Reality Check

I’m not sure if I posted my assessment of the US chart and the transits that would hit it in May. Well, they were not good. In fact as I may have stated early that these aspects will change the way we ourselves. 

I really wish people would stop underestimating the new leader of North Korea. I don’t believe he is bluffing. I don’t want to say much about this but read the comments Zoma made a month or more ago.

And BTW Ashley Judd go and run against Mitch McConnell. You WILL WIN by a LANDSLIDE! GO for it ASHLEY! Really don’t give up because of all this. Steal yourself – be strong. The world could use someone who understands what it means to be a real human being with real feelings. We need more people who have compassion and understanding.

I’m going to look at comments and get to the next session ASAP. I just am in the process of a lot of things and unfortunately my kid got sick for a while.

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


Reality Check

34 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Sally Lechich says:

    Dear Denise, I am so glad you said that about Kim Jong un or whatever this poor pathetic kid is named…he scares the crap

    outta me cuz he is so so insecure and pathetic…anyway…thank you for you thoughts and observations…so much makes me think either there will be an earthquake on may 20th or that kid will blow something up…and cuz i live

    in California I am hoping that it does not happen here or anywhere…Goddess bless us all.

    Sally in Stockton Ca.

    maybe i am not supposed to respond to this email but i did …will check it out later…


  2. Sally Lechich says:

    also the california chart I believe that transiting Pluto will have an exact square to calif natal mars on May 20, 2013 & Uranus square mars same day.



  3. grace43 says:

    I did not like his comments on her mental health and religion. It was just cold and underhanded. Using someone’s mental health problems is underhanded and just wrong. It’s attitudes like that that keep people from getting the help they need and creating more school shooters.

    Excellent as always, Denise. Thank you.

  4. Phoebe Moody says:

    I think that the general voting public in Kentucky are a lot more conservative and “backwoods”/evangelical types than you would like to imagine they are. As an example here of what I mean ….. go back and view the opening scenes of ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’. That is an accurate portrayal of the general mind-set of rural Kentuckians. For the most part …. they haven’t changed or evolved much since those days of Loretta Lynn’s youth. And they still basically vote the same way ….. of those who DO vote, that is. And when they speak …. one can instantly recognize the same Southern drawl as exhibited by Mitch McConnell whenever he opens HIS ignorant mouth! In this present day of high technology and mass communication ….. that “backwoods” drawl is an accurate indicator of how little they even watch television — outside of ‘Hee-Haw’ reruns …. or network “fluff” such as ‘Dancing With The Stars’. I believe that Ashley Judd is a cut WAY ABOVE the general populace of the Bible-belt state of Kentucky …. who most like view her as a “fallen woman” — and probably cannot personally relate to her on several different levels. Change comes very, very slowly indeed to that area of our country ….. and for all the reasons I’ve mentioned here …. I believe that the majority of voters in Kentucky will continue to re-elect old Mitch for as long as he chooses to run. Ms. Judd, in the meantime, is probably wisely biding her time and waiting to run when the old coot finally decides to retire. Her chances of winning will probably be MUCH BETTER then. SMART LADY, Ashley Judd. Naomi evidently didn’t raise any FOOLS!

    1. Marie says:

      Senator Mitch McConnell will be hard to beat down. The states of Kentucky and along with many other poor backward states, such as, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, have a percentage rate of 70-80% are poor constituents. which is higher than other states such as New York and California. Those poor red states have less population than the NY and CA, and the percentage of the poor is roughly 80%. think about that, and how they truly lose out on basic human rights. the majority of those that are poor are illiterate, and many of them do not even bother to vote. think about that….

      Anyone who chooses to be a nasty ghoul such as McConnell to want to expose someone’s personal story of mental illness just shows how low this man will go, and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. he may look like a weak turtleman, but please, do not underestimate just how far and how low the Teaparty/conservatives are willing to do anything it will take, even to rig an election. sorta of what I am hoping for, because they will get caught, and then we can rid of him for good. he makes me sick.

      These guys are satanists… and will go as far as to rig an election to get power. I do believe and only if President Obama plays his cards right, and depending on the behaviors of the democratic party, they can and will get the house back, so that Obama can get serious work done.

      I am also sick and tired of having to defend my most basic and precious entitlement benefits again, and fed up with this crap.

      Have a peaceful week. Pray for world peace, and please do this daily. it does work.

  5. Hi Denise,
    You did not post the U.S. chart for May 2013 — it would be good to see. As for N. Korea, is there any possibilty that Kim Jong Un is just doing what the elite want by attacking the U.S., like what happened with 9-11, but on a larger scale?

