James Holmes Chart and Some Predictions


Of course I don’t have his time of birth but I found the evil subhuman who murdered 12 innocent people and ruined about 70 people’s lives. Interesting there are more Sagittarians (and next their opposite Geminis) in jail than any other sign. This is saying a lot as Sagittarius is the luckiest sign in the zodiac so if one gets caught they have probably been on a dark path for a very long time – this is both their curse and their “luck.” And it is often why you will find Sagittarians to be the most skeptical of all signs because they are sort of ignored by the Universe in a way, like children who act out for attention from their parents – Sags will do this but get no supernatural or divine intervention. This is because it is their lesson in this life to do good without being forced or coerced into doing it like many of us are. There are many amazing and truly angelic and great Sagittarians – those who channel their gifts in beautiful ways that make this world a better place. Nothing in a chart will make someone a killer or evil – it wil only reveal what sort of evil they will do if they choose that path. Our free will is in how we utilize our gifts and limitations. Our fate is the road map that determines the guidelines and gifts which we are given. Somewhere between the two we live our lives.

Firstly I’d like to make the point that Holmes was NOT a GENIUS nor was he “brilliant” as I’ve heard him described. He was well educated and because of that probably had an above average intelligence. His mercury was conjunct the Sun which is thought to actually be both a sign of intelligence and ruination of intelligence – or being burned up by the sun. So while he may have been academically intelligent all other types of intelligence would have been limited especially emotional intelligence. He also had Uranus near his Saturn and Sun, so while he could have potentially had a great career in research and new technology – even neuroscience and perhaps could have (if he had a different soul) developed that into genius – again it is close enough to the Sun to be considered ruined by Vedic astrology – meaning both Saturn and Uranus were afflicted by their proximity to the Sun.

With so much fire in his chart his internal desire was for ATTENTION. His Leo moon is often an indicator of someone with narcissistic tendencies especially in his case where it makes a GRAND FIRE TRINE to his Moon and his Jupiter. Grand fire trines are often seen in the charts of serial killers and mass murderers – they have such an intense desire to be noticed and admired that if this isn’t channeled into the arts in terms of performance it usually sours into a festering burning coal of hatred that consumes the person – they believe they are so special and can’t understand why no one else can see how awesome they are. He also has another deadly give away that he’d one day go into murdering for attention Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio – both are made more intense by their connection to one another and of course Pluto is at home in Scorpio. He held a grudge – forever – and violence was his only way to be important, have power over other people and take out his anger on “the world” which didn’t acknowledge his specialness.

So much fire in a chart can be very destructive unless properly channeled. The fact that he had so much Sagittarius in his chart and didn’t go to Yale, Harvard, Berkley, Oxford or some other extraordinary school (or into the military where his desire to be a warrior could have been channeled positively) shows that he worked hard to do well in his academics, he was fond of research and being in his own world.

This guy has very few hard aspects – meaning his life was generally much easier than the average person which is part of the reason he never learned compassion. His biggest issue was his inability to connect with women and having a strange fantasy based relationship with them in general which led to disappointment when he had to deal with real women because as it turned out they were human too, not something he was interested in. His family was very likely pretty normal. His mother and father got along. He may have had an odd relationship with his sister or a rivalry with her (or some other important long term female in his life) but that’s about as bad as it would have gotten for this kid who had everything available to him. His biggest misfortune was entering the job market during a depression. And of course someone as amazing as he was (in his mind) was completely humiliated by actually having to work a regular old job at a fast food joint.

I heard one survivor say they felt sorry for Holmes. I do not. I would caution anyone to do so. This is not a person who had a terrible life – this is someone with an average life and who was gifted with many opportunities – things didn’t work out how he expected (wah-wah, everyone has this happen to them and they don’t murder people because of it) and he killed innocent people because he is a vein, idiotic and narcissist.

One thing I have found when working on cases of serial killers and people of this guys ilke are how very different they are than one would expect. One would expect an intense passion – intense hatred or anger or something, but interestingly they have none of that – they are like robots. They are cold – calculated and in fact hard to track because they leave no emotion behind to follow which is why I have to go through the victim to find them. They feel nothing for anyone other than themselves. They are wired in a way were they have absolutely no ability to feel for anyone but themselves. I would say they probably don’t really even have a clue what love is – even for their own families, no matter how much love they were given – the closest thing to it would be attachment.

