In 1999 I Had A Premonition…

In 1999 I had a premonition about the election and global warming. At the time conservatives were still trying to argue it wasn’t happening. I looked at the charts of both Bush and Al Gore and it looked like they were both going to win. I finally came to the bizarre conclusion that Gore would win the popular vote and Bush the white house (as this has on rare occasions happened in our history). I won’t get into all the stuff that I ended up predicting at that time that came to pass, except to say, I got very scared.

I had a premonition of a post-apocalyptic world that wasn’t like Mad Max or some nuclear melt down or war. It was a slow, painful death of our world via global warming (In my vision we didn’t end in a bang, we eroded away without much notice). In 1999 before the election was settled, I decided to write a novel based on a series of premonitions (of course there’s also a story in the novel that’s fictional). I knew Bush would take the white house and the oil companies would run wild.

I read the first draft to my writer’s group who all told me what an imagination I had. How had I come up with this stuff? Well, easy, besides being precognitive, I saw the writing on the wall and used extrapolation, and to some degree humorous hyperbole to make my point.

To make a long story short. I finished that book, won a literary prize, only to be told that speculative fiction and science fiction were dead (other than Fantasy and Space Opera) and although the multitude of interested agents who read it, said it was well written and they liked it, ultimately they couldn’t sell it.

Of course, like all things. I’m usually out of step with time, so this didn’t really surprise me. But as my mother used to say, “keep something long enough and it will come into fashion.” So maybe now we’re approaching the time for speculative fiction. Perhaps people will want more than just entertainment, they will want substance, extrapolation, clarity about their world and evaluative thought in their literature. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Because this novel is so prescient and it dovetails so well with the issues and insight on my blog I’ve decided to publish a chapter a week. The themes are global warming, the US becoming a corporate Theocracy, spirituality and so many other fun things. Actually there is (in my opinion) a lot of humor in the book especially the further in you go. But I’ll let you be the judge.

Other than polishing, I have changed nothing about the original concept or story. So when reading it, you’ll see many bizarre correlations to the present and recent past. But these were written nearly ten years prior.

Next week I’ll post chapter one. In the mean time I’ll figure out a way post the book in an unobtrusive way for those of you who are not interested in this side of my work.

I will post more stock info tomorrow. I’ve been swamped with reader’s questions about this. I’ll try to get to everyone ASAP!

Best wishes to you all and good luck.

In 1999 I Had A Premonition…

3 thoughts on “In 1999 I Had A Premonition…

  1. curious123 says:

    This is my first time here…very interesting. I’m not sure if I ask questions via ‘leave a comment” but here it goes. The question is regarding the debates as well as the elections:

    1. Recently Palin has been trying to smear Obama by saying he is “palling with terrorist”. Will this backfire for the Mccain camp? I think it ridiculous that they are doing this and I just hope people see through the attack ads!
    2. You say the tarot said “yes” to Obama on Oct. 7th. What about the last debate. Will he do well?(crossing my fingers for a yes!)
    3. Will there be a Democrat in office come January? Anything regarding the Swing states polls….I just want my man Obama to win. I feel great vibes about him and I’m not a psychic! 🙂

  2. I hope she right.


    September 22, 2008
    The energy of the 2008 elections has fluctuated so much
    over the past several months, and honestly for 2 years it has
    been seen that Hillary Clinton was to be elected as the next
    president of the United Sates (POTUS). Of course, the democratic
    nomination did not go to her, and instead went to Barack Obama.

    Today, September 22, 2008, I “saw” a newspaper
    headline with a picture of Barack Obama on
    the cover, announcing that Barack had won the 2008
    presidential election. I believe at this time, that is the
    headline that we will be seeing in November – Barack Obama
    wins the presidential election.

    After Hilary did NOT get the nomination, I meditated on WHY
    Barack was moved to the forefront. The message that I got, was
    that with his mixed heritage, and his ‘Muslim sounding’ name, it
    would actually help the image of the United States with the populaces
    of the middle eastern nations. How? Many of the general populations
    in these countries have been raised to believe that people in the west,
    The US and Britain especially, hate the Muslim nations. By the election
    of a man with a name and background that they may find somewhat
    relatable – they may begin to realize that the west does NOT HATE
    THE MUSLIM WORLD. A good step towards peace.
    I am not talking about the leaders of these countries, but rather the
    populace that has been led for decades to believe that all Muslims
    around the world are hated by the western (non-Muslim) nations.

    I always believe God has a greater plan – unless man substantially interferes –
    as happened in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Water under the bridge, we
    have to deal with the hand we were dealt (by election fraud – history will spell
    it out for us in years to come about all that really happened).
    It was seen for years that Al Gore was to be elected president of the United States,
    in the 2000 election, and that he would also win again the 2004 election
    (as sitting president), and by popular election – HE DID WIN in 2000!
    We would not be in the military position we are in now if he had been elected,
    and I feel that 9-11 would NOT have happened if he had become (rightfully)
    President of the United States.
    I feel that will 9-11 may have been in planning for quite some time,
    it was finally put into action and execution because of the election of
    someone with the family name of “Bush”. A hated name in some countries.
    He has however, like Jimmy Carter, used his life to continue to help not
    only the US, but the world by taking on the issue of the global environment.
    Truly a great soul. In the long run, like former President Jimmy Carter,
    he will probably have a far greater and reaching impact on the good of the
    world by not being bound by the office of President of the United States.
    A great example of turning lemons into not only lemonade – but lemon
    meringue pie! (one of my favorite sayings from spirit)

    For the 2008 elections, may we visualize fairness, honesty, end of corruption,
    end of vote manipulation, and a return to higher ethics and standards,
    and that the next president of the United States SURROUNDS himself (or herself)
    with the highest possible group of advisors, counselors and cabinet members for
    the good of the US, and the rest of the global community.

    May we also visualize those that manipulated past elections not be able
    to repeat themselves in this upcoming election. Just as the financial
    frauds of the past several years been exposed in the past few months,
    may these election frauds also be exposed in time to prevent them from
    rigging yet another election. (Palm Beach Florida – September 2008 has
    already experienced another 3,000 vote discrepancy in one local election)
    The winner of this election will be the president that leads us to and
    thru 2012………………….


    Sherry is on XM Radio – Mondays at 1 PM & 7 PM (ET)
    On Broadminded – XM Channel 155 – Take 5

    “It is not sufficient for religious people to be involved with prayer.
    Rather, they are morally obliged to contribute all they can to solving the world’s problems.”
    -His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    “History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or
    timid.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  3. Thomas says:

    I posted a story on a forum the other day about a community in India that had to relocate because of global warming. Much of what is happening there is also happening where I live in Oregon, no more snow covered mountains in the winter, streams no longer running all year round, lakes drying up, etc. The only advantage we have is the ability to transport water to homes with large storage tanks. I own three 500 gallon water tanks.

    Global warming really is a slow process, but I do understand all the deniers like Trump who own billions of dollars worth of properties in costal areas that will be effected by ocean levels, which will go up by half a foot over the next 20 years. Half a foot won’t put his properties under water, but the storm surges will destroy them.

    With so many expensive properties in costal areas, global warming has to be denied to keep the prices high.

    P.S. I have all kinds of synchronicities with the county in Oregon where all the mass media news is now. It makes me wonder what this mass media event is really all about. I know there’s tons of mineral resources in that area, such as uranium, gold, diamonds, etc. I also know that the Clinton Foundation is mixed up with Uranium One, which Russia is slowly buying up.

    The Clintons remind me of the corrupt characters in your book, because they have no compassion for the planet at all.

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