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From Al Brooks:

AS far as Palin, there is such a double standard. Obama lies at every turn, its not reported, and she is denegrated every other day. She quit becasue of frivlous ethics charges.

Hi Al Brooks,

All I can say to Al Brooks is I hope he’s not Albert Brooks whom I am a huge fan of. What a bummer that would be. As for Palin I’ve looked at her chart. It’s clear from it that she’s not a very bright bulb and she’s also a narcissist who expects other people to live by rules which she openly disobeys. I don’t have trouble with people being human, imperfect or anyone who makes a mistake. I do have a problem with hypocrites and Palin is a huge one. Pushing her daughter to teach abstinence only to kids when she got knocked up in high school boarders on mentally ill. She’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing. She can’t think for herself let alone lead. And I guarantee you if she stayed in power (as I had predicted back in September or October of last year) a cornucopia of misdeeds, borderline sociopathic behavior and a plethora of scandals would have eventually made there way into the tabloids. And when reporters did their jobs, they would find all of it was true. This woman is a mess, a dumb one at that. If this is the best the Republican party can trot out then they should give up.

And from Eya:

How about this connection? I’m from Alaska and when I got wind of a “hastily called press statement” from our govenor I immediately thought of North Korea. It was a logical thought; the last “missile test” was suppose to be headed our way. What a shock instead….She quits!!! She didn’t quit as mayor of Wassilla; she was nearly recalled from office. But, there is a pattern here for sure. She plays by her own rules and gets away with it in the sense that she constantly rises higher and higher. There is no doubt she is coming your way, but the media and bloggers will keep the public informed; she has a disconnect with her reality and the “facts.”
Anyways, thanks for your thoughts as always and found it interesting that you used the term “psycho.” Many here have been feeling like something mental is going on with her

Hi Eya,

Kind of the way George W. handled 9/11 by reading to kids and then flying around the US all day until the crisis was over. I think he would have quit too if he didn’t have good old Dick to run things for him anyway. Sarah and George are both cowards. People who want attention but have nothing to give. They both should have tried to get reality shows instead and saved us the headache. It would have been better for everyone.

From Hope and a Plan:

Are you familiar with all of the information on HAARP, which happens to be located in Alaska.
I wonder if the lines are fault lines, since some believe (big conspiracy, hang in there with me) that it was used to cause the large recent Chinese earthquake. If you remember China wouldnt allow aids workers in the area, and there are now claims that there was a large underground nuclear plant that was destroyed. I think there are many ways of warring, there is the Kissinger way and the high tech way. “Lines” also make me think of the earth’s electromagnetic grid. And then there’s the less literal chaos in California… Just my two non cents.

Hi Hope and a Plan:

I haven’t heard of HAARP but will do some research on it. I did do a little research on the ultrasound or sonic weaponry and found some interesting things, it did seem to dovetail with the dream. I had thought of earthquakes as well but interestingly in the dream I distinctly thought that it didn’t seem like California (where I live). I had no idea that Alaska was the target but the dreamscape certainly would fit the pictures I’ve seen of towns there. Here’s a few excerpts from wikipedia on sonic weapons: “At higher energy levels, a subsonic shock wave is theoretically powerful enough to do damage (see Earthquake).[citation needed] The possible effects have been the subject of much speculation.” And under the section, “Lethal Sonic Weapons From the Air” was this entry: “A powerful low frequency sound designed to get buildings or structures to resonate and cause them to collapse.” Here’s the link to that entry:

And From Wei:

The other conspiracy theory is that there is a plan to send an electromagnetic pulse to interrupt the entire electrical grid so the world goes into darkness, and that will be the beginning of the end to bring down gov’ts and cause democracy to fall. I heard of HAARP technology, which has been one of the increasingly weaponized forms of nature. There are conspiracy stories that china during the olympics was boasting that there would be no rain and many thought they had some sort of weather control technology.

The other thing about the dream is that your brother was interpreting what he saw, it could be solar flares that caused the electrical grid to short and catch fire. Scary nevertheless. My dreams have been mildly unpleasant of late also.

Hi Wei:

I just read up a little about HAARP it sounds pretty freaky, the dark side of terrabuilding technology. It is very possible my dream was about that, like I said, I had no idea what was causing the effects in the dream, only when I was awake did I try to figure it out.

It seems we’ve entered a dark period and there’s a lot to do to dig us out from the hole we’re in. I have been feeling for awhile that we are coming to the end of our chance to save ourselves and the earth. I only hope we have more time and we grow up fast. I do still believe it’s possible.