They are remarkable only in that they manage to pass as “normal.” Truly they are anything, but normal. The reason they are so unmemorable and make no connections with other human beings is because they don’t have the same internal emotional life that other human beings do. They are often described as mousy, unremarkable, almost invisible.

However they do seem to want to be worshipped and in control – have power over other people which is confounding when one considers the contradiction there is in not caring for anyone other than the self and yet desiring acceptance, adulation, attention and love from other people.

I have to note here what many astrologers have pointed out – the grand trine and it’s relationship to criminal behavior. I have seen this myself. And full disclosure I also have a grand trine but it is in water and part of a kite formation. Grand trines are a gift of ease from past lives however their negative side (and this is a big negative) is that energy circulates like a needle on a record player that wears a groove in the soul of the person. It’s not easy for people with grand trines to get out of the mindset, the feeling, the thought process or the rage they maybe experiencing. From my research almost all the criminals with grand trines had them in either fire or air, sometimes earth but I haven’t come across any in water – that’s because a person with a grand water trine is more likely to kill himself (Kurt Cobain had this configuration) than someone else. It’s common for people who have a grand water trine to have an overabundance of compassion, psychic ability and sensitivity. Grand water trines are often  (in my experience) seen in people who are exceptionally psychic or exceptionally creative or both. This is the only real exception to the grand trine that I’ve noticed and it was easy for me to do research on this because I was born during a period of about three months when three major planets aligned in a grand water trine – along with Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, myself, a fellow gifted psychic (the best I ever trained and good enough to have become a celebrity if she had wished) she was also a musician and visual artist like myself. She also had a lot of emotional problems and suffered from depression. These are just a handful of those who I’ve seen with the grand water trine – and always it is highly creative at the very least and most dangerous to the person who has it not to others.

But back to Holmes – his chart reads like a very one dimensional person. There wasn’t much to this guy which is perhaps why he had no interior emotional life, no friends, and nothing much to give the world except a reminder of a sick culture built on narcissism and a desire to be famous for 15 minutes even if that means killing to get the fix.

Ironically, a recent fictional piece I’d written and registered had a drop out medical student as a serial killer. Within a month of writing the piece I also met a woman who fit the description of the lead character (half-African American and a Jewish mother.) Her father was actually from the same city I mentioned in the piece. In the story she uses an “Ordinary Superhero” as cover for her work fighting the demonic. The drop out doctor was actually possessed by a demon – from looking at pictures of Holmes I am pretty sure he was possessed by a demonic force as well.

And even though I am not a member of any organized religion I do believe there is evil in this world. I am not of the opinion that everything is love and light. I do believe we are in a fight now – a fight for the earth – for humanity’s evolution and against the darkness. This is the very reason I want to train people to utilize their own psychic abilities for good – sometimes we have to fight for the light we can’t just visualize it. If we could there would be no Hitler, no Stalin, no Darfur, no slaughter of the Native Americans, no Middle-Ages, no warlords and no war. Unfortunately, there is so much darkness and I have decided to stop reporting on the future outbreaks of it because by the time I see them they are trains that can not be stopped. I will only report those that have a chance of being turned around for the better.

It’s vitally important now that everyone work on being a light in this darkness. The more light we have the more assured we are of moving in the right direction – where we can come together and solve the bigger problems we face that threaten the future of our species.

Oh, and again 2012, December 21st – don’t sweat it.

I am very matter-of-fact and believe humanity is as good as it is evil.  Just want to throw that out there for those of you who want me to be all love and light. I’m not. I embrace the darkness within me so that I can face it and keep it at bay. I found that psychics who didn’t are often very passive aggressive and inaccurate. We, like the Universe we live in, are all things – the important part is that we choose to serve the greater good and be good people.

I want to give my condolences to everyone who went through that tragedy in Aurora  – not just the people who crossed over and their families. I literally feel your pain and am very distraught for all of you. May this tragedy be an incident not a defining moment and may GOD’s grace transition you from your grief, guilt, pain and anger toward your true mission on this earth. My heart and love goes out to you. You are in my prayers.

