Why I haven’t said much…

Here’s the truth. I knew I could not be objective about the race for the whitehouse. I have never loved a candidate before. I’ve liked them, felt they were the better of two choices but I never felt such a kinship and deep love for someone running for office before Bernie came along. This is why I posted my old prediction about Hillary winning because if I got info like that years before it came about chances are pretty darn good that it has a fated resonance. I’m hopeful that the image I had of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie together will mean HIllary will include them in her cabinet, perhaps one as VP and the other as a major figure. 

When FDR one he was much like Hillary, more center, even conservative but his VP Wallace was extremely left and his wife had a change of heart after visiting migrant camps. Perhaps the Warren/Sanders wing of the party will make it into the whitehouse ideologically which is why I saw the two of them at the inauguration. Maybe that vision of Bernie was his taking the oath as VP. What an amazing ticket that would be. 

So now that my sweet Bernie is a messenger and not going to be the nominee I can get back in the game. 

Psychic’s are human. When we are really emotionally invested we get in our own way which is why so many psychic’s are often wrong when predicting things for themselves or for the people they love. I think this is also why there are so many conflicting predictions about politics as well. I don’t like to put stuff out there unless I’m fairly confident about it.

As far as the match up of Trump vs. Clinton. There is excellent news. Even though Hillary’s chart is anemic come Election Day, Trump’s is disastrous. I will look more at this and do a better dissection in another post but what I saw in regards to Trump during this election looked like a major fall from grace and the possibility of going broke.


28 thoughts on “Why I haven’t said much…

  1. cpwebster says:

    Yep, you’re human. The best kind of human. You’re open and brave and out there swinging at the ball. I love you for it.

    Let’s all spend some time investigating the state and local races in our lives. There are so many opportunities to help create positive change.

  2. Thomas says:

    What if Trump is a planned disaster?

    There are three types of memory, current life memory, genetic memory, and soul memory, and these can create biases.

    Being I’m English/French/Swiss/German, I have to constantly watch my genetic biases, such as biases against royalty, lol. I got in trouble on one forum for letting my genetic biases get out of hand, lol.

    Because of soul memories, I look carefully for past life connections, because not only do I want to avoid biases and repeating issues, I want to understand my life motives, and what creates motives for future lives.

    P.S. Speaking of past life connections, can you ask Zoma about healing DNA?

  3. Marie says:

    I don’t think it will be Warren or Sanders for VP. Warren would do well in the senate, even Majority leader or vice chair on economics. of course, we have to do well with the house and the senate. Sanders is just too feisty for a VP role. you have to be in alignment with the President, and Sanders is too vocal, and a bit of an antagonist. Please don’t misunderstand, I love Warren and would love to see a 2 women ticket. however, I think Hillary would do better with Julian Castro from Texas a Hispanic or Cory Booker from a black senator. we need racial diversity, not gender oriented.

    Sanders will stay in the senate and probably be a vice chair or something along those lines. I am certain as with Barack Obama he will criticize Hillary for not doing this or that and not being progressive enough, etc, etc, etc.

    The truth here, is that all Presidents move to the center. you can be more right or left policies, but will remain steadfast in the center. why? you have 47% electorate that are GOP or conservative.


  4. PK says:

    Dare I say it and perhaps be wrong?! I’ve ‘seen’ Presidential vibes around Elizabeth Warren in late 2014 like I saw the same vibes with Obama in 2004 during his speech at Kerry’s convention. So I keep thinking that Warren will be Hillary’s VP at some point in time. Sander’s? How about making him Secretary of Education and make him work on bringing changes in that field?

  5. Marie says:

    Al Franken is also on her short list of VP. Julian Castro, Sherrod Brown (not on her list anymore) Tim Kaine, Al Franken are all on her short list for vetting.

    just heard earlier through the news network that Al Franken is being vetted as of right now.

    Good Choice.

    Warren needs remain in the senate. we can’t afford to lose any senate seats. Cory Booker is from New Jersey, and Christie would just appoint a Republican Senator.

    Sanders? oh please… He can’t even face the reality that his campaign is just over and that he lost. Something is not right with him, and I’ve said that all along. He’s something of an ego maniac, narcissist, or just plain sexist to the fact he can’t faced the fact he lost to a woman.

    you know he is still campaigning and holding rallies while taxpayers are funding his security team $38,000 daily.

    1. [3] grim,Ah, the conundrum. Defraud FEMA or admit defrauding the state of NJ, your insurance company and/or your mortgage holder. Good thing for them that FEMA likely won’t tell the insurer or bank. Good thing for us that the FEMA rettisenrapeve should say “yeah, as if.”