    I hope your daughter is recovered and feeling better. 🙂

  6. FroggyAlley says:

    I think, maybe, when we have children, we have fears that magnify themselves. The human mind is far more powerful than we can imagine. We can change this by sending forth the positive to neutralize the negative. The Light always conquers The Darkness. At least this is what the past 65 years have demonstrated to me. Peace. All will be well, and all will be as it should be.

  7. Marie says:

    I think you are right on N Korea Kim Jung. He’s scared, and has painted himself into a corner, and now must show he is willing to strike. Unfortunately, and if he chooses to implement a war now, he will lose big time. With all of the US military readiness, he would be crazy to strike. And he knows this.

    I do feel something will happen, but it won’t be as big as everyone is worrying about. But we will have to finally and once for all to put their crazy regime to rest and end their war rhetoric.

    I would think that if a country like N Korea want to start a war, they would do so when no one is looking. but to pump up the rhetoric and to threaten, sounds to me is all bully talk.

    however, something will happen, and N Korea will finally be put to rest.

    Once again Denise, thank you for sharing.. Marie

  8. Phoebe Moody says:

    Thank you, Marie, for posting your comments here following my own. It clearly backs up the points I had made in my comments/posting ….. and more. One has to — first and foremost — consider the demographics of WHO the constituent voters in any given region ARE …. before running for a political office within that region. As Marie accurately pointed out ….. the majority of residents in the “Bible belt” of this country are not much more than completely uneducated morons ….. who, whenever they DO bother to turn on their television to get “news” …… without a moment’s hesitation or forethought — tune in to the ‘FOX’ network for such. It is PITIFUL ….. and so are THEY. Therefore, the disgusting Mitch McConnell will most likely be able to keep his job in Washington D.C. for as long as he wants it. In the meantime, his hillbilly constintuency will be back home in their rundown homes and evangelical churches ….. “praising the LAWD” and doing their simple-minded “dancing” rituals in the aisles every Sunday morning. THAT, unfortunately, is WHOM we’re really talking about here. McConnell is merely an ELECTIVE REFLECTION of THEM!

  9. Phoebe Moody says:

    ….. And the SAME can be said about the constituency voters of South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham. I just CRINGE with DISGUST whenever that man opens his ignorant Southern mouth ….. and out comes that BACKWOODS DRAWL of his! Eeeeeeew!!

    1. Marie says:

      lol I have the exact same thoughts as you on Lindsey. I had forgotten S Carolina another southern state. They’re so extreme, I am surprised Nikki Haley who is Native American was elected Governor in 2010. Wild crazy constituents there and racism is all over the place. Have you heard the bat shit crazy law(s) attorney general Cuccencila who wants to be Governor for Virginia? N Carolina Governor, who was recently elected this past January, is a Tea party Governor, and has already implemented many new social laws that will hurt millions of that state. Recently denied unemployment benefits for those recently laid off. Does he Care? nada..

      GOP of today want to implement the Margaret Thatcher policies. Thatcher was way too conservative, and made Ronald Reagan look like a Socialist. by the beginning of her third term she wanted to implement “POLL TAX” on the poor, and that when members of her parliament forced her out. I don’t think Britain ever recovered from her draconian policies. GB has for years suffered from high unemployment.. Scarey when one is in power, can actually destroy a country,albeit slowly..

  10. Phoebe Moody says:

    Thatcher had a well-deserved reputation in the UK as being an English aristocrat “wanna-be”. Many of the Brits laughed at her about it. She was always so OBVIOUS with her contrived “upper-class” English accent. I, for one, WON’T miss her! [Just sayin’ …..]

  11. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo, I have some very bad premonitions about North Korea
    Rather too late, America has woken up and realised that they do not understand Asians and their “Pride” (Face) thing. The leader there is now backed into a corner, and is armed with nuclear weapons.
    He cannot, now, back down, unless he can show some concessions with the West, and he will not get them. I think we will see some sort of very limited, but carefully calculated military attack, on the South, possibly the seizure of some off-shore islands that are controlled by the South. Then there is tremendous danger of it all going pear shaped, and a serious war, starting by mistake, and running rapidly out of control. If this happens, I feel the North Koreans have a sort of stealth attack plan on key american targets, using modified missiles to get the range. They will suprise everyone. The next month is going to be one of great danger……for everyone.