Many blessings,


James Holmes Chart and Some Predictions

20 thoughts on “James Holmes Chart and Some Predictions

  1. I now understand my own feeling of anger at this guy. He seems like a guy whose never gotten into trouble for anything he’s done wrong in his whole life. Apparently, he hasn’t. He was the kid who did rotten stuff and was able to lay the blame on some other kid, then whines “nobody likes me”. I’m glad they caught him alive and unharmed. There is no reason why he can’t face the music. However, if he wanted to be the center of attention for life, he picked a bad place to do it. Colorado has entire prisons solely for people in solitary confinement. (I recently watched a documentary on one of them.)

    My deepest sympathies and condolensences to the families and friends who were affected by this tragedy.

  2. With criminals of all kinds it’s often the Jupiter trine, or Jupiter involved with the Sun (he had both) as this gives the feeling of invincibility, that even if they know they are doing something wrong, they will get away with it (even if everyone else who tried it did not). It can also be this weird thing where they believe that they are the deliverer of the judgment of God himself, or at least bringing “Justice” or righting a wrong.

    Metaphysically, I dont think that people inherently have “evil” in them. It grows and is nurtutred, beginning as a lack of love being received or being felt in the person. Then when it gets to a certain point they become open to negative astral entities (or demonic entities) as well who are drawn to the fear, sadness, anger etc. But I do agree that we have dark sides which we are afraid to acknowledge. That’s life in the 3rd dimension – polarity. This was a horrendous act and I do not excuse the behiour on any of the counts listed above. We all have free will – it’s a choice and he chose poorly.

  3. Nancy says:

    You might want to double check his DOB. Dec. 13, 1987 is what I’ve seen repeatedly. I noted it since 12/13 is mine as well. (Diff year though )

  4. Kahuna Wiz says:

    Wow, you’re a bit narcissistic yourself – quite self absorbed. And if you’re going to write critiques that others may actually read, you might want to learn grammar, punctuation and how to use spell-check.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Really? You’re going to defend someone who shot a 6 year old girl? Really? Wow, perhaps you see a little of yourself in James. I think generally when you go into a theater and murder 12 innocent people and injure 70 others you could use a little criticism. Most people don’t think that’s really awesome. And I’d love to see what spelling mistakes I made, perhaps you could grade my report. Or maybe you are an anonymous coward who enjoys being destructive rather than constructive.

  5. Thomas says:

    It may or may not come out that Holmes was on a “Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” (SSRI), used in antidepressants. Drug corporations do what they can to hide the fact that so many of these mass shootings have these drugs in common.

    It seems these inhibitors also work to eliminate inhibitions to act out dark thoughts.

    I’m wondering now if there are synchronicities between the movie Batman Begins, Katie Homes, James Homes, Scarecrow, drugs, and our water supplies being contaminated with antidepressants.

  6. Nancy says:

    I need the input from a “sensitive” so to speak. I hesitate typing out what occurred with me last week, starting last Monday morning. But suffice it to say, premonitory signs began on that day and kept presenting themselves. The last one was a feeling of being momentarily flooded with feelings of extreme danger and violence to a lethal level.

    Of course my logical brain kept rationalizing the impressions away, and on Thursday I lost all interest in eating, and spent the day curled up on my couch; in a daze, not wanting to move. It was almost as if I was waiting for the shoe to drop.

    I would list the extremely eery examples, but in all honesty, when I start to acknowledge them, I’ll admit, it really freaks me out. My rational mind says it’s impossible for me to know something prior to it occurring. But this isn’t my first “rodeo” so to speak, in regards to premonitions coming true. (It happens enough that I’ve labeled it a curse because I never get enough info to stop, redirect or alter what has yet to occur. if it were a gift, I would be able to help, instead of standing by, bracing myself for the full picture/actual moment.)

    Anyway, this is the first time I can recall, in which something as large as the actions by a subhuman with initials J.H. has happened to me. My question is, why do I still feel this way? Is there such thing as a psychic hangover? Other times, the feeling has lifted as disappeared. And I’ve felt as if the previous premonition never even occurred.

