Truth To Power

When we stand together and use our voices they can not be silenced no matter how many voting machines they rig, or voters they scam off the rolls. I was never nervous about this election until I went to our polling place and found out how crazy things were going down there. Then I worried (human fear not intuition fear) that somehow fate would be thwarted in some evil Faustian deal with the devil made by Romney.

This election was settled by Spirit in the first days of December of 2011 as I posted back then and everything Spirit told me (I don’t know what else to call it) came to pass exactly. Now I know why my Aunt was laughing her head off and saying that I would be right. She knew I would be freaking out like everyone else. She tried to calm me but I am human and a Romney/Ryan presidency would be a disaster for the world – seriously.

Anyway I am SOOO Happy that the right man is in the job and that the Universe is  moving forward as it should – that no amount of money or powerful idiots could change what was meant to be. It is because of us – the people who saw through all of the lies and deception. I have never been prouder of the US not because Obama won but because people GOT IT!

Thanks to all who have participated and to all who have been reading my frantic freak-out blogging.

Peace, abundance and blessings to all,


And thanks to my deceased Aunt Doris and Grandmother Minnie for appearing yesterday in an effort to reassure me (and my readers) once and for all despite knowing it wouldn’t work.

Truth To Power

18 thoughts on “Truth To Power

  1. Lori says:

    I am so relieved and happy tonight! And Denise, you are way better in your predictive powers than a lot of pundits out there, thank goodness!

  2. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Congratulations on your impressive presidential prediction! I honestly believe that your blog made a small but significant contribution to the result. And as a Briton and a citizen of the world I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Best wishes from Simon

  3. carla says:

    thank you Denise for your bias comments. Obama put his staffers to cheat and the blackphanters proof that with . united nations poll watchers standing and ballots been cast for your president with out ID. HOW MANY TIMES THEY CAST ONLY GOD KNOWS AND YOU CALL THIS FAIR. WAKE UP , I HOPE IT WILL BE A RECOUNT SOON BECAUSE THE CHEATING HAS TO STOP AT BOTH SIDES. THE DEATH VOTES FOR DEMOCRATS AND WE HAVE TO STOP THIS OR WE SHOULD GO BACK TO THUMP PRINT BEFORE CASTING VOTE,

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hey Carla all I can say is I hope you wake up and actually see how you have been manipulated by your own fear and racism before you die. Because no matter what God you believe in He/She won’t be able to protect you from the darkness you are blanketing your soul with.

  4. Marie says:

    I’m so relieved and very happy Obama won another term. Denise I agree with you 100 percent on Romney. He has some type of mental illness, what it is exactly, I don’t know for sure. glad he is out of the picture, I can breathe, and yes, it was a nail biter. I’m doing a happy dance now. 🙂

    we can thank all the volunteers, and Obama supporters, I truly believe we the people did it!.

    I will write more on how to make contact with corporations who are involved by pandering after politicians for corporate favors.

    There is a God after all..

  5. JH says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Having your viewpoint as a window to worlds we cannot all tap into is helpful, informative and thought provoking.

    Now that Obama has won. What are your predictions about the fate of “Citizen’s United” Sherrod Brown, a champion for overturning this, retained his seat which gave me hope. If you could share your thoughts on the fate of Citizens United please

  6. JH says:

    Also wanted to share these comments from Howard Finneman “President Barack Obama did not just win reelection tonight. His victory signaled the irreversible triumph of a new, 21st century America: multiracial, multi-ethnic, global in outlook and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition.”

    I know that these are many of the reasons I felt so much job last night when Barack Obama was re-elected.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Yes, it was a huge victory for progress and fairness all around. We are entering a new age and with it will come push back from some, but I think ultimately what we are seeing is irreversible and will set the course for our future, putting it squarely in the right direction. It’s interesting how much this time has in common with the 30s going into the 40s – the period of FDR when people really understood the need to pull together and help one another. It is heartening to see. And perhaps it is because of the fraternity pres we had from 2000-2008 that we learned the hard way – seemingly the only way most of us really learn – that we can’t just have everything we want on whatever terms we decide and run out of the store without paying for it. Sometimes a good slap from the Universe is just what is needed for people to center themselves in greater truths and look past propaganda, lies and fools gold.

