The Bombing in Boston

When I was on Coast to Coast I talked about a dream I had had – it was one of those HD dreams, I’m quoting the best description I’ve heard of this – one invented by a brilliant readers of this blog  – anyway, it was extremely real – lucid and I knew it was one of those premonitions. I had this dream in the summer of 2012. In it I was someone else. I was running in a crowd with my child in a group of panicked people from something I didn’t know what. As I have seen riots here in LA, I assumed it was one. I escaped whatever was going on by running into a boutique local store where the woman was sort of calming everyone down. I thought it was Philadelphia. I have been there only once for a matter of hours, and I’m not sure why I thought it was that town. I knew for sure it was a small city on the east coast but I jumped to that perhaps because of the election coming up. 

Here’s the thing. I wonder what other people’s intuition and I’d like to open a debate here as to what all of you feel about the horrible event that happened in Boston. It doesn’t feel like a one time thing to me, in fact it feels like there is a network of people involved in this and that the group is domestic in origin. The dream I had may mean that another attack is planned also in in Phili or that I just got it wrong in the dream as I’ve not spent much time other than a matter of a day in Boston and one in Philadelphia. 

My first impression was that it was a youngish male late 20s to early 30s with short dark hair, white, college educated, very bright and part of a much bigger movement who was keen on starting a revolution against our government. I have more information but I feel it is best to keep this private for some reason so I must honor this feeling.

Why this group would choose this tactic is beyond me. It seems if anything it would stack people against you to hurt innocent people. The rational is the one thing I can’t completely get my head around. I feel like the person who put the back packs in the areas was not high up on the command chain – meaning they knew only part of the plan. Perhaps this is why I can’t pick up on the reason why. I believe it will be very hard for the government to find the real culprit. My feeling is that they are very educated, computer savvy, many come from middle-class backgrounds or higher and do not work or are not part of the system. They maybe connected to the same group that bombed Oklahoma City – not necessarily the same exact people or exact group but with a mission to create chaos and cause an uprising. Those are my first instincts about it. 

I would love you all to focus on your feelings. Perhaps by putting out our intuition we can stop them from attacking. I also wonder if perhaps they changed plans and had originally planned on attacking Philadelphia but decided to change it to Boston as the starting place for some reason. But as I said in early postings May is the month in which our sense of who we are will shift and there are some unfortunate things coming down the pike. I hope I am wrong and sometimes I feel that by exorcising these feelings publicly it helps to stop them from coming into being. 

My warning to all is to TRUST your INTUITION at ALL TIMES – ALWAYS. It is vitally important to use your intuition and any information you get via dreams, meditations, etc. to be given real attention. There’s no need to be paranoid just aware. By using the gift of your natural intuition you will keep yourself safe and help others by letting them know in advance.

Sometimes I feel like all of you who read this blog are fellow light workers who have been brought here to find your own power and learn to trust yourselves.

I’m sorry I was absent again but I suffer from very severe migraines and this happens whenever the barometric pressure shifts and unfortunately as climate change has been messing with the planet SoCal has been an unfortunate place for a person like me to live due to the intense pollen, dryness and now the crazy barometric pressure changes that are sort of trapped and made more intense by the mountains. I won’t get into all of it but I am not able to go on line or even be in any sort of light when I have one of these episodes. I just got over one that lasted for several days so again I’m sorry for being inactive. 

I’m glad however that all of you are making connections and finding souls of like mind here.

Many blessings to all of you,


The Bombing in Boston

41 thoughts on “The Bombing in Boston

  1. Melissa M Johansen says:

    I to have feelings about things before they happen. The day before the incident I felt a pulling in my core. I had a flash of the person who carried out this crime. I saw a young white male as well in his later 20’s very educated wearing a black zip up hooded jacket with dark hair and a slight beard on his cheeks. Also I saw he had bad teeth. I feel he is involved in a group that is fixated on Government conspiracies. Also I heard a name “Don or Donny”. Normally I wouldn’t post on this but what you said here struck something within me that I should share what I saw. So, you know that you are not the only one with the same feelings.

  2. Wendie Marieu says:

    I sense that this is a case of domestic terror. It was a message which shouted rebellion, intended for the government and purposely done on tax day. The planners have no conscience and consider themselves enlightened rebels or patriots. That people died and were horribly maimed is justified in their distorted thinking, The victims are perceived as casualties of war. The perpetrators wish to wage war against the govt. and its control of the people and their compromised freedoms. I sense young, Caucasian males who revel in the press coverage of this despicable event. A Timothy McVeigh-type comes to mind.

