the wealthy one percent. They use fear, jealousy, ignorance, racism and derision as tactics to get petty or isolated people to be lead astray through fear and lies. I feel the core of Tea Baggers don’t really have any clue that they are cutting their nose off to spite their faces, but that’s exactly what they are doing. I think many of them were on the polar opposite side of the debate raging in the 60s when social liberalism won out for the most part – these people were quietly stewing and planning their revenge. Unfortunately, those ignorant middle class and poor Tea Baggers who have allied themselves with this wealthy one percent who is just using them for their financial agenda, will quickly be rewarded by their backers with poverty, scarcity and cruelty.  I think the underlying message of the Tea Bagger movement is if I can’t have it no one else can – sort of the same thing that motivates jealous lovers to kill their ex-partners. They are an intellectual plague upon the earth.

We are quickly becoming a broken nation. So many rejoiced when the Soviet Union came falling to its knees – oh, yeah, capitalism has won! We were in a nuclear check mate now we are in a dangerous world of potential nuclear obliteration which could happen anywhere in the world as long as someone had enough money. We don’t like to think of how unsafe we are but we are in a very precarious place.

I agree with Buddha Dreamer there will be many who live and thrive. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world – but it maybe the end of the world as most have known it. America may very well slip into becoming a place with very few middle-class, a place that only the wealthy and privileged can truly excel in. The rest of us will have to piece meal our lives together, going from one thing to the next, trying to innovate our ways to a better future.

I surely hope the dark side of the American consciousness looses ground. It has always been my observation that there are two Americans – the one we are told about in history class – the proud idealistic one in which we are the good guys and try to do the right things, and the true America which is much more complex and dark – the one in which slavery, indentured servitude, child labor and institutionalized race and sexism have flourished. The America that committed a genocide against the Native Americans, the brutal indentured servitude of the poorest of the poor who took ships to the US in hope of having a better life and of course the disgusting and horrifying practice of slavery which is grotesque and unthinkably barbaric for anyone who would claim their savior to be Jesus Christ who not only preached love if all, but was one of people who themselves had been enslaved.

I don’t know what the answer to our problems are but I’m certain fear, hatred and ignorance are not the pathway out of our troubled world.

Interestingly I noticed that nearly all people in my generation (born between 1957-1971/72) had a split in their lifelines to what amounts to around their 40s-50s. I always wondered why that was I think we are seeing the answer to that right now. The vast majority of us are having to change careers in middle age and rethink our expectations, our way of living and our lifestyles.

I certainly don’t want to scare anyone and wanted to address Buddha Dreamers comment about having a long life. I’ve never been a proponent of the idea that California was going to break off into the ocean, that a comet was going to hit the earth or any one crazy wild event like a pole shift was going to occur and change everything. I believe our world will change on a quickened geological scale, for the earth it will be insanely fast, for us it will be generations. As it has already been.

I always have faith that we are fantastic beings with limitless potential and if we put our minds and hearts together for the greater good we can overcome anything. However we must be willing to do so.

Many blessings,



Hurricanes, Premonitions and Dreams

I mentioned my vision of a terrible hurricane in an area not normally used to hurricanes. I had a dream this afternoon while taking a nap, it was one of those dreams, the kind I knew was a premonition. I was visiting a close friend in Virginia. We were driving south toward Florida. The weather was abysmal. There was horrible pounding rain and winds, flooding all along the eastern seaboard from where she lived into the southern United States. She told me it had (so this was the future maybe 1-5 years from now?) that this was just the way it was now all the time. Hurricanes were constantly bombarding the southeast and south, most of the time they didn’t make landfall but they left horrible flooding and devastation along the coast from where she lived all the way down through the Florida pan handle and I believe into the Gulf of Mexico although she didn’t specifically say that. She drove through it. People got used to it and it was just the new normal. I suppose people no longer lived close to the ocean at least during the hurricane season because it seemed that there had been an adjustment to this new pattern.

