Still Standing

     The exact words that came to me by spirit on December 5, 2011 were, “It’s going to be a nail bitter between Obama and Romney even though it shouldn’t be. It will be close but Obama will win.” That is exactly what I heard.

     Later that voice said to me when I heard the words “Paul Ryan” the voice said, “This will be the nail in the coffin.” I took that to mean that there was no way the future could change once Romney picked him. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant since I knew nothing of Ryan or his policies. I assume that it meant Obama’s win was solidified and once I learned about Ryan’s policies I understood why it showed Romney’s hand in a negative way.    

     Romney aligned himself with the radical right and therefore those who may have been inclined to vote for Romney as the white “more business friendly” Obama – which of course he is not. (He’s actually got the social policies of a Victorian and the business ideas of the Wall Street guys who crashed the economy.) He would be a deadly choice and this is why spirit said to me, “it shouldn’t be.” Meaning people were going to be deceived by double talking, lying, manipulative turns of policy Romney would put out there in his grab for power above all – service to himself above all else. I stand by this despite everyone’s fear. I think there will be some sort of problem in Pennsylvania where voter fraud might be a problem – giving the state to Romney when Obama should be the victor. However Obama will still win despite this.

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Still Standing

16 thoughts on “Still Standing

  1. Yes, there are already concerns about voter fraud. This election has reached the level of absurdist satire, unfortunately. The Borowitz Report, in The New Yorker, does spoof headlines on the presidential race (Sample: “G.O.P. Split over Whether to Emphasize Misogyny or Racism”) but some almost read like real news headlines given how far to the right things have gotten.

  2. Elly says:

    Alabama Statistician Predicts Big Obama Win
    October 4, 2012 by Sam Rolley

    Alabama-based astrophysicist and statistician Wes Colley says that the Presidential race is already over and that President Barack Obama is well on his way to re-election.

    Using a simple method of measuring poll data which he has employed to correctly predict the outcome of the past two Presidential elections, Colley believes Obama has locked up Ohio and Virginia and holds a small lead in Florida that will jettison him to electoral victory.

    “I think the operative word is disaster if you’re a Republican,” Colley told on Monday. “I think the operative word is confidence if you’re a Democrat.

    “These things can swing a lot. But it would have to swing a lot a lot.”

    Colley teaches statistics and physics-based modeling at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His method predicts Obama winning the election with 348 electoral votes and Romney with only 190.

  3. Denise …. I’m more of a strong intuitive “people reader” [in the same sort of way that the professional jury consultant JoEllan Dimetrius is …. or the “body language” expert Tonya Reiman …. than a ‘psychic’, per se. And I just want to briefly submit here my own perspective about Willard Mitt Romney. My strong sense is that he is not only a man without a “core” to his character, or an “empty” soul ….. he is, quite frankly, beyond emotionally dysfunctional. As his own wife has already expressed …. he is EASILY CAPABLE of having a complete mental breakdown if he were to be elected. The intense stress of that job on such an individual who has, during his lifetime, had very few [if any] genuine moments of stress would have the effect of decimating him. I hate to say this, but frankly …. the guy exhibits several signs of being mentally ill. And to think that he has even so much as the POSSIBILITY of becoming President is a very frightening prospect. Thank you, Denise, for easing our minds a little by sharing with us the gift of what Spirit has told you about the outcome of this election. So EVERYBODY out there ….. GO VOTE IN SUPPORT OF OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT!!

  4. As Marianne Williamson said, let’s pray for democracy and light for our highest good at this election. My appreciation for your truth and the supporters of such here.

  5. Marie says:

    another statistician and brilliant numbers guy who has predicted Obama has 73.6% of winning and Romney 26.4% chance of winning. If you recall the movie with Brad Pitt “money ball” hired a guy named Nate Silver to help him find winning Baseball players by using numbers to predict top league players. he predicted the 2010 Republican landslide. too bad the democrats were asleep than. lol

    I recall before Romney made his VP pick, I kept getting a “P” name, so I thought it would be Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman. to my surprised he chose Paul Ryan. my immediate thought was the same as yours. the nail in the coffin for Romney. Paul Ryan is a brown noser. he will do anything to be accepted. I think he is worse than Romney.

    if we all pray, and pray for everyone to feel peace and love, I wish to see Harmony in our country again.

    for some reason the past few days, I am feeling calmer, and feel confident Obama will win. yes, it’s one hell of a bumpy ride, and a nail biter indeed.

  6. Marie says:

    concerned with voter fraud. are you aware the Romney family and through his son Tagg Romney owns electronic voting machines in tossed up states. if you wish to sign the petition to call on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate, please visit this site and add your name. we are running out of time.

  7. Buddhadreamer says:

    I am full of fear. The possible futures are converging, into one, now, in this last week, before the election, and I do not like what I see. There will be vote fraud, Denise, and it is going to ever closer and disputed, I think, in the vote. But I think it will go to the electoral college, not in the popular vote. In the meantime, I have this nagging sense of some outside force, (possibly the great storm now underway) having a marginal but decisive effect, that tilts the balance. One week, and we shall see the future, or even if America still has a future. I am picking up, psychically, a sort of sudden “kink” or twist in the process almost at the very last minute, (Literally). I am getting something is going to happen, in the last 24-48 hours of the race, that might not even get into the media, but which will emerge later……(as in: “Oh, so they tried that, did they?”.) Of such things, history is made. Pray. It is all we have left.