    1. Wendie Marieu says:

      Adding a few other thoughts. These men are in their 20s or early 30s at the most, are immature and feed on each other’s anger toward the govt. or establishment. I do not sense they are particularly intelligent, at least by my definition. Truly intelligent people have good reasoning skills and weigh a variety of factors before taking action. These men are not fair in their judgments and see the world through tunnel vision. I sense alcohol use to the point of binge drinking, cigarettes, obsessive ruminating about how society has done them wrong, and parents who were poor role models. There was a lack of healthy nurturing relationships in their upbringing. They did not excel in school. School was the establishment and rules. They read about bomb making on the Internet. The Internet and video games are important to them. Planning this act gave them a mission, a direction in life

  3. Cat says:

    When I first saw the images of the Boston bombings I also felt that whoever is behind this, is American. Like you, I agree that the intend to start an uprising against the government. I don’t know why, but I feel like these people may have been connected at some point to the movement against Wall Street, I get the feeling these are not the only attacks we are going to see and perhaps we might be witnessing the start of underground urban militias.

  4. Strange my first thought was domestic terrorists trying to make it look like it was foreign. I have only spoken to one person who thought it was Al Queida. Everyone else I have spoken to has said domestic. Apparently, the bombs where made with large pressure cookers. My husband thinks it has to be someone who works in the area. I also feel it is an antigovernment network. I can’t help but think the date – April 15th is significant.

  5. Thomas says:

    ZOMA quote: “Tsunamis have been foreseen, they will occur on the west coast but not as one might imagine. They will not be entirely from natural causes.”

    I was watching a video today claiming the Illuminate was behind the Boston Bombings, and also behind the Japanese 9.3 earthquake.

    There’s an Illuminate card game (from the 1990s) about controlling the planet, and one of the cards shows the Wako Clock Tower in Tokyo collapsing, with the clock hands near 11 and 3. The 9.3 earthquake / tsunami in Japan happened on 3/11/11.

    The construction of the Wako Clock Tower was held up by a massive 7.9 earthquake on Sep. 1, 1923. I found this in the article about the earthquake:

    “Some scientists, including C.F. Brooks of the United States Weather Bureau, suggested the opposing energy exerted by a sudden decrease of atmospheric pressure coupled with a sudden increase of sea pressure by a storm surge on an already-stressed earthquake fault, known as the Sagami Trough, may have triggered the earthquake.”

    Now I’m wondering if what ZOMA saw was the Illuminate using HAARP to create “a sudden decrease in atmospheric pressure” combined with an extremely high tide, to try and trigger a massive earthquake for Southern California?

    1. Thomas says:

      Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:51 am

      “I woke up thinking of FFs and “Waterton” came to me.”

      Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:28 pm

      “Florida just popped up in my mind for some reason.

      I’m looking at Denise Siegel’s stuff right now.”

      (I can’t provide a link here, because the last time I tried my post disappeared. I wrote the above posts on Oroborus Forum.)


      Thomas | March 8, 2013 at 2:46 pm

      “I don’t know if these shootings are created by demons on the other side, or demons working within our government, but this morning “Waterton” came to me as another premonition.

      The number “signs” I keep seeing lately are 777 and 444. I keep getting déjà vu with Waterton. I wonder if it has something to do with JCD, Denise, and their “389″ dreams? I keep wondering if Denise will be part of the exodus out of California heading north?”

      (The above post is posted on this blog under; Just to be Clear
      Posted on July 19, 2012)

    2. Thomas says:

      I had a premonition about June 30, while reading on Denise Siegel’s site, and I posted it on April 18, and then I reposted it on April 28 on another site. I also had that premonition (see above) about Florida.

      I’m in contact with someone that had a “calendar” dream about the “30th,” and “3:00,” and this person lives in Florida.

      Like with the 389 dreams, it is interesting what people pick up on in dreams.

  6. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    After the appalling Boston bombings, I was watching CNN for more information. Ari Fleischer (Bush’s ex spokesman who happens to share a birthday with Mrs Thatcher) was being interviewed. He kept on saying that it was far too early to describe it as a terrorist incident. I remember thinking ‘It’s obviously a terrorist incident, you idiot, the only unanswered question is who was responsible.’ Like you, I believe that it was domestic.

