Class 1


This class has happened. I will find a way to put it up later. It was recorded. Please come to the Thursday class if you missed this class as it will be a repeat of this class. It is at 2:00 CDT on April 23! Go to the post: class 2.

Here are some resources for everyone who participated in Class 1 and for those in Class 2.

Lesser Pentagram ritual – explain this, show it, give hand out about it.

Please read the first link. It will explain the symbolism and meaning behind the words which are in Hebrew.

Books that will be helpful on your journey:

Ted Andrews – Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise

Starhawk – “The Spiral Dance.” If you are interested in feminism and the intersection of politics and religion her book, “Dreaming the Dark.”

Israel Regardie – “Garden of Pomegranates.” This is a good primer on the Kabbalah.

Marion March and Joan McEvers series: “The Only way to learn astrology” these are by far the best books to become an astrologer.

For those interested in Tarot, some knowledge of numerology will be very helpful. Also it maybe helpful to read up a bit on the Kabbalah.

There is now a Facebook group for students to share their experiences in private:


3 thoughts on “Class 1

  1. Ivy C says:

    Hi Denise,

    Please send the link when the video is posted. I am interested in viewing the course but live in Asia. I’m sure the live timing won’t be a fit..

    Thank you!


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