Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

It’s interesting that Karina had nearly an identical dream, my husband also had a similar dream and others have told me they too had dreams that put this earthquake together with aliens. I’m not sure if the dreams are symbolic yet or if there really is/was an extraterrestrial component to this.

Interesting to note that the other dream I had about the terrible storm seems to be taking form in a very bad storm coming toward southern California and fears that it will cause mud slides in the areas burned last summer.

Please keep posting dreams. I’m going to go over the dream journal and see if there is anything in there that seems related to the now (what appears to be a collective dream of at least 3 people). Please post any dream you have that you feel maybe related to these either on the front page or in the dream journal. Let’s see if there are patterns that can be deciphered.

We are all one, we all have the ability to see the future – time is an illusion.



Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

One thought on “Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

  1. Karina says:

    Was I surprised to see my name on the front page of your blog! I’m honored, and more than a little tongue-tied. Psychic predictions are new to me. The most I usually do is “predicting” to my daughter that she is going to be in big trouble with the teacher if she doesn’t do her homework!

    I must admit that I do find it curious that such a huge cataclysmic event and none of the other well-known mediums or psychics predicted it, based upon google searching. Despite having active websites and blogs, most are not even acknowledging the earthquake! Denise, thank you for dealing with it….and trying to figure it out.

    I personally have nothing more to report as far as visions/dreams. However I have “felt” that the toll will be closer to 200,000 dead. Right now the estimate is “only” about 100,000 dead.

    I also think that something was very strange about the length of the quake (35 seconds I read some place), and the extreme rocking and jolting. I think it was a different quaking pattern than a usual earthquake, even a 7.0 one. Perhaps the USGS report will be a clue to something later on, or at least a clue for those people that are curious enough to dig deeper.

    Again, thank you so much for not being afraid to tackle the deeper meaning to this horrific world event.

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