Obama’s Speech & Health Care Reform

Obama’s speech last night was amazing. I didn’t get to finish watching all of it but he really is the first president I’ve ever truly been proud of. He exemplifies the best that a leader can be. I’ve been doing some looking back and wanted to share some earlier posts that touch on things that Obama talked about last night.

Here’s a post from December 2, 2008 about the health care system:

In the spring of 2009 we’ll see the first in a series of bills aimed at health-care reform as transiting Uranus in Pisces goes through the first house and opposes the US cons. sign. chart’s Sun. The way we see this issue has been changing over the past seven or so years, our minds began changing then when Uranus opposed Mercury in the 7th. And then as bankruptcy laws changed and increases in health-care costs went up, Uranus opposed Venus in the 7th, again highlighting the financial need for laws to change how we deal with our health-care system, pointing out the lack of human kindness in it. And finally when it hits the Sun in spring of 09, the vitality of this issue, the soul of the problem will be tackled in a bill. This aspect will go back and forth for a while so it will be the first in a series of several major changes to the system we now have in place.

It probably won’t be until May of 2010 until these changes are really put into action. This will be when transiting Uranus in Pisces will be trining the US cons. sign’s Uranus in the 6th house of health and the health-care system. This overhaul will be immediate, and a bit of a shock to the system, but will be a great improvement especially for women and children, and those who don’t have steady employment, but work more piece meal.

And this pertinent post dated January 25, 2009 after doing the chart of the 2nd inauguration:

With Mercury ruling the chart due to the Virgo ascendant and it being Mercury retrograde, which is probably why this happened to begin with (if something legal occurs during Mercury retrograde it inevitably has to be redone or if one goes on a trip during Mercury retrograde it means you will return to that place again later so it’s not always a bad thing), but getting back to the point, Mercury is in Capricorn in the 5th. I’d say there will be a lot of criticism and judgement from the other side about how to deal with the stock market and the financial disaster we’re in.

Be prepared to hear a lot of dramatic exaggeration of how his plan will ruin everything if put into place (by the Republicans) with Mercury being in the 5th house.  There will be an unfair amount of expectation for Obama to be perfect, and his critics will be very nitpicking and harsh with Saturn in Virgo in the 1st house. Expect his greatest criticism to come from the fiscally privileged with Moon in Sagittarius. Those corporations who have shipped jobs over seas, taking them off American soil. This could be because of new laws Obama will try to put in place making it difficult, if not impossible, for companies to exploit developing nations in leu of paying a proper wage to the American worker and keeping jobs here.

With Uranus and Venus conjunct in Pisces in the 7th house squaring the Moon in the 4th and opposing Saturn in the 1st, the loss of jobs, money, and passing of new laws pertaining to work, health-care, public service and  the real estate market means richy rich isn’t going to be pleased. There will be some real reform coming from an idealistic compassionate bent with Uranus conjunct Venus in Pisces meaning the Obama administration won’t have the motto, “greed is good,” but rather a motto of, “lifting up your brother, lifts all humanity.” Usually, selfish, greedy people don’t really dig this, too much, and they will be ravenous dogs picking at every tiny little thing they can find to try and show some sort of hole in his ideals.But I don’t think they’ll get far.

The public is going to be overwhelmingly with Obama, all that Aquarius in the 6th house of the regular working person means he will appeal to their issues and needs. He will do a lot to help those people. Also this chart reflects the reform of the health care system coming in his first term of office.

My feeling is Obama will be like Reagan in that any dirt thrown his way will just blow back on those throwing it. He is definitely the man for this big job, and the hope he has inspired alone is worth so much after 8 years of utter storming despair under the Bush administration’s fear and spy tactics. It’s as if we just broke down the Berlin wall again. The last 8 years were as close as we’ve come so far to a Plutocracy.


Blessing to all of you,


Obama’s Speech & Health Care Reform

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Speech & Health Care Reform

  1. Juno says:

    Hi Denise-

    Just a suggestion — are there any L.A.-based papers that would run a regular column on info like this, concerning the Obama presidency and the new economy? Sending then a sample like this as a pitch would work; it would be great to reach a wider audience and to help others out there, and I think people are freaked out enough now that they are either going to shut down further or open up to new ways of looking at info.

  2. Sparker says:

    Hi Denise,
    The other night I saw four, what I believe, are UFO’s over the city of LS Vegas the other night. Apparently, there is a huge surge in these blatant sightings. Whatever they are they apparently want to be seen.
    I have also seen a lot of chem trails over Las Vegas the last few days. I saw them a lot in the Fall when I was in Central PA. It’s amazing to me that these things in the sky are going completely unnoticed by people.
    Do you have any insight into why these things are taking place? I suspect the chem trails have something to do with reflecting light in the hopes of preventing global warming.

  3. Pete N says:

    Those posts are really something. I can’t say that I fully believe in the astrology, but can’t ignore a prediction that actually happened. Right now, we really need jobs and financial security more than anything right now. My brother-in-law got laid off a few months ago as a medical coder. He’s looking to start his own business now to provide coding and billing services to independent physicians who couldn’t afford his ex-company’s rates. This stimulus plan ought to help him out in two ways: 1) independent physicians needing his help to standardize their medical info data and 2) with education loans cause he’d like my sister to take classes and become a medical coder to help him out

  4. Karl says:

    You’re not a psychic you’re and ideologue… Obama is a disaster. 16 trillion debt, and no end in sight….You don’t need to be a psychic to know where we are headed,, take a look at Greece

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