  7. Thank you Denise for your website. I find it very interesting that the republicans are blaming those same “47%” plus a few more for Obama winning, saying they voted for Santa Claus, that is, that people now vote for government handouts instead of wanting to work hard. Once again they are totally, completely disconnected from reality in this country and they are going to be left in the dustheap of history because history is passing the republican party by. They are unable to accept changes in this country and as such, as history has shown over and over, they will either have to change to die as a party. Hopefully the fascists will not attempt a coup in 2016 and they will go the way of previous fascist parties in history,. We can only pray.

    1. zoma777 says:

      So true. I’m sure they’ll try one more time. They don’t seem to learn much from history and right now they are on the losing side of it. I plan on writing a post about some of the darker things I saw when Ryan was brought on board the Romney ticket. Interestingly I was more far more afraid of Ryan than Romney. Not that I think Ryan will have a great career in politics and he came across in the debate as intellectually underdeveloped which was interesting since he’s supposed to be the “intellectual leader” of the GOP. That was quite sad I thought. It’s just that what he represents sparked some dark visions I will write about soon.

  8. Christine C says:

    Yes.. Definitely Thank God for your Aunt Doris and Grandmother Minnie !!! They are always lovingly around us.. even if we may not realize it or not!!

  9. Buddhadreamer says:

    Dear Denise, thanks for the predictions. Whew, it wuz close!. Dangerously so. I did post about a final last minute impact on the election, that might affect it, and this seems to have been the superstorm. Your excellent coverage on the vote fraud, is first class. Who in California, and elsewhere, was responsible?…..I cannot believe they cannot be hunted down. They must be. In the meantime, relief that Romny and his damned alternative future are banished, for the moment, but the long established repug plan will resume, within a few weeks. There is still a great danger in America. I think that Obama is the last President of a “Normal, peace-time, America”, before the massive coming crisis and emergency kicks in, in the next 4-8 years. Obama may be Captain of the ship, but that ship is now the Titanic.
    Like You, I do see fascism ahead for the USA. The Chinese, who have been silently but closely watching, are aware of the future dangers, and are already making what preparations they can. They do not want war, but see it as inevitable, as they see no solution, in the long term, of America’s problems.

  10. Marie says:

    OMG, I was reading your post Denise on Paul Ryan. yes, I am more afraid of Paul Ryan than Romney. Something about him gives me the willies. There is talk of grooming him for Presidential Run in 2016.

    Don’t forget, there is another election mid-term 2014 and remember 2010? don’t let the republicans take away our progress, we must move forward! all right now ladies it’s feminine power has risen take advantage, embrace the change, I believe it will be good.

    however, there will always be some form of darkness, and this I see with Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann are still obstructionists and hope they will exit by 2014.

  11. Shaking Head says:


    Wow you end your post with Peace, abundance and blessings to all, but really you should say Peace, Abundance and Blessings to Extremist Liberal Democrats. Apparently your board is only for that audience and the rest of us are bad, liars, cheaters or worse.

    You see I used to be a DEM through and through but now I am only one on social issues. You see, I spent several years working very closely with entitlement agencies like Social Security and Public Aid. I saw so much waste and abuse working with these agencies that I saw how important it was to pay attention to fiscal conservatism. Our govt is addicted to the tax payer dollars they confiscate from us. Money that people need to take care of their own families so they don’t end up needing entitlement agencies to help them get by. Yes I know it is so evil of me to think that is important.

    And even though I am still socially liberal I will never allow anyone to call me liberal. Why? Because I have seen way too many DEMS like you. People that demonize, distort and stereotype anyone who might vote for the GOP. I know many people who vote GOP and they are hard working DECENT people. Much more so than some DEMS that I know. I think that if you are going to posture about being better such as what you are doing right now, you should actually BE BETTER and not write such hateful things. Perhaps the Spirit could whisper in your ear about being more tolerant and gracious. Somehow, I doubt your “Spirit” will do that.

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