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Hi Denise,
You mentioned about late December, early January danger in stock market. Do you still see this?

I think we’ve already seen the market crash hard this fall, and what the Dow chart showed was in relation to the scandals that we have seen come out, and will continue to see. In the chart of the US, it unfortunately looks like we haven’t seen the worst of an economic drop yet, but my anxiety has abated for the time being and has been held steady for awhile now.

Consumer confidence and spending at Christmas was at a record low. Many stores went out of business at what was traditionally their best time of year, often the only time they really made a profit. This could be an important part of the economic crisis that has yet to play out in the stock market as Pluto begins to oppose the countries Venus in Cancer starting at the end of January until the end of March of 2009. Of course planets move back and forth (called retrograde movement) so it won’t be the last time we have some big news or set backs in our economy. Pluto usually takes a couple of years going back and forth over a degree before it finally moves on.

Also I posted the warning a couple of weeks before the stock market crash because I felt it coming psychically. I hadn’t done any charts or anything. Problem with public charts like the Dow or even our US chart is they are very inexact. When I tried to put a time frame on my feeling I picked what the astrology said as the timing. My psychic feelings build until the event, but I can’t tell you the exact time they are going to happen so I looked to astrology in this particular case to verify what I was sensing.I personally took all my money out of the stock market the day before I started this blog, and sent an e-mail to all my friends and relatives urging them to pull their money out ASAP as I felt the drop coming very immediately.

This is the problem with psychic ability and even astrology, it’s not exact. It is ruled by Neptune and Neptune also rules confusion, insanity and oddly music. If all psychics were 100% accurate in every detail about everything, we’d know everything that was about to hit, and there would be no way for fate to intersect with free will or the lessons we are meant to learn, and no one would be able to truly live in the present as we would always know what was just around the corner. Even this very idea is impossible because the exact knowing of the future would actually change the outcome because our behavior would change making the event unable to manifest. This is one of the reasons why psychic ability is erratic, and when accurate has no sense of exact time attached (so you can’t really change anything or act on the information completely).

Knowing the outcome of everything would be gaming the system (and one could argue make your purpose here on this planet null and void) which is why I believe we are only allowed bits and pieces of information as psychics. We are more akin to detectives looking at clues then people reading a book. Also you have to consider even the quantum nature of time and the many streams of it, which interact with the Collective Unconscious, and the Stars (or some would say fate). Time is a very intricate and changeable thing because we as human beings evolve, change and grow (and each of us effects the whole) making it hard to pinpoint with absolute precision the exact future of mankind. And thank God for that, it allows us to transcend, surprise and gives us the chance to find enlightenment. It also means teach of us has the power to lift up the whole the more we show kindness, love and strive toward enlightenment.

And a comment from TalkSense, 


Pity the north node has been in Aquarius in 2008, not Capricorn.
Sorry, “approaches Capricorn” just won’t do.
It doesn’t “approach Capricorn” until the end of July 2009.

Hi Talksense

I didn’t write that the North Node was in Capricorn. It is approaching Capricorn; it goes backwards through the sign, not forward like the planets do. 

About 20 odd years ago I came across a book that is out of print, it detailed this phenomena. It was quite remarkably accurate. It empirically put forth evidence (this is what I was referring to in this post you commented on) of the past 200 years (as of the 1980s) showing the housing market’s relationship to the nodes. If you happen to live in the Santa Clarita Valley you might be able to find it through their library system. I’ve never come across the likes of it anywhere else.

As the node moves closer, and that means by sign not just by degree, the market shifts either toward buying (Cancer node) or toward selling (Capricorn node). The movement itself is part of the pattern, so yes it “does do,” and you are misinformed about this particular theory. Doubtful you read this book as it is sadly, very obscure. And if you have please post the name of it because I have long forgotten the name only the contents and the basic theory remains etched in my memory. I used this theory for my own personal real estate gain so I have to say it really does work. I bought my house at the bottom turn around of the market when it was in Sagittarius, and it was just getting going again, 6 years later it was worth 3 times what I paid for it, and then the market went nuts in CA (the bubble) and it was worth about 4 and half times what I paid for it until it settled back to its 3x’s price. I expect it will go down to about 2x’s the price we paid, before the market goes back up again. So all in all real estate if you keep it long enough is always pretty solid. But you bet if I have money when the North Node is in Capricorn I’m going to buy real estate and hold onto it for at least 6 years. 

Also an important thing to note is that both the Node and Neptune are in Aquarius and it will be easy for people to be mislead, confused, duped and taken advantage of regarding house buying. Personally, I would wait a little longer if one can before taking the real estate plunge.

Talksense I want to put out an invitation for you to share your own theories about the relationship between the real estate market, and the nodes, or either/or. I’m always interested in learning, and open to other people’s opinions. 

Best wishes to all,