  12. Phoebe Moody says:

    I am by NO means an “optimist” by nature. People who know me have characterized me in different ways ….. and the term “optimist” or “dreamer” or “delusioned” have never been anyone’s descriptive words of me. That said ….. I do not believe for a moment believe that North Korea is so STUPID as to make any military strikes anywhere ….. and ESPECIALLY against the United States. There is simply NO WAY that is going to happen. I am also not one who is prone to engaging in “wishful” thinking, either. The “Murphy’s Law” theory is my usual mindset and approach to just about everything ….. but when it comes to the subject of North Korea nowadays — I truly believe that it is primarily the MEDIA [ESPECIALLY the FOX network!] and the RightWingNuts who are focusing and speculating so heavily on North Korea ….. as a way of trying to divert everyone’s attention from the domestic debates/concerns over the GOP’s attempt to lessen Social Security and Medicare benefits. It’s like … “Pay NO ATTENTION to that man behind the curtain who is trying to rob you of your PAID FOR benefits ….. Look INSTEAD at NORTH KOREA. THEY are the REAL THREAT!” I beg to DIFFER, Sir! OUR OWN U.S. GOVERNMENT’S LEGISLATORS — along with the big banks, Wallstreet, the big corporations, and all those influential Congressional LOBBY-I$T$ ….. who are the REAL THREAT to the average American citizens. The TRUE THREAT to us and to our freedoms and our quality of life is that which comes from WITHIN our government — NOT any perceived “external” threat or source. It’s all INTERNAL. So let’s stay ON TRACK here ….. and NOT allow ourselves to be distracted by ‘FOX NEWS AND FRIENDS’! Capeesh??

  13. Phoebe Moody says:

    ….. Oh yeah — and as for Americans finally “waking up” to the so-called desire on the part of the ‘Asian’s’ alleged propensity for “saving face” ….. gimme a BREAK. America, SIR, got a RUDE AWAKENING to that way of thinking as far back as December 7, 1941. So we, as a nation, first “woke up” to THAT some SEVENTY-ONE YEARS AGO! At that time, my father served in the U.S. Navy on the USS New Mexico ….. which, fortunately for the men on THAT particular battleship, happened to miss being at Pearl Harbor that day ….. although they WERE at Pearl Harbor MANY times both before and after that fateful and tragic day in December 1941. But America’s “Sleeping Giant” truly WAS awakened that day ….. and did so with a “terrible resolve” ….. as the Japanese military commander at that time so aptly put it. Yes …. We have already been LONG-aware about their outdated propensity for “saving face”. And if the world didn’t learn anything from the resultant U.S. “answer” which eventually followed at Tokyo, HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI ….. then it’s high-time to invoke the wise old admonition of …..”Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Just SAYIN’ ……

  14. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Mrs Thatcher was an even more polarising figure than Hillary Clinton. Half of Britain loved her whilst the other half loathed her but almost nobody was indifferent to her. There is a serious danger of her funeral being disrupted next week by protestors or worse. Interestingly, her rhetoric was far more right-wing than her reality. For example she never touched Welfare whereas the current Conservative government is decimating it.

    Best wishes from Simon

  15. Marie says:

    from what I know of about her she slashed social programs specifically for the poor. She was known as the “Milk Snatcher” by Thatcher. by the beginning of her third term, she introduced the “Poll Tax” on the poor. That was when her own members of her cabinet forced her to resign. enough was enough. During her tenure, Factories closed by the thousands, and Unions were weakened by her policies. Unemployment went through the roof. People moved from that country and to America for work. She was not exactly well loved. she was hated more than respected. What she did was changed the political landscape of GB. All the finances poured into the city of London where the wealth grew. it was never distributed evenly. she was horrible. They called her the “Iron Lady” because she ruled with an Iron Fist. Unemployment did not come down until the time she left office. then things improved. Now it the same story with PM Cameron who is pretty much doing the same as Thatcher. Cameron creeps me out. sorry to say..

  16. Listen up,
    I am a true beleiver of Denise.
    She had done a few readings for me a few years ago and the advise was very accurate what she stated to me came to past. Against her wishes she even made predictions for me on Gold and Oil and it is also trending as she predicted from two years ago.Back then Denise had even given me an exact date of when gold was going to top.My point is that she is the woman that can see tomorrow.Denise please continue to inform us of us on this blog as it is of great value to us.


  17. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    You know a lot about her! She abolished free school milk when she was Education Secretary under Edward Heath. Her policies did push unemployment up beyond three million which is probably why she didn’t dare touch welfare! Her most famous quotes are ‘There is no such thing as society’ and ‘High unemployment is a price worth paying.’ (Incidentally her personal guru was the American economist Milton Friedman!) I never liked or agreed with her but when she died she was an 87 year old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I don’t believe in kicking corpses which is why I found many of the comments about her on the internet somewhat distasteful.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      I watched her empire crumble on her watch. yes, she transformed, and many admire her courage to change the political landscape. Please, she was all about capitalism, and hated anything to do with collectivism and socialism. she loved the world of finance and concentrated her policies in the city of London where the bulk of the wealth grew. from what I heard, GB is still trying to recover. I feel for the Brits. one thing no one wants to touch are the “royalties” the Queen and her consorts could be privatized. lol just sayin…

  18. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    Hillary Clinton will be one of the honoured guests at her funeral. I imagine that Britain is a bit like America, split down the middle between right and left. However even the Tories admit that Labour will probably win the next election in two years’ time. Not long to wait!

