Ukraine Russia and US

Ok, everybody keeps asking me about it. I didn’t want to answer because my gut was bad. Not in a way I detangle until now.

We keep accusing Russia of “20th century thinking” however I think we are actually guilty of this right now. We are in a very bad conundrum partially of our own making and partly because of the sneakiness of the Putin administration. It’s hard to trust a guy who denies sending in troops when it’s clear the troops are Russian. The soldiers have admitted as much to reporters. Put that together with attacking journalists and one can’t help but figure motivations to be dark.

Here’s the problem as I see it: we have no moral authority after what we did in our “preemptive war” with Iraq. We broke international treaties and did not hold our leaders to account for their war crimes. Although we went to NATO before hand – very few nations supported our invasion of a sovereign nation and now we are stuck telling the Russians they cannot take back a piece of their historical land because a minority population is against it – hard argument to win when we have all that baggage. Especially since 60% of Crimea is actually Russian and don’t want to be part of the Ukraine due to its negotiations regarding European Union status.

The argument we have made about sticking to constitutional rules and the problems with changing boarders etc. is a difficult if not impossible one to win considering the context. Eastern Europe has had constantly fluctuating boarders for countless generations. For example my father’s family came from what is now Lithuania but was Russia when my grandfather came over and had been Belarus at different points.

The “off ramp” Obama should have set up was for us. We should stand behind democracy no matter what. 60% is a clear majority (unlike our 2000 election) and just because one doesn’t like the majority opinion doesn’t mean one can abandon the democratic process.

Yes this is a coup of sorts but it is a civil issue for them – none of our business. We had a civil war here and civil wars are happening all over the world – most are bloody and lots of people die. So far there has been restraint. If this continues and the people of Crimea genuinely want to join the Russian federation then we have to honor that wish even if we don’t like it. But we’ve been backed into a corner here by our own rhetoric. Obama will look weak – according to Republicans he already does. He’s now bound by his first response which was understandably worried and disturbed by Russia’s move. Now however it seems that neighboring Western European countries are taking a hands off approach further boxing us to a course that was set too early.

If we go forward with our plan to cut off the US supply of natural gas to Russia it will piss off the Europeans as they are dependent on Russia and Russia will be forced to save their resources for themselves.

The most important goal here should be maintaining peace and supporting a Democratic process. We are again standing alone when we should allow the Europeans to set policy with their neighbor. All we are going to do is engender ill will and nothing will come of these lame sanctions – they will DO nothing but piss everyone off. We are playing the roll of Big Daddy Cop – a very 20th century roll. Until Russia does something everyone can agree is worthy of a real response we are ineffective. This does not mean the aggression used by Russia is OK. But at least they didn’t kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in order to free them. They aren’t guilty of torture from what we know and until we can clean our palate of the terrible taste of our own government corruption we have no business playing cop especially when the majority of the citizens of that country have spoken.

I realize that things are more complicated then all this but we have to find a way off this road. We can’t effect change this way.

Intuitively I get a very bad feeling about all of this and have since day one. I feel this is a piece of something much larger that could lead to a much bigger war however this tactic is only going to exacerbate the problem.

Problem is we’ve already taken this course and the US can never turn tail. We have to play the strong empire. I have a terrible feeling we are looking at another layer of seeding discontent with more people of the world. We have enough enemies. Time will come when hubris will no longer be something we can afford to have. Obama should know better. I don’t think we should be playing the WWII role of Cop anymore. We need to take our guns off the table and settle down. We are one world intertwined – would we want Russia to tell is we couldn’t make Puerto Rico a state if 60% of their population wanted that? I know it’s a clumsy metaphor but we just don’t have anything to stand on here except a bad feeling. Putin is very beloved in Russia. No one else wants to intervene – so what is the point of this?

If things escalate with Putin (and my initial feeling was they would) that will be the time to take action. We can stand with the rest of the world but we’re almost impotent here. All we stand to gain is displeasure.

