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The first question comes from:


Dear Denise
I’ve heard from this one analyst that commercial real estate will suffer real hard this year and for years to come, seeing that recently with all the retailer bankruptcies like circuit city and linens n things. Do you think that we are near a collapse of shopping malls? I want to also ask about this company Simon Property Group (largest mall development and operator in the USA) public traded SPG symbol NYSE Listing date Dec 14, 1993 9:30 am . Currently trading around the price of 43 dollars, Do you think its wise to bet against this company? Thanks for your insight, Love reading your blogs,

Hi Sunbeyond,

I wrote a post back to you but you may not have noticed it. I think the best way to answer this is through horary astrology which I will outline at the end of this post. Please send a clear, direct question about this issue to my e-mail: happypeopleusa@aol.com so I can run a horary chart on this topic. This method of astrology will be the most fruitful as you’ll later see.

The next from Carolina:


Denise…I had a reading with a friend who is a wholistic healer and clairvoyant before the holidays, and she also noted lime green in my aura. Usually she reports violet (as in violet flame), so not sure what that means…but you mentioned it in your blog lately. Also, I had a reading with Denise in January, and I highly recommend her! Excellent combination of astrology, tarot and clairvoyance! Plus it’s good to support someone who is giving us so much information on her blog, who is talented and generous.

Hi Carolina,

Colors mean different things to different psychics. But here are a couple of questions. Do you live in a state that has earthquakes? If not, then have you recently become involved with a new age group or with someone new? I ask this because for me, the violet is clear, that’s a spiritually evolved person who is psychic and it is your basic energy field. We all have a basic color that stays constant, although it can get muddy when we are sick.

The lime green can mean a couple of things. I’ve seen it mostly in relationship to earthquakes. I’ve seen a variation of lime green (more of a chartreuse color) around people who were emotionally disturbed and usually wrapped up in some sort of persona meant to cover it up. But this is only when that color is the entirety of the aura, not just a small bit.

Usually, a small bit of color in an aura indicates either an influence coming in or going out, depending on which side it is on. If on the left side it indicates a person who maybe disturbed who will try to manipulate you. If it is on the right side, it indicates a person who was emotionally disturbed (but trying to hide it under the guise of enlightenment or being special or “a healer”) leaving your life. The spot is not directly you, however it is in your aura because this person will be allowed too much influence in your life for a period of time before you realize their game. 

Now, that’s how I would read that, but I didn’t’ see the color, so the best person to ask is your friend. She may have very different associations with colors then I do and it could mean something entirely different to her. 

And next Juno:


Thanks for the clarification. By the way, tomorrow Uranus and Saturn will be in direct opposition. What does this mean in general for Americans, or do you have to know where the planets fall in your chart? If you answered this before, my apologies )

Hi Juno,

Uranus and Saturn although they both co-rule Aquarius are pretty opposite in their energy to begin with. Uranus is revolution, rebellion, thinking outside the box and Saturn is conservative, time tested and conventional. Hence the two types of Aquarians Abe Lincoln vs. Dick Cheney. Couldn’t get more opposite there. I’m glad you reminded me about this opposition as it makes an exact aspect to my Uranus, so I guess I should think about what that means. 

It does depend on where the planets fall in your chart and/or the chart of the US or other entity. In general though oppositions bring conflict, so I would expect the general vibe of the day to be conventional energy vs. forward thinking. This could mean we will have more open and contentious political debates on both sides of the aisle. 

And now for some info on Horary astrology:

Horary astrology is pretty amazing and not something one reads about in ordinary books about astrology. Basically a querent asks a question and the astrologer erects a chart, using it to answer the person’s question. The chart is erected for the time the astrologer receives the question.

I have found lost pets many times through the use of horary charts. Once I found a writing partner’s cat in a the ceiling of an apartment building on an adjacent street. I will give an example of a recent question I used a horary chart and give the exact interpretation I gave the client and the result of what happened. 

Here’s the chart with the question at the top:

picture-2My client had lost a very large check and was understandably upset about it. So when he called and asked for help. I had him clearly state the question and took down the time he asked it and erected this chart from the time the question was asked. The client wasn’t sure if the check was at home, or at his new office or the office he was currently in the process of moving from. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent in response after studying the chart.

I looked at the horary chart and this is what I came up with. 

Call me when you get a chance if you need clarification: OK, it

looks like the check is in an enclosed space probably a box taken from the

place of business during the move. I also feel the box itself is out of sight,

maybe high up in a closet or on top of a bureau and covered in clothes. 

The box is white with blue/aqua either writing or trim. It is likely

currently at home, up high and near some sort of technology

like a computer or TV. It was thrown in this box before you went on your trip.

There may also be client paperwork in this box regarding their financial worth. 

Hope this rings some bells. 


I received a phone call on the day the first day the client had a chance to 

look for the check. He was ecstatic (as it was a lot of money). It turned out

to be at home on a bureau, near a TV, up high, in a white box, under some 

clothes in a box he had packed before his trip out of town at Christmas. 

The box was white, had his client's information in it and the check itself was



I have found many things without the use of horary charts so much so that 

I've had to put boundaries down with absented minded friends who would call 

whenever they lost anything. Or my husband who perpetually lost his keys every

morning and would wake me up at 5 AM so I could find them for him. That was

annoying, but anyway, horary charts are really great. And for me they make

things much more concrete. Just one more tool to make the Neptunian world of 

psychic ability clearer and more helpful.


Best wishes and many blessings to all,



Horary Astrology & Answering Readers…

One thought on “Horary Astrology & Answering Readers…

  1. Chris says:

    Denise, will you do a Tarot reading on the SAG strike/greed out here in Hollywood? I’m sick of the news wavering so badly. My gut tells me they are smarter than that knowing better not to put us out of work again but I just don’t know anymore.

    I’d just like to know if they’re going to strike and if it’s going to put a lot of people out of work again.

    There are so many questions I would love to ask you. Thank you so much for everything. Hope I don’t post comments too much… 😛

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