It’s interesting to note that there are about 6 billion people incarnate on the planet right now. This is about the same amount of people estimated to have lived in all of human history up to this time. I often wonder if we’ve all come back here to grab the wheel and get humanity back on course. It’s been my feeling that for the past 50 years a great percentage of us were not required (for our own personal growth) to come back here but rather choose to come back and like pure drops of rain in a polluted pond, help to purify the collective consciousness in order to elevate humanity in both an evolutionary leap and also to steer the ship toward peace, knowledge, understanding and compassion. But being here sure is frustrating! And sometimes I wonder if the best of us don’t get sucked into our lower natures here. It’s a struggle to stay positive sometimes.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you kind and wonderful souls,


Answering Readers & More…

5 thoughts on “Answering Readers & More…

  1. Norah says:

    Hi Denise

    Agree with you 100% about SP. Hard to believe anyone can admire her or defend her. They must miss the good ol’ days of the Bush-Cheney fascist regime. Not me!

    Obama seems to be hitting roadblocks at every turn. I’m sure he anticipated this … did anyone think the Bushies would go quietly into the night? Not a chance. I believe given enough time and Congressional support (!), he can turn things around, eventually. I’m still worried about his safety, however; lots of nut jobs out there … bitter, angry nut jobs with guns.

    Staying positive is a constant struggle these days.

  2. grace43 says:

    I have also been concerned with Obama’s safety. Interesting.

    I have come to completely understand your feelings about Michael Jackson, Denise. My sister in law has been blubbering like a baby over him. “This was Mike’s favorite song” wah. wah. wah. Nosense. It’s not like he ever met these people. I keep wondering what is wrong with people. Good grief! He hadn’t had a hit album since the 80s!

    He was an okay singer and a good dancer, but really – great gift to music? Please! John Williams is a great gift to music. (The guy who wrote the theme to Star Wars and several other musical scores.) Danny Elfman (another movie musical score writer) and Prince could be brought into that circle, but Michael Jackson? He couldn’t even play an instrument that I know of! It makes me wonder about all the people behind the scenes in the music business who are the real driving force behind the “stars”.

    This is a question of no consequence, but when is Hollywood going to start making good movies again? I can barely find one to rent these days. They are so out of touch that their movies come off as dull and out of touch. I am hoping this recession will hit the collective Hollywood pocket hard enough for a return to reality and maybe some decent movies.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have a feeling that Albert Brooks was talking in jest or taken out of context. Here is an excerpt written by Mr. Brooks posted in the Huffington Post:

    When my five-year-old kept talking about what he would do when he became president I always ended the conversation saying, “all you have to do is study hard and if you want it, anyone can become president.” Of course I never believed that. I knew a week later he would want to be an actor or a scientist so I thought that was the easiest way to go on to another conversation. But Sarah Palin proved me wrong. ANYONE can now be president.

    I like Sarah Palin’s public speaking ability. I think she is fun to look at, certainly the hottest vice presidential candidate in history. But I looked up some facts. The United States has 10,000 nuclear weapons, 100 aircraft carriers, 3,000,000 people in the armed forces, and ten trillion dollars of debt.

    I am now hearing from the Karl Roves of the world that having a 17-year-old daughter pregnant out of wedlock will make Palin sympathetic to millions of Americans who know the pain of that situation. But my question is WHERE WAS THE ADVICE? Do we want a president who cannot communicate to their own child that possibly having a baby a year after you get your driver’s license is not the smartest thing to do? Is this the new way for women to break the glass ceiling? To have their daughters throw their babies at it? I want my president to control their children, then they can tell the Navy what to do.

  4. Helena says:

    Hi Denise,

    I just found your website. I read the article you linked to on war and it looks like unless I’m mistaken that the prediction was for November, 2008. However, the Saturn Pluto transit has correlations with every major war in the Middle East, so it’s possible we’ll see a war in the region during the transit. Israel perceives Iran as its top national security threat and when people feel threatened, violence often follows, unless something happens to diffuse the situation.

    On your post in January about Goldman Sachs, I was looking at the September, 2008 chart. I’d like to know how reliable is the birth data. The 2008 chart has a grand cross involving the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Pluto. If I were the head of a company, I wouldn’t have picked this date. Matt Taibbi has an epic take down in Rolling Stone of Goldman Sachs “The Great American Bubble Machine,” but the corporate press has not given any coverage so far. They’re back to the old script of giving huge bonuses and appear to be the only ones doing very well while the country is swirling the drain.

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