Election Day!

So I looked into Bernie Sanders as well. Don’t think from his chart he can win the nomination although I do love him. Just want to say for the record that just because Rand Paul’s chart is on fire doesn’t mean I want him to win. I’m just reporting facts. I don’t always like the facts but they are what they are!

Hillary could win…. It would just be very tough if she faced off against Rand Paul, against Jeb Bush it’s no contest. Let’s just hope Rand Paul doesn’t win the nomination! I’m crossing my fingers.

Election Day!

12 thoughts on “Election Day!


    On that coast to coast interview from 2 years ago, – where I had discovered you,you predicted that Hilary was going to be the winner. Now it is “she could win”?

    1. zoma777 says:

      Her chart doesn’t look that promising although I do feel she is destined to be president. In order for this to happen someone with no chance has to be pitted against her which is very likely.

      1. Marie says:

        Every morning I read the news and I havent heard much on Rand Paul. Feels as if he is hiding to do a remake of himself. He will soon emerge as a New Rand Paul. lol just another GOP clown face.

        The problem with Rand Paul, is that he is trying sell himself as two different personalities and two differing policies.

        He says he is a ‘Libertarian’ but he really is not. You don’t call yourself a Libertarian and then choose not to support the very policies he has rejected. Libertarians are hypocrites and bigots.

        He has managed to win over college students with his stand against Big Government, the NSA and Healthcare. the size of the Libertarian party has grown enormously over the last ten years, however, only with one demographic group. 18-24 yrs olds sign up for the party, because they believe Big Government is bad. Think of Edward Snowden and the NSA. for them, He is a Hero.

        Eventually, one grows up, and realizes the Libertarian movement is just one big Hoax.

        It’s a load of BS, and how his followers actually believe that Rand Paul is going to change the way DC operates? He really IS stupid.

        I don’t see how he can be nominated in the primaries and win over Hillary Clinton?

        Is there something else in his chart that could be misinterpreted? maybe the positive energy that shows in his chart could represent something else?

        just wondering..


      2. PK says:

        I still wonder whether you need to check all the Republican candidates’ charts around the time of the formal nomination during their convention in 2016 and see who seems strongest at that time, rather than at the time of the Presidential election. My bet is still on Jeb Bush winning the nomination.

      3. Marie says:

        you can bet on Jeb Bush all you want, I am wondering if he will even make it to the primaries. He does not come across as wanting to be POTUS.

        There IS NO fire in his belly. His campaign message is flat, boring, and repetitive of the past. I wonder if he even wants to be President?

        They’re practically carrying Hillary Clinton to the White House.

    2. zoma777 says:

      Oh, I think that was more than 2 years ago. I think that interview was done about five years ago. I started having dreams about her becoming president before she announced her campaign the first time but in the dreams she is running. I assumed she would win because why else would I dream this right? There is always free will and people can collectively shift otherwise why would we be here. Fate is merely a blueprint – we can always change how we build the house until its actually built!

      1. Marie says:

        That’s why they call it “destiny” you can change the course and yes we all have free will. people get confused with the meaning of “fate” and “destiny”. Fate means no matter what you do its set to happen regardless. Destiny is your free will.

        When Al Gore pushed all the way to the Supreme court, he pretty much sealed his fate. well, we all know what happened in the end …

        The supreme court should have had the recount for the entire state of Florida. not just one or two counties. guess who had a hand in that one? His creepy brother Jeb Bush was the Governor at the time. eck

        Fate or Destiny?

  2. Thomas says:

    In the last American civil war we had two Presidents.

    It’s hard to say what this next election will see. Obama might be the last President over the “United” States.

    On an interesting note, last week I bought an N-Gauge silver passenger train. Today I saw in the news that a silver passenger train derailed and killed at least 7 people. This all feels like some type of sign, or timing thing, like something around this time is going to happen.

    Today is also May 13 (22,222) and Our Lady of Fátima synchronicity.

    1. Thomas says:

      Speaking of the number 7, I watched a video concerning the Shemitah, or the 7 year Jewish tradition of settling up debts. The next Shemitah is on September 15, 2015, which corresponds with all kinds of things, such as the end of JADE HELM, Pope visit to the U.S., etc. With the last Shemitah we had the stock market crashing down 777 points in 2008, and before that we had the Shemitah with 9/11/2001, along with the stock market crashing down.

      It seems a lot of people and countries are taking the Shemitah seriously, such as Russia and China trying to finish up their separations from the U.S. dollar.

      For years I’ve seen 2015 and 2017 as years with major changes.

      I guess we will find out soon enough.

  3. Could you please read a chart on ElizabethWarren? I know she is not a Presidential candidate, but I feel like there is some energy around her. Thank you so much!

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