Hillary Clinton Question

I posted about her running in 2016 a couple years ago when she was still Secretary of State. I had a dream about her running when Bush was president. Thing was in that dream I was not living where I was at the time but where I am now. So it seems I was seeing quite far ahead. In the dream there was tremendous grass roots support for her. A lot of young women were organizing to make her president. When she ran in the primaries the first time I realized well before the primaries the time frame in the dream wasn’t the one we were in. I voted for her anyway because I felt she would be a stronger leader than Obama however the way she ran that campaign was very disheartening.

Obama saved us from a Great Depression however it’s been pretty much what I thought – a feeling of treading water not expansion. This is a very tough time to govern and unfortunately the republicans have narrowed themselves into a cubby hole. Their two halves being the corrupt politicians who will do anything to serve the corporate plutocracy and the extreme religious right-wing science denies who seek to control people’s private lives in a ploy for a supposed return to “values.” The dream I had about the elephant stuck between to buildings on an empty street seems the perfect metaphor for where they are.

I get a yes on her win if and when she runs. I feel very certain she will, this time around, and she will play to her strengths rather than try to be a beer drinking, gun toting super-hawk. Of course she has to be strong but not strong like that. She came across as too hard I’m her dealings with the hope Obama embodied even though she turned out to be right for the most part since she knew very well the games that would be played by Republicans.

It’s very unfortunate sexism is so deeply ingrained in our culture that female leaders have to do a strange uncomfortable dance of balancing power by way of projecting masculine style strength while trying not to seem like a “bitch.”

We had our answer to what was more pervasive – sexism or racism from the results of that primary election – sexism won the prize. I hope for HC’s sake the dark underbelly of prejudice has been exposed and sensitivity will be awoken.

But I’m sure we can expect republicans to continue their tantrums in an attempt to play to false nostalgia. But as the generation for whom those tactics appeal are passing over, we will hopefully have some forward movement.

Hillary Clinton Question

34 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Question

  1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Sexism did for Hillary last time and I’ve a nasty feeling that it may well do for her next time too! Angela Merkel, in contrast, is a fine example of a female leader who is loved and respected equally by both genders. If I were German, I would probably vote for her even though she is a conservative.

    Best wishes from Simon

  2. Amazing insight Denise, and I agree that Sexism has been highlighted by the conversatives for all to see, and I’m glad that’s happening. The people are beginning to wake up and can now see how awful they are, and lies have been exposed. at the same time, it’s chilling to know that there are at least 40 percent who actually believe the Republicans are right about everything. Think of “Fox” news network.

    I think Hillary will win also. everytime I see her or listen to her speak, I get the goosebumps, and for me, that’s a confirmation she’ll win. I also had goosebumps whenever I listened to Obama, and Knew he would win twice, although the last election, I was not as confident. I was a wrecked during the year of 2012 because I was so scared the Republicans would win, and repeal the Health care law.

    The Health care law is so important and must be left intact. They are now threatening to repeal the law entirely, as they believe they will take back the Senate in November ’14 election. God, I pray they will lose the senate and the house, and disappear for the next ten years.

    They are mean asshats…

    Have you read the book called “Game Change”. it covers in detail on the Clinton campaign, and the Obamas. McCain and Palin are really crazy, and McCain is not as smart as he wants everyone to believe. He is nuts,but not as nuts as Palin.

    Blessings, Marie

  3. Hi Denise,

    There was yet another earthquake in L.A. — that makes several in last few months, a definite uptick. Are these “prequakes” to a bigger one coming soon, as you have seen?

    By the way, I am reading The Fourth Turning, the book you recommended. Dry as dust style, but some interesting info. I read their “13th Gen” book years ago about Gen X and it was spot on. Thanks for the rec.

    1. zoma777 says:

      I agree it is dry but fascinating. I’ll look for the 13th generation. I was just thinking about this last night. I have been worried a major quake is coming to Southern California this spring. I keep getting May but I want to do a chart first for confirmation. I do feel these quakes are precursors to a major one. I’ll post about it later today.