Ukraine Russia and US

36 thoughts on “Ukraine Russia and US

  1. Phoebe Moody says:

    I agree with every word of your assessment of this situation. And my initial thought or question whenever there’s a conflict — international OR domestic — is …. “How do the KOCH BROTHERS factor into the creation of this situation? Or Corporate America in general? The banksters??” They appear to be at the greedy core root of just about ALL MALADIES in our country AND the world at large. And until we have a TRUE system of democracy back in place for ourselves instead of what we have now — PLUTOCRACY — then we will continue to have one mess after another …. for infinity. As long as our politicians and legislators are being bankrolled by the ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ ….. viable solutions to the problems are, unfortunately, not even a possibility. GET OFF YOUR BEHINDS, FOLKS ….. AND THIS NOVEMBER — GO VOTE! AND NOT — I REPEAT, NOT — FOR THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES/”PUPPETS” OF THE KOCHS!!

    1. Marie says:

      I agree, we have a bigger problem right here in America, and that is Corporate Plutocracy. we must clean up our own mess before sticking our noses in another mess that does not belong to us.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hey Lisa – Bullies are often truly loved, think of George Bush and Dick Cheney. The world seems to love a strongman – the alpha male is almost a physiological phenomena. I have talked with many Russian people who truly love Putin. These people are here in America and came here for work. They seem him much the same way people defended Bush during his presidency.

  2. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Excellent assessment. I agree with you that America and Britain don’t have a moral leg to stand on after our illegal and disastrous invasion of Iraq. Speaking of predictions, I think that Oscar Pistorius will be found guilty of murdering his beautiful girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and I am extremely curious about the Malaysian aeroplane that went missing without trace on my birthday.

    Best wishes from Simon

  3. Thomas says:

    I did a reading on Putin years ago where I saw his childhood issues, and his death.

    I’ve never met anyone that’s known him though.

    On the other hand I’ve met a soul partner that wrote to Gorbachev, and was invited to Russia by him. My feelings concerning him is he wants to see his plans completed before he dies. There’s something about Gorbachev’s energy that’s much more powerful than Putin’s.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Gorbachev saw how unsustainable the USSR was as it was and knew fir the benefit of the people change needed to come. Putin is the Russian equivalent to the 2 George Bush’s rolled into one. He is likable to the average person in Russia like 2 and an ex KGB dude like 1 was ex-CIA. he is not a visionary like Gorbachev. Unfortunately the system for democracy doesn’t seem to have as many privisos as ours which means it will likely deteriorate more quickly. It only took us 225 or so years to have destabilization because certain things were unforeseen by the forefathers. Russia is quite different now than it was under Gorbachev. Worse and better which is why Putin is popular. But mostly better in terms of daily life for people.

      1. Thomas says:

        Come June I will meet a friend that interviewed Obama back when he was a Senator.

        I’ve always opted out of meeting such people myself, like the Dali Lama, Jerry Brown, Britney Spears, etc. I’ve always felt it’s best not to expose my energy to such people directly. I’m not sure why, but I go with my gut concerning such things.

  4. Thanks for the info on Ukraine and Russia, Denise. On another topic, I know you have talked in general about planetary changes in the coming years, and we can see already a huge uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity worldwide, but you had mentioned that you still see the Big One coming in California in the next year or so – would it be in 2014? I ask this because California has had several earthquakes in the last week alone, ranging from 3.0 to 6.9, and I have family and friends that live there. Thanks again, and I don’t mean to flood you with questions since I know you have a tough year.

  5. ELLY says:

    Gerald, the Complimentary Breakfast show Psychic, spoke to Rian about were the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could be by using his visions.

    He says the plane was hijacked and that its all a political agenda. In his vision the plane is at an island surrounded by a lot of water.

    Gerald also pointed out that all passengers are alive but are living in fear

    1. Marie says:

      I agree that the plane was hijacked and that it has landed somewhere by now. a remote isolated area. not necessarily an island which could be seen easily by the military and search team from above. I am thinking it’s terrorist plot and politics are involved.

