21 thoughts on “Reader’s poll

  1. Thomas says:

    “Tulsi Gabbard”; Iraqi war veteran, surfer, wants to break up the big banks, Hindu, pro-choice, Samoan, pro-traditional-marriage, etc…


    Why can’t she run, instead of all the crooks in the Bankster’s pockets.

    Speaking of the Banksters – Here’s the best song for this new millennium!

    1. Marie says:

      This question is for Denise. do you feel that Michael Bloomberg will enter the Presidential race? His reasons are that he believes that Sanders and Trump are misleading the American citizens, and I do agree with that theory. Based on Idealogy and not pragimism will costs us dearly either way.

      having said all of that, I think that could backfire for the Hillary campaign.

      what do your cards or astrology charts say?

      BTW- reading your interpretation of the cards, I picked up the reversal of Queen of Cups to be Sanders wife, who could fall ill, or Sanders himself will declare a health issue. The Temperance card represents good health, mind, and spirit.

      1. Marie says:

        I think I just figured it out. Here is an article on Bernie’s wife Jane. This is the Queen of cups reversed. apparently, she’s in a lot of trouble, and has become mired in a pending lawsuit for fraud.


        This could be his downfall.. there have been a lot of rumors swirling around the past few days in regards to her legal troubles could hurt Bernie’s chances. after all, she’s setting herself up to be a target for the Republicans.

  2. Marie says:

    That Queen of cups reversed could represent Sanders physical health is in jeopardy. This campaign he is running could be causing strain on his current health issues even though he is not showing it yet. It’s well hidden.

    Or there is a female that he is close to will be the deciding factor on whether he continues his Presidential bid or not.

    also, I do see that Sanders is not upfront on many issues. He’s good at ducking and weaving. Similar to Marco Rubio on repeat.

    Reversal Queen of Cups do show high emotional roller-coaster and instability. There is something there that Sanders is hiding, and it’s huge.

    anyways, that’s how I read it. however….

    I stopped using the cards because of too many various things we do not understand or know about and that the Tarot is not good for long term predictions. Good for the immediate and the near future of say three months.

    Good luck to us all.. we’re all gonna need it.


  3. PK says:

    Denise, I too have wondered about Bernie’s health. He looked very flushed on some occasions in the past week and I wondered if he is holding up well with all the campaigning. This was a natural flush, unlike the constant flush on the Trumpet’s face (Donald Trump) which I guess may be due to his time spent on tanning beds!

    I too have noticed that Bernie is not a political innocent, he’s quite savvy actually. I’ve posted a comment on this on the Bernie tarot card reading page.

    1. Marie says:

      PK, I read your post on Bernie’s political campaign. I do agree with you on his position as an “Independent” for over 20 years and then suddenly he’s a democrat? I believe he switched to democrat when he announced he was going to run.

      what is interesting here, is that neither Trump nor Sanders thought their campaigns would take off. They’re both surprised and it’s clear, they really were not prepared. Of course, Sanders is a better choice than Trump.

      They each tapped into the voters rage and anger, and now you have the KKK openly supporting Trump, and then you have the young voters with no LIfe’s experience are looking at free healthcare and free education. FREE is an attention grabber.

      Sanders campaign bothers me more than Trump. Promising the Blue Sky is an insult, but blame that on the naivety on the young people which have little or no life’s experience.

      as of last nights debate, I did notice Sanders was flushed through-out, but that could be from the hot lights, etc. or could it be that he is lying? was his face redder than other times during the debate last night? in other words, if he is lying, his face flushes…

      We all know that Donald Trump is a masterful liar, and so far has gotten away with it. Sanders is sneaky on how he presents his policies.

      He was and still is very disrespectful of President Obama many times over and openly criticizes the democratic party.

      The media needs to do more with these two candidates and call them out on their weaknesses and issues they are afraid to confront on.

      God help us all….


      1. PK says:

        Marie, I wrote about Bernie’s reported reasons for running as a Democrat on the Bernie Tarot cards page. I agree with you that Trump and Sanders probably didn’t expect to get this far in the campaign when they signed on and neither did Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush (the early logical heir-apparent of their parties) expect them to. Trump and Sanders get a free pass on the details of their policies in most of the media interviews and analyses.

        Trump: I’ve been joking since the past few months about when someone is going to find Trump’s long-lost love-child, so his campaign will self-combust. Yet, no skeletons have tumbled out his closet so far. It will be interesting to see how he reshapes his views on immigrants when he campaigns in Nevada. He is also going to change his tune considerably for the general American public if he ever gets the Republican nomination.