      1. Marie says:

        There’s major conflct with fracking companies still fracking away. With so little water left, and being forced to cut back by 25%, I’m n ot too happy with having to skip showers and brush my teeth with cold water and not warm water, leaves me scratching my head. What in the world are they thinking, or wake up Governor Jerry Brown has not issued a ban, but have allowed them free rein. Bad news all the way around, and it’s gonna be a really dry, hot summer. I’m bracing for that big earthquake now.. I feel it in my gut..

        I know I said, I was not worrying about it, but now, I am.


  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Given that California is patiently waiting for the next massive earthquake, I’ve never understood why property prices are so high there. Some people must just enjoy living on the edge.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      Simon, I had to laugh at your comment on living on the edge in California. I’m a native California, and I’ve lived survived through many small and large earthquakes. I would not suggest that I like living on the edge, quite the contrary. I’m sure there are those that live in fear of the next big one, and I would suggest they move. lol

      We have small tiny earthquakes every single day. most times we don’t even feel it, or even hear about it.

      I’ll be frank, I’m not worried at all. If I sat here and wondered when the next big one will hit, I would not get any thing done…. AND it may never happen..

      Love and Blessings, Marie

    2. zoma777 says:

      The people who live there either willfully forget, or (as is very common) an entirely new population moves into the area post-quake and really knows little to nothing about the terror. After the last quake real estate prices plunged to about 1/3 of their value or less. People have very short memories and southern, ca is especially
      attractive to people who desire fame. Long term thinking isn’t usually high among those who live for attention. Not that everyone is that way but LA does attract a lot of narcissists. Narcissists don’t tend to think very deeply about anything!

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    If you’re still living in California then I sincerely hope that it never happens!

    Best wishes from Simon

  6. Jecolon says:

    Hillary is not running and if she was- she will never win. She is a sneaky, power grabbing woman. I voted for her once and when she took the position of sec under this terrible President, she was history for me. A woman who wants power only and not the best for the country is Hillary. If she goes against Romney- the men in this country-whether liberal or conservative will vote for Romney- the conservative women would never vote for her and the black church going people “will never” vote for her because of her stand for gay marriage, Your predictions are really off, child.

    1. zoma777 says:

      I think people get confused between being psychic and being a magician. I see it I don’t make things happen. I wish I could! I saw That Bush would win over Gore and Reagan over Carter. Just because the flow right now is headed in the direction of the democrats doesn’t really have anything to do with me. Ever hear the expression “don’t shoot the messenger?” I wouldn’t be much good if I only predicted things I wanted to happen. Lord knows Most things I see are not what I want to happen… Like wars, etc.

    2. Marie says:

      you’re making a firm prediction that Hillary won’t run? you sound incredibly adamant and you are so confident that your prediction is IS. and that she won’t win either. take a hint child… are you psychic?

    3. Jecolon is obviously wrong! Romney has announced he will not run for President in 2016 and Hillary is obviously going to run. Her opinion of the black church is wrong. The only thing she said right was that some conservative women won’t vote for her. Jecolon should stop mistaking her personal opinions for psychic predictions. She should also stop being influenced by Faux ‘News’.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Exactly what happened to me on George Noory’s show. He so didn’t want to hear Obama was going to win. He kept telling me he didn’t want to hear my political opinions I just thought, actually I think I’m hearing yours not the other way around.

  7. Marie says:

    Here is a link to a website by intuitive Jeanne Mayell who runs a meditation group and they write down what they see, hear, feel, etc.


    They also predict that Hillary will win, and that she’s been right all along on the vast right wing conspiracy. so, it was good that Obama won,(first) and goes to show you it’s not about being a Black man being POTUS, but it’s more about being a Democrat or ‘Socialism’ as they’ve called it.

    Plutocracy or Fascism

    They also predict the Republican party will lose power for several years… maybe that will happen sooner rather than “later”

    God help us all…


  8. Thomas says:

    Hilary just announced her bid for Presidency.

    Back in the 1990s when I was going to a university studying art (in my 30s), I had a housemate (Adrian) who’s parents went to school with Bill and Hilary. She had some very interesting insights on them, basically all their partying. Adrian was very enamored with Bill and Hillary.

    I’m discovering some very interesting things out about the Khazars, and I believe it’s all connected to WWIII somehow. The Neocons are a very unusual group with many strange contradictions.