The other thing I want to mention here is something I believe could turn very dark if not turned around. Right now the Republican house is trying to pass a budget that would give the wealthiest one percenter and major corporations a cap of 25% tax. Right now the most they pay is 35%. They want to take away health care for the aged and children and do away with entitlements which of course we are entitled to since we pay into them via our work. This horrific greed is going to backfire if passed. There is already talk that the government might shut down for a period and government workers are afraid they will never get paid for the time they are required to work – so in essence our government will be sanctioning a new kind of slavery. Bringing me to the point that this appears to be the case in all fields. I have seen the record industry fall to pieces first hand, now the film industry and people are working not just for less than what they did before – often they are working literally for free hoping they will get something out of something on the back side.

This is a trend and it’s not a good one. The richest 400 families who make the same amount of money as half of all working Americans combined seem to believe that keeping what they have and letting everyone eat cake is their ticket to maintaining power and securing their personal futures – but let me assure you that this will not be the case – in fact I’m certain if this trend continues we will see the destruction of our country through violent revolution. Perhaps not today, or tomorrow but in our life times. When a country slides from being middle class to looking like a bombed out version of itself, with income levels sliding and people desperate to survive eventually we will get to the point where people will no longer be able to sustain their lifestyles – children will go hungry, people will die and this will push the next generation into a corner where they will be forced to fight for the things that generations fought for a hundred years ago – like unions and fair wages and decent working conditions. People died for these privileges that some grew up believing were rights. Combine this with an unsustainable number of human beings on this earth and a dependence on unsustainable, finite resources for fuel (which literally enables our way of life) and we are headed for a human disaster of unparalleled proportion.

I really wish we had a government that was a democracy instead of a bunch of power-hungry vultures who feed on the desires of lobbyists and multinational corporate interests. Those interests are in direct opposition to the interests of life here on earth – not just for humans, but for all beings. I’m sure many of you are as angry as I am about this. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do and how to change things, however the way things are going it’s nearly impossible for a person to just keep their head above water and survive let alone take on these huge issues which is exactly what our government relies on in terms of our complicity in their Faustian pact with multinational corporations.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas on the subject I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Many blessings, to all,


Oh, and I want to mention I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the recently discovered “dwarf” planet Eris. It’s interesting she was found and finally named fairly recently. She is the Goddess of discord – sister to Aries, her son was God of strife. She is best known for hurling a golden apple into a wedding party addressed to “the fairest” which caused an argument among the Goddesses. Zeus had Paris judge the competition (wisely since it was between his wife, Hera,  and two of his daughters Venus and Athena – I might be mixing Roman and Greek pantheons here so forgive me). The interesting thing to note here are the two things that came out of this – one was the seemingly innocuous golden apple which was really a malicious, manipulation to cause a fight and the second was the Trojan war which also had that element. It was a fake horse sent as a supposed gift that the guards let in and became the city’s downfall.

So it seems the theme here is a “gift” which is really a pathway to destruction. Interesting that we are seeing the middle east explode with the advent or gift of the internet, and social networking sites supposedly inciting the youth to rise up and demand democracy. So either Eris has been misrepresented in a way and strife is a way to get people to act for the better good, or there is something we are not fully aware of in terms of how all of this will eventually play out on a larger scale.

Love to hear your thoughts! I’m going to continue to look into these new planets and try to figure out how they are related to things going on in our world. They are clues for sure. If anyone has ideas about the myths and associations in our world in regards to them please post them!

Hurricanes, Premonitions and Dreams

Angels and Demons (not the novel)

I try to be positive and focus on the things we can do to change the world for the better. It is my firm belief that we always have the power to turn things around and change them, if I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t bother writing – or sharing the visions I have with all of you.

I know many people are freaked out about 2012, but I don’t think it will be the end of the world. I do however think we will see some strange things. I had a vision the other day of a hurricane in what seemed the pacific ocean – a really big one, unprecedented. The weather here in southern CA has been odd for the season raining one day, hot and dry the next – not great for the old migraines.

I have a feeling we are in a period of respite for the time being. But I do think things are building toward more natural disasters. I don’t know if anybody remembered the strange vision I was shown about the area of the Bermuda Triangle and some seemingly natural disaster appearing there. This was about a week before the earthquake in Haiti. I was told then that the cause was not natural, that there was something alien under the water – in my vision it was connected to the Northwest under the pacific ocean.

