Sea Lion’s Disappear from SF

While on vacation to San Francisco there was a local news story that was rather freaky, seems the sea lions that have been docked on a series of piers (and had become a tourist attraction) all disappeared pretty much over night. It’s been about a month and still no sign of why they left or when they are coming back if ever. A lot of people have speculated that this maybe a sign of a major earthquake (or Tsunami) coming to that area. The strange thing is the sea lions showed up shortly after the big earthquake in the Bay Area back in 1989.

I haven’t looked into it enough to tell yet, other than looking at a bunch of charts of earthquakes in the US and noticing the big ones do seem to happen when there are intense cardinal sign friction. Often one or more outer planets seem to be in Capricorn and we do have Pluto going through Capricorn right now. I’m thinking as I write this that the cardinal sign thing is probably due to our country’s birthday being celebrating July 4th. We are according to our shared acknowledged birthday a Cancer country. This birthday is often not used by astrologers but for the purposes of the earthquakes I’ll run a chart and see if there is some weird correlation.

I also had a feeling after looking at the charts that perhaps another outer or dwarf planet might have something to do with triggering major earthquakes. I noticed a preponderance of planets at 9 degrees throughout again in mostly cardinal signs. I’ll get more info for everyone on this as I figure it out but for the mean time I welcome anyone’s ideas about the sea lions, earthquakes and their possible connection.

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Sea Lion’s Disappear from SF