Happy New Year to all!

2009 is a number 11.

So universally we will all be more globally minded, partnership orientated, Internet savvy, humanitarian focused, interested in the bigger picture, and how it relates to us individually.

This will be a year when big things are tackled, broad strokes are used, and we really try to work together in earnest in ways we haven’t in a long while.

2008 was a one year; the start of a new beginning, but also a period when we were more self-absorbed as a whole. 

This year we will have both the 2 energy and the 11 energy working for us. So on the personal level marriage and partnerships will be more our focus.  For those of us tapped into the higher vibration of the number 11 we will find ourselves participating in the world at large, finding inspiration in working together to find solutions and helping our fellow man.

Have a great New Years Day!

Peace and blessings to all,