The last vision/dream I was taken away from due to some sort of negative interference was about a massive earthquake in a remote area. I saw the highway cracked in pieces but had no idea where this was to take place before being taken back to my body because something negative was going to enter it. I had dreams during this period that I looked in the mirror and my eyes were bleeding. I made an appointment to have a check up with my doctor. I was pretty freaked out. The first thing I thought when I woke was radiation but I had no context for it. In the dream it was as if to holes had been punched in my retinas and I thought about the idea of having to look away from a nuclear explosion. Besides how real it all felt other elements of the dream all were happening on a personal level. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the universal and the personal.  Anyway, there was the horrible quake in Christchurch New Zealand shortly after the vision/dream of the broken road and then not long after the 9.0 in a remote farming city in Japan. I wish I could have gotten more information but something stopped me.

I have to say  I have seen strange things lately. Something I haven’t revealed before on the blog has been a series of visitations I received starting back in the summer of 2010. The odd thing was these beings looked human and at first I thought they were weird old men with long white hair coming up to my front door, like they were putting a flyer on it or going to try to sell me something – this happened in broad daylight. When I went to look for them, I realized they were not physically there. I don’t like to sound like too much of a freak, but if you all knew how terrorized and crazy my life has been due to my “gift” I think most of you would agree it’s more of a curse.

The first long white-haired man in a white robe I looked for, thinking he had really been at my door, on my doorstep. I eventually asked my inner self (or whatever it is that makes me the freak I am) and I was told his name was Samuel at first I wondered if this was an old relative as he looked a bit like an ancient rabbi or perhaps an uncle. I didn’t know then that Samuel was an angel.

And then the parade of strange beings continued – all giving me different angel names. I had to look them up. One was Cassiel. It made personal sense to me as I was going through a transition in my career and Cassiel is related to the planet of careers – Saturn. Another was Gabriel and last name I remember was Azreal because I was  beginning to get a little frightened as I looked up Azreal and found he was known as the angel of death. This is about the time I stopped posting for a long period of time. I had no idea what the hell was happening and I can tell you all I could think was my two years in CCD school after my Jewish father died and my Catholic mother was told to raise us in her religion by the Rabbi, about the end of days and the breaking of the seven seals. I however – as you all know – am not a believer in organized religion. I have found it to be problematic and often anti-spiritual. I do believe that much of what is found in holy books was given to us by other beings, but not by Ain Soph – the God/Goddess/Great Spirit – Creator of all Universes. And of course there is the issue of interpretation that happens when hundreds of years go by before anything is written down about an event – a lot of what happened could be misinterpreted.

I do believe we are in the process of a major shift of epic proportion. So large, many of us will probably be caught in the change. I don’t feel however it will all happen on December 21 of 2012. I believe it is a process. If we begin (on a large scale) to shift our behavior, have respect for the earth and all creatures, treat each other with love and kindness and act in accordance with the golden rule – I believe we can shift the balance and possibly stave off the worst of what is to come. It may sound crazy that the little things we do change the broader landscape of the world – but just think of the Butterfly Theory (not the movie – the actual theory) and you will see how the smallest things can have huge impact.

Try to stay positive and keep praying for the healing and good of our world and the enlightenment of humankind.

We must all awaken to the call to be our better selves and shed the dark id of our un-evolved reptilian brains. Fear is an enemy. We can’t live in that state. So what I’m telling everyone is things will be OK, we just have to do everything we can to secure that potential future which includes visualizing our world in it’s best possible state. And we have to reject the course we are on by teaching those around us to be loving and descent.

Here in LA a little baby girl’s life was saved because a woman saw her sitting in a car seat alone while the father was inside a Costco. It was 120 degrees in the car when the police got her out of there. If the woman had not taken action the child would have died. Be nosy, do the right thing, everything in this world is your business – this world is yours and its all connected to you.

Many blessings to all,



Angels and Demons (not the novel)