    Best wishes from Simon

  7. Marie says:

    I too feel this is domestic in nature, and feels to be young radicals revolting against the government. I mentioned this happening on another page, stating I was more worried about our country being attacked by local domestic terrorists similar to Timothy McVeigh bombing a federal bldg. granted no bldgs were bombed, but this time more focused on mass crowds. obviously this was planned and coordinated. we’ll find out soon enough who was behind it. There could be a link to Al Queda organization.. .

    I had a war like dream about a year ago and I want to share it on your dream blog request. now where is it?

  8. Marie says:

    BTW- for migraines and bad headaches in general you might want to try having acupuncture. I hear it’s very effective for treating migraines. Best wishes with this, I know it’s tough and slows everything down.

    I’ve had acupuncture for pain management, and after 4 sessions, I experienced a breakthrough.

  9. Marie says:

    well, I will tell you what my dream was about.

    I was at an outdoor event and took place on a narrow city street with tall bldgs and large massive crowds. I was standing with a group of friends/family and we were waiting for a parade to start. then all of a sudden, there was loud explosion and gunfire, and people panicked and we started to run in the other direction. we were being attacked, and did feel like a war zone. that was it…

    I was sweating, when I woke up.

  10. I felt compelled to share my intuition as well. I don’t normally do this, but what came up for me is that this attack’s purpose is to be a distraction….distraction for what I am not sure…I will continue my thoughts below…I strongly feel that: I don’t believe this is anti-government group…I do believe that young americans age 20-30 carried out the plan……but it was the mastermind of lobbyists or those connected to the government used as a tool to DISTRACT the US and (US) and put forward an agenda…or possibly pass a bill. Perhaps those who carried it out felt they were doing it for another cause, “their cause”, but the mastermind behind this plot…had a different agenda entirely..there is something so fishy about this….Blame will be wasted on a right wing group or a those thinking this is anti government, it isn’t…this was the brainchild of those with deeper pockets, strategically planning something bigger….that is everything I am inputting at this time…but would be curious if anyone else taps in like this and has more information to share….I am deeply angered by this act against innocent people.

  11. Laura says:

    I agree that it is probably domestic in nature. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with OWS and anyone who would suggest that simple doesn’t understand OWS. Probably April 15 is significant….wouldn’t doubt that, but thanks for pointing that out. I could be wrong, but I thought it was connected to Sandy Hook and by a group that is gun-obsessed and wanted to make a point about the 2nd amendment. Maybe it has a double meaning for taxes, as well and perhaps this group will do more attacks of this nature to signify their libertarian ideology. I got an immediate gut response when it was first claimed that the person was a Saudi and then a Muslim. How convenient to blame Muslims. Then the “news” erroneously made the same claim and it had to be retracted.

    To me ….this is the result of the hatred by the right-wing Republicans and their vile policies of hatred of Muslims, hatred of taxes, hatred of gun control, and hatred of government. I feel this has been brewing for some time. It feels like it is ratcheting up every day.

    1. Marie says:

      I agree that it has to do with gun nuts/2nd amendment. another thought was the anti- bortion extremists. I’d would check out the tea party extremists or activists. there maybe more than one major topic thing going on..

      pray for peace

      1. Laura says:

        Sorry, I didn’t think I would have to clarify….it’s Occupy Wall Street. Someone had suggested that they had something to do with the bombing and that is utter crap given that the OWS is not a violent movement….not that Fox news didn’t try to portray the opposite ….as usual. It got me a little hot under the collar at such an unfair and ignorant suggestion.

  12. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Waco factory explosion this morning which I don’t believe for one second was an accident. I said that there would probably be further terrorist incidents and I have a nasty feeling that this isn’t over yet. Americans don’t need to become paranoid and panicky but they do need to become vigilant and aware.

    Best wishes from Simon

  13. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    By the way, I think that OWS stands for ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Take care!

    Best wishes from Simon

  14. Cat says:

    I am sorry if my comment hurt some people’s sensibilities around here. It wasn’t intended as an attack towards the “OWS” movement. What I meant to say is, that those behind these attacks might have participated in one of those OWS campaigns, perhaps they felt that the OWS movement didn’t do it for them. Maybe, they felt they had to take matters into their own hands, and do something much more radical than what the OWS movement was/is doing.
    For the record I do not watch FOX news, I do not watch MSNBC. I am neither Republican or Democrat, conservative nor liberal. I do not take sides for I feel their rhetoric is toxic.