    This time however, I feel as if I walked through a waterfall of emotional intensity (2 days prior to the shooting taking place,) and I have yet to dry off. Does that make sense? Is this a psychic hangover? Am I still receiving the horrific energy from the person how has J.H. as his initials? I’ve stated his name that way, because of the dream which woke me last Monday morning regarding someone I used to know with those initials. AND the last time he and I spoke, which was OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, he admitted something quiet disturbing. (Medication for an infection he was on resulted in him wondering what it would be like to shoot someone. His Dr. immediately switched him to another medication to combat his systemic infection.)

    Anyway, any advice, suggestions, or ideas which might ease my discomfort as well as my dazed, confused and bickering going on between my logical brain and my subconscious brain would be appreciated.

    1. zoma777 says:

      I got his information from TMZ where he supposedly registered on a sex website with that info. I will re-run his chart and see what changes there are. I am always of the belief though that when you get information from the Universe there is a reason for it.

  7. Nancy, perhaps you are feeling the suffering of all those people who died in the China floods. Also, 18 people were killed in a one vehicle accident in Texas yesterday. In my own state, at the Amelia Earheart festival some crazy drove his truck into the fireworks and seriously injured four people.

    In addition, the drought here in the Plains states and the midwest is causing a great deal of suffering. You may be sensing a high level of baseline suffering across the country. The drought is so bad, I don’t even know if we’ll be getting any crops out of Kansas (where I live) this year. Fortunately, the land management techniques learned from the 1930s forward have been put into use for a long time and we aren’t living in a swirl of blowing dust – yet.

    1. zoma777 says:

      As one very well known astrologer (a teacher of mine) said, “There are no accidents. If you run a chart it is relevant.” In fact this is what Horary astrology is based on – entirely – it is an oracular form of astrologer which answers questions.

      1. Thomas says:

        Yeah, I’ve found some very interesting numerological information in typos.

        Speaking of numerology, I found some interesting matches to Seung-Hui Cho.

        Seung-Hui Cho = 130/167
        George W Bush = 130/167

        P.S. 777 use to be a sign that attracted my attention, also 333. I ended up living in Myrtle Beach following 777, and also Paamul, Mexico. The soul mate I found in Myrtle Beach, Tera Tucker, wrote a letter to Gorbachev asking him is she could dance in the Russian ballet, when she was a little girl, and he wrote back inviting her to dance with them as a guest. Paamul was loaded with soul mates.

  8. Ruby says:

    There’s more to this story than meets the eye and many realities involved. I think the language was a bit tough regarding this guy as subhuman and the other descriptions, though I appreciated your thorough review of his chart.

    Im as angry as everyone else but keep watching and pay attention to the questions that aren’t asked, and pay attention to the discrepancies in answers. Stay tuned, this is going to be a wild ride for the psyches of the conscious collective!

  9. Dear Denise

    I have noticed that, for some strange reason, murderers and serial killers often have the letter E in their first and/or second name. JamEs HolmEs is a perfect example. A few years ago a number of prostitutes were murdered in Ipswich, England. The police arrested various suspects but were making little progress. Eventually they arrested a guy named StEvE Wright and I knew they finally had their man. And sure enough I was right. (I really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of you, DEnisE!)

    Best wishes from Simon

  10. ttt says:

    you are an example of the most serious misuse of astrology. so be a psykopath yourself.
    first you say somethings about correlation between astrology and people in jail on a world level, which you seem to believe is a fact??!! do you happen to have statistics
    then you report that fire grand trines are often associated with criminals and killers, but oh no, not water grand trines – you have a special insight in this most happy grand trine for the world, since you have ome yourself.

    best regards
    a older of 3 grand trines

    1. zoma777 says:

      Grand trines are considered a gift for good karma in the past. I have 2 myself. I don’t know why there are more people who are incarcerated with them but it is a fact that this happens. Another weird thing is that despite Sagittarius people being mostly lucky and great people they too are most often incarcerated. This by no means people with grand trines or Sag’s are criminal in nature, It’s just an example of how sometimes what is a gift can become a curse if misused. Having grand trines is lucky so is being a Sag but I guess if one pushes their luck too much it runs out! I can’t really explain the facts any other way.

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