        Bernie’s flushed look: I noticed it in the New Hampshire debate and wondered if it was due to the lighting and environment of the debate venue. Then I began to notice his flushed complexion in the days prior to the New Hampshire primary at different venues and different times of day, although there were some days when his complexion was normal. That is when I got concerned about his health. It has been cold in the North East and Midwest and that can also cause people to flush. It was said that he had a cold during the debate in Wisconsin. On the other hand it could also be due to stress of campaigning which is going to increase in March and April.

        Bernie’s freebies: I agree with you that everybody loves free stuff and the students are converging on him for that. However, nothing is really FREE. SOMEONE pays a price for the free stuff. Since he is not going into the details someone needs to look at his plans and spell out who pays, when, how much and for how long. I bet the parents of the free-riding students and the rest of us WILL pay more taxes for years to support the freebies, and so will these students when they start working. Also, is it free education only in the state universities or for ALL universities? Is it going to be free right away after he becomes President or will it be phased in?

        Elizabeth Warren: I had a strong Presidential vibe from her about 2-3 years ago and I couldn’t understand at that time how she fit in the picture. At that time I felt that Hillary Clinton would be President in 2016 and if Warren was to follow her she would be in her ‘70s when she would run for the first time. Since Bernie entered the fray ‘President’ Elizabeth Warren is making more sense to me: either as Bernie’s VP running mate or as a compromise VP running mate for Hillary whom Warren reportedly dislikes (to capture Bernie’s disappointed supporters). Will Hillary and Warren become the first and second female Presidents of the US or will Warren be the first female President. I am more of an intuitive and an empath and don’t read Tarot cards or astrology charts. So I can’t verify this in other ways.

        1. Marie says:

          Michale Bloomberg must file by Super Tuesday, March 2. Whether he’s an Independent, Republican, or a Democrat, makes no difference. That’s the deadline for entering the Presidential Race. So your point on Bloomberg made no sense. sorry…

          Since the last Democratic debate, I thought Sanders was being a sexist by waving his finger around everything and wanting to shut Hillary down while she was speaking.

          That shows he believes he is right on everything, and everyone else is wrong. That finger wagging is a sign of aggression. don’t believe me? I’ve been raised by Jewish families, and my Mother-in-law was the most domineering woman by wagging her finger to make her point. My Mother in law was not a popular woman and because she felt she was right with everything. typical Jewish demeanor. Paranoid and they’re good with blaming others for everything that goes wrong.

          I’ve made up my mind. I Believe Bernie would be a disaster as a President. He would dig his heels in on Israel, and he’ll get his ass kicked by a Republican candidate in the General election.

          no one here can make up their minds whether you’re looking at an astro chart, tarot cards, or reading from your gut, the various outcomes have been pretty fluid. meaning that nothing is set in stone with this Election.

          Good Luck… Marie

  4. PK says:

    Marie, no problem on saying my point about Bloomberg makes no sense. I didn’t know about the March 2 cutoff date for all candidates. I thought he had more time to come in as an Independent and I perhaps misinterpreted him as saying that he would jump in if Hillary lost the nomination, when he was perhaps only saying that he will come in if he thought that she was doing badly in the primaries.

    I noticed Bernie’s finger-wagging also and agree with you. I get the sense that he is no less a shrewd politician than anyone else in the game. I wouldn’t think about buying what he is selling without knowing the price we have to pay.

    The only ones I like are Hillary on the Democrat side and Kasich on the Republican side. I’ve always liked Kasich, since his tenure in Congress, but am not sure of his chances.

    Good luck to us and the world. Whoever the US chooses will influence the world. Hopefully the better choice for the US and the world wins.

    1. Bloomberg suggested he did not appreciate the extremism of Trump and Sanders and hinted the voters needed better choices. That comment is perplexing and would throw chaos for the DNC as Bloomberg said he’d run as an Independent.


  5. Marie says:

    clarification… when I said that I felt Sanders would dig his heels in on Israel, I meant that he is PRO Israel. having said that, I am pro Israel as well, however, Sanders IS contradicting himself. In his own state of Vermont, He endorses rockets made for Israel. when he says he wants to reduce the size of our Military? so that we’d have the funds to pay to start up a Medicare for all.

    to answer your other question on Education; it would start on the community college level, and so far that would be the highest level “For Free”. how all of that would work, is not clear at this point. it has not impacted it’s “free” policy on state or private Universities.

    so I am guessing that it’s for the community colleges only, and I am sure they’ll be pre-requisite to get a full ride and for two years. Good start though, and I believe we should have free community colleges. Education is just too expensive and not always a pay off.

