Found Zoma writings…

I was looking through my laptop for some photos when I stumbled upon this channeled writing session I don’t remember. I re-read it and found it interesting. Although the questions I asked aren’t all that – the answers go into much more detail about the interrelatedness of things. There are a lot of run-on sentences and strange grammar, but here it is as it was written:


Q: What will happen to the Publishing Industry?

A: It will continue to thrive for many years to come but not as it had in the past. There will always be (to some extent) hard copies, books, magazines that are physical objects but more and more the main source of knowledge will be through digital learning and reading of e-books, websites and all media contained on the platform of the web. Publishing companies will over time learn to bend their traditions to accommodate these new trends, unlike the record industry and many other industries they will learn from the mistakes of those who resisted the wave of technology. Blogs, e-books and websites will become very important for young authors in proving their commercial viability. Once they have proven their commercial viability these old, bigger institutions will step in to take authors to bigger multi=national audiences and to help sell their rights to other platforms such as web series, TV and Film. They will like the record industry try to take monies for monies made through other means but in their case it will not be all companies and eventually this will fall by the wayside as other more inventive ways to make money for these corporations will arise with a new generation of leaders to come.


Q: What will happen to the film and TV industry?

Well, you are starting to see its disintegration now. Films will take the place of theater in many ways – not entirely – as money becomes ever more scarce or should I say resources. Therefore films will have to be made for less money and get smaller in scope over the course of the next ten years. The economy will not be in the state it was during the 1950s or anytime from that period on. Instead the economy will be more equivalent to the roller coaster it was before the industrial revolution as the confluence of climate change, increase in population and scarcity of resources such as food and even clothing, basic necessities such as medicine and healthcare, all will lead to a reduction in the overall human population on earth. However this will happen over the course of the next forty years or more and as the constant shifting of ecology, economy and its trends along with the increase in human tragedies, natural disasters and political, major political changes erupt, there will be no steady ground for the people to plant their roots in. Instead it will be like a constant quivering an on going earthquake with no end that the young people will adapt to it will be those who are older who will find this new way very disconcerting and difficult to deal with. It will also be your generation and the next two after your that suffer the most as a result as they will be forced to rethink their paradigm countless times. The young generations now will have an ever shifting model imprinted in their minds and therefore will not have the same expectations and will develop new philosophies and ways of living that will be adapted to this new world – this new Aeon which will eventually bring with it the end of patriarchy and eventually a thrust toward science and gender neutrality. It will not be a matriarchy although that will be one step to offset the imbalance now, it will be ultimately a period of two thousand years in which humans will join with their brother and sisters in the multiverse and shift consciousness toward the heavens and the navigation of time/space/multidimensional travel and starship travel. Your race will first try to colonize mars to terra form it and then, having learned its many lessons will go on to roam the multiverse meaning your race will discover travel between time, travel between star systems and travel between dimensions but all this will happen over the grand arch of the Aquarian age. Your people will also live forever, meaning you will learn how to rid yourselves of the death gene and while you will be able to die and will die of various causes, old age will no longer be a killer. Your kind will have to die of disease or accident, murder or malfunction of the body although much will be learned in this regard as well and while not many will be born anymore, those who are will stay alive for thousands of years on average. This will result in problems of fertility and reproduction, as the natural genetic cycle will be removed. Eventually this will come to crisis but for many thousands of years this will be seen as a boon to your kind and not a problem as other methods will be used to artificially grow life until eventually this will no longer wok due to the lack of diversity within the genetic pool. The embryos will not survive until new genetics are infused this is part of what is happening right now with the people who are referred to as Grays. They have run into this problem. They are ancient ancestors who have in a sense come back in time to cultivate new DNA strands to introduce into their population to keep their species alive. They are, in a sense, your creators, they are part of a time loop, to say they are your kind is not entirely true but they are one of the ancestor races that went too far in one direction and found themselves facing extinction. They lost their ability to feel and their individuality, as they are primarily a form of clone. They are attempting to re-seed their kind with those who are in their genetic line and even those who are not; they are having trouble with the emotional nature of these hybrid beings both here and in their colony. Originally they had thought to keep them amongst only themselves but realized that these new beings were very different than themselves and required different interactions than they were capable of giving. They then began to seed earth with them in order to collect them later and reintroduce them into the colony to help teach those hybrids among them how to deal with their feelings. It is a complicated problem that they are still trying to figure out. They are finding that the hybrids are doing and behaving in ways that completely confound them and in some cases they have decided to allow those who they feel could never fit into their culture to remain as humans in hopes that they will someday be able to reconnect in a positive way and utilize these beings once more understanding is given and known so that they may find peace within their group while maintaining their health and vitality as a race. They also as a side effect feel that their genetic experiments will elevate the human race to a more intellectual and less aggressive group as this coming age will bring human beings in contact with many different types of ETs and many races are afraid that humans are too emotional and aggressive to be trusted at this point.