    Best wishes from Simon

  19. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    Here is a poem that I wrote about the Conservatives a few years after Mrs Thacher left office when John Major (an ex-banker) was in power:-


    We’ve had a Tory government
    For fifteen years or more
    Which struggles to reward the rich
    With proceeds from the poor.

    Such selfless magnanimity
    Merits our support;
    Especially on election day
    When they’re a few votes short.

    It’s not been all plain sailing though
    Despite the clear blue water;
    The community charge or poll tax
    Scuppered the grocer’s daughter.

    They made up John, the cabin boy,
    (The acceptable face of greed)
    When he gets his politics O Level
    He’ll be very good indeed.

    What’s this I see? A mutiny!
    They’ve made John walk the plank!
    The poor chap was totally out of his depth,
    He should never have left the bank.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      good poem, and rings the truth about her and I think you’re right.. John Major should never have left the bank. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading everyone’s posts here, especially Denise’s.

  20. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hi, Buddha Dreamer here. Am getting much the same vibe as You, Denise, about Korea. I have this feeling that actually, the North Koreans are holding something back, and that they have some sort of secret plan, under the visible things they are doing and talking about. I get this very strongly. I sense a two stage thing, where they are going to try a limited attack, like seizing the islands offshore held by South Korea, and that even that is still not finally decided. But id it goes pear shaped, they have thios back up plan, which is going to be very bad for everyone, as they have thought up a clever strategy for inflicting considerable damage on Americans, without provoking a nuclear response. But in war, everything goes wrong

    1. Thomas says:

      The U.S. is wide open for a nuclear terrorists attack that will be very difficult to put a finger on. Even U.S. Generals warned us about this.

      I just read another premonition this morning about such an event, and have read tons of such premonitions over the years.

      Martial Law is coming, it’s how it is handled that will determine if the U.S. descends into civil war, and I don’t believe it will be handled well.

      Good luck to us all, because we will need it.

      1. Marie says:

        I still don’t see N Korea launching a full on war. Just today, USA and China have made a commitment to head off any Nuclear Missile launch.
        I truly regret that just because some people who claim to be 100% accurate with their insights claim to never be wrong? There is no psychic anywhere that is 100% accurate. I could be wrong, you could be wrong, Bhuddadreamer could be wrong, and Denise/Zoma could be wrong. My feeling is that something will happen, but not in the way you are seeing it. N Korea will finally be put to rest, and without a ruler or leader. Most likely he will launch a test missile to save face, and if he were to launch a nuclear weapon, I am confident US and China military will intervene.

        Having said all of that, I could be wrong as well. Be well..

      2. Marie says:

        I am far more concerned and worry for our own Country USA. I do feel like you and some others here that there will be some type of civil unrest. maybe riots… there are several social issues going on at once. could be over the 2nd amendment, gun control/rights, voting section 5 deciding by the supreme court, or a general sense of just being fed up with Washington DC. There are militia type of groups out there and growing by the thousands. They’re against the President, law enforcement, and anti government. similar to what we witnessed in the early 90’s, the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing ~Timothy McVie. There are many taking place, and as we speak, but many of those are thwarted… thank god.

        Pray for peace…

  21. Phoebe Moody says:

    North Korea has ALWAYS been a “thorn” in everyone’s side for at least as long as I’ve been alive …. and that is sixty years [or almost] now. They have always dabbled into territories and stirred the pot to boiling for years and years. So there is nothing new about that. Nobody believes that they will ever discontinue doing so. However ….. they treat their very own people in an ATROCIOUS manner. North Korea’s TRUE THREAT is WITHIN their OWN “governing” power “elite” ……. Just as, ironically, America’s TRUE THREAT is WITHIN OUR OWN governing power elite. And from everything I’ve read on here in the previous blog/comments …. the very same can obviously be said of Great Britain. The “common thread” that apparently runs through so MANY countries globally is that of the out-of-control GREED of the governing powers and their mega-wealthy cronies. Therefore, in that respect, we’re ALL basically suffering under the same type of evil regimes! Capeesh?

  22. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I agree with you about North Korea. Without Chinese support, Kim Jong-Un’s options appear to be fairly limited. And you’re right, few psychics have hundred per cent success records! By the way, thanks for liking my poem.

    Best wishes from Simon

  23. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Boston bombings. Britain endured thirty years of IRA terrorism so we have some idea of what they’re going through. I had a funny feeling that something nasty was about to happen but connected it with Lady Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow. According to my dreams, there may well be further attacks so I would advise all Americans to be extremely vigilant.

    Best wishes from Simon

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