  6. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Fiona

    I predict that today the Crimea will vote to rejoin Russia. The fact that there isn’t any other option on the ballot paper makes it a racing certainty! I also hope and pray that the passengers of the missing Malaysian airliner are still alive but I wouldn’t put too much money on that possibility.

    Best wishes from Simon

  7. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Sorry for getting your name wrong. I forgot which blog I was on for a moment there!

    Best wishes from Simon

  8. Phoebe Moody says:

    Crimea will indeed vote to be a part of Russia. The US definitely should NOT interfere with this ….. and even though our government leadership will make a lot of “noise” about — as they are usually inclined to do — there will be no military intervention. Sanctions are another matter. Kerry’s responsibility SHOULD be limited as being an advisor to the President in international matters and then his “mouthpiece” ….. however Barack Obama has allowed an expansion of Kerry’s dominion in this area. As for the missing Malaysian plane …. it was almost certainly highjacked by the two men that boarded with stolen passports. However they were not aware of the situation regarding low fuel …. and very tragically, the plane ran out of fuel and ditched into the sea. All that said ….. I’m interested to hear what any others out there have to say about a possible California earthquake in 2014-15. Thanks.

    1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

      Dear Phoebe

      I find your theory about the missing Malaysian airliner entirely plausible.

      Best wishes from Simon

  9. Phoebe Moody says:

    Thanks, Simon …. and I reiterate that the plane is gone. Tragically, I don’t think it landed safely anywhere. Whether there was foul play involved ….. or whether it was an accident — such as the cockpit quickly filling up with smoke and toxic fumes which caused the pilots to quickly turn off course and then become so disoriented that they were simply unable to regain control of themselves and of the plane — whatever the cause ….. it’s not just simply “lost” ….. it is gone. Went into the sea ….. and will likely never be found — with endless speculation about what exactly happened. Terrible. And how so sad for the families that have to endure this type of loss for the remainder of their lives. If they really want to know someday what exactly happened ….. I would suggest that they wait about a year or so — but at least a year — and then without revealing anything about their reason for doing so ….. they should make an appointment for a reading with a truly gifted psychic medium. Best to have a phone reading of this type ….. and the longer, the better. An internationally-known medium that I had my telephone reading with several years ago was an hour long. He allows the sitter to record the call ….. even encourages it. Tell the medium NOTHING ….. let hum do all the talking. The missing loved one will most certainly come through ….. but will primarily provide concrete evidentials in order to confirm that it really is him/her/them ….. and will want their loved one(s) to rest assured that they are alright on the Other Side. The longer the session ….. the greater the chance that they might also provide some information about the crash. The most detailed or technical information would most likely come through to a close family member of one of the pilots. I truly do believe that is the only way anyone is ever going to learn what really happened. Seriously.

  10. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Phoebe

    Yesterday some floating debris was spotted 1500 miles off the west coast of Australia which I suspect may well be connected with the missing Malaysian airliner.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      Simon …. You know what? This is such a personal tragedy for all those involved ….. that there will never truly be any real so-called “closure” for them NO matter WHAT happens or doesn’t happen regarding the search. Those who are currently coping by holding fast to the belief that the missing plane landed safely somewhere out there — which would be the ONLY satisfactory outcome — well ….. what can one say? Finding some debris would, at this point, only serve to PARTIALLY “satisfy” the question of whether or not the plane landed safely. However …. there will FOREVER MORE be the question of exactly WHAT happened onboard to cause the plane to veer offcourse and disappear/crash. Like I said before …. the best way to get answers to some of these questions would be for some close family members of the pilots to have anonymous readings with a proven psychic medium ….. in about six months to a year from now. I suggest that time-frame so that those on This Side have an opportunity to work through some of their grief ….. while those now on the Other Side have an opportunity to become better-oriented within the context of their new situation. That is the only effective way that any answers will come. It has happened in that way many times in the past ….. and there is no reason why this particular situation would be less productive. In the meantime …. bless all those who will obviously be grieving and dealing with their personal loss for the remainder of their lives. May they someday find a measure of comfort in knowing that their loved ones are at peace where they are now ….. and that when the time comes — all will be happily reunited for eternity.

