The Tragedy in Norway

We heard on CNN Muslim groups were claiming responsibility for the double tragedies in Norway. However I would caution anyone who jumps to the conclusion that it was them.

I had a horrible chill when hearing the report. Norway is a very left, liberal, socialist country. They have stayed out of the EU and retained financial independence.

Hitler burned the German parliament building down and blamed it on the Jews. Perhaps the wealthy cabal of wealthy one percenters, have found a way to take over the world by exploiting the hostility between the Muslim world and the Western world by infiltrating and controlling the world economies via multinational corporations – banks and lobbying groups. However the Scandinavians have not been keen to play the game with them. I believe that this was not a Muslim group, but a paid individual, a patsy for the ubber rich to shake the Norwegians sense of safety.

The cabal can use sleight of hand hiding under cover of Al Queda or other extremists groups to attack the Labor party which is one of the most leftist socialist/power to the people organizations left on earth. Let’s remember it was the Priminister’s office, Supreme Court and a camp for kids interested in getting involved in the Labor party that were all hit.

I think it’s interesting how the media has jumped on the Muslim angle. I just heard my first pictures of the suspect confirmed. A Norwegian citizen wearing all black (in a uniform – it was a police uniform) confirmed. I think we are seeing something much more sinister at work here. It’s my belief  the man they have in custody did the deed but is a patsy for a much bigger and more evil group of people.

As I said in my last post – may karma be inacted as quickly as evil is unleashed. I will say this until I feel the darkness lifted. I pray that all of you join me in asking the Great Spirit to stop the psychopaths and snakes from getting any further.

Some of our last hopes have been dashed. I fear that it may take something much more unpleasant to stop the train we are on. The quicker we wake up and fight back in a peaceful way, the greater a chance we have to avoid something truly terrible here.

Many blessings to the good people of this world,


The Tragedy in Norway

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