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Michelle posted this question:

Michelle // October 8, 2008 at 9:50 am (edit)

I have been having strange dreams ever since the economic bailout took place last week. most recently, I had a dream that I was in a large city–such as New York and entered an area where families were huddled in small rooms, much like a motel but smaller. The rooms could only hold one bunk bed. There were many families. My question is will the homeless situation get better? How can we help?

Not knowing you personally I can only tell you what I read about the dream which has both personal and global implications. I believe your dream is a premonition about families having to cut back in terms of their budgets, lower their expectations and work together in ways our generation and even our parents generation haven’t done. The room represents the psyche, ambition, how we see our life in terms of expectations. The one bunk bed represents that whole families are going to find themselves “in bed” together, meaning we are going to have to help one another out.

The families were in a city like New York. I would interpret the city metaphor to be a microcosm of the world at large. Cities are melting pots, New York in particular. I think you’re subconscious is picking up on the global nature of this crisis and how it will trickle down to families. The fact that there was one bunk bed is interesting. A bunk bed is elevated, so again I think the metaphor is that we are going to have to be our better selves in order to get through this. I wondered if the beds you saw were white. I kept envisioning them this way. Were they? If so this has the added meaning of success being reached through working together.

In your own life, you are probably feeling small, unimportant, like one of millions. You feel helpless as to how to turn the situation around and are worried about the people you love and your family. 

In answer to the question about the homeless situation. It isn’t going to get better any time soon. It will get worse for a little while as all of this is going on, but I’m hopeful if we all get involved in whatever way we can, little by little we can turn this situation around.

Best wishes and good luck.

Answering Reader’s Questions…

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  1. I hope she wrong.
    to comments.

    woman vice president – ZOT! – Mod magic is stronger

    Posted on 10/07/2008 3:35:21 PM PDT by Mandavi

    Edited on 10/07/2008 4:02:56 PM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

    For Immediate Release

    A woman will be vice president in 2008 before taking the Oval Office

    Intuitive psychic consultant Victoria lynn Weston forecasts victory to the party who tabs a woman as the running mate. That female candidate will step in as president due to serious health issues or the death of the elected president.

    Atlanta – In 1872, the colorful and controversial Victoria Woodhull became the first women to run for President of the United States. Today, 135 years later, America is still waiting for its’ first female chief executive.

    Intuitive psychic consultant Victoria lynn Weston – who wrote and produced a feature-length documentary about Woodhull titled “America’s Victoria” – believes that a woman will occupy the White House as vice president as a result of the 2008 election, but not president.

    “The male presidential candidate who runs with a woman on the ticket will win the election by a landslide,” Weston said. “I believe we are reaching a point where the public is intrigued with the idea of a female president, but as a country we tend to be more comfortable taking cautious steps.

    “If Barack Obama wins the nomination, Hillary Clinton may consider his invitation as the vice president,” Weston added. “Typically, you don’t want a vice president who is equally strong as the presidential candidate, but in this case it will benefit Obama.”

    Not only will a woman become the nation’s first vice president after the 2008 election, but she will be sworn in as president when the male president is forced to step down due to serious health issues or worse.

    Weston also offers these recommendations and predictions:

    A third party candidate will emerge during the first quarter of 2008. Americans are growing tired of the political games played between Democrats and Republicans, and the country is ready to embrace an alternative. One of the candidates that fall out of contention among the two major parties will return in 2008 as a third party candidate.
    The Republican nomination will be tightly contested between Mitt Romney and John McCain. If McCain shifts his emphasis to college students and women, he will earn the nomination because he has the intangibles that are attractive to women and young adults.
    Weston offers a unique perspective to forecasting the 2008 presidential race. As a nationally known intuitive psychic consultant, Weston offers insights for companies and business professionals. As a motivational speaker, she teaches executives how to use their own power of intuition to implement successful marketing strategies, make wise investments and select the ideal employees. She has been tasked by corporations like Henry Ford Health Systems to predict what their competition is doing in the marketplace and teaching their upper executives how to trust their intuition in business.

    Weston also has a deep interest in the 2008 presidential election, in which Hillary Clinton has emerged as the most prominent woman to seek America’s highest office. Weston’s documentary about Woodhull (America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull) details the story of a woman whose platform touted free love, labor reform and equal rights for women (at a time when the suffrage movement was prominent). Woodhull declared her candidacy in 1872 about 50 years before women were granted the right to vote.

    If a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ticket arises in 2008, it will not be the first time a woman and an African-American joined together for a presidential bid. In 1872, Woodhull and former slave Frederick Douglass were nominated by the Equal Rights Party, though Douglass did not accept.


    About Victoria lynn Weston
    In addition to being a recognized intuitive and psychic consultant , Victoria lynn Weston has produced a series of film/video documentaries whose works include ” America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” featuring Gloria Steinem and Kate Capshaw. And,”The Intuitive Factor; Genius or Chance” featuring Gary Zukav and parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove. These programs were featured on PBS Television, The Wisdom Channel and Canadian Broadcasts. As a producer, she launched the first online film festival showcasing award winning independent films, documentaries, animations from around the world in an annual Zoie Films Festival []. In addition to utilizing the world-wide internet for Zoie Films Festival, she launched Zoie Cellular Cinema Festival where telco subscribers including Sprint could download film shorts for the “cell screen” in the US and Pacific Rim area. Victoria has been a radio host of “Power Predictions” in Atlanta, Georgia and a featured guest on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS and THE NEW YORK TIMES.