  11. ELLY says:


  12. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Phoebe

    It’s made even worse, of course, that due to China’s longstanding one-child policy, many of the missing Chinese passengers were only children which means that their ageing parents will have no one to look after them in their declining years.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      This is true ….. therefore it’s a tragedy for them all the way around. But hopefully ….. the genuine grief they feel and display is borne out of the deep love and personal concern they have for their loved ones — and less about the fact that their younger family “benefactor” will not be here for them in their old age. What I was primarily focusing on with my comment was how the discussion of what caused the plane to veer so far offcourse in the first place will continue infintum. And the only method that exists for obtaining any sort of information about that is for a close family member of one of the pilots to arrange an anonymous reading with a proven psychic medium. It really is the only way ….. since that aspect of this tragedy keeps being brought up. It has happened that pertinent and accurate information of this kind has been obtained using this method in the past. Some examples of such are, in fact, very well known ….. especially to those of us who are familiar with the late famous psychic medium Eileen Garrett. As a matter of fact ….. the intricately detailed and accurate information regarding the mysterious cause of a historical plane crash that was eventually revealed through a trance-reading with Mrs. Garrett from the spirits of the two pilots of that ill-fated plane ….. was basically what initially brought the world’s attention to Eileen Garrett as being a genuinely-gifted psychic trance medium. Other similar mysteries involving the cause of airplane crashes and the fate of missing people have eventually been resolved through readings with genuine mediums. And if answers are what people are really interested in regarding THIS particular mystery ….. then THAT is the way to go. I would even go so far as to suggest using George Anderson or Jonathan Louis. I have had personal readings with both ….. and the detailed known-to-no-other evidential information which came through them left absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that it WAS, indeed, my father’s spirit who was communicating to me. And believe me …. I’m a very HARD SELL — about as skeptical [but open-minded] as they come. Want some answers or accurate information about this missing plane? Some family member(s) of the pilots should seek to have a reading. End of story.

  13. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Phoebe

    Sound advice. I wonder whether it will ever happen. I hope that the Malaysians read Denise’s blog!

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      Whether they read it or not ….. is really not the point. For even IF they would ever choose to have a reading ….. it doesn’t mean they would share the results with everyone else. What I am saying is — that’s the ONLY way, at this point — to get ANY answers to all these questions still being bandied about. And I suppose we’ll all have to keep hearing about this thru the media ….. until, that is, the next big newsworthy event happens. And then the story will practically disappear altogether. And under any circumstances ….. finding out exactly what happened — if that were to ever happen — would prove to be small consolation in the end. It would only actually serve to satisfy the curiosity of the media/news outlets. The missing passengers are now “gone” [but not forgotten] from this earthly plane of existence, and have moved on to the next. Nothing will change or amend that fact. So perhaps we should finally move forward as well. Or ….. as the character played by Sally Field in ‘Steel Magnolias’ says when finally coming to grips with the loss of her daughter ….. “Life goes on.”

  14. suez says:

    You are correct, there is alot more to it. We will not get to know the full details ever. The Dutch are involved as well, Dutch Shell company. I share your feelings, not a good feeling and only time will tell. I read your comments from time to time and find them interesting. A true intuitive.

  15. suez says:

    Yes I agree. There is more going on and not a good feeling. Dutch Shell is involved as well. This is more than about little old Ukraine. You are right America needs to focus more on itself. It has some serious problems needing fixing.

  16. Tetyana says:

    Just LITTLE OLD UKRAINE? Unbelievable….And millions, millions people…Ukraine want to be Ukraine, not the part of Russia. A thousand people have already died because of “Russian peace”. According to you guys, it is OK if Canada will be “proclaimed” a part of Ukraine, or China will “take” some part of Russia by referendum…

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