    We all need to vote.. make it matter, it will make a difference.


  6. PK says:

    Marie, thanks for your insight on Sanders’ plans. I did locate his free college plan. It covers public colleges and universities and is supported by revenue generated through a Wall Street speculation tax. Hope I’m stating it right!

    1. Marie says:

      Through Wall Street? I wasn’t sure if I was reading that right, but sounds like Bernie will need a super majority to pass that through congress.

      I’m just not seeing it…

      The ACA also known as Obamacare barely got passed, and we had a super majority in both houses until 2010. Many Dems rejected the ACA.

      my husband loves Bernie. “He’s just an old Jewish guy” so my husband is Jewish and loves Bernie, but he’ll vote for Hillary in the General. makes no sense to me, and good chance for Hillary to lose the primary.

      I was watching the CNN news for about 20 mins, and they were talking about Donald Trump and how they believe the Democrats are underestimating Trump, and the reason Karl Rove is funding as a Super Pac donated to Bernie Sanders campaign.

      yep, Karl Rove can fund any campaign due to Citizen United.

      do you understand what is happening here? The republicans are hoping to have Bernie win against Hillary in the primary, because they believe Bernie can’t win in the General election.


      1. PK says:

        There’s more detail on the Internet about how Bernie’s education plan is going to be funded. There are also various analyses and reviews on it.

        Hillary confronted Bernie in a debate a few weeks ago about Karl Rove’s super pac running negative ads against her and supporting him. Bernie just looked at her and didn’t respond. Yes, Republicans think Bernie will be a walkover but he will probably give them a run for their money.

  7. Marie says:

    Democrats didn’t go to Bernie and ask him to run as a Democrat.

    Bernie went to the Democratic PARTY, after a Career of Trashing them and just TOOK the name.

    From the beginning, DEMOCRATS have opened their arms to Bernie. Giving him the space to present his ideas. And then they just got Trashed.

    This is what a Bernie Administration would be like. Bernie Minions beating the DEms down if you dare speak your mind. Dirty. Swindlemania.

    Bernie is a scumbag

    1. zoma777 says:

      Marie please refrain from negativity. I appreciate your passion for Hillary however this fervor only reflects badly on her energetically. Best if you point out all her benefits. I love both candidates. I can see the appeal of both. Bernie is right to believe in political revolution. It’s needed. And Hillary is right to feel evolution is more practical. They would both be strong and righteous presidents, and have more in common than not. Let’s not forget they both want to change thing for the better for the majority of Americans. Getting nasty is a republican game and it always backfires for Dems because we are a compassionate bunch!

      1. Marie says:

        I used to love Bernie….but now he and his campaign have gotten nasty. sorry that I said he’s a scumbag. I guess that was a bit harsh even though it’s true on what he’s said with the #POTUS and Hillary.

        After this post, I will refrain from posting on your blog. many others here have been negative, but I don’t see that I have been. not really…

        I’ve always enjoyed reading your interpretations, however confusing it has been with your election prediction. I just think you’re over reaching or over thinking it.

        sorry to have offended you.

        Peace, Marie

        1. Thomas says:

          Take a look at Chichen Itza, or Angkor Wat, and know this is the future of all city states like DC, rock and cement monuments built on ideals that fall to ruin in cycles of self destructive corruption.

          To examine politicians or celebrities is to try and get a handle on our own place in this reality, our own desires, and how to create them.

          People often mistake likemindedness for love, but is it really? Is it really the ability to sidestep our own desires for the sake of others, regardless of what they desire?

          I don’t know.

          Enjoy the dissonance, because the true camaraderie is just being in this reality.

        2. zoma777 says:

          It’s ok. I get it we are all passionate and I always loved Hillary and really wanted her to be president. I voted for her the first time around in the 2008 primary. After seeing her up close and really listening to what she was saying my feelings changed. I wanted to believe she would be the same as Bernie but she really won’t be. I don’t like the nasty rhetoric we Dems have been engaged in. I do get it though we get worked up, etc. I really do believe we as Americans can rise to the same standards that as the rest of the developed world – I don’t think this is pie-in-the- sky idealism. One would have to be pretty brainwashed by the corporate media and know nothing of our actual history to believe that. Think of FDR, the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the suffragettes. We are bigger than they have lead us to believe we are.

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