      1. For Dortha
        Thanks for replying even though it’s a tad late. I am not able to figure out what you’re saying because it’s not making much sense.

        You’re in the wrong forum.

  6. Thomas says:

    The funniest thing about this election is the Trumps and the Clintons are very close friends. Their daughters are best friends, Hillary went to Trump’s wedding, Bill and Donald play golf together, Trump donated to the Clinton Foundation, etc.

    It’s all a dog and pony show, and the Trumps and Clintons win no matter who gets in.

    I can’t believe anybody falls for this crap, and supports either one, lol.

  7. Thomas says:

    After watching the online movie, “Clinton Cash,” I’m amazed Hillary is even allowed to run for office. Bernie Sanders really should be running against Donald Trump.

  8. Thomas says:

    There’s a theory about the four periods of a dynasty, warrior, intellectual, merchant, and chaos. How far into the chaos are we now?


    The dynasty is in decay and on the verge of collapse. The court and courtiers are corrupt and decadent. The emperor is effeminate, licentious, often an idiot.

    Having pilfered the treasury, the Empire raises taxes until the common people are reduced to poverty.

    The country’s infrastructure falls into disrepair. Levies and irrigation systems fail destroying farms and crops and causing famines. The people rise up.

    This is the age where government is so corruption that it is unable to effectively rule. There is a breakdown of law and order. Crime is rampant, women’s status reaches its lowest point, and because of disease, warfare, and natural disasters, population declines rapidly. Wealth is in the hands of criminals.

    The country splits apart into warring factions each fighting for dominance through a series of civil wars. The fighting continues until a new ‘Hero’ takes control and founds the next dynasty.”


    1. Thomas says:

      With the latest Wikileaks story about the DNC asking Obama to award slots on boards to big donors, I have to wonder if all the prophecies about Obama are true, and he is the last US president.

      “According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.””


      With all the extreme anger directed towards Trump and Clinton, it’s like a civil war is brewing, and I feel sorry for all the people getting caught up in it, because much of that angry energy is coming from outside sources, and Americans are acting it out like puppets.

  9. Well Thomas, you are completely, 100% wrong on all counts.The difference between Clinton and Trump is night and day – Democracy vs. Fascism. . Fortunately, more than 50% of the country knows the stakes involved.

    1. Thomas says:

      Only time will tell.

      If you watch the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, you know that all the insults in the world roll off of him like water off a duck. I believe it’s all a show, and Trump’s real intent is to put the Clintons back in the White House, because they’re all part of the same cocktail club, along with Bush, Obama, Cheney, Buffet, etc.

      I think of all those people like the “slug people,” like the elites in Denise’s book in the giant slug vehicle, eating up the remainders of the planet with total disregard for future generations.

      But then even slug people serve a purpose, and who really knows what the long term effects will be, not to mention for a soul to choose to be a villain takes some real courage, because they’ll be on the outs with other souls for many, many incarnations.

      1. Marie says:

        Thomas, not only are you flat out wrong, you’re spreading a lie. you’re entitled to your opinion, and now you own it. Comedy Central is just that… comedy. while the truth lies behind every joke may resonate, it’s still a comedy channel.

        The best way to differentiate the two parties, is to read their platforms from top to bottom and then come back here and tell us both parties are the same.


  10. Marie says:

    Please watch. It makes total sense from a spiritual perspective. not fear, or paranoia. enough of that please.

    WARNING: May cause an expansion in awareness. Psychic and Medium Danielle Egnew gets point-blank about the 2016 presidential election and it’s role in the evolution of consciousness — WHY certain candidates are in play, WHAT they each represent, WHO advances into the Presidency, and the MUCH bigger picture of what’s going on, from an energetic, social and spiritual perspective.

  11. Vonda Brewer who claims to get prophetic dreams from God says that the GOP is going to force Donald Trump off the ticket on September 10th and replace him. Do you see the possibility that anything like that could happen?

  12. Thomas says:

    I’m thinking of doing something I have never considered before, sending money to politicalian, maybe Jill Stien.

    I’ve only got involved in politics twice before, getting allergens listed on food labels, and banning GMOs in my county, both of which passed.

    Fighting the evil Clump (Clinton/Trump) might be futile, but I like insurmountable odds, lol.

  13. Juno says:

    What do you think is going on with Hilary’s health? She seems increasingly unwell. Do you think you earlier premonition of Bernie could have been correct after all?

    1. Marie says:

      in a nutshell Pneumonia does not mean death. people walk around with ‘walking pneumonia’ all the time.

      Bernie diehards just don’t know when to quit.

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