The Dwarf Planets Varuna & Quaoar

More info to put under your hat regarding the dwarf planets. It’s my feeling as I research that there seems to be an anima and an animus side of each side which perhaps the recent find of the dwarf planets will enlighten us on. 

Varuna seems like a non-gender specific, kinder gentler version of Saturn. The Goddess/God (switches back and forth in representation) rules time, morality and keeping the chaotic order. Also He/She is the keeper of the celestial waters, which again relates to Capricorn and the sea-goat.

And my feeling Quaoar is a co-ruler or Aquarius. Quaoar is a Togva people Creator Being who sings the world into being first creating the other Gods and Goddesses — a similar theme to the tree of life or the Kabbalah. There is no gender associated with Quaoar which is also true for Uranus (as he was castrated) and Aquarius which although is part of the masculine air triad, the sign for Aquarius is either a man or a woman pouring water out of an urn. The symbolism being the milk of human kindness given freely — thus the humanitarian nature associated with Aquarius. 

Quaoar’s association with music might seem Pisces-like but there is another new dwarf planet that fits Pisces better and Quaoar’s gender-less-ness fits the sign of Aquarius because heavy Aquarius in a chart or Uranus involvement, are often an indication of people who don’t readily fit into a gender identity or sexuality.

The Dwarf Planets Varuna & Quaoar

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