  2. zoma777 says:

    As you can see the above is a press release someone left in the comment section. Personally, I have known a lot of psychics. I’ve had countless readings and truthfully, I’d say that in all the 20 years I’ve been involved in the esoteric world and God knows how many psychics I’ve met, seen, heard predictions from and had readings from, only 2 were accurate and one was semi-accurate.

    I believe psychic ability is widespread, but usually the people that go into this as a profession are more crazy then psychic and are attracted to the power of telling other people what to do. One of the reasons I left the field was the flood of people wanting me to decide things for them, giving me too much power and not using their own judgement when it turned out I was right about some future event. Frankly, I didn’t want the responsibility and I think there is a much better chance that someone who does not work in the field is more psychic then most of the “professionals.” That has been my experience. Now there are some good psychics, but unfortunately there’s a reason psychics don’t have a good reputation. A lot of professional psychics are attracted to the profession for the same reason people are attracted to politics or acting — their ego. I’m not dissing all psychics, as I’ve stated there are some good, great and even extraordinary ones. But just like any other profession there is a range of how adept someone is at their job. My mother claims in any profession only about 10% are actually good. Also its important to note all psychics have different gifts, not everyone has the gift of premonition even if they are amazing at reading what is going on in the present. It is a different ability, even with a different name.

    Everyone must learn to tap into their own intuition and trust themselves. Don’t believe anyone. Not even me! Even though I have shown a very accurate track record, psychics are never 100% right. Things change, our egos or interpretation get in the way.

    Personally, I think that the above post regarding Victoria Weston is more like a conglomeration of educated guesses based on the information at the time. It was obvious that there was a very good chance of a VP place for Hillary Clinton if she didn’t get the presidential ordination. This is who she literally is talking about in the post, she doesn’t mention a Republican female VP and the thinly veiled reference to the VP taking over in case of health or worse, is also something of conventional wisdom. There are a lot of racists in this country, and it doesn’t take a psychic to realize hate groups have been operating in the US since its inception and there are going to be people who don’t like anyone who is of African descent running our government. Again not much of a prediction as I’ve been hearing pundits wonder this aloud for the past year. Unless Weston made this prediction back in 1603 then it isn’t very precognitive. The post is specifically about Hillary. That didn’t happen. There was no Obama/Clinton ticket and Sarah Palin is now seen as a huge negative for her ticket according to polls and may very well be a major reason McCain loses the election. And there has been no major third party rising in the first quarter of 2008, the closest thing to that would be Ron Paul who had something like a couple percentage points of support, less than that now. Just because someone is well known as a psychic doesn’t make that they are good at prediction. There are many types of psychics, some are clairvoyant, good at reading the present, able to give good intuitive advice, some are good at reading your health, etc. Maybe Weston is a great spiritual healer or really intuitive about people, or very wise, but clearly she does not possess the gift of premonition.

    To be fair no psychic is 100% accurate. I was warned about fame and fortune corrupting the gift by one of my mentor’s. He told me about a famous psychic named Peter Hurkos, who had been enormously talented and accurate, but as time went on he became greedy. He would charge unbelievable sums of money to police departments to help them with cases. According to my mentor who knew Hurkos, he lost his gift and ended up just making things up. Eventually people figured out he was bunk, and gave up on him, but it took a long time. So even if someone has or had the gift at one time, it must be respected and used for good. I’ve seen a famous “psychic” on a talk show who argued 99% of the time with the people she was “reading,” acting as if the people knew less about their own life than she did!. If a psychic consistently argues with people they are reading, then it’s because they aren’t very psychic. Sometimes people do forget things, or you tell them stuff they don’t know about, and you do have to insist that they look into something but if this happens every time it’s very fishy.

    I also don’t believe in doing group readings because it’s too easy to say random things and find someone who can fit this into their life if there is a group of 5-10,000 people gathered anywhere. I also don’t think its fair for people to spend money hoping to get a reading, only to watch someone else get read.

    I believe in helping people whenever possible, and if asked to help on a criminal case would either do it for free or for my expenses. Obviously, not everyone needs to know their future and its fun in small doses. It is often entertaining and fascinating which is why I believe its OK to charge for readings that don’t involve life or death situations. I could go on, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

    I do think its important to approach all psychic with a great deal of skepticism. Let their record speak for them. Don’t trust someone just because they say they’re a psychic. We all have this ability and if you don’t feel in your gut the “psychic” you are getting a reading from is accurate then let the info go and trust yourself.

    I’ve heard stories where people went to psychics and they told them that there was a curse on them and the “psychic” would need a bunch of money to reverse this curse. They “psychic” would then break an egg over the person’s head and do all kinds of weird stuff. Let me just tell you if you go to a psychic and they tell you they can reverse a curse for a fee, run don’t walk out of there! Also as I said, don’t blindly trust any guru, psychic or spiritual advisor, including me.

    You are your own true north.

    Never forget that.

    Don’t ever give your power away.

    Take any advisor with a grain of salt, including psychics!

  3. amandria says:

    I think that dream perhaps is getting to be more common our fear of what the economic collapse means. I had a similar dream, it was more like the movie terminator however like tribes of people working to survive, living in tents and sharing food. I wasn’t part of one but moved within them and found some threatening some welcoming, I think these dreams are a sign of the times.

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