Found Zoma writings…

10 thoughts on “Found Zoma writings…

  1. Rose says:

    This is amazing material! How wild that the grays should have to deal with their hybrids developing into beings with feelings. That’s a great plot twist, although it must be tough to be one of those hybrids.

    1. zoma777 says:

      It would be very difficult to be caught between these two worlds. Imagine growing up with human emotions but having robot like beings trying to raise you – very tough I would think. I would also imagine that their feelings would be a mollified version of what we have so it would be tough for them to fit in with humans as well. I hadn’t thought about any of that before.

  2. Thomas says:

    That’s interesting about the hybrids. I had a friend in college that not only looked like a hybrid, but some people told her she was.

    I was going through a very emotional time after a really bad breakup, and she was the one that told me my ex-girlfriend had just gotten married. I saw her the next day and told her that was the last time I was going to ever cry over that woman. She gave me the strangest look, like there was no way she could comprehend crying over something like that. Her emotions seemed to be more on the “gray” side, lol.

  3. Marie says:

    Hi Denise,

    letting you know I bought your book, and just started reading it. I’m now into the end of chapter 2. I do find it interesting how you wrote about the Midwest’ survival of floods. I was just reading the other day on how will the Midwest’ Farmers survive their catastrophic winter weather, will force the farmers of the mid-west to re-locate. Climate change will (unfortuantely) force millions to re-locate…

    1. zoma777 says:

      I just saw a VICE episode on climate change last night that was terrifying. Looks like the ice on the continent of Antarctica is melting the scientists studying it said it was melting 60 years faster than the most extreme models had predicted and by 2040 (which the book I wrote had originally had dates from 2038-2045 but I took them out to keep the issue clear) the maps of the world would have to be redrawn due to water subsuming low lying lands.

      1. Marie says:

        yes, the low lying lands are below sea level. Bye bye Florida. the Netherlands were smart and re-located to higher land after they had a disastrous flood… I think it was the late 90’s (A Hurricane Sandy) that wiped out their civilizations on the low land areas.

        At least they were wise and re-did their map which means you allow where the water becomes a new river, new lake, etc. In a nutshell, it’s no longer habitable.

        We should never have re-build the areas after Hurricaine Sandy. It will most likely happen again..

        It’s our corrupt American leaders that are stuck and refuse to even admit we have a big problem. Climate Deniers

        1. zoma777 says:

          I so agree. I heard California has only one year of water left. That is really scary. I don’t know exactly what that means but it can’t be good.

      2. Thomas says:

        The “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” that started in 2012 is really playing havoc (hot weather) with the western half of the country, and making the eastern half cooler.


        The Swallows showed up really early this year, and we have had very few days where the temperature got below freezing.

        Last year our local lake was declared “dry” for the very first time. The lake level is very low this winter and it looks like it will go dry again. People are preparing for a bad fire season.

        A friend of mine who moved up from Phoenix last year, had a premonition (maybe vision) years ago that the water will be cut off to Phoenix. I think she said something about water contamination.

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