I’m still on the mend. Unfortunately, my daughter has been ill as well. My husband now has a bit of it as well. It’s been odd here lately. I walked out tonight for a moment and realized the birds were chirping at midnight. I don’t take this as a good sign. It has been bizarrely cold, wet and rainy here. This is the equivalent of it snowing in July in Chicago. It probably has happened but not very often. As a matter of fact it is plain old strange.

Someone mentioned on the blog named Lisa they no longer have a good feeling about Obama. I too feel dissapointed that he isn’t as strong a leader as I’d hoped him to be. He’s not awful but rather he needs to really shake things up and so far he hasn’t taken steps to do this. I don’t think he gets that propping up the old system is a mistake. We need REAL change. This was why I was unsure of him when he ran as a candidate. I felt he was too diplomatic which is appealing after 8 years of the opposite but we really need someone who is fearless in the face of corporate America. I had thought Hillary would be an excellent bull dog for the left but she just turned out to be a bull dog for herself. I do feel Obama is a great man and we need to push him and give him a little more time before we get too upset. He’s a smart man and hopefully he’ll realize that you can’t play baseball with a bunch of hungry tigers.

Anyway, I hope to be back to normal by tomorrow and posting again regularly. Thanks everyone for your patience with my flu and for all the good energy you have sent my way.

Many blessings,