2016 election for President

I have been going over Hillary’s char, Trump’s chart and now Cruise’s chart. I’ll post them in the next day or so that way everyone can read them. Cruise’s chart is more favorable than Trump’s for the general election but not by enough to predict a certain win. Tight. Hillary’s chart is not great. The timing is not the best for her – not bad but not a clear win. I wish it were.

2016 election for President

10 thoughts on “2016 election for President

  1. Robert H. Gerlach says:

    I remember what you said about her on Coast to Coast a few years ago. So you are now saying it is not a guaranteed win for her, now? Will it be a repeat of 2000 again?


    So now Hilary’s victory is not a guaranteed win? I remember that time you were on Coast to Coast with George Noory a few years ago. >

  3. Marie says:

    I would say the same thing… try going with your gut rather than looking at her chart, or even anyone’s chart for that matter.

    who do you think has the best chance of winning the 2016 election? Trump does not stand a chance in hell with getting the nomination even. Now that’s just my gut telling me people will tire of Trump’s negative rhetoric sooner or later. what are his policies?? he has none, zero, zilch.. all this blowhard does is attack and goes off on a rant. he’s a spiteful man, and even admitted he was shocked he’s gained so many followers, but clearly folks, Donald Trump is just messing with your head.

    someone commented they wished I had not found the link posted on GOOGLE and millions of folks have read into it already. I’ve also seen it several times posted on Twitter and Facebook. They’re several steps ahead of me.

    yes, this election will be vicious, and will get uglier…. so brace yourselves, more craziness is coming. stay tuned folks..


  4. Marie says:

    Now, after I got up this morning, I feel, and believe that Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide. it won’t be close at all. The Republican party have lost their way, and it’s the media that is intentionally hiding that fact. They want people or voters to believe in the hysteria of how tight or close this election will play out. The Republican party does not stand a chance in HELL.

  5. Marie says:

    If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him in the General election. His ideas, and super progressive policies are dead on arrival with congress. which is why, I feel it will be HIllary Clinton.

    As for the Republican nominee, it won’t matter who it is, and at this point, the Republican party’s policies are unrealistic as with Bernie Sanders.

    half this country is conservative, and we tend to vote for moderate.

    it is what it is…

    as for Jeb Bush? he will most likely be the one to pick up the nomination, and only at the 11th hour (convention.) Makes no difference who the republican party will be, none of them stand a chance.

    We are dealing with a Generation that care about equality (Libra energy) and healthcare aka Obamacare (Virgo energy).

    Ted Cruz does not qualify and Donald Trump celebrity power is fading…


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