    Just calm down, and BREATHE.

  15. Here is a link to another ongoing event in Boston at MIT….Denise, you know about the Aaron Swartz case, right? Brilliant computer programmer, very political, who was hounded by the U.S. government and faced possible jail time for downloading academic journal articles at MIT. He hanged himself a few months ago. Groups like Anonymous have dedications to him. I feel like his death was some sort of tipping point for the computer-hacktivist Pluto in Scorpio generation.

    1. Laura says:

      Wow that is so interesting Juno. I don’t understand what is going on with our government. They are so arrogant and I pray we will be able to oust these fascists and get our democracy back. Maybe Anonymous will assist us in this….I hope so. The Swartz case was such a terrible and unnecessary tragedy.

  16. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    The latest news is that the police have shot dead one of the Boston terrorists and are now searching for the other. He was wounded in the gun-fight so it shouldn’t take too long to pick him up also. I think that Juno might well be on to something with the Aaron Swartz case. I never thought that Al Qaida were involved because they would have been boasting about it if they had been.

    Best wishes from Simon

  17. Marie says:

    I;m not convinced Aaron Swartz movement had anything to do with it. These two young men are of Russian descent and their main worldview is “Islam”. If you were to read the history of these radical groups in Russia took over a Movie Theater a few years ago, and killed 330 people and half of them were children.

  18. Jake Oguendo says:

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  19. There is still something so fishy about this….I wonder if the “suspects” being provided to the media by the government are the actual suspects…..

  20. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Fair point, Marie. The Tsarnaev brothers are what are known in the terrorist trade as ‘sleepers’ – that is, people who blend into a society with the intention of doing it serious damage later on. The fact that both brothers had lived in the U.S. for over a decade allows us, I think, to describe this as domestic terrorism although their motive was probably Islamist. I’d like to congratulate the Boston Police Department on their efficient work. Failure to catch terrorists (as we know to our cost in Britain) simply encourages and emboldens them.

    Best wishes from Simon

  21. I would like to recant/change my last statement before about capturing the real suspects..I wrote that comment before reading the actual media reports and specifics…It will be interesting to see if police determined that they acted alone….Again, ultimately saddened by this event especially for those lives lost and for those who have experienced horrible injuries….I appreciate your blog Denise and allowing space for those with spirit and heart to share thoughts and ideas about these recent events…

  22. Marie says:

    These two brothers are Russian with Islamic beliefs or worldview. their motives are not clear, but probably the Islamist religion is what is motiving them. I wonder how many unknown cells there are in the United States?

    These young boys are being used… I almost feel sorry for the younger boy. he was so misled. hard to believe for many in their family. they blame the FBI for framing them. I don’t believe FBI set them up for a minute.

  23. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    The younger brother celebrated the bombing by going out with his mates where, apparently, he was the life and soul of the party. It’s hard to feel too much sympathy for such an obvious sociopath. In today’s Sunday Times Andrew Sullivan makes the point that four people were killed by the Boston bombers compared with 75 people who die every day from gunshot wounds in the United States.

    Best wishes from Simon

  24. Marie says:

    I totally agree. I think you misunderstood my comment. I do not for a minute side with the younger boy. please, he was a young boy who was intentionally misled and brainwashed. This is very unfortunate. There are thousands of young boys who are being misled as we speak. many more will commit these types of crimes. This is what I meant. never in a million years, do I feel they were right. they are not, it’s wrong to take a life of another. an eye for an eye, is how I feel. you take an innocent life, you should be held accountable and prosecuted. even death yes, they were sociopaths.

  25. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I agree with you that it’s a real shame that these kids are being brainwashed. Perhaps we all are! David Icke certainly thinks so.

    Best wishes from Simon

  26. Denise. I too suffer when the pressure changes. The only thing that really helps me to to go to a chiropractor and have my spine aligned .. He tell me he sees this in quite a few of his patients. good luck.

  27. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Yesterday on the BBC there was a heart-breaking interview with Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a young woman who lost her left foot in the Boston blast. She was a professional dancer whose career is now finished. The damage that terrorists can inflict on ordinary people is unbelievable. And fellow-travellers who support and attempt to justify terrorism from political motives are every bit as bad. I was wavering over whether the younger brother should face the death penalty (which has long been abolished in Britain) but now I think that he should.

    Best wishes from Simon

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