Hillary Clinton on Election Day 2016

So I’ve had several dreams about Hillary running for president since the turn of the century and a strong feeling like she’d be the one to break through the glass ceiling but I wanted to check out her chart just to make sure the timing was right. I haven’t been too worried about it because the Republican Party is in such a mess right now. They are eating themselves alive with the schism they produced back in the 1980s where they sold themselves as being moral Christians to middle-class white Americans and their Evil corporate whore unchecked capitalism run away greed side. Seems those two things don’t fit so well together and their seam is showing to anyone who doesn’t feast on a diet of solid FOX news.

So here’s Hillary’s chart with an overlay on Election Day.

As you can see it’s not bad. There are some positive things. Some energy there with the sun and Venus but nothing earth shattering. Of course this doesn’t preclude a win but it doesn’t guarantee one either. If anyone else with more energy gets into the race – well it might not go her way. And it kind of looked (surprisingly) like Rand Paul might just have that energy. If the Republicans pick someone else to run against Hillary like Jeb – she wins hands down. I suppose the next thing to do is look at other possibilities. If you have one you want me to look into post it in the comment section.

Blessing to all!

Hillary Clinton on Election Day 2016

13 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton on Election Day 2016

  1. PK says:

    Hi Denise,
    It’s fun to read your psychic and astrological predictions about the elections. Like you, I have been seeing Hillary Clinton going for the glass ceiling of the US Presidency from 2008, including the fact that she would follow Obama’s tenure. I still am feeling that way. I also got Presidential vibes late last year from Elizabeth Warren, not for the 2016 cycle but for a later time (although she will be in her 70s by then – so am I crazy??). Could Elizabeth Warren be a potential VP candidate for the Dems in 2016, even though she and Hillary seem to be ideologically apart? Perhaps the two together could bring the Dems together for the election. I like Joe Biden but I’ve never got a ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ about him becoming President.

    Regarding the Republican nominee for the 2016 Presidential elections would it make sense to check whose star is on the ascendant around the time of the Republican ‘crowning ceremony’, that is, when they have the last primaries or around the time of the Republican convention, when they are formally announced as the nominee? What I mean is that Rand Paul may have a great chart for the Presidential election day but he will be the nominee only if his chart is the strongest among the Republicans around the ‘crowning ceremony’. So if his chart is not as strong as, say Jeb Bush’s, around that time perhaps Rand Paul will not be nominated.

    If you remember from the 2008 Democratic primaries, it looked like Hillary was going to win the nomination, since she was picking up all the states with more representatives but Obama won because he played the tortoise to her hare, by picking up many of the smaller states closer to the end of the primary cycle. So who knows who among the Republicans will play the smarter strategy this time?

    My own gut feel from two months ago was that Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for 2016 and that he will lose to Hillary Clinton. The feeling was pretty strong two months ago, but right now I am feeling ambivalent about it: perhaps I am not overly interested or invested in it right now to re-check what my gut says. Chris Christie seems charismatic but I’ve not felt Presidential vibes about him. Marco Rubio has some ‘glow’ about him. Perhaps as a RepublicanVP nominee? I didn’t get any Presidential vibe from Rand Paul.

    I Googled around and found this ‘prediction’ about the 2016 election by the late Sylvia Browne from 2013. She’s had several psychic hits and misses, so I’m sharing this only as ‘another opinion’. She already made a big ‘blooper’ this article about Mitt Romney, considering that he said that he will not run this time. Unless he changes his mind. She said that Rand Paul will be stopped by the eruption of a sex scandal.


    As such mine is also ‘another opinion’ until 2016!

    Keep churning out the interesting articles.

    All the best to you.

    1. PK says:

      Ooops! I have a typo in my comment above. Instead of ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ I meant to say that I never had a ‘warm and fuzzy’ gut feel about Joe Biden being President. Since the comments cannot be edited, I could not correct it directly above.

    2. Marie says:

      wow, I am glad I read this one>> the Sylvia Browne prediction(s), and all I have to say is, ‘she was just not that good.’

      I do feel in my gut that the final GOP nominee will be Jebby and not Rand Paul. Randy is not smart enough to last, and in spite of all of the planets energy currently speaking, I can’t see how he can even get to the finish line (GOP nominee)

      like you, I feel a burn out from Jeb Bush, and Rand Paul, so it’ll be interesting to see which one will bounce back and be the star of their party and race to the primaries.


  2. Thomas says:

    I remember doing a reading on her, or possibly Bill, but all I remember is seeing how they die in a gated community overrun by what look like troops.

    Somebody might still come completely out of the woodworks, like Bill and Barack did. It’s hard to say with this next election.

    Many years ago I had a vision of the nuclear battle during WWIII. For the U.S. President I saw a hansom man completely manufactured for the job, somebody the public had absolutely no confidence in. It could be Barack (Barry). I’ve had several dreams with him in them, like last night I was dreaming we were talking, and he told me he knew I didn’t vote for him (I didn’t vote in those elections), and he acted really cool and made a joke about it. In other dreams I was protecting his children.

    In the WWIII nuclear vision, the U.S. President didn’t retaliate with nuclear weapons, which really surprised everyone.

  3. Thomas says:

    Uncle Chester

    Calling a Presidential election doesn’t really mean much when everything is preplanned and owned outright.

    What has more meaning is what can be done with the track owner’s horses, on a shaman’s level.

    1. susan weed says:

      so right Kitty, so right, the clinton’s time is over, what she did concerning Benghazi and the email stint, and researching EVERYTHING the clintons had been and are involved with, I would never ever vote for that woman,

    2. Nameless says:


      Your prediction is amazing. I noticed you made it in 8/22/15 before Hillary and Mr. Trump would even become the two candidates. They were voted in the primaries this year.

      I hope you are right. Many of us want what you predicted to be truth! 🙂

  4. Sally Lechich says:

    Denise, where have u been? i hope ur doing well in Nashville…..please let me know if ur still posting messages???

    missing ur wonderful insights

    Sally in Stockton Ca

    1. Marie says:

      I’ve been wondering where Denise is too. Hope to hear from her soon. so much going on, and would love to hear her insights. xo marie

  5. Me says:

    Please do more readings on the candidates, especially for each of the upcoming primary elections for both parties! (and SuperTuesday etc)

  6. Although you can see astrology and christianity do not conflict, I do not see your being sharp because either one of the old teachings/religions are not worth much because they are all hope and belief..(no i do not favor Trump or Clinton or any of the manufactured candidates) The SolarIS I know is the Real Solar Clock and Solar (Astrology) that no one knows about. You could know, but if prayer is your mainstay, your will remain a silent camera, with no real apperture . Let me show any of you readers in one email…paneagle7 on yahoo for the Solaris SOLAR-IS. also youtube

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