    Last night I was dreaming about poisonous inoculations, and I just broke off a friendship with a Neocon.

  9. Thomas says:

    X 66
    Le chef de Londres par regne l’Americh,
    L’isle d’Escosse t’empiera par gelée :
    Roy Rebauront un si faux Antechrist,
    Que les mettra trestous dans la meslée.

    The chief of London by the American reign,
    The isle will divide thee from Scotland by frost:
    They will have again as King one who is so false an Antechrist,
    That he will put them altogether in a conflict:

    If Hilary Clinton wins the Presidency, we will have Bill Clinton in the White House again. He can’t be President again, but in essence he can run the country again via Hilary getting in.

    “David Ovason (1997) wrote concerning quatrain X.66:”

    “What we appear to have here is a prediction of a king, or, more
    likely, an important political figure (even a President of the
    U.S.A.), who will somehow appear to be on the wrong side. The question
    is, on the wrong side of what? Of history? Of the United States? This
    individual will have the appearance of being an Antechrist, and he
    will bring his country into a very difficult position.”

    (posting links on this site seems to make posts disappear, so I’ve omitted the link to the above quote)

    The question is, is Bill Clinton perceived as an antichrist?

    1. zoma777 says:

      I don’t think Bill Clinton is even a remote candidate for the dubious honor of antichrist. That would go probably go to Dick Cheney since he’s the closest fit according to the Nostradamus predictions. The 3rd antichrist is supposed to be an Aquarian. Hmmm, maybe it’s Jeb Bush? Hahaha but seriously. Bill Clinton is a Leo.

      1. Marie says:

        who were the first two antichrists’? Ronald Reagan was an Aquarius. but hey, GWB was a cancer, and I never in a million years thought he would be POTUS and a terrible one at that. Was GWB one of the two, or Dick Cheney? Dick was also in Ronald Reagan’s and the elder Bushs’ administrations, and there you are..

        God help us all….

        1. zoma777 says:

          Hitler was one of them – Nostradamus predicted him supposedly and I think the other was supposed to be Napolean?

        2. zoma777 says:

          I agree that RR was one of them – after all he is the Guy who sold us the ideological BS that has brought the middle class in this country to its knees. But Cheney was also one of the brains behind RR and let’s not forget that man was a dolt. Cheney is actively and intensely horrible. Very greedy and self-interested with no care for the welfare of humanity yet he aspires to make decisions that effect us all – that’s pretty evil.

  10. Thomas says:

    I don’t believe Bill Clinton is an antichrist, but it is rumored that he is in the Rockefeller bloodline.

    It is also rumored that Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild, plus there’s the shocking rumor that the current PM of Germany is Hitler’s daughter, via artificial insemination, which the Nazis were working on, and the Soviets got hold of, including Hitler’s frozen sperm.

    There’s something to the White Khazars, and them getting their DNA into power positions. Redheads were common amongst Khazars, and there’s a surprising amount of redheaded world leaders, including Washington, Jefferson, Churchill, Eisenhower, and so on…

    It’s believed that the Khazars play both sides of every war, and their ultimate goal is the complete domination of the world.

    I don’t believe the next antichrist is a Khazar though, because in the vision I had I saw a Middle Eastern man.

    WWIII is very convoluted, and it’s difficult to get a clear picture on the good guys and the bad guys.

    1. P.S. Khazars sacrificed horses, and I’m sure this plays into The Book of Revelation somehow (John of Patmos, and his visions on the Greek island while in exile).

      In one of the Phoenix dreams/premonitions I collected, the woman saw the head of a white horse coming down out of the sky.

  11. Nydia says:

    More than a prediction you are talking about what you want tohappen. I ama psychic and you are completele wrong. Hillary will notbe our next president, believe me

    1. Marie says:

      Nydia, I am just as psychic as you and Denise and about another 1 million people world wide. You’re also as wrong as any of us. Stay humble…


  12. John W. says:

    Marie, Jeanne Mayell’s psychic crew do see hillary winning, but the also see the repubs stonewalling her like they have obama. They also have a terrible prediction that sounds like shes going to be run out of office by them. I wish you hadn’t posted the link. Its just that many more people reading it and adding energy to it.

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