Isis = Eris? Will it be the apple thrown to the world that sparks WWIII? I’m reposting this as you can see by the date of the chart it was from August 10, 2014…

20140810-172904-62944571.jpg You can see the question I asked the horary chart. I used the 11th house to represent ISIS and the 9th house to represent the world. The 11th house is ruled by Pluto (already a bad sign) and the 9th is ruled by Mercury. Although they are not making an aspect yet. It is traditional to use the fastest moving planet to answer the question. In this case it is Mercury which will go into Virgo and trine slow moving Pluto. Answering the question with an ultimate yes – down the road when the secondary progression happens. Give that one degree for one day and this conflict could escalate to world proportions as early as 6-8 weeks. The second thing we need to look at is the moon which will make a sextile to Pluto in roughly the same amount of time. It is currently making an opposition to Mercury which would support a no answer however it is slightly waning which invalidates it as an ultimate answer and shows that the world does not see this as anything global – not yet. But as these other things are brought to light in the next 6-8 weeks opinion will change and the breadth of this will be revealed. This could also be the thing that is reflected in the downturn/crash chart I posted the other day. The moon being a fast mover will make a quincunx at about the same time but in another month it will make a trine. So it seems to me there will be a ramping up and a holding back. Very likely the ramping up will be hidden from the public purview. It doesn’t seem likely now that this will be anything more than a contained middle-eastern war but it won’t stay that way. When I first laid eyes on the chart I got goosebumps. It gave me the creeps. Pluto in the first house says everything one needs to know about the destructive deathly bloodlust that typifies this group.

Isis = Eris? Will it be the apple thrown to the world that sparks WWIII? I’m reposting this as you can see by the date of the chart it was from August 10, 2014…

10 thoughts on “Isis = Eris? Will it be the apple thrown to the world that sparks WWIII? I’m reposting this as you can see by the date of the chart it was from August 10, 2014…

  1. Thomas says:

    Back in 2006 I picked up on a very dark evil character about two weeks before the Israel/Lebanon war. I saw that the war would lead to the bombing of Syria.

    When I discussed this dark evil character online, several people thought it was the antichrist, one person saying they saw the same character, and he comes out of Egypt.

    Interestingly the war started on July 12, my brother’s birthday, and he went on overtime at his job supplying Israel with sophisticated military equipment.

    Last night I had a dream that I was being interviewed by an Israeli radio talk show personality. She asked me a strange question about American Southwestern and Mexican beliefs that the enemies of Israel are “nefarious.” I thought she was going to ask me about numerology and synchronicities, and her question threw me, and there was a gap (dead air) in the interview.

    I had to look up nefarious to check the meaning, although I had a sense of it’s meaning in the dream.

    My guess is this dark evil character I saw in the vision is the third antichrist Nostradamus mentioned.

    Speaking of the antichrist, what is an “Americhrist?”

    P.S. Speaking of interviews, I just remembered that I was in the hospital having surgery on my leg when you had a radio interview. I brought a transistor radio to the hospital to listen to your interview, which was on during the middle of the night.

    I had a dream of a very dark evil character during my time in the hospital. I’ve had other dreams with this very evil dark character before. In other dreams he was in the attic of a very tall house, like four or five stories tall.

  2. zoma777 says:

    I just reread this post. It gave me the creeps. It has just come out or at least come to my attention that ISIS is an end of the world cult. They are trying to get the world into a world war. Very scary.

  3. Thomas says:

    389 and ISIS Synch.

    I just read a story that ISIS burnt 8,000 rare books and manuscripts in Mosul, Iraq.


    In 389 AD a library in Alexandrian was destroyed by an edict by the Emperor Theodosius.

    “Julius Caesar, although a learned man himself, was the first to destroy the “Mother Library” the remnants of which were transferred to the Serapeum. After the edict of Theodosius I (389 AD) the “Daughter Library” was burnt also.”

  4. Buddhadreamer. says:

    Something has happened that has delayed things. The big war is delayed. It should have happened by September. I now see a crisis very soon, but it will pass, and the big war is in the Early Spring.

  5. Buddhadreamer. says:

    Psychic observations: I have been having deep forebodings for some weeks, about the middle east situation. They are getting worse. I felt it was inevitable that there would be attacks on Western targets, as has now happened, and that this would trigger off a series of events that would start a slide towards a massive War. We are now on that slide. The situation is still somewhat fluid, but thickening rapidly. I think it all depends now on the speed of the various States involved. At the moment, Putin in Russia has been forced to the edge of a decision to committ or not to committ large ground troop forces to Syria. I think He will be forced by events to do so, unless something very unexpected happens. This is because there is a narrow window left now for Him to “Win” in Syria, and get the outcome he wants, and block the Americans and Israeli’s from their objectives. What is now emerging is a relentless approach to a “Proxy-War” in Syria and Iraq between Russia and her supporters, and America and allies, to decide the outcome. I am picking up on other major terror attacks, especially London, and a certain inevitableness about events over the next 6-8 weeks. Putin has less than 2 weeks to make his move.
    I also feel that a political faction in Washington are also planning things….and will try to drag in more American military force to Syria, especially Air force. I do not expect diplomatic moves to defuse the escalation, at all. They may, at best, delay it, by weeks, or days. If things go along the track I am seeing, major conflict in the Middle East is inevitable, although at first it might be limited to the Syrian area. But it will spread, slowly and steadily. Turkey is playing a double game here. They want Isis to win, so they can seize Syrian territory later. But they will be dragged into a confrontation, eventually, sometime next year, with Russia. The Russians will also eventually confront Israel. If this is not defused, there will be military clashes and it will escalate. The Saudi Arabians are moving towards a cataclysm. They have been fighting a semi-secret war against the Yemen for a year now, It will intensify, as the Syria situation heats up, and lead to absolute disaster for them. They will have to be rescued by the Americans. This will make things worse.
    These are the broad movements of events over the coming months. it will all be decided in less than a year, and Isreal will suffer a serious military defeat, and also have to be bailed out by the Americans. The impacts on America of all this will be huge. It is going to throw the coming election into total upheaval. It will also mark, historically, the high tide of American power. America, does not lose, but it does not win, either, when seen with hindsight. The alternative time lines are very weak, and vanishing rapidly. We are on a big slide here. Obama will be reviled utterly for his actions. But the roots of this were 911, which is going to reveal its hidden truths in the next year. Cryptically, MABUS is alive, in post, and in Washington. You can find him in the Government internal phone directory. More later.

  6. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I notice that you haven’t posted for a while and I just hope that your health is holding up.

    Warm wishes from Simon

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