    1. I agree …. there definitely will be election fraud on the part of the Republican party. To what extent this will affect the outcome is the aspect of it that I can’t predict. But the fraud is practically a given. For my part, I will pray and send positive thoughts and energy the President’s way. What a terrible shame it is for our country that someone like Romney who is so obviously without a moral core and mentally-ill would be elected [via fraud] in the Republican primary to stand as a Presidential candidate …. and attract the votes of mindless, heartless, and evil people whose main focus is to oust the current President simply because he is Black. SHAME FOREVER BE ON THEM!

  8. Liberal fools, eh?? Just FYI — I have, for the past FORTY years, consistently voted either Republican or as an Independent. HOWEVER … when I recognize that the GOP Presidential candidate is as MENTALLY-ILL to the extent that Willard Mitt Romney very OBVIOUSLY IS …. then it’s TIME to FINALLY WAKE UP and smell the coffee!! YOU are the TRUE FOOL, Dorit!!!

  9. PK says:

    I’ve been reading Denise’s blog since 2008 and have found her to be always very thoughtful and sound in her psychic forecasts. It’s not always popular to go against where the tide appears to be flowing but she has the right to say what she sees or senses or hears clairvoyantly. And this is HER blog, anyway! It also takes guts to make predictions and stand by them. I want to support her prediction about Obama winning the election this year, as I have had the same strong feeling for the past 6 years.

    I don’t have a horse in this Presidential race – since I am not an American citizen. Yet, for some unknown reason, I have had an accurate gut-feel as to who will become the President in every US Presidential election since 1972. I usually never shared my gut-feel with anyone beyond my family or very close friends.

    In 2006 I had a feeling that Obama would run for the Presidency and would be elected in 2008 and become a two-term President. I also had the sense in 2006 that he would be considered to be one of the greatest Presidents of the US, years after his tenure is over. This was even before he announced his candidacy for the nomination of the Democratic Party.

    I re-checked my sense about Obama earlier this year, as outcomes can change with changing circumstances, and the circumstances in the US over the past 4 years have not necessarily been supportive of the re-election of an incumbent President. I again got the feeling that he will be re-elected for a second term and I still think that he could be one of the greatest Presidents of the US. Friends (even Democrats) with whom I have shared this have pooh-poohed my gut-feel as they think that Obama has not run a spectacular campaign against Romney and not adequately argued his achievements or defense during the 3 debates with his opponent. I stick by my gut-sense that Obama will win, even though this election looks close.

    Since 2008 I have also had a strong feeling that Obama and Hillary Clinton will be closely associtated with each other during his tenure as President. I had hoped that they would run as President and VP in 2008 but that didn’t happen, although she later accepted the post of Secretary of State, which has led to a very close association and partnership between them. Even if she steps down now as Secretary of State, I still think that there is a chance for her to be VP later on in his second term (around 2014). How or why that will happen, I can only conjecture but I cannot say for sure. I believe that she will associate with his second term as President only if things are going well in the US under his tenure. She is a thoughtful, hard-working, gutsy and ambitious woman and would not want to tie herself to an unsuccessful second term of Obama, if she has visions of running successfully for the Presidency in 2016. I am not faulting her for this as this would be the prudent road to take, if she wants to run for President after Obama. So, if she does become VP in his second term, then rest assured that the US is doing well by then. Then, on to a Hillary presidential run in 2016.

  10. Marie says:

    Denise? would you care to look into John McCain’s chart and see if there is some physical illness or perhaps a mental imbalance? anyone care to explain his irrational behavior other than yea, he is bitter he lost twice and to a black man. I mean get over that. but there has to be something else. I heard right after the election, there is a group of right wing extremists or ultra conservatives making robocalls to start a petition to impeach Obama for various high crimes to which they do not know of any though. But they are convinced Obama was not born in USA, so it’s the birther argument, and they have said no clear evidence of one and no one has ever seen the actual certificate.

    perhaps I am overreaching, but I am sensing a panicking feeling with McCain as if he is wanting to keep digging on Benghazi to find something , anything to help with the impeachment drive.

    I am really glad I’m not a Republican.

    blessings, Marie

  11. I must comment here …. that as for the right-wing extremists — here in Texas, they are concentrated mostly in lower-socioeconomic evangelistic counties in the “backwoods” of East Texas …. like Hardin County. I have personally known people who live there ….. and these types are very emotionally and mentally dysfunctional. They are racists to the extreme. East Texas is the last bastion of where the Ku Klux Klan maintained their influence before it withered away by the 1980s. But the KKK’s “mindset” is till alive and well amongst the radical right-wing residents there. This is the same group that recently called for secession from the U.S. Believe me …. they are very OBVIOUSLY deranged …. and for this reason, the rest of Texas pays them no heed. Despite the attention that the national media has recently given them ….. their so-called “movement” will fade into obscurity soon enough. They are completely inconsequential in the big picture of the serious